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We launched Uber for startups and salespeople on Product Hunt today! Need your support!

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    We decided not to stop there and, following the previous launch, launched on Product Hunt a new product, ICANSELL, today. This is a logical continuation of the first story since, after the last launch, we realized that we need to go out to different countries and offer our solution more actively. But we faced a problem - it's hard to sell somewhere where you don't have representatives. So we started to go to different agencies offering their sales services, but they all want a substantial monthly fee without guaranteeing the number of leads. And then we decided, why not try to make our own platform like Tinder or Uber 😅 for startups and sales. So we made ICANSELL - a platform where you can create your ideal sales kit, offer it to a salesperson from the desired location and work with it on terms of commission from closed deals without hiring and monthly payments. For a startup, it is a way to expand its geography and increase sales; for a salesman, it is a way to earn extra money and grow the portfolio. Now we are at the MVP stage and in search of feedback. We will be delighted to receive your comments and support: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/icansell

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