We made a design tool for non-designers. To let founders design mobile apps by themselves.

Hi Indie Hackers,

We made Stage to let founders iterate on their ideas by themselves without wasting money and energy on communicating the idea to a designer.

We know how difficult it is for people without a design background to get functional mockups of their ideas.

Basically, when you want to get a ready-made design you have 2 options:

  1. Hiring a designer, which is expensive and time-consuming.
  2. Designing by yourself, if you’re not a designer this is a tricky one. UI/UX design tools are made especially for pro-designers and require a lot of time to learn.

How Stage works:

— Combine pre-designed components or use ready-made mobile patterns
— Make design live and share it with your clients
— Iterate on your idea based on users feedback
— Export to Figma to send a developer or a pro designer.

We think that in the IH community, there are lots of founders with great ideas, who can benefit from our product.

Also, we made a 20% discount promo code for the IH community.
(valid for one week)


We'll be really happy to hear your feedback, good or bad.

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