We made a SaaS that lets you connect your analytics apps and automate reporting

Hey Hackers. I wanted to share our new SaaS project with you. I believe most of you may find it useful.

The idea was born when we realized how much time and effort it takes to stay up to date with all data for our online projects.

We manage several projects and found ourselves jumping between multiple analytics dashboards like: Google Ads, Google AdSense, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Stripe, MongoDB, Mixpanel etc.

We thought it would be cool to have data from all these sources in one place.

So, over the last couple of months me and @jkbl have built an MVP of our all-in-one analytics app - Raport. Currently the app allows integrating 5 data sources in one dashboard and delivers email reports containing your most important metrics.

If this sounds like something that may be useful for you, try our beta for free, and let us know what you think.

Raport, all-in-one analytics app

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