We made a virtual office for our remote team 🏓

lemlist team is a remote-friendly from day 0.

Half of the team works remotely.

That's cool, you can work from everywhere. And that's the main reason why we could build a cool French 🇫🇷-Serbian🇷🇸-Ukrainian 🇺🇦 team.


It's still super hard to work remotely.

  1. We can't go for lunch together
  2. Can't just come to someone's desk and ask questions
  3. There is no "office" spirit

Aaaand we solved it!

Our CTO spent a few days and made a virtual office:

  1. Each dep has its own space
  2. There is a ping pong 🏓
  3. You can talk to ppl when you're around

Yes, we even have a conference room and when you enter it, you automatically join "Zoom" team meeting

p.s. went to make my desk awesome 🔥

  1. 3

    This looks so cool! We have created a communication tool to get to know each other better as we are remote but your idea its really cool. Enjoy your new office!

  2. 3

    haha this looks amazing! And i love the style. Reminds me of the old rpg games i used to play. Would love this as a product we could use in our own company. :D

  3. 2

    Now this can become yet another product by itself.

    Nice work. Keep it up.

    1. 1

      We'll think about it 😏

  4. 2

    This is super super cool. Can we please have access to it? The DelightChat.io tribe is completely remote and something like this would really give us the feel of working together in an office.

    1. 1

      Ahah, cool!
      Thanks :)
      That's for lemlist family right now (our CTO showed us it 2 days ago :) )

  5. 2

    Wild FATHER appeared: Are ya winning, son?

  6. 2

    Looks great! What programming language / s did you use to create this?

  7. 2

    That's really cool! Is it gather.town?

    1. 1

      Our CTO was building it and live steaming the process

      (it's in french 🇫🇷)


    2. 1

      nope, it was built from scratch 😳

      1. 2

        WHAT!? He built in from scratch?!?! Insanely awesome...can he pls open source it? Lol.

  8. 1

    Really fun, I love the art style.

  9. 1

    Whaaaat! This is awesome. I bet there's a whole world waiting for something like this.

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