We made it, they came, nobody retained. A startup failure story.

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    This was such a great read. Adding the critiques and recommendations for each stage of the journey made the article super helpful and actionable. Thank you for taking the time to write and publish this.

    I see so many founders focus on acquisition for much longer than is lucrative. Meanwhile, existing customers are churning just as quickly as they can acquire new ones. Impressing & delighting paying users is probably the most important thing you can do for long-term success.

    Thanks, again for this insightful read. I’m rooting for your next go-round.😌

    // Lyric, Getchipbot.com

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      Thanks for these good words. I will be better at the next round and will share deeper insights hopefully.

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        No doubt that you will! Next time the article will read “A Startup Success Story”.

        // Lyric, Getchipbot.com

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    Good read, thanks for sharing! I'm sure that from what you learned, success is going to be easier next time :)

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      Yeah, thanks for reading. I hope so :)

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    Thank you for this. My team basically gave me the "chill" talk last week for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I'm kicking back now, reading and not pushing for launch.

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      I'm more than happy if I could make a positive impact in your business.

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    Great explanation of the "Product Death Cycle". It's an easy trap for startups to fall into.

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    Love your story. I see people go to this rabbit hole of building startup all the times, at least in the past 10 years of mine.

    The interesting part is that the more experience you have, the less you wanna do to get traction. It sounds very ridiculous, but it's how startup thrives.

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    Super interesting reading, I really liked that you too the time to clearly explain what went wrong in the various steps, it is not that common!

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      I'm happy that you enjoyed it. Thanks for good comments.

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    +1. thanks for sharing.

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    Great share! I find the more we share our failures, the closer we are to landing the successes!

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    Thanks for sharing!

  10. 1

    what did you and are you up for teamwork

    1. 1

      I didn't get what you mean?

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    how many cycles of talking to customer -> building features (ie. "death cycles") did you got through?

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      Well, it's not really counted. Sometimes it is a developing feature which they are interested in, sometimes solving a bug that undermines the UX.

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    No way I just made a post asking for someone to talk about this exactly. Tanks for sharing I will give it a read!

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      hope you enjoy it !

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