We made product hunting easier and had an awesome launch yesterday🎉

I launched Fire hunt on producthunt, yesterday without any expectations. after all it was my first ever product launch.
I had no followers on my producthunt account and neither I knew any popular hunter whom I could request to hunt my Product (since that's what popular products do)

So I self hunted my product and knew that it would disappear among other hundreds of products😶

But the results were astonishing for me 🙃 Fortunately we did pretty well.
Fire hunt was featured on Producthunt and soon fire hunt became the number 3 product of the day with around 185 up votes and 30 comments (we had thousands of website visitors and got tons of feature requests) .🎉🎉

It feels good. So I just wanted to let you guys know that. It doesn't matters if you don't have a rock solid social media following or you don't know the best tech gurus.

All that matters is that you make something which people (including you) feel good about. And yes that's all you need. Well that worked for me.😊

Please don't feel shy to share if you have a similar story.

If you wish to check out fire hunt you can visit https://firehunt.io
Fire Hunt finds you product launches from all over the web and serves it in a beautiful digestible form.

Also here is our product hunt link-

Happy hacking😀🙏🏻

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    Hi Tom! Actually, I did follow you on PH yesterday. Congrats with a great launch! In retrospect, except for a great product, do you have any other thoughts on what you did that made your great launch yesterday? I'm about to launch https://letterlike.app/ (which is my first launch) in a few days, and find your story quite exiting. 👏👏

    1. 1

      Hi Eivindhaa, first of all, letterlike.app is awesome.
      I might end up using it myself.
      On your launch I would suggest you to launch early. I launched around (12:10 am PST).
      Other than that I did nothing special. I didn't even had a twitter 😅.
      I made it when some of my users asked me my twitter account.
      So I might also suggest you to make an twitter for letterlike but that is totally up to you, it won't damage your launch. Send me an message if you need any help
      Best of luck with letterlike 😊

      1. 1

        Hi again Tom! Thanks! Glad you find Letterlike interesting 🙏😊. And thanks for the advice. I'll do an early publish and add a Twitter account as well. Will share Fire Hunt on my personal Twitter account, not that I've got many followers yet, but every share counts (I've heard 😄). And by the way - looking forward to see my app pop up in Fire Hunt after launch on PH 😃

        1. 1

          I will be waiting for the launch😊.
          As a small advice, actually I have a featured section on Firehunt, if you hit me an email ( given on the website nav bar) , I will be happy to feature letterlike on Firehunt on your launch day . it's totally free. All the best 👍🏻😀

          1. 1

            Great! Thanks - really appreciate. I'll hit you an email right away 👍🙏

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