We made UI Tools that are used by over 1.6 million developers around the world. AMA!

Hey guys, here is Alex, the co-founder of Creative Tim. We had our first interview on Indie Hackers 4 years ago. And then another article when we hit a new milestone 1M$ in annual revenue.

We started as a company that wanted to create high-quality products on top of Bootstrap. During the years we’ve been developing tools for major frameworks like Vuejs, React, Angular, then we added backend technologies like Laravel, ASP.net, Flask, Django etc. We moved to mobile Technologies, like React Native & Flutter and then we released a new Custom Web Services branch.

All our products come with Free & Open Source versions and our most popular products on GitHub have together over 35.000 Stars.

We release Tailwind Products since 2019 and created one of the most popular websites with Free Illustrations: Ira Design (over 200.000 unique users just in the last year).

We’ve been one of the first players who made UI Tools on top of major front-end libraries like Material UI, VueMaterial, Vuetify or Vuejs and helped our partners shape new business models through their marketplaces.

Our UI tools are used currently used by freelancers, SMBs, startups, governmental institutions, or Fortune 500 companies.

Our articles inspired many people (over 400.000 readers) to start online businesses, way before the 2020 pandemic time. We still receive a lot of messages from people who got motivated by our story. Of course, those articles created some new competitors too; we think competition is good because it’s forcing you to innovate more and to deliver better and better solutions for the audience.

We’ve been working on some popular products in the past months:

Currently, we try to help non-developers create websites in minutes using one of our Online Website Builder.

I’m here for questions, partnerships, or any ideas that we can put together to make awesome products! AMA!

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    Your articles were read by over 400k readers - that's massive - was their one piece of content that went viral and then brought the rest up or have they all performed similarly? Did you create this content on a schedule too or was it ad-hoc? Lastly, how important today do you still think content marketing is and do you see blogging as applicable to all SaaS products? :)

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      The one with 17.000$/month was the viral one as @csallen posted it to Hacker News link and from what I remember it was in the top 3 most upvoted for that day on the first page. Then it was this one The anatomy of a Bootstrap Dashboard.

      The team is writing articles on a regular schedule on our blog, but we write 1-2 "big articles" each year where we do a lot of research and usually, this takes up to 6 weeks to finish and many people 5-7 involved. Like the latest which is a guide for UI/UX Designers.

      As for performance, if we take the viral out, the others are similar in terms of popularity.

      I still think high-quality content marketing is good for any kind of business as long as you provide value to your users. The problem is that people write these days a lot of random articles just to get backlinks, and they don't provide any value.

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    Hey Alex, congrats! Last week I asked on Reddit whether creating a marketplace for Flutter widgets might make sense. The response was quite lukewarm, although companies like yours definitely prove there's a market for it.
    What's you take?

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      Hey @prascuna thank you for the link. I’ve checked the comments and their usecase make sense. On that they don’t need paid components and of course they reject that idea as that is something new.

      We already have in plan to do more tools for Flutter including separate components, free/paid. Since we have a huge distribution we should talk on this separate and do that marketplace together.

      Please check what we started with Bits: components for Bootstrap and Tailwind

      Contact me and we continue the discussion if this is something interesting for you.

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        Hi Alex. Yes, let's have a chat. I've just sent you an email, so we can take it from there

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    Congrats! I took a lot of inspirations from you when I first started building out my templates :)

    I'd be interested in partnering but not sure in what capacity it can work. I'm gonna think about it but meanwhile here's my website.


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      Hi Bilal, glad that you see inspiration in what we do. The templates are looking good! Congrats!

      Let's keep in contact and see what the future can bring to us.

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        Thank you! Yeah sounds good. :)

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    You mention you hit $1M revenue in May of 2019 - where is your ARR today now that's been ~2 years since that blog post?

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      We grew around 50% from that moment.

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