We need the help of the Indie Hackers community. How we can improve our selling/promotion strategy?

We have launched ASO by 2Stable more than 8 months ago, since that time, we have added a lot of new features and improved our project, however, we have 0 active subscribers.

ASO by 2Stable is a tool that is oriented on a very targeted audience, specifically on iOS,macOS, and iPadOS developers. It's an App Store Optimization tool, that can be used in different ways, first one, for investigation & research and the second one, for monitoring and tracking. The developers can investigate the App Store by finding the most trending apps, in every category (Free, Paid, and Grossing) and also they can search which apps are ranked by a specific keyword. Now we are finishing the new features that will allow users to monitor and track their app's performance, in other words, they would be able to track and monitor category rankings for any app in the App Store and measure the impact of their metadata updates by monitoring the keywords history ranking.

When we first launched our project we had a premium subscription of 9,99$/month, however, after 4 months we had 0 subscribers and we decide to make our project free, we hoped this will increase retention and downloads, but it hasn't. Now as we plan to release a new version that will allow users to monitor their app's keywords and ranking, we have some doubts about how we can monetize our project and at what price. Some of our competitors are limiting the number of keywords, some are limiting by countries.

How would you monetize ASO by 2Stable and why?

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    Building a product is only the beginning of the journey. Selling is by far the hardest part and sometimes it takes more efforts and time than developing the product.
    I would suggest you focus on getting attraction to your website, I see that you do not have a blog for now so you can start here. Content marketing and SEO are definitely good ways to get visitors.
    You can also focus on social media, try to find where your potential customers interact and make noise there, be it Facebook groups, Reddit, Linkedin or Twitter (see you are already on Twitter which is good but not enough).

    Best of luck and keep up the good work.

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      Hello! Thanks for your feedback. I'm new to SEO as I was only working with ASO, however, I will investigate more how SEO works. Did Linkedin worth it?

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    First of all, congratz on your product. Building a decent product is only half (maybe less) the battle. It is all about marketing & distribution. But I believe you have already come to that realization.

    I suggest you do the following:

    • DM people then DM people, then DM some more. Do not try to sell your product. Just say that you are doing some market research and would love to get some feedback. If the person is open to it, gently ask them try the product and cherish their feedback.

    • Run Ads (Facebook, Reddit ...) with a budget you are comfortable with (it can be as little as 5$/day) and see what is happening. Reach out to the people signing up with very custom emails (a personal video can be a nice touch) and try to schedule a call to chat and get their honest feedback.

    • Build in public. Share updates about what you are doing. Talk to other builders. Ask for their feedback. Bring value and you will get value.

    • Do not get discouraged. The hardest part is getting the ball rolling. Just have faith and do not get tired of trying new tactics, analyzing your results, and most importantly, being consistent.

    Best of luck 👊

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      Hello! Thanks for your detailed feedback. I think I will center on DM strategy, seems like it could work. I thought about ADS but it's very risky to invest in a product that doesn't generate benefits, however, with 5$/day I think it could work too. I totally agree with you on being consistent, but it's a little bit hard to dedicate a lot of work and don't see results.

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    I am working with @NewKevin on this project and any feedback are welcome.

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