Growth February 13, 2020

We posted Epiloge on Product Hunt... and did a statistical analysis first

Axel Wittmann @awittmann

So we have posted Epiloge, our start-up to Product Hunt today.

There are tons of articles on tips and tricks for posting anything on Product Hunt, even though people ultimately always say it is the app itself which is what gets people excited (tips range from "don't put your app up on PH right away, but iron out bugs first", "get an initial community or user group with feedback", "follow on posts on Twitter, Facebook, email", "make great slides that look like your app" etc.). But we couldn't find a step by step walkthrough what's really technically required to put together a reasonable PH page... and don't forget anything!

Do you absolutely need an animated GIF logo? And where do you get one... How common are videos posted to the successful PH launches? Can you hunt your app yourself or is it a no-no and you really need to contact one of the "hunters" on Product Hunt to do so. What about timing again? etc. At least those were our questions.

Well, to get some answers, we put together a little statistical analysis that led to a steps plan for our PH launch. There are also links in there to much more comprehensive blog posts and articles we found useful. Here is a link to that article if you are interested.

Anyway, hope this is a good read for others in a similar situation - and yeah, any support on ProductHunt for Epiloge is appreciated.


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    Epiloge looks interesting!

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      Hey rosie, thanks! And thanks for looking it up on Product Hunt :)

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    Thanks Axel!