We quit our jobs 14 months after our idea was born

This is pretty exciting!
And honestly we never expected that this day will come so fast.

A bit more than a year ago we had the idea for our product Avocation, an app that makes creating new habits fun and easy. After half a year of planning, designing, coding and testing we launched in December 2019.

During 2020 we managed to grow our app to almost 500.000 downloads, 20.000 daily active users and more than 1.000 monthly paying users.

All of this we did while we both had our full-time jobs like most of you here. That meant a lot of long nights and working every weekend.

But one month ago we made the decision to go for it and let our dream come true! This was not an easy decision for me, since I really liked the company I worked for until now. But I knew it's time to finally chase my dream!

Together we founded a company (to be announced end of the month) and we now give Avocation the focus it deserves. Our mission is to empower people with the digital products we create. We absolutely love what we do.

We have huge plans for the future and we can't wait getting started on all of these ideas!

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    Avocation looks great, congrats on the success David.

    As a web guys who doesn't do mobile, I'm curious, how did you grew your user base?

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        That was a great read, thanks for sharing.

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    That's awesome! Congrats!

    Are those conversion rates typical for other apps you know of?

    Unless my math is wrong that's

    • a 4% conversion from download to DAU
    • a 5% conversion from DAU to paid
    • a .2% conversion from download to paid
    1. 1

      Thanks, the numbers I shared are not 100% the exact numbers but very close.

      Our conversion rate really differs between Android and iOS, but you also have to take into account the retention rate. This is where we are focusing right now to keep people subscribed!

      Our current conversion rate on Android is around 0.35% of all downloads and on iOS it is 1.84%. Currently Retention Rate is currently at around 50% so we are still loosing a lot of people, which is what we are working hard on now :)

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    Congrats! Is revenue sustainable too?

    1. 3

      Thanks! Yes, we are making more than I did from my full-time job since 4 months already :)

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