May 26, 2019

We started writing news articles in our niche, here's some early results.

Tim Madden @trike

Our product alerts people to software vulnerabilities in their stack, so we thought we could write news articles relating to that niche to attract relevant users.

We've written about 18 articles so far and shared them through twitter and depending on the subject, reddit.

Some articles perform better than others, in terms of both raw visit numbers and conversions.

We are looking at trying a few design changes to increase conversions. We found that mobile traffic is way higher via reddit than anywhere else. So we are optimising our conversion process for mobile a bit more (typing on mobile is a terrible experience).

Conversions from IH is way higher than reddit, and we think that's because people have been given an overview of what our service is and have displayed an interest by clicking through, whereas people coming to an article have no idea, so the conversion is much harder for those visits.

We're slowly getting some traffic, as you can see in the graph we started at 0. IH has been nice to us (thank you), getting some traffic to the homepage and subsequent conversions which continues. We've grown to over 20 users now.

#growth #winning

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    How did you share your article on Reddit? You shared the whole article on a subreddit? Or just a link?

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      We shared the link to the article on a subreddit. You have to be careful on reddit to actually supply value to a subreddit rather than just shilling your product. It's a fine line.