We would appreciate your feedback on this page 🤙🏼

Hello everybody!

I’ve been reading IndieHackers already for a long while, and finally I decided to start participating in the community. Thanks!

My partner and I are doing the last tweaks to our app before launching it around October.

Still, we are already gathering users to a waiting list for when the moment arrives get some early feedback and build up around a community motivated with the app’s philosophy.

For this, I’d like to ask you for your feedback on our app’s page (https://kalisten.app)

The page’s purpose is:

  • explain what it solves / does
  • showcase (it might change still as the app has to go through some updates)
  • get people sign up into the waiting list

Is this information clear to you? Was something not straightforward? Any suggestions at all? :)

Thanks a lot everybody!
PS. I’ve been reading about adding an “About” page or social proof, yet not sure at this stage it would add any value.

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    I get the 502 bad gateway error

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      Mm strange. Could you try again? I’ve never seen that error before 😅

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