Web app almost ready for release but developers no longer available and we're stressing

Hi. First post here.
We spent the last almost 12 months getting a web app developed for our SaaS product.
Basically at the point of testing and ironing out minor issues before release, but developers have suddenly moved on to a larger project leaving us in the lurch.
Anyone have experience with this kind of situation?
I'm not sure how or where to find a team of devs who are willing to take over an existing project. Not interested in freelancers - we want a team with in-house people who can take care of everything.
Any advice?

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    What stack?
    How many devs you need?
    What's the breakdown in dev skillset required?

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      ReactJS, Node JS, Strapi, PostreSQL, REDIS, Stripe, AWS.

      Require frontend dev who ideally has an eye for design, and a backend engineer. I'd prefer a company with in-house devs that work together rather than outsourcing to freelancers (too much headache).

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        @donogameel Hi, sorry to hear this. We can help out with this. Please email me on [email protected]. Thank you.

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    you definitely need in-house devs. Most freelancers are always looking for quick bucks. They spin you around and frustrate the heck out of you. I've bin there mate. Hope you get a proper team soon. Good luck.

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    @donogameel Hi Donovan, how much are you willing to pay?

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    Sorry to hear that man. Hope things work out for you and the team.

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    Hi, we can definitely help you out. Let's set up a call. You can reach me at [email protected].

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    Who are these devs? Was this through some kind of agency? Local or offshore?

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      Offshore agency.

      Partly our fault to be honest since we were slow getting organized due to COVID. Now that we're finally ready to launch, devs have moved on to new projects.

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    Hey, might be able to help you out with that, have you got a twitter or any place I could reach you? :)

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      What's your company website?

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    I have expirience with this big time. Accually I started a project (like in 2018 way before Covid-19) that was going to make advertising easier for businesses, but the whole project fell apart after 2 years of working on it because the whole idea was to make PPC management affordable and automated. Then Covid-19 comes around and this company Adzooma comes around and makes PPC management affordable to all. Thats what I'm trying to do and had to completely cancel the whole project since my competitor turns around and makes their service free which I can't fight my competition anymore since my service is free too. Then I finally give up on my project I spent years of hard work on that I was already struggling enough as is dealing with API calls and stuff. Now I've moved over to the business compliance business model and this whole thing still haunts me to this day. So yes, I totally feel your pain.

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      Wow, sorry to hear that.
      I've invested far too much time and money into this to let it go though. Failure isn't an option. :)

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        It's ok, I feel your pain and to add to that, a lot of people don't understand what I go through to achieve my dreams of being a for-real business owner. Right now my so-called businesses make me no money (or very little). I'm new here too by the way. Just joined a few months ago. I checked your profile and I see no signs of products. I'm guessing your product hasn't been approved yet because it usually takes 24 hours for product listings to get approved on this site.

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      What's your product called by the way?

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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