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Web Dev Looking For Web App Partner

Hey Everyone,

I've always wanted to build a cool web app but have a hard time staying motivated on my own. I have been in a fulltime web dev roll since January this year, and I am always tinkering with side projects, after work.

I have some ideas in both Education and Job Advertising spaces, and would love to chat with some folks about partnering up. Happy to listen to your ideas as well if you have any!

Mainly looking for someone to build alongside me with 50-50 ownership.
Bonus if you are good at mockups and design or mobile.

Hit me up on :

  • Discord: JB#9248
  • Or Twitter: @JAKL_
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    Hi JB, I read your post and like what you're saying. I have a project that I would like to partner with someone. It's a product in a proven niche market so there a great opportunity to build something that will sell.

    If you're interested, reach out to me via email (address is in my profile). I sent request via Discord, but email would be better. Thanks - jon

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