Web Developer looking for marketing/growth help!

Hi everybody,
during the last few months I've built Aquiloo (https://www.aquiloo.com/).

It's a stock market platform that allows users to discover all about a business'' financials in less that 30 seconds and the only place online with up-to 20 years of data for free!

It's basically the Wall Street Journal for people that want to spend time on their passions or with their families, and potentially an upcoming newsletter too.

I've created an Istagram and Facebook page a month ago and get a few visitors from there.

It's the first projects I'm trying to build an audience for, so I'd love to hop on a call sometime or just email and discuss with someone who might be able to help me grow the site!

Thanks in advance y'all!

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    not sure about facebook, but for my instagram page i'm using followfox.io Any other info you can get by live chat on the their website. good luck

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    Hi, I would be willing to give advise on how to further advance your marketing strategies and how to target a wider audience.

    For example, you can create an account on LinkedIn, this will be a valuable asset to you as you will be able to communicate with others that provide a similar service. More importantly, it will allow you to connect with potential customers/consumers and get an insight of their opinion regarding your product and marketing strategy to see if any fine-tuning is required.

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      Hello Hulkster thanks for your comment.
      I just started a course on digital marketing, and create an Instagram and Facebook page.
      Do you think Linkedin will be better than those 2?
      What type of content should I publish on it?

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        LinkedIn isn't a better alternative per say; however, it is a good way to get advice from people such as those with experience in marketing, plus you can get information from people such as those who invest in the stock market and get their opinion to see how much of an asset it would be to them.

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    Hi anastasionico!

    I really enjoy fin-tech products and aquiloo looks very nice!

    Firstly, I just want to mention that while I like the product, the homepage was quite busy and the font, especially, I had to strain a bit as figures appeared "squished".

    Secondly, while I don't think I can help you with this at the moment, I'm curious, would it be possible to de-couple the "filters" and "analysis" to make it generically applicable to other datasets?

    Taking myself as an example, I have a startup that values other startups and one of the features is a simple portal that has all previously valued startups available as a dataset - so what if you pitched your product as an add-on to analyze other datasets? Just an idea 😁.

    Wish you best of luck!

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      Hey Xmok,
      Thank you very much for your feedback.
      Regarding the design and the landing page I have been working on the code almost daily for the last 7/8 months so it will be better (I believe in "improve 1% every day").
      Not sure I understood correctly what you want to do with the datasets?

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        Hello again!

        The design itself I'm fine with ✔ - gets the job done so to speak but I mentioned the font specifically because it just made the numbers appear "squished" which was the first thing I noticed.

        As for the datasets, it was just an idea I had; to re-iterate, I was suggesting that if someone has an existing dataset of financial information - whether that's:

        • a startup with a few years of financials,
        • an incubator's list of startup financials or, in my own example,
        • a select dataset of financial valuations for a number of startups,

        ...then maybe you could offer your product as a tool to analyze said dataset as a separate add-on to your product which might turn out to be an additional income stream. Basically, instead of stocks, you could use your tool to analyze those datasets for the customer!

        Does that make more sense? 😅

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          Hey thanks for the advice,
          Yes I believe that would surely be possible, not sure if I should implement it already.
          I am trying to keep it in the value investing niche for now

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