web development team Partnership

Hi !

We're a web development agency based in Morocco with more than 6 enthusiast engineers on the team interested in long-term stuff and ready to build the product you need!

Our Main Tasks :

  • Full Stack development of web & mobile applications.
  • Design of information systems.
  • Application monitoring, support, and maintenance

Technologies used :

-Back End: PHP (Laravel), Java (Spring Boot), and ASP.NET Core MVC.

  • Front End: Angular and VueJs.
  • Mobile: Flutter and Ionic.
  • Database: MySql, SQL Server, Oracle, and MongoDB
  • Cloud: Parse, Amazon, and Firebase

Feel free to reach out to us for more information via email [email protected]


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    That's not partnership. You are just pitching your services here. If this arrived in my inbox I would consider it spam.

    1. 1

      Thanks for your message, I noticed there are some indie hackers who have an idea and do not have a web dev Background so we offer our services to them Yeah you might consider it a Pitch, to us that's a good deal for them to build an MVP of their Ideas

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