Remote Workers June 14, 2020

Webflow or Wordpress? (Building a website without coding knowledge)

Z @Zavier_0225

Currently deciding to build a diverse website and have transactions run through it. Product and service sales along with subscription based blogging. Where should I go being a businessman without coding skills.

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    Wordpress, possibly with Elementor plugin. Learn it once (that too is easy) and your life is set. Haven't tried webflow though.

    If it's simpler like a blog, I'd recommend starting with medium.

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      Wordpress seems like the favorite from the feedback I’ve been getting on this thread. Thank you for your input and I will definitely need to check out the elementor plugin! 👍🏼

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        In my opinion, Elementor even though powerful it can really impact the performance of a webpage. It is heavily loaded with Scripts and always your page ranking in terms of loading times will be impact by that.

        My very first page was built with Elementor and it really was a pain to fix performance issues. So I decided to get it completely rewritten (React).

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    This is a good question @Zavier_0225. I use Wordpress and Elementor for Startup Sanctuary. I use it mainly because I have used wordpress for many years and I am proficient with the ecosystem. Wordpress and Elementor is a great combo and it is relatively straightforward if you can use a drag and drop style builder.

    I recently looked at Webflow and there is certainly a bit of a learning curve involved. If you don't have experience with either though, it may not make much of a difference. If you are incorporating blogging as you say, I think Wordpress and Elementor is your best bet!

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      Yeah that seems to be the consensus besides the slow load times that people have complained about, but I don’t think A startup will have much issues with that. When those problems arise I’ll move to a more professional system.

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        Page speed is huge, a slow website can have 300% higher bounce rate than fast sites.

        There is a reason Google use it in their SEO rankings.

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        Great stuff my man. Best of luck with the build!

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      Nice website. But the shadows on the home page are to strong i guess. And the logo is blury, hard to read.

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    Hey @Zavier_0225 - definitely Webflow!! It's the next generation version of Wordpress.

    I'd also reccommend looking into Memberstack to allow for membership sales in your site.

    You can check out a free Webflow blog tutorial on No Code MBA:

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      Thank you for that I’ll look into it!

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        Make sure to check out too. Not just memberships but also email signups that double as SSO logins.

        (native Wordpress plugin + webflow support if you go that direction).

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    I'm not that familiar with Wordpress, actually I can't say I ever used it before. But I had such a bad experience with Webflow that I dug this thread out to share it and hopefully help someone repeat my mistake. Here's why:

    1. Pricing is terrible: for around $180 a year you'll get one single website. And when I say one single website I mean, even if you want to change the domain, you'll have to pass a lengthy process (contacting the customer support, not directly in app, as I would consider normal). Also, if you decide to cancel the plan, you can't keep your website for the rest of the year, it will get unpublished immediately (although you did pay for the whole year in advance)
    2. The experience is def not great for beginners. It's basically a tool that offers you the possibility to use the same concepts you would when programming, but in a visual manner. By "the same concepts" I mean, literally, it's almost a 1:1 translation. Don't know what a margin is and how it's different from the padding? Don't know what a class is and how to use it not to waste time maintaining your website? Don't know what flex is? Tough luck!
      Also, things consider, Wordpress it's around since forever. Considering how webflow relies mostly on PR and marketing, investing too little in tech, I'm not sure we'll be able to say the same about it in 3 years from now. But who knows? All I know is I'm never going to be a customer again.
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    Maybe this will help.....

    99.9999999% of all successful websites, many similar to what you want to build, are all using Wordpress. This one fact isn't convincing enough for you?

    You have zero preferences for any of these systems so the wise business decision would be to go with Wordpress.

    Why? Because you already know that Wordpress is a solution that will 100% meet all of your business needs. Why would you take even a 1% risk on using another system when you don't even have the slightest desire or preference to use them?

    a similar example-

    A) A lot of people have become millionaires using Wordpress as the heart of their business.
    B) 0 or very close to 0 people have become millionaires using these other systems.

    Do you want to go with the system that all the successful millionaires use? Or the system that 0 millionaires use? There would have to be a very good reason for a businessman to go with option B.

    Sometimes you have to take a step back and view things in super simple terms.

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    Regardless of what you choose as a website builder, you can add the subscription & payment functionality to any website within minutes using Memberstack (I'm helping build the product). Happy to help answer q's on that front — Twitter DMs/email open as well. 🙂

    All the best on your new website/project! 😄

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    What kind of transactions are you going to run through it? Subscriptions or memberships? One-time payments? E-commerce? That matters too…

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    I would go with Webflow. I have been a user of both for various things from blogs to E-Commerce and up until the last few months (since Webflow has been adding a lot of new features), I used Wordpress as my go-to blog solution and Webflow as my E-Commerce solution ( for everything else data-driven). But now, Webflows CMS for blogs is UNBELIEVABLE. It really has blown me away and I recommend 100%!

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    I use both, actually. I feel like Webflow is the better long-term bet. It's sleek, robust and modern. Though, I think Webflow might even have a steeper learning curve than Wordpress, believe it or not. So if you're trying to get something off the ground fast, a Wordpress template/plugin might be faster. If time is on your side, I'd go with Webflow!

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    webflow, it's way easier to use

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    I chose Webflow for my project and really like the CMS aspect of it. We used WP at the startup I'm currently at and it was horrible to manage.

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    Definitely Webflow, you will find it intuitive and fun. I can't imagine using WP for anything anymore...

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    Webflow. The video tutorials are fab and the community forum is full of very helpful people. You can build just about anything with it in days. Zapier can handle integrations between different platforms pretty well too.

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    If you're talking about a website with blog, and integrating some products for sale along with subscriptions (via stripe or similar), then Webflow all the way. I've used WordPress for 10+ years, and recently migrated every client site to Webflow as it's just that easy to use...try them both, but I'm pretty confident you'll land with Webflow.

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    I am currently using Wordpress and am not happy with it. I've had a ton of issues trying to get my theme to behave properly. I also have a lot of performance issues. I haven't tried Elementor. Currently in the process of rebuilding on Webflow.

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    Oh jesus christ, Webflow all the way. You will thank me later. I was for just legacy reasons stuck inside Wordpress for 10+ years, shifted to Webflow 2 months ago. And it's a breath of fresh air.

    And Webflow will allow you to do some really powerful stuff like build apps (marketplaces etc)

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    I would say Webflow. If your business idea is serious you would like to take someone accountable for the performance of your product. And almost always these services go with some guarantee for performance, uptime, etc. Me personally do not have experience with Webflow, but I have going with something very cheap for the sake of budget, and then taking the more expensive retreat and redoing iteration.

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    I say go with wordpress, so you will have options with plugins and custom addons.

    If you need help with the website development, happy to help!

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      Thank you!