Website security dashboard idea


I have built a dashboard to analyse website traffic and identify potential security threats. This started as a project at work to help analyse and address security threats for our website.

I was thinking I could provide this as a service to help others. But not sure if other people would be interested. I would appreciate some feedback from you guys before I do this work

Phase 1 - provide a service to share dashboard analytics. Maybe some overlap here with what you get from Google analytics, but aim will be to focus it more on security OR perhaps provide new insights not available from Google analytics

Phase 2 - use AI to analyse potential threats from Bots and block access. Bots scraping info from your websites use up extra resources which results in extra cost for you and could impact on your website performance. Competitors or others using your scraped data

What do you guys think of the idea?

If there is already something out there similar and you have experience of using it. Please share your feedback

How much would you pay to use this service? broken down by phase 1 AND phase 2

What would be a good pricing model?

Many Thanks

What you pay to use this service?
  1. Yes - would only pay for Phase 1
  2. Yes - would only pay for Phase 2
  3. Yes - if phase 1 & 2 was offered together
  4. No - not for me
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