Week 2 : It's cold in the cave

Just running around the cave, picking up twigs, to start a fire.


• Sorted payments.
• Started blog.
• Pitched product.


  • Integrated Stripe Customer Portal, which gives me confidence I can charge for something. Just need something now 🤔

Suspect an alternative like Paddle may be waiting down the line, but for now it's fine.

Blog (Not)

  • Not currently serious about blog but launched to publish experience integrating portal to help fellow indiehacker.

Failed as written at wrong level, highlighting challenges in communication between strata.



  • Used as test case for setting up and selling a product. If enough bites I'll push through and sell it.


Short week

Was a short week as took 2 days by the coast with family. For those currently missing a bit of normality hang in there as it's just around the corner.


• IH +11 (+33%)
• Twitter +3 (+10%)

Thanks for reading!

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