January 21, 2021

Week 3 - Landing Page Analyses: The Recorder... Records

Pascal Laliberté @pascallaliberte

Quick update:

Following up on last week's update on my landing page analyses product, this week was all about getting the recorder to properly record each change in a visitor's mental back-and-forth.

So now I can record these interactions and replay them:

preview of the internal recording tool

Next step: Summary GIF for promoting pre-sale

Next I'll be adapting this internal tool to help me record and save a summary GIF.

The summary GIF will show, at a quick glance, whether a landing page attracts or repels a visitor in the context of getting progress on a particular job-to-be-done:

The GIF will:

  • be compact, twitter-friendly sized
  • show an arrow that either grows toward yes or toward no, simulating the overall penchant of the visitor
  • show the scrolled-to location of the page when a force is changed
  • show the "when/I want to/so I can" job statement, showing for which job-to-be-done this conclusion has been drawn.

This will then link to a pre-sale page for the full report (so the buyer can learn about this idea about mental back-and-forths, purchase deliberation, etc).

So next week I should have some summary GIFs produced.

P.S. If you'd like to have your landing page reviewed, I'm planning to hold a landing page review meetup soon.. Hope you can make it.

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