Week 8 Progress Report - Empty Energy Tanks

I'm posting these on Twitter and my blog (https://bryansmith.io/Interweave-Progress-Reports-Build-In-Public) but I'm sharing them in full here. Why? Because this is a great community and your feedback rocks.

Managing energy is hard, especially when you're managing that energy for what's essentially #3 on life's priorities (family and the day job being 1 and 2 respectively). I don't hear many founders talk about this subject, but after 6 weeks of working nights and weekends things were catching up on me.

One thing that's been close to mind to many people this last year is stress needs releases. It's not healthy otherwise. Last week did wonders for my stress and energy levels, but one shot solutions are not a long term solution.

For me those releases come in working out (something I've been inhibited with due to a knee injury the last couple of weeks), getting outdoors (again knee and the cold of winter), and time for personal prayer and reflection. I've short shifted myself on the latter recently in the hurry of life and the two former ones have been harder to achieve (but that's getting better!)

Anyhow, I just wanted to share the above because I don't see people often speak to this. Yes, lots of talk about "the hustle" and all it's glory. πŸ™„ But not as much on the fact it takes a toll. You need to know how your energy is recharged to forge ahead.

I know I'm insanely blessed to have been able to take a week off. Many are not. But there are other ways and if you're reading this you might be working on that side hustle to get you to the position that you can. Find what recharges your batteries, and remember it's consistency over the long haul that pays off. The 🐒 > πŸ‡.

Speaking of tortoises, even though the last two weeks were very low output, notice the bricks I laid down previously are paying off with 3 new early access subscribers.

This week's checkin will be brief, but next week I will back to the "normal scheduling".

Weekly Project Progress Stats (since week 6):
πŸ—“ Days Worked: 2 (πŸ”»πŸ”» 3)
⏱ Hours Worked: 4.55 hours (πŸ”Ί 0.37 hours)
πŸ’» Commits: 0 (πŸ”»πŸ”» 2)
πŸ“ Words Written: 344 (πŸ”»πŸ”» 910)
🐦 Tweets: 8 (πŸ”»πŸ”» 46)
🐦 Followers: 233 (πŸ”ΊπŸ”Ί 2)
πŸ“§ Early Access Subscribers: 23 (πŸ”Ί 3)

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