Weekend project: I made a tool that suggests you side projects to build (with examples)

hey guys! over a weekend I built a small tool that gives you suggestions which side project you can build next.

I must say the intention behind it was not just building another 'idea suggestion app' -> but rather to help creators reverse-engineer the idea behind other side projects (mostly built with no-code).

If you are curious, it's here 👉 https://whattobuild.co

It's just a beta version of the project, so if you have any ideas / questions, please, let me know!

p.s. Even if nobody wants to use this project, it was anyway helpful for me! While I was collecting a list for project ideas + examples for WhatToBuild, I noticed a few interesting niches to build more side projects in soon 🤓
Thank you!

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    I think this is a neat idea. I would suggest adding more examples, how the product is being monetized and what other monetization opportunities are there.

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    This is quite helpful, Max! Thanks for sharing.

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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