Weekly, monthly or bi-monthly newsletter?

I know there is not a correct answer but would love some brainstorming.
I have a newsletter that will be part of my digital product.
The newsletter is weekly with interviews with an indie hacker/solopreneur.
Also in the newsletter are curated links/ news about sales, marketing, web3.0.
The idea is that after I have more tools, templates, news in my digital product, that some of them be displayed in the newsletter.

As I am bootstrapping and working on this project in my free time, I always seem to rush to create a newsletter every week and end up not being totally happy with the result ( except for the interview, which I love)
Should I make it bi-monthly or monthly and create a more personal newsletter that makes me proud or just keep it launching every week till It gets better with time?

What and why interests you a weekly or bi-monthly newsletter?

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