Weekly Update #1

Here's my first weekly update:

πŸ₯… Goal for the week:

  • Get the widget hooked up the API and fetch changelogs from it.

βœ… Finished:

I already had some of the dashboard ready and had wired up the database to create, update and publish a changelog. This week I got a basic version of the widget up and running. It calls the API endpoint, fetches the changelogs and displays them.

I also deployed the widget as an NPM package so it's easier to install in React applications. I've plans to support other frameworks and a plain HTML version. The NPM package is available as "@useherald/react-widget".

🎯 Actionable goal for the coming week:

  • Update the home page with better copy
  • Add signup form
  • Work on the public changelog page
  • Add ability to create custom changelog templates

πŸ™ƒ Struggles

I wanted a working version of the widget on my home page so there's a example I can point to. But the deployment script on Netlify always throws an error and stops. Building in my machine works. I'm yet to figure it out but I'll do that next week.

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