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Weekly Update: 9/13 - 9/19

This week I am trying to get my life back on tracks, so I picked low hanging fruits that are also fun. They are not all related to my Indie Hacker journey, but they will make me happy.

🎯 Actionable goals for next week

  • Take a breather to celebrate my birthday on Friday
  • I want to write an algorithm to re-order events displayed in Roam Research in a chronological order, so my task for this week will be a proof of concept
    • This is for my RoamSync project, which I already use
  • Write my first FFGL plugin for Resolume
    • I got into VJ'ing and this looks like a great way to create effects

🙃 Struggles

  • My main struggle is getting everything back on tracks. My email inbox is still overflowing with emails I actually need to reply to, my todo list is also overflowing. However, a little ego boost wouldn't be too bad if I manage to accomplish the tasks outlined above.
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    Happy advanced birthday 🥳 😃

    and welcome back to shipping!

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