Weekly Update: 9/13 - 9/19

Here's my weekly update for Dub:

🚀This week
Another more-productive-than-expected week. I designed and built an entirely new automated syncing system, so changes you make to your podcasts or episodes in Notion will sync to Dub's database. After that was done, I moved on to RSS feed generation and am about 80% of the way complete there.

Here's a video I recorded over the weekend about the sync system: https://youtu.be/WVkzF3RA_mQ

⏳Next week
I'm going to finish the RSS feed generation code, then move on to designing the web app and landing page. I'm getting close to having a usable MVP ready!

While writing the sync system code, I quickly realized that I was not as knowledgable on nodejs async programming as I thought I was. So I read a few articles, watched a few videos, figured out what the knowledge gaps were, and dove back into the code.

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    nice work Adam! Keep on keeping on!

    Looks like that sync system is working pretty nicely!

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