Weekly Update - Unita week 17

Hi all! I'm Gastón from Argentina, being this the first weekly update I'm posting here, a bit of context.

I'm building https://www.unita.co/, a directory of communities, masterminds and groups. A few months ago we noticed there was missing a place to search, filter by category, find reviews about both online and offline communities.
So, the idea is to have the most complete profile about each community.
(Any feedback will be appreciated).

I share weekly update in Spanish on my Twitter, and I'm going to keep it updated here also, so thanks for the support.

✅ Done this week

  • 16 new communities posted on the site.
  • We now have 217 communities + 9 to review.
  • Changed "apply" for "join" as call to action on communities listings.
  • Included the communty name on the SEO description.
  • Highlighted the "leave a review" button with another color.
  • Added community name as first word of every field. "YPO Reviews", "YPO Benefits", etc.
  • New sessions record for a day: 182 (163 users).
  • 6 posts answered on Reddit and Quora.
  • 4 community owners contacted, got 2 answers.
  • First badge was included on a community site. “Community verified by Unita” on https://www.zinklean.com/.
  • 1st post on IndieHackers: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/20-best-no-code-communities-to-join-and-learn-from-e9dd333b01
  • Draft of influencers list.
  • Sent an article to Mundo.com about Unita.

🎯 Actionable goals for next week

  • Investigate Google Schema and FAQs from Google Search. See what we can implement with plugins.
  • Design blog post images.
  • Post weekly on IndieHackers 😀
  • Add box with reviews to the community profile.
  • Define process for Quora / Reddit, what content to post and where.
  • Improve blog post distribution.


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