Weekly Update - Unita week 18 (18/10)

Hi! Here it is the https://www.unita.co/ (community directory site) weekly update. Number 18 - 18/10.

I share weekly update in Spanish on my Twitter, and I'm going to keep it updated here also, so thanks for the support.

✅ Done this week:

  • 15 new communities posted on the site.
  • We now have 231 communities + 10 to review.
  • Website visitors: 177 users, 222 sessions. 20 from Organic.
  • 15 answers on Reddit / Quora.
  • 6 community owners contacted, got 2 answers, 1 claimed his community.
  • Started posting weekly updates here, at IndieHackers.
  • Posted our site on 6 directories, to have more backlinks.
  • Started to position on keywords like: Tiger 21 requirements, Young presidents organization reviews, cofounders lab reviews.
  • Live session on Zinbklean on how we are building Unita.
  • Contacted Erin Staples from Rosie land to interview her for our blog.
  • Added "Brand" categorry for communities related to companies.
  • Started to setup Google Schema.

🎯 Actionable goals for next week:

  • Check website filters.
  • Change /explore landing.
  • Continue working on Google Schema and FAQ’s structure.
  • Send questions to Erin for the blog interview.
  • Design pictures for the blog.
  • Add reviews box to each community profile.
  • Publish on Reddit / Product Hunt the weekly blog content.
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