Weekly Update - Unita week 21

Hi! Here is the https://www.unita.co/ (community directory site) weekly update. Number 21- 15/11.

✅ Done this week:

  • 17 new communities posted on the site.
  • We reached 284 communities + 6 to review.
  • Website visitors: 309 users, 379 sessions. 20 from Organic.
  • 4 answers on Reddit / Indie Hackers / ProductHunt.
  • 5 new Backlinks (Indie Hackers, Mundo.com, Platzi)
  • We started the document with recommendations for community owners.
  • 2 new community was uploaded and 1 review.
  • We fixed the %20 error in links.
  • Added a footer with more links.
  • We reduced the requested fields in the reviews form.
  • Added a newsletter box and a new "Platform" filter.

🎯 Actionable goals for next week:

  • Finish the PDF document with recommendations on community building and maintenance for community owners.
  • Analyze design and functionalities improvement quote.
  • Analyze if we can divide the review process into 2.
  • Design a 2nd badge option, more subtle.
  • Write new, more complete descriptions for each category.
  • Fix footer errors.
  • Add a section on the home page with the most searched keywords
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