Weekly Update: Week 1 of September

🚀 This week:

  • Increased $3 to $5 for HIGHSCORE.domains pro. BETA coupon with 30% OFF still applies.
  • Fixed dark mode for Showcase page
  • Reached out to someone who showed interest in a feature I mentioned on Twitter
  • Tried moving No Sugar Today to Fly.io to make use of their free tier.
    • didn't work out of the box as it does on heroku
    • looks like have to dockerize the rails application in order for that to work.
    • have to tackle this some other time

⏳ Next week:

  • Improve the payment flow for HIGHSCORE.domains.
    • Right now it just shows a stripe success message.
    • I have to go to the admin panel manually and activate the account, enable the pro flag, etc. The customer has to wait until I do that.
    • Automating that would make sure to offer a good customer experience
  • Explore a feature for pro customers.
    • Get notified when our websites/domains are mentioned on Twitter

🙃 Struggles:

  • Didn't get any meaningful work done nor able to work on anything planned last week
  • Usually, I get up early and work on side projects but that didn't really happen this week. Have to get back to speed next week.
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