Weekly Update: Week 1 of September

✅ What got done

  • Reached out to Simeone from Chrome's Developer Experience team about a bug I'm experiencing on Chrome for my extension. The bug got escalated to the right team! More details in this IH post
  • Actually still blocked by the above issue, but I hope reaching out will eventually get the attention the bug needs. In the meantime, I successfully worked on a workaround. I downgraded from Manifest V3 to Manifest V2. This means not using the new fancy APIs and removed tabGroup API 😢.
  • Added analytics to my extension to know how users start interacting with it. Specifically, number of times extension is activated, number of times tabs are closed with extension, number of scheduled tabs created 📈
  • Testing TurboNav extension using Manifest V2 on Mac and Windows.
  • Friday, Sept 03 released my extension to Chrome Web Store. Patiently waiting on results 🙏

🎯 What's the next steps:

  • Start formulating some sort of marketing plan. Mainly two goals
  1. Getting attention and understanding of the product by creating a walkthrough video
  2. Work on the landing page to get alpha sign-ups
  • Work on the blog for the headline: "The vision for TurboNav". I want to talk about my plans for TurboNav so people understand what my roadmap will look like
  • Thinking about starting a small community around tab management. Super niche but will start the first steps into that this week
  • Work on architecture for TurboNav's next feature "Save Links using Tag Organization"


  • Mainly around finding a good schedule (marketing vs development). I enjoy development, but marketing is a must. Gotta figure out the right balance.

peace ✌️

  1. 1

    Thinking about starting a small community around tab management.

    I'd gladly join this community. I regularly have anywhere from 15 to 97968595 tabs open at once.

    1. 2

      that's awesome! Welcome to the club! yeh here's the "Tab Hoarders" Slack community link: https://join.slack.com/t/tab-hoarders/shared_invite/zt-vclqhhtx-eGmIuov8qVg1vE_FyJmAOQ

      I admit I should be promoting it more, will look at stepping up my game.
      I'm happy to hear others are interested

  2. 1

    Nice work, hope they fix the bug soon 🤞

    I usually just post what I'm working on in Twitter. Be it programming or trying to figure out a feature. That's marketing for me :D

    I think in the long term SEO works well. What are you trying right now in terms of marketing?

    1. 2

      Yeh I hope so too man!

      I’ve been doing some of that, posting on Twitter. Overall trying to step up my game by writing blog articles. Like you said SEO works well, I believe in that too.

      My plan is to write about my progress and my vision for what I’m building.

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