Weekly Update: Week 2 of Sep - New landing page; Have to focus more on app dev next

βœ… Done this week

  • Shipped new landing page for HiFive.co.
    • Old landing page didn't have much info. It just says we are still cooking our product.
    • New one has an app screenshot.
    • Still have to add one more section with types of challenges the app has to give a better understanding of the app
  • Moved app from heroku free tier + supabase free tier to Render.com
    • It costs us $14/m a month now ($7 for rails app and $7 for database, and extra $7 when redis or background jobs are added)
    • Reason for this is to use rails for the backend which I already know to speed up the development and not spend much time on supabase
    • Hoping this would speed up dev and will explore free options again if we couldn't get profitable by end of December
  • Started looking into oAuth apps for rails and how to do it for mobile apps.
  • Added a social preview image

🎯 Actionable goals for next week

  • Complete the landing page with features section
  • Start working on the oAuth and have a signup/login flow working on app

πŸ™ƒ Struggles if any

  • Haven't started working on the mobile app which is core for the product other than syncing health data which was worked on two weeks back.
  • Whatever was completed this week was not on the planned list so need to try to stick with the plan instead of deviating from it.
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