Weekly Update: Week 2 of September

✅ What got done
I tweeted a recap last Friday on what happened last week. I feel pretty happy about it:

🎯 What's the next steps:

  • Still waiting on approval from the Chrome Store. I've been waiting since last Wednesday.
  • Have a call with a friend to run my first Mom test interview style for my product. Happening tomorrow (Tuesday) 🤞
  • Get started with the foundation for saving a link using TurboNav. It's going to use #tag organization much like Bear.
  • Revise an article I'm writing around the "vision of TurboNav". I got great feedback from two friends, so continue to iterate!

🥶 Struggles:

  • Last week I mentioned I was going to work on strategies for marketing, but feels weird without a product. Yeh I know, you should be able to sell with a landing page. Instead, decided to wait on approval. I'm going to create a video walkthrough and share once my extension is on the app store.
  • Also, I created a Slack community called "Tab Hoarders". Not much engagement, 5 people joined, so gotta figure how to increase engagement or decide if it's worth pursuing further. My plan is to promote it more.
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    I was going to work on strategies for marketing, but feels weird without a product

    This is 100% where I am right now. It feels a bit like pulling a John DeLorean and telling everyone “just you wait - you’ll love it”.

    1. 3

      yup, they say the best way to validate your idea is by selling it with a landing page and pushing your message.

      But who is going to listen to me without a product. Especially a tab manager, there are likely 1000s of them on the web store, and free!

      so I just continue doing my thing, slowly making progress on my product.

      It'll be a different story once I have something tangible to share with others. It'll get there soon

      1. 4

        Hi Miguel,
        I understand your struggles. It is already difficult when you have a product...
        I came across this post today. I think the idea makes a ton of sense and I like that he shows how it could be practically applied towards the end. Maybe worth giving it a look:
        Keep going!

        1. 3

          thanks for sharing Alessandra!

          This is gold! I love the approach of testing an assumption. Quite frankly I have plenty of assumptions regarding the tab management space.

          I learned a ton from this article, next step is to make this information actionable for my product.

          I've been working on creating a few mom test questions for an upcoming call I'll have with a buddy, so this fits well into that model of asking questions to validate your product before you build an MVP.

          For others: My main takeaway from this article was to focus on your assumptions and create tests to validate them. Figure out the biggest risk and focus on that one to see the validity of your product's vision. You have to be honest, your vision for your product may not be what the market wants.
          This has been in the back of my mind for some time, I've told myself I'm scratching my own itch so surely I'm not the only one that'll use my product. I may be fooling myself with that line haha

          thanks once again! I hope others find this article helpful.

          1. 3

            Glad I could point you to something helpful!

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