Weekly update: Week 2 September

  • Last week I tested a new possible column for the newsletter. I wrote a breakdown of the first 2 years of BuzzSumo. I had the idea while talking to some early-stage startups. I actually researched it (not exactly buzzsumo but for some famous products) because I thought someone had already done it but didn't find anything so I did it myself. I then shared it with a very active group of entrepreneurs and founders I'm part of to sort of validate and received very good feedback. Then I add it to my newsletter telling people that it was a test and if they didn't like it I would stop. I got an almost 50% open rate (the highest so far) and very good feedback on social media. I guess it will be a regular :)
  • This week I'm continuing to advertise the breakdown in the communities I'm part of where people could be interested at the same time I'm planning to work on the next one. I will be off the next week and planning to limit my screen time to the minimum. Since the newsletter is biweekly, i would like to get the next issue ready now so I don't have to work on it next week.
  • Struggles: It's not growing as fast as I'd like it to. But the Buzzsumo breakdown gave me 10 new followers and a better engagement rate and that is good.

Next week I will not write any updates but I'll see you again in week 4. Keep up the good work!

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    I will be off the next week and planning to limit my screen time to the minimum.

    that's essential as well. huge respect for giving it enough attention 🙌

    saw a tweet couple of minutes ago about how we want to niche down on what we post and some other tips. since you have a newsletter and hoping to get more followers, it might be helpful:

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      Thank you! I'll read it asap!

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