This category is for Canadians, or those from elsewhere who want to ask questions of us. I'd rather keep politics out of this group, and focus on business-related posts.


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    Hi all
    I'm from Brazil, currently living there but I've worked for a Canadian company in 2016 remotely and I have many Canadian friends and visited Montreal once, love it there.
    I've been making friends with Canadian people since 16 years ago either online or in presence and love the Canadian people, we think very alike and hit it off really quick so just sharing some love :)

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      welcome! I've been to 5 countries in South America but unfortunately Brazil was not one of them, perhaps one day!

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        Definitely. The city where I live is called Florianópolis and its one of the friendliest cities to foreign people also one of the safest so it's a safe bet. (Also it's an island with dozens of different beaches, come in our the summer time and there's no mistake :) )

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    Hey all, another Toronto based IH here.

    I'm originally from England but travelled to 25 countries before settling in Canada.

    Currently working in marketing with a small agency and have 2-3 side projects in various stages of development!

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    @antarctican im based out of toronto. where are you at?

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      Abbotsford, BC. Or maybe mobile out of a travel trailer going across Canada soon, if my wife convinces me it will work!

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        I'm in Vancouver, but leaving soon and maybe also travelling across Canada. I'm from ON and most of my family and friends are spread out across there.

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