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  1. 8

    I'm a Software Engineer looking for inspiration to turn peoples ideas into something tangible :)

    1. 1

      Would like to possibly inspire you and maybe work on a project or two.

    2. 1

      That's great Redmug :) That is an incredibly important role. You find anything cool yet? :)

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    Hi guys, I am content creator on Youtube and Udemy. My content is mostly on Flutter, a framework created by Google that can build iOS, Android, web, desktop and embedded apps with one codebase. Only have 2 years of experience in coding.

    Quit my software dev job to teach people, without experience, to become great software developers. That's my purpose.

    All the best guys!

    1. 2

      Hey! I'm also interested in iOS development! I've heard of Flutter, but I've never used it before.

      1. 1

        Hey danny,

        I recommend SwiftUI it's very intuitive and easy to learn.

        1. 1

          I have started playing around with SwiftUI! I've been impressed with the simple stuff I've tried so far. Have you completed any SwiftUI apps?

          1. 1

            Yes for example recently I finished this app https://yangthecanary.app/ I loved the declarative UI it becomes easier to think after imperative codes :)

            1. 1

              Very cool. I'd love to learn more about your experiences publishing an app in the App Store and trying to market it.

      2. 1

        You never know when you try right? You can head to flutter.dev to see more. Have fun!

    2. 1

      Hey there, my friend and I build our dating app with flutter here - StepUp! Feel free to check it out and give me any feedback. We both love flutter and how easy it makes everything though! Happy to connect more with you.

    3. 1

      That's super cool!! I love Flutter, I'm a bit of a novice on it as I only learned a bit so I could have enough base knowledge to think about it properly with my developers, but damn I loved the crap out of it. Love to check out your YouTube if you want to post it :)

  3. 5

    Hi, I am a beginner in programming and looking forward to creating my first simple project by June 2020.

    1. 1

      Good luck! How did you choose a June 2020 deadline?

  4. 4

    Hi people ✌

    Im a guy who lost his job and went crazy now have just started building a biz on a shoestring and hope to share, help and grow with a few more crazy folk 😜

    1. 3

      Hello fellow nutcase :) Excited to see your journey! You gonna be sharing it on here? I'm still figuring out the site myself.

      1. 2

        Haha loving the the name luke, life hacking is what we do here apparantly 😂 this place is crazy amazing ive only been here 20 mins and i cant get enough

        1. 2

          (Third nutcase joins the commenting conversation)

          Heya! Welcome and enjoy, I've been here for a few months, but it is great indeed :) Enjoy it, get inspired, and get stuff done!

          All the best to you two!


        2. 1

          I agree it looks really cool! I have been browsing the site on and off for a few months but never really properly delved into it. It's really cool.

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    Hey all,

    I'm a Product Manager at a H&S software company in Toronto and a Lead Product Management Instructor at General Assembly.

    I'm here to learn, assist, and get feedback for a project I'm working on.

    1. 1

      Hello mate, sounds cool! What project are you working on that you want feedback on? :)

  6. 4

    Hey everyone, I'm Limar, a college student in cs. Just looking around, getting a feel, and wanting to get inspired. Hope everyone is well :)

    1. 1

      Hello Limar, I'm good thank you :) How are you getting on at college? What are you learning specifically? :)

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    Hi, I'm software engineer and have been thinking about indie development for years (possibly a decade+ now). I enjoy reading about people's experience making an indie company. I want to make something I'm excited about.

    1. 1

      As they say, the best time to start was a year ago, but the second best time is now. :P ( Or, something like that hahahha)

      On a more serious note a decade+ of experience in software engineering has you incredibly well positioned to do some great stuff. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with :) Any rough ideas so far?

      1. 1

        I'm a fan of keeping things small. I don't have ideas that I would say I want to put all my eggs into yet. I'm working on a version of Pinboard.in that has a few more features designed to my usage. I've been thinking about several others all the time, and probably should post them to a blog or something.

    2. 1

      Me too! I've been lurking on Indie Hackers since it was founded. I think it's time I make something for myself :)

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    Hi! I'm a french engineering student. I also build websites/apps on the side and blog every Sunday (achrafash.netlify.app). Overall I'm trying to develop the indiehacker mindset plus I have an edtech business idea. So i'm here to get in the zone and hopefully share my journey 🙏

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    Hello, I am a co-founder of a blockchain company that empowers companies with trust through supply chain transparency. Looking for ideas to drive traffic and engage consumers more.

    1. 1

      I'm digging the sound of this. I'm big on transparency and decentralised technologies in general. If you can share a bit more info on specifically what you are doing - I'd love to chuck some ideas at you. I have a bit of a knack for unique marketing plans :)

      1. 1

        Sure, let's talk. My email address is [email protected]

    2. 1

      Hi dlurth blockchain and transparency are the future imo, maybe we could help each other, you need leads and I need case studies, wanna collab?

      1. 1

        Hey Leadstr, sure would love to find out more about what you are doing, email me at [email protected]

  10. 3

    I am a software developer and want to build something of my own. Looking for ideas and inspiration.

    1. 1

      Hello. I thought of one today. Every time I write a new blog post I have to visit each website to post a link on to let people know. Linkedin, Twitter, Hacker News, etc... What if there was a platform that posted to these and recommended new ones on publish or with a single click after?

    2. 1

      Hello :) Ideas... I have too many. Do you want some? hahaha. What are your interests? I'll delve into my archive...

  11. 3

    Shaun in NYC here. I'm bugtank on telegram and part of the WIP community. I know a couple people here and am glad to finally join.

    Launching in May!

    1. 1

      Hey Shaun! I live a train ride away in White Plains!

  12. 3

    Hi, I’m Nick Phillips, founder of Hyprcubd a serverless time-series database. I’m really interested in all things data and performance. Really excited to join the community and share with other developers!


  13. 2

    Hi all,

    My name is Matt.

    My career has been solely focused on working for small startups, completely remotely.

    I'm the Lead developer for an EdTech Startup coursematch.io, technical consultant for Blockchain startup dovu.io I have a blog focused on remote work for startups worldclassremote.com and I've also recently started a SaaS side project to help content consumers make a safe choice before they click play safestream.info

    I'd like to build up my side project SaaS to eventually start getting paying customers, build up a community, and hopefully hire a team to take the day-to-day running off my hands if the project is capable of hitting 5-10K MMR.

    Love to chat, be inspired by this community and get insights.

  14. 2

    Hello, I am currently an undergraduate computer science student and interested to build my business someday. This year I am planning to start my journey in the field of affiliate marketing.

  15. 2

    I'm an Android App developer! I was just looking here for new people, things, and experiences. I lived in Southeast Asia for a year, but didn't meet any sort of indie developer / digital nomad, even though I was living in Thailand for quite a while :) Anyway, it's just nice to know about things happening around. That's why I'm here!

  16. 2

    Hi Rosie I am creating a job board for web developers in the UK. Any tips??

    Site looks great by the way. Glad to be apart of this


  17. 2

    I' am Software Engineer looking for a new project. Feel free to contact me :)

  18. 2

    Hi :)
    I'm a software tester/ junior software developer seeking for knowledge and inspiration in order to grow professionally, mentally, and financially.

  19. 2

    I'm learning to become a software developer. Have been programming as a hobby since 2012. I'm 21 now and will be going to college in September. I love programming, and I love learning new technologies. My top 3 skills are Python, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm also proficient in PHP, SQL, and Java. Would love to work with somebody to help build their idea.

  20. 2

    I'm a Telecom Engineer with a solid background in Business and Management. I started a Photobooth business prior to corona, and it was doing great! I look forward to continue to push it when things go back to normal. In the meantime, I want to learn from y'all and share my experience.

  21. 2

    Hi everyone. I am Abhinav. I am a PhD student in Natural Language Processing at the National University of Singapore. I work in the WING NUS group (wing.comp.nus.edu.sg). Nice to see everyone here.

  22. 2

    I am an expert in Advertising, Media and Marketing with over 10 years of experience in commercial fields and marketing. High energy, hands-on management style, and solves problems creatively. My specialties are: Definition of the Advertising Strategy, Business Plan, Deployment of Media Plan (off and on line), Digital Marketing Creation and Management of Advertising Campaigns, Media and Technology and marketing Consulting. Experienced in Digital Media, SEM, CRM, SEO, web analytics and Social Media: media plans, budget management, sales and ROI forecasts, projects, account management team hiring and managing.
    As an entrepreneur I have experience as director of advertising agency and media product manager. Always flirting with startups and academic research.
    Tks guys

  23. 2

    Hey folks, I'm Chris a former PM and founder of a Mobile meetup in Dublin. Branching out to try and make my way outside of FT employment. 👋

    1. 1

      Hey there mate!

      Welcome to the IH tribe, and all the best of luck to achieving what you set your mind to! I'm sure this will be an inspiring community for you! :)



  24. 2

    Hey! My business partner and myself (he´s from the USA, I´m Austrian) just finished our MVP for a different kind of Decentralized Token Exchange. Would love to get in touch with fellow crypto/blockchain folks to share experiences and maybe talk about collaborations. Cheers

    1. 1

      Hi John!

      I'm Cyril, a mobile engineer working in a crypto startup based in Paris.
      Would love to try out your product :)

      1. 2

        Cyril, thanks for the reply. You can check it out at https://double-edge.net/

        btw, I saw you are working for a crypto startup too?

  25. 2

    Hi 👋🏻, I’m Matthew and I’m an indie maker who designs and codes. I recently started sharedthis.email as a side project to help open up inboxes a little more.

    1. 1

      Hey mate!

      Nice landing page there! :) All the best of luck with your product!


  26. 2

    Hello everyone, I'm Filippo. I've been working as Digital Project Manager and eCommerce Manager for the last seven years, now I'm about to launch a personal project about Shopify.

    Basically I replicate and sell templates of homepages inspired by big fashion brands store with a no-code tool, so anyone can have a captivating and highly functional homepage on their Shopify store at a fraction of the price.

    I planned to launch on Product Hunt on Tuesday, so now I'm refining things and hopefully, I'll make my first $ online. On team I worked and launched multiple projects that went pretty well, but this is a one-man-band project and I'm a complete noob on the marketing side, so I'm here to learn and hear suggestions!

  27. 2

    Hi Everyone, I'm a service-based entrepreneur co-founding a property videography company (@agenc__ on Instagram if you're interested). I've recently picked up coding again with the hopes of building MVP's for my own ideas rather than having to negotiate equity with investors or partners.

    1. 1

      Hey dude, how is this going for you?

      I often struggle with this issue, while at the same time there is so much other than code that I am frankly more suited/better at, that is also valuable for building products... and there is only so much time in the day you know.

      1. 1

        Absolutely, I 100% feel the same way. I am only at the beginning points of learning to code But I would say that it’s going well. My co-founder is the creative and acc manager so as long as our systems,socials and ads are running well I’m free to do what I want at this point Since we’re doing enough gross profit for both of us to live comfortably and have very few overheads I.E developing products for us to sell to our clients or use internally then license to our competitors (although I’ve got a bit to go before I’m good enough to code anything useful... 😂).

        What’s your situation Seb?

        1. 1

          That's a great position to be in! Great job.

          I am hopefully on my way there... however our business is not really one that will slow down at a certain point in the foreseeable future. It's more like a "typical" startup, except we are trying to bootstrap it.

          So probably won't start coding anytime soon haha. That's ok though. But I think it is smart what you are doing!

  28. 2

    Hi my name is Tomas, I've just started creating technical content on new knowledge platform tomas.io intended for hackers, technical founders, developers, testers, and operators of modern distributed systems.

    The platform will host articles on open source software, technology stacks, automated deployments, virtualisation, container orchestration, among other topics.

    1. 1

      Nice one mate! Keep up the great work! :)


    2. 1

      I like the sound of that Tomas! Get your email list setup asap so I can subscribe to it :D

      1. 1

        Hi Luke! Thanks for the feedback. I'm focusing on the content right now, but will keep your suggestion in mind for future release. Meanwhile, I'll be posting updates about tomas.io on twitter.com/tomas_d

  29. 2

    Im muawwaz, Software designer/frontend developer from maldives. Looking for motivation and ideas with collaboration.

  30. 2

    Hi I am data scientist, I want to scrape data from the internet for a more presentable format. Specially for SME.

    1. 1

      Hey mate :) I love scraping stuff. What kind of data are you looking to get?

      1. 1

        Hey Luke. How you are doing well. Usually I try to get data from housing and cars in Dubai from there equalient of Gumtree. But would like to work on a full project, if you want to Colab?
        I am readying this book on scrappy. Want to do scraper of and intermediate level. With proper design patterns.

      2. 1

        Oh yeah, that's a great thingy! :) Though don't break the rules ay!


  31. 2

    Hello ppl :)) I'm a software engineer looking to improve my skills and build some cool (and hopefully profitable :P) stuff!!

    1. 1

      Hello! :) That's great, what type of software do you want to build? Any specific tech stacks in mind? :)

  32. 2

    hello i am an iOS developer. I have mainly focused on indie game side projects but I am now focused on making a profitable iOS app. It will be a set of tools for English speakers learning Korean.

    1. 1

      That sounds super awesome. The language market is massive, I have a site in that arena. Feel free to keep in touch and when you launch I can provide some advertising for it, for free :)

      1. 1

        Hey thanks Luke. Sounds good! What's your site?

        1. 1

          I'll PM you it if I can figure out how to do that on this site hahaha. It's a private site so I don't want it publicly attached to my name :)

  33. 2

    Hey, Im trying to start an online business and I'm looking for like minded individuals who can help ideate and potentially join me.

    1. 2

      Good luck with it mate! :)

      Don't forget to share your steps on here, it will help you keep yourself accountable, and from what I experienced thus far the community here is great and supportive, so don't be shy! :)

      David from The Other WorkSpace

      1. 1

        thanks for the support!

    2. 2

      What kind of business are you thinking?

      1. 1

        Wanted to create a coinmarketcap clone, drive some traffic and then pivot into other crypto related stuff, news, merch and maybe down the line set up a wallet if possible.

  34. 2

    Hi, my name is Simon Kim. I'm 17 and a senior in High School. Throughout high school I have ran a few successful businesses based on organic marketing through content platforms. I'm excited for 2020. I'm a content creator first, on tiktok making videos on positive mental health topics and am working on growing a movement/brand called keep it wholesome. In 2020 I'm hoping to grow the movement and network with a lot more like minded people.

    1. 2

      Hey Simon i like what your doing bro, building a movement and following your passio

    2. 1

      I like the sound of your jam bro. It sounds like you're passionate about what you're doing, in my opinion that's gonna help a lot, especially in the initial growth stage where the fruits of your labour don't come so quickly :)

  35. 2

    Hey guys, my name's Nick Wignall 👋

    Long-time occasional IH lurker but finally joined up (thanks to @rosiesherry for giving me the nudge!).

    I'm a clinical psychologist and blogger who writes about mental health and wellbeing.

    I work full-time as a therapist but also make a second full-time income blogging via Medium's Partner Program. Happy to answer questions about that if anyone's interested.

    Currently getting ready to launch a second beta version of my online course, Emotional Fitness Bootcamp.

    Would love to connect, especially if you're in the mental health/wellbeing space.

    1. 1

      Hey there Nick! Welcome to the IH members' group!

      Will you be the Jordan Peterson of IH? ;)

      Cheers and looking forward to reading your posts!


      1. 2

        Ha! I doubt it... Thanks for the welcome :)

    2. 1

      Sounds very cool!! How does Medium work via payments? I've never used it in that regard myself.

      1. 2

        Hey Luke, they way it works is you can choose to make any article of yours on Medium locked, which means only paying members of Medium can read it. But, then you get paid depending on how much engagement your articles get from members. They don't disclose exactly how "engagement" works, but the primary metrics are how many people read it and how long they spend reading it.

        When I first started a couple years ago, my articles maybe made a few bucks per month. But at this point, I regularly have articles that make $1-2K in their first month—a few that have even made upwards of $4K in a month.

        One thing with Medium, though, that most people don't realize is that there there really only seem to be a few genres of writing that consistently does well—self-improvement, health, and tech being the big ones.

        1. 1

          Oh wow! That's actually a lot better money than I expected. I guess it takes a lot of effort to get to that level though. How do you market the articles? Is it an internal system on the site? :) Thank you for the insight.

          1. 1

            Yeah, whenever you a publish an article, it gets reviewed by Medium—and if they think it's high quality it gets "curated." This means they distribute it much more widely.

            In my experience, the key to getting to a high level of income on Medium is A) writing about topics people really care about (my combination of self-improvement and mental health seems to do really well), and B) Writing in a very clear, compelling way that makes people want to share. Here's an example: https://medium.com/personal-growth/4-things-emotionally-intelligent-people-dont-do-24ea6ea53992

            I think the key insight I learned over 2+ years writing 2 articles per week is that people don't read to learn—they read to be inspired.

  36. 2

    Hi, I'm Steve I'm a professional software engineer. I'm the founder of Scrpts, an archive and research engine for cybersecurity threats. I'm interested in most ware- type campaigns (malware, spyware, etc.) how they originate, what they target, how the code is spread, that type of stuff.

    I'm super interested in learning from other peoples experiences, and helping out with my own.


    1. 1

      This is super cool!! I've got an interest in cyber security, I think it is ever increasingly important. I've been playing around on your site and it looks very useful. Aggregating all this data saves a lot of time.

      1. 2

        I'd love to know what you'd like to see! Or if there was anything that was too confusing about the site.

  37. 2

    Hi, I'm Pavel, founder of http://directual.com/ — low-code platform for hackers. We've been working mostly with enterprise, but in 2020 have gone public. Hope that our technology will help the community members to turn their ideas into apps.
    I am happy to discuss any low-code/no-code related topic!

    1. 2

      I am very intrigued by the low-code/no-code scene although I have very little experience in it. I have quite a lot of experience developing my own apps via code and extensive experience managing teams of developers and I am very interested in how this sort of software might be used to ship software faster and with less training.

      I am envisioning that a majority of the "regular" work can be done with a no-code platform, with an ever increasing amount of more "custom" work, if that makes sense. And then the bits where the functionality is not there, they can just be chucked in along the way with real code? Is that how it works? :)

      1. 2

        Great question, Luke!
        That works similar, yes. Low-code approach is just using customisable building blocks. I would say that Stipe is also low-code. Stripe provides you with a customisable payment widget. Directual provides cloud database, API-builder, RBAC and Scenarios (event-processing). This allow developers to avoid routine backend work.
        There are many simpler platforms (usually called no-code), where process of developing requires less tech background, but such platforms seem to be very limited.
        Have a look at Directual, any feedback is very appreciated!

        1. 1

          Thank you for the great response! I have signed up and I'm going to play around with it when I have the spare time. Will I get updates via email now that I have an account? (I only ask because I am quite busy and getting the occasional update email might nudge me to check it out further at a time where I have the free time!:)

          1. 2

            Sure! You'll get some email updates about new platform features :)

            1. 1

              Awesome! I look forward to it :D

  38. 2

    Hi! I am a software engineer (web) with over 10 years industry experience. I tend to do engineering management these days and I am a full-time consultant.

    Hoping to exchange an hourly rate for something more scalable in the next few years. My milestone is £20k/MRR. That milestone will probably look silly later, but I look forward to the journey.

    1. 2

      Sounds similar to my situation. Do you have a product in mind? Good luck!

      1. 2

        I have a couple of pain-points that could use a solution, but none of them inspire enough personal passion to get me to a minimal product. I need something that solves a problem AND lights a fire under my butt.

        1. 1

          I agree, having a real drive to use what you're making really helps I think. Send me a message if you want to pitch an idea. Good luck!

    2. 1

      Hey Aiden,

      Love the ambitious milestone, don't get discouraged when you don't achieve it any time soon though. It's very unlikely (but possible).

      Don't forget to set some smaller milestones along the way.

      1. 2

        Indeed, that's why I am trying to focus on something that is a labour of love. That'll help me persist. In order to replace my consulting career, I need to hit that milestone. I don't expect this to happen soon however.

  39. 2

    The pandemic push.

    Hi all,

    I worked at a travel tech company, but was let go in light of the pandemic. With the employment market looking dire, I've decided to take the plunge and commit to a side project full-time to see how far I can take it.

    My aim is for it to cover the rent, and then for it to replace my now missing salary.

    The project is an education product for UK university admissions. I'm doing an email campaign to 3,500 teachers today at 10am. Can't sleep. Feels like Christmas: there are presents wrapped and ready to go under the tree, but who knows what lays inside.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all.

    1. 1

      Good luck mate, followed ya. Share what you do along the way, in my experience it really helps to get things out your head. You heard of agile methodology too? :)

      1. 2

        Is there particular part of agile you recommend I take note of?

        I'm familiar with it, but only through proximity. I'm working in sprint of 3 weeks, and have a mindmap of all the workstreams. They fall into either i) Sales ii) Product, or iii) Biz Ops.

        Slicing the problems in this way has helped me focused, and I can see where workstreams complement one another.

        I can then easily see relative priorities, and then use the framework below to sense check if I should move forward:


        Being able to see everything at a glance also gives me a kick up the bum to move things forward.

        1. 1

          That's great!! Sounds like you've got a great methodology already.

          If I was to suggest one thing, it would be to bring the sprints down to 1 week. It's fine to have an overall, big plan but in my experience (and what I've heard from others who consult on agile) it is best to keep things within 2 weeks, aiming for 1 week if possible.

          The reason for this is because things change drastically as you work and you should only be planning sprints long enough to keep your team (or yourself) busy in the immediate future.

          Of course having bigger plans is fantastic too! But that can be taken care of outside of the agile framework (That's what I think anyways - I think everyone has different opinions on that. It works well for me)

          1. 1

            I've been giving this a go this week, and it's been a great help. Feels more empowering, as when plans get derailed for whatever fire needs to be fought, there is no guilt, as being reactive is now baked into the design.

            Appreciate it.

    2. 1

      Sound exciting man! How is it working out so far? Curious to hear.

      1. 1

        The 24 hour stats are in!

        We had 80 visitors to the website, and 10 people sign up for a sample. Some more visitors are straggling along today.

        Overall, I'm content. We also had a school reply saying it looked great, and they're figuring out budgets, so that's promising.

        I'm daylighting in sales, and moonlighting in product right now.

        1. 1

          That sounds like a good start indeed! Rooting for you. If I can ever help you out with some feedback concerning earned reach, let me know. College tuition loans are a huge problem that should be tackled with vigor.

  40. 2

    Hi Rosie,

    I am the Co-Founder of Vizard Apps. We have Shopify apps that automates production of creatives for social media and digital marketing. We now have launched an SDK that gives the power to add a design studio to their web application.

  41. 2

    Hi I am a business graduate but have a deep interest in coding, startup and entrepreneurship.

  42. 2

    Hi there! My name is Peter I'm a front-end developer, building compliant websites that constantly advance growth and continually enhance user experience. I was always thinking of starting my own project and finally started with https://www.jpgheic.com/

  43. 2

    Hi Everyone, My self Sastry from India. Work in Tech

    I’m a passionate self taught developer / designer and founder for service based software company in the past. But right now working as full stack lead developer for a bank here in Bangkok.

    1. 1

      Hello Sastry :) Pleasure to meet you. Where do you come from in India? I've had many great memories there, mainly in the south. How is Bangkok? I've never been but I really want to visit soon once all this corona virus stuff is over...

  44. 1

    Hi there! My name is Darrel Hudson I'm a full-stack developer, building compliant websites that constantly advance growth. I was always thinking of starting my own project and finally started with https://www.aiffconverter.com/

  45. 1

    Hi folks 👋,

    I'm a junior software engineer, graduated less than one year ago.
    I am making some (stupid) side projects since I am a student, but now I'm willing to turn ideas into some side business! Thanks for this website!

    I hope to launch my very first monetised indie project mi June :)

  46. 1

    A big shout out to indiehackers and everyone within this community. Glad to be here!
    I've been a technologist for the past 11 years; a major chunk of which has been spent providing Software Support. By the virtue of which, I've been exposed to every new technology under the sun. I have a few good [very subjective term!] ideas and am looking forward to giving them form in the next few years. Let's see how that goes!

  47. 1

    Hello! I'm a Software Engineer with extensive experience on the engineering life-cycle for embedded devices. I'm fluent in numerous coding languages as I've been a tech enthusiast my entire life. I'm starting my own business and look forward to any insight I'm able to gain here, as well as helping out anyone along the way. I've been told I'm a great teacher so feel free to reach out.

  48. 1

    Hi everyone. I am interested in learning more about internet privacy and security

  49. 1

    Hi I'm Zack from Morocco, Marketer

  50. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Richard. I've been involved in a few startups before but things have never clicked for me. With the whole Covid-19 thing and because of a podcast I recently heard about Feedback Panda over on "Startups for the Rest of Us" I've decided to give things another go and just stick with it for a longer period of time.

    My SASS web application is all about helping organisations to make better decisions in a collaborative and transparent way. I'm still working on my MVP but do have the landing page up and working over at https://decisionbear.com

    I've been lurking for a week or two now, but this looks like a great community to be a part of and I'm really looking forward to plunging into it.

  51. 1

    "I'm just a regular everyday normal guy" :)

  52. 1

    I am an Electrical and electronics engineer, who wants to change his career from field engineer to software engineer. I want to progress in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  53. 1

    I am actually an environmental engineer, but I think I am open to innovations and development. I need new ideas and information for this. I need to share with you here. and finally everyone loves the dollar.

  54. 1

    I'm a software engineer running hasanat.house , looking to learn from everyone here!

  55. 1

    I am a software engineer and here to to connect to like minded people.

  56. 1

    Hey there, I'm building valueMachine.io, a financial trading game with an Instagram feel to it. My friend told me this site was a good spot to find positivity and help through the development process, which I definitely need!

  57. 1

    Hi all,

    I'm Alexey, a data scientist. Right now I'm working on a book and trying to work on my personal brand and increase my reach in social networks

    My Twitter is @Al_Grigor

  58. 1

    Hello. I'm a teacher from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I create educational videos about Frontend web development. I have done subscribers base and have created some practice videos. Now I'm thinking of monetizing my new content - full video course on HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript basics (up to OOP) in Uzbek. I registered in IndieHackers after coming across Adam Wathan's interview. I look forward to settle on one monetization strategy that fits my needs.

  59. 1

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to the community. Recently I left teaching job & started pursuing my dream of becoming software developer. I am studying MOOCs on programming languages. I hope i can utilize this forum to master my skills and land a dream job.

  60. 1

    Howdy. By day, I’m a developer and manager of developers.

    Over the last decade-plus I’ve tried again and again to bootstrap my own thing, and feel like giving it another go.

    Dusting off old idea files and trying to settle on the first thing to try.

  61. 1

    Hey there, marketing and SEO guy here. I’ve been furloughed from my full time job so I’m building a side project! Nice to meet you guys

  62. 1

    Hi everyone. I spent the last few years as the technical co-founder of a B2B startup that went through a whirlwind of accelerator->funding->acquisition. Now I'm building out a new project, solo this time, and trying to educate myself on the non-technical aspects of building a B2C SaaS. Looking forward to learning from the community here and helping out where I can.

  63. 1

    I'm web developer from Finland. After finishing my BBA I worked as a WordPress developer for couple of years before switching back to school. Now doing my masters from Information Systems Sciences. I have been freelancing on the side and been wanting to pursue full self-employment for a long time. This is the first summer without another job and after I graduate I hope to sustain my self through my company.

    At the moment I'm building a WooCommerce stack for SME's while also learning Laravel and Vue.js to do stuff outide WP realm. Looking forward to learning from you fellow indies :) !

  64. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm finally joining after being recommended for several months by people in another community. My name's Tamara and I'm based in Southern France. I'm a freelance brand strategist & UX designer. This year I'm going to focus on doing more consulting and working on more challenging designs. I've worked on Figma & Semplice so far. Curious to try out new things, maybe Webflow & Readymag. If you've got any tips, I'd love to know xx

  65. 1

    Hi, looks like I have forgotten to introduce myself ..I just joined yesterday .. I am a software engineer and researching to build a SAAS product during this lockdown so that I can send my resignation email to the current employer which is the everlasting 10-5 lockdown, It looks like a dream though.

  66. 1

    I am a techno-functional consultant .. ( whatever that meant 10 years back) trying to make sense of technology and social space and make a living in new world. ( in a way that can sustain itself for next 20 years at least )

  67. 1

    Hey! I'm on the bizdev team of a top edtech startup looking to explore a few ideas in the mentorship space.

  68. 1

    Hi, I am coming from Europe as an engineer by education, tech-consultant by trade focusing on 5g right now. I'm here to pick up the brains and find inspiration for business ideas. Get in touch if you have something for me. Thanks :)

  69. 1

    Hi, I'm a Web Developer looking for inspiration and knowledge about becoming sucessfull Ecommerce Developer, Article Writer , Course Creator and maybe youtuber . Also I'm passionate about GraphQL, Typescript, Gatsby and many more :)

  70. 1

    Hi, my name is Chris and I'm doing a PhD in physics. I'm looking into side-projects to maybe earn a bit of money, or do something interesting. I'm in the exploring phase :) I'm into productivity things, coding. I really love explaining things and outreach, so I'm thinking of maybe starting blogging about stuff I find cool related to physics. Cheers

  71. 1

    Hello! I found this community through Brackeys on yt I believe and I'm looking to meet like minded people, currently gaining the knowledge for becoming a software developer.
    uDemy course: C# Masterclass (31h) already 1/3 completed, so excited to learn C#! I Already have a decent knowledge of CSS/HTML, also following an advanced javascript course now. I have several projects in mind! But before anything else I need to become a better programmer... Hoping I can learn a thing or two in this community. : ) Already bookmarked, hope to meet good people!
    Ill be around for assistance if needed!

  72. 1

    Hello all!

    I'm an iOS & macOS developer writing in Swift, a tutorial author, and obsessed with making software in general. What I want to achieve is to make a living through my own apps and by teaching others through my content.

    Feeling happy I'm joining this community! Most probably here's the place to learn a lot and find what I'm looking for - people, ideas, inspiration, knowledge and more.

  73. 1

    Hi. I'm a Web Developer, interested to learn from you all and someday successfully start my own indie business.

    1. 1

      Hi fellow web dev! What is your stack of choice :) ?

      1. 1

        React and Node. Also learning the flask framework. What about you?

        1. 1

          Cool! I have been quite heavily geared towards PHP but now also learning Vue.

  74. 1

    hello, i m an electronics engineering student who is also interested in software development and i m looking to learn more about creating passive income on the internet and also to be generally inspired to be more productive .

  75. 1

    I’m a dentistry student looking for inspiration to get some sort of passive income.

  76. 1

    Hi! I'm a software developer for a young Saas company interested in figuring out ways to start making a little side money on my way to going fullyremote.

  77. 1

    My company just recovered over $824,000 that was lost to some online scammers all thanks to this pro hacker wisetechhacker from United kingdom. I promised to paste his contact all over the net so if you need help, contact Wise Tech on his EMAIL- (wisetechhacker @ gmail com) .He rendered me a personal service of cloning and entire cellphone within 12hours, I could monitor the entire phone on my computer. He offers many other services.

  78. 1

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on a website to keep track of Covid-19 cases in the US. The site is https://ncov19us.com. It has been steadily gaining new users daily. I am here for information on how I can grow my site further.

  79. 1

    Hi guys, I am a full time portfolio manager/trader (fixed income) at day, and am looking here to start a business or something that will help me earn few bucks along side with my full time job. I have a good background on programming and web design also.

    Waiting to get inspired and find some ideas here.

    Good luck guys.

  80. 1

    Hello people, I'm Mert, ios develop who loves to create experimental side projects.
    I started to code since 2011 but just recently realized I have a problem with finishing something although I have lots of different projects none of them was a sustainable product which makes even a small amount of money.

    So 2020 is dedicated to building something which is valuable for people to spend money on it. Therefore I have found here indie hackers it's like heaven for me to accomplish this year's goal.

    This year so far I created 3 products and my strategy is to spray and pray 😂 because I don't want to be so focused on one idea and start to kill the time and do nothing.

    Yang the Canary ➡ https://yangthecanary.app
    An ios app for helping you to memorize important stuff. (It's called also Spaced Repetition)

    GymBud ➡ https://gymbudservice2.firebaseapp.com/
    Again ios app for personal gym trainer online with some amount.

    So far I didn't make a single $ but it's fine 😂 With those projects I realized what do they mean by product development.. fck it's hard 😱


  81. 1

    Hello, I’m a software test engineer and am having a go at developing a stock screening app using python and Django. Looking forward to sharing any knowledge and experiences on the way

  82. 1

    Hi Everyone, I'm Ahmad.
    I'm a computer engineer working as an IT auditor for the past nine years.
    Currently, I'm running a few e-commerce startups. I'm also a certified trainer and hosted a couple of Java / Android development courses and workshops.
    I joined this community looking forward to sharing & gaining value.

  83. 1

    I am a UI/UX designer for 5 years that has been in video tutorial purgatory with front endn development. Want to take some of my designs (mobile and web) and turn them into amazing projects. But also really understand what is going on with the process.

  84. 1

    Thanks @rosiesherry. I am excited to be here

  85. 1

    I took on a website project for my day job (which is not programming) and have come a long way. I was fortunate to be able to learn on their time.

    Now I'm trying to finally buckle down and finish projects for a portfolio and start stretching my creativity. I'd like to offer free/cheap website services to local restaurants so they can help keep the community notified of their opening status and specials for takeout. My local economy is almost completely tourism driven and the quarantine has been (justified but) understandably very hard for local small businesses (also hardly any chains/franchises down here).

    I'm also working on a time-tracking/pomodoro/todo list combo mostly for my own use, but I won't turn down any income it might produce.

  86. 1

    Hi Rosie,

    Thanks for letting me in! I am Shyam and I represent APY Mentorship Platform. Happy to be here!

    I am a Marketing Professional and GETAPY is a mentoring platform that connects experienced professionals (C-Level, VPs ..) with the next generation of leaders (MBA graduate, Business School graduate..).

    We have built a framework where mentors/mentees develop meaningful and structured online relationships to grow over time (learn and acquire new skills to boost their career, overcome their challenges and make the right choices to attain their goals).

    Our mission is to connect the ones who have the right answers to the ones seeking guidance to reveal their full potential.

    I'll be happy to engage with other members and here! Thanks for the hearty welcome.

    Finally, you can visit our website here - https://getapy.com/


  87. 1

    Hi everyone, I am beginner software developer with a focus on javascript, moved from Telecom industry which is in decline. Hope to get some inspiration from the community.

  88. 1

    Hey everyone, I hope you are well. I am here to learn and meet individuals and future guests to help me grow my podcast: Scrubbed In

    YouTube: Scrubbed In

    Any ideas and advice most welcome!

  89. 1

    Thank you for the kind introduction!

  90. 1

    I am an engineer (data scientist), looking for inspiration to start things like teaching people.

  91. 1

    Hi Everyone, helping others and working on something different is my daily routine. I am a content creator and now days working on a super big course for laravel ( a PHP framework) course called https://indepthlaravel.com

    Also, I have created over 800+ videos at https://youtube.com/bitfumes on various other technologies like vuejs reactjs angular, python, go lang, etc.

  92. 1

    I'm a student at Stanford working on a newsletter at the intersection of tech / business / policy! Hoping to sharpen my writing and meet like-minded people.

  93. 1

    Hey Everyone, I'm a Software Engineer looking to learn more about building and running a community while learning more about tech space along the way.

  94. 1

    Hi! I'm currently a financial advisor but I want to start growing in the other fields I believe I'm also quite knowledgeable in, specifically fitness, food, and health. However, what's been making me skeptical is diving into a market that is already overly saturated.

  95. 1

    Hey guys, just landed here after watching YouTube.
    I'm a mechanical and software engineer involved in too many projects atm. Biggest issue for myself is to stick with one project and go all in with it, instead of trying out a new thing every week.

  96. 1

    My name is Todd and I recently resigned as a CEO from a company I founded. Right now I am starting a small consulting company and writing. My goal for 2020 is to have a popular written series and later a book deal.

  97. 1

    Hello! 👋 I'm a software developer from Reno with um, a lot more free time lately than usual. I'm excited to make some fun things with it!

  98. 1

    Hello everyone, my name is Tony, I am a techie/swe looking for ideas to start my first indie product.

  99. 1

    I'm a Frontend Developer and one of my dreams is to create my own product, the problem is that I don't have ideas or when I have one it already exists. I am here to find inspirations :)

  100. 1

    Hello everyone! I'm a undergraduate in college, studying information technology. I've been programming for quite some time now and i would like to create a web application that really fills a purpose in peoples lives.

  101. 1

    Hey guys, I'm a product founder working on building a better PowerPoint to help people share stories instead of slides. I'm obsessed with early-stage products and love giving feedback (almost as much as I <3 receiving it) so hit me up!

  102. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm the founder of a platform for tour guides and experience hosts. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had to pivot toward virtual tours and experiences. Looking to learn how to connect with customers and grow.

  103. 1

    Hi everyone, right now I'm here to lurk and learn from the community!

  104. 1

    Hi all, I am a Software Engineer, I always feel like I am not keeping myself updated about latest trends in technology. So here I am looking what everyone is doing, get inspired and create something myself.

  105. 1

    Hi guys, I'm currently studying Data Science, and learning RoR to create my first SaaS on the side. I'm also the creator of ranktutorials.com.

    Follow my journey on twitter if you like :) https://twitter.com/santiagomcepeda

  106. 1

    Hi all,
    I'm Adam, product designer, and I'm currently learning to code and building a side project. I'm here to connect with the community of like-minded people, learn and seek feedback on my project ✌️

  107. 1

    Hello guys!
    My name is Stavros Kefaleas and I am a full stack software developer from Greece!
    I like very much ReactJS and Material-UI!

  108. 1

    Hi all, I write about finance and tech to help others avoid boring people at https://avoidboringpeople.substack.com/

    Was directed here by @louisswiss from a separate newsletter group. Looking forward to learning from others on better newsletter practices.

  109. 1

    Hola, I'm excited to be here. Started listening to the podcast a few months back and learned a lot! I'm working on an adventure language learning app called primus.kim. Feeling a little overwhelmed as I'm solo and working on everything until I either start making money, get funding or meet people that want to join.

    My aim is to have a playable demo ready by 1st June 2020. I keep telling myself it will be two weeks, maybe if I say a month it will actually happen!


  110. 1

    Hey everyone, hope you are doing well.

    I am a UX designer, strategist, and founder of the health-tech platform https://holo.health/en/ which my team and I are currently bootstrapping.
    We just billed our first client this month!

    Long term I am here to learn, support, and exchange experiences with fellow entrepreneurs and "indie"-business people.

    Short term I am looking for freelance gigs in UX design, illustration, strategy, and marketing to support myself while building up our business.

    Good to meet you all!

  111. 1

    Hi! I'm a marketer that looking for new ways to growthmy sites.

  112. 1

    Hi, I'm a Software Engineer working at a YC'19 startup and a long time lurker of IH.

    On the side, I'm building https://flowdash.ai - It lets you create in-app experiences without code once integrated. We aim to help businesses create delightful onboarding flows with zero engineering effort.

    I'm here to learn, share and get feedback:)

  113. 1

    Hello Guys, I am an Assistant accountant I am looking for new Ideas and the inspiration from different people, seems so hard for me to figure out what I want to be and what exactly I want to do. Apart from accounts I would love to develop new Ideas aside and make them useful . Thank you!

  114. 1

    Hey everyone, I'am a software developer or software architect or team lead bla bla at my company... Actually those doesn't matter, just i am a curious :) I am looking for inspiration and experience about of improve to my skills and more importantly how to teach someone else.

  115. 1

    Hey indie hackers community,
    I got inspired by Courtland and all his guests in the podcast, to start something on my own, and because people are awesome, that's why I'm here.
    I dont't have an idea yet, but I have a goal:
    I just want to build something on my own and in the long run, I want to be my own boss :)

  116. 1

    I am an IT startup founder. Looking for connecting people who share the same vision for the world.

    1. 1

      Hey mate!

      Well don't be shy, tell us more about your vision! Based on the nice people on IH, and the supporting environment that is on here, I'm sure you'll find like-minded people!



  117. 1

    I'm a software developer, looking to build a startup. I draw a lot of inspiration from Indie hackers, and I would like to inspire others as well. I am currently working on a product that's meant to help thousands of beginner developers kick start and grow their careers.

  118. 1

    Hi guys, I am Shubham, co-founder of experience-based restaurant flydining.com
    I am here looking for idea validation on a new idea, just listed on indie hackers shorturl.at/OPQZ8

  119. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Parry and I'm working on a SaaS product that helps startups find sales leads. Would appreciate a lot if you guys can visit www.paradynm.com and share with me your feedback about this landing page. Many thanks in advance!

  120. 1

    Hello. I'm an entry-level Data Engineer and looking for sharings and ideas in Software Engineering field.

  121. 1

    Hi all, I'm a ex-software engineer turned solo-preneur. Following IH for a while now, finally decided to stop being a lurker.

    I'm beginning to journal down my mistakes and learning on this journey on medium and twitter to reach out to more like-minded people.

    This is like the Chapter 1 or preface of my journey: How I Got Out of Tech and Still Make a Decent living

    Feel free to connect with me here or you can find me on Twitter

  122. 1

    Hi! I'm studying UI UX Design. I'm looking to connect and learn from others!

  123. 1

    Hey, I'm a Computer Science student at The University of Edinburgh. I'm looking to meet new people and learn. :)

  124. 1

    Hi guys! I'm an IT graduate, I'm planning to make a side project this year and really interested in starting up business. I'm here to learn more from the community. Cheers!

  125. 1

    Hey all! My name is Myron and I’m a fellow hacker/founder with a background in e-commerce and marketing. Love anything DTC, service, or weird. Have some time on my hands, working on a few projects but down to build something cool. Will post more later.

  126. 1

    Hello IHers,

    I am the co-founder of StepUp, a 3 minute video speed date app. It works in a chatroulette fashion where a user gets connected to another randomly, but to solve the unsolicited display of private parts, we added a blur.

    Users can hang up any time during the call. If they make it through 1 minute, the blur will start to fade away. If they make it past two, then the video will be completely clear. After that, they can choose to like/dislike to further connect in messaging.

    We released the MVP in October and now the more mature app in March, but we struggle to get any users as we face the typical chicken-egg question of community-driven platform. Feedback? Comments? Interest? I look forward to connect with you all. Thanks.

    P.S. shout out to @MarcHoward for directing me here.

  127. 1

    👋 Hi! I'm building a new way for podcast listeners to find a community.

  128. 1

    Hello :)

    My name's Luke and I love the concept of "hacking" things. Not in any illegal way, and not even just with computers, but anything! Naturally this website looks intriguing to me.

    I've been fortunate enough to make a full-time income for myself online for the majority of my life, I made my first money online while I was still a kid and ended up leaving school at 14 which allowed me to focus on business. Now I'm 24 and have been able to survive (and occasionally thrive) through online ventures my entire life!

    Lots of ups and downs, but overall I've had a pretty good time. Does anyone know if we are able to share progress on projects on here without revealing details like name or other potentially sensitive info? I would love to share some stuff that can be public - but some of my projects require anonymity to a certain degree but I still think they can be beneficial for people with the limited information I have to share :)

    1. 2

      Hey @LukeTheLifeHacker
      That sounds like an impressive life story there man. I quit my job to start a few ventures with some friends too. Most recently released this video speed date app - StepUp. Would love to connect with you!

      1. 1

        Oh damn dude that is a sick idea for an app! Like, when you first said "video speed date app" I won't lie - my brain did kind of automatically go "oh no, not another one" but I was quickly proven to be thinking too harshly too quickly!! I really love the concept and the way you've done it :D Would love to connect some way or another. No idea how we PM on this site though? Hahaha. I'm really intrigued on how you're gonna handle some of the challenges that go along with an app like yours. Like getting the initial user base when it's heavily effected by having active users in the first place (I got some ideas if ya want 'em :D)

        1. 2

          Hey Luke,

          I tried shooting you an email now but your address wasn't found. I don't think you can PM on here, but shoot me an email at [email protected]

          1. 1

            Oops - I sent you an email from my personal email address :) Talk soon

    2. 2

      you left school at 14?? nice!

      1. 1

        I did indeed! I must admit it wasn't entirely because I was stacking 100 dollar bills hahahah. I had some pretty severe anxiety and depression issues. But knowing what I wanted to do and having some proof of the concept of making money online made it a more plausible option for my parents I think! It's also made me really passionate about education and how it could be done in a better way. I believe there is a lot of potential out there being wasted because the system only works for some.

    3. 2

      Please do share, im a newb and could do with some pointers in the right direction

      1. 1

        Sweet :) I'm gonna add some of my projects to my profile soon. Debating which ones are the best! Also, I might share some info on previous projects that are no longer with me, but not sure where the best place to do that is. I'll take a look around the site :)

  129. 1

    Bootcamp Full Stack developer, looking for bringing ideas to life.

    1. 1

      I like the sound of this, im a sales amd marketing guy with an idea but struggle with wordpress let alone bootstrap, maybe we could help each other wow i love this place

  130. 1

    Hello, I just started a new series. A type of podcast in written form.

  131. 1

    Hello! I am a software engineer and cloud architect. I have experience building mobile apps in Swift and JavaScript applications (React/Node). Looking to meet some like minded people to discuss ideas with.

  132. 1

    I’m a insurance agency owner looking to expand my base and grow as an entrepreneur as well.

  133. 1

    Hi guys, I'm an intermediate level software developer and a data analyst with sound knowledge of statistics. I'm working on starting a company that makes data analytics services accessible to an average Nigerian online, with special focus on small to medium size businesses and students.

  134. 1

    Hi! I'm an entrepreneur and founder of a startup called Clockk. I am looking forward to learning from you all and joining in conversations in order to better understand my target audience.

  135. 1

    Hey, I'm a dev for a big tech company. Looking to work on bringing some of my ideas to life this year as well as help out on open source projects.

    1. 1

      Hey there mate!

      All the best of luck with bringing your projects to life! Don't forget to share your milestones on here to keep yourself accountable.

      That way you'll also benefit from the input of the IH community, which can be quite helpful (based on my experience)! :)


      David from The Other WorkSpace

  136. 1

    good day house, i am a surviving young male. i am trying to sustain and establish an online platform please. who can help me with the youtube upvoter app.please i am desperately in need of this help

  137. 1

    Hello, new here. Willing to create new cool products 😎

  138. 1

    I'm a founder who has made a SaaS that can turn simple SQL queries into secure endpoints

  139. 1

    Hi Rosie,

    I am glad to be on Indie Hackers. I am the Co-founder of Vizard Apps. Vizard Apps has a couple of Adtech related apps on Shopify which helps in automating creatives production. We have now developed an SDK that powers web apps to add a design studio on their platform.
    Looking forward to contribute and be part of this budding community.

  140. 1

    I am Sadik.I am a med student hoping to be an entepreneur in future.I want to start my own hospital.So I would like to know the basics of entepreneurship here in 2020

  141. 1

    Hi, I'm Mike Gyi, a designer living in Barcelona. I create things like communityspot.org and mixmotel.com

    I'm here to get inspiration from others in a similar position. I want to make my project Community Spot financially sustainable and get over my fear of asking for a subscription fee.

  142. 1

    Hi, everyone, I am seo expert, looking for someone who need seo services.

  143. 1

    Hi, I'm a full-stack developer and my goal is to build a decent sustainable SaaS business.

  144. 1

    Hi.I was a product manager before.I am creating the illustration pinstyle site now.I am looking forward to make it by May 2020.

  145. 1

    Hi everyone I am an online business strategist based in the Kansas City area. I work with a team of talented designers and engineers. We want to help you bring your start up project to life. I am here to learn, connect, and create all things business and programming. Feel free to reach out about anything I look forward to discussing ideas

  146. 1

    Hello! I'm Sasa a software engineer currently living in San Francisco. I quit my job in April to pursue my own projects. I'm here to learn from others and share my journey as I build! My goal for 2020 is to create a sustainable side project that I can earn an income from.

  147. 1

    Hello everybody,

    I'm Martin, and I work as a Content Strategist for Integromat, a workflow automation company.

    I enjoy reading and writing about tech, science, history, and SaaS. In addition, I'm pretty knowledgeable about SEO and digital marketing.

    My goal here is to engage in interesting conversation and also to learn from those who are launching and managing companies. Feel free to ask for advice, because I won't hesitate to do the same :)

  148. 1

    Hello, i am a network security engineer based in Paris. This Covid crisis helped me to open my eyes about this "fake comfortable situation we are living". So looking in 2020 to build my financial independence and get inspired by all awesome indies !!

  149. 1

    Hello, my name is Anthony, i'm the founder and CEO of Gifing.com.
    I really like your podcast and i'm glad to join this community.

  150. 1

    Hi Rosie, I am excited to be a part of this community. As someone highly interested in code quality and developing developer tools, I would love to get feedback from the community on my product and how we can make our product better (usability and feature wise)

  151. 1

    Hey there everyone! I am here to proudly show you my side project I am working on for quite some time now! See ya

  152. 1

    Hi i love solving problems through technology and have been learning programming to try and bring my ideas into life. I am looking for someone to work with to quicken the pace of development of the solutions.

  153. 1

    Hi Rosie,
    Happy to be here, learning, sharing, and being accountable for my progress amongst a new community of like-minded hackers!

  154. 1

    Hola, nice to be here.
    I'm building a company that will help in transitioning the focus of marketing from sales to connection.

    Sales as a byproduct of keeping pulse with your customers, connection as the goal.
    I firmly believe this shall be the case 10 years from now.
    Clients I work with believe 10 years is too long.

    Looking forward to learn from all of you,

  155. 1

    Long time IH podcast listener here. I run a 2-person software consultancy called Backbeat Technologies. We're hoping to jump into the world of SaaS. The product is called BackupsHQ, and we've put together a landing page here.

    Good luck to everybody with their new endeavours!

  156. 1

    Hie guys, I'm currently employed in the FMCG sector and am looking forward to starting my own small retail business and am looking forward to learn more about Entrepreneurship from this community and share with others as well.

    1. 1

      Way to go! What kind of retail business do you plan on opening?

  157. 1

    Looking for any feedback of our Orderabl+ app, which aims to get people selling online quickly. orderabl.com

  158. 1

    hi, I am college student looking fr tips to start an startup after education

    1. 1

      Hi man,

      Can strongly advice you to start reading.
      Zero to one by Peter Thiel to get inspired,
      Atomic Habits by James Claer to keep you on track and
      Your journal by you, every day.

      Seize the day,

  159. 1

    Hello community, I am looking for inspiration to turn raw ideas into products.

  160. 1

    Hi, I am a graphic designer operating a boutique branding and web design studio. I am looking to grow my business and learn new ideas.

  161. 1

    Hello everyone, I work as a software developer and have tried working on side projects for sometime now. I guess being part of a community would help me focus and get more done through collaboration.

  162. 1

    Hi, I am a beginner in programming (Self -taught)and had 10+ years of experience in the animation field.My goal is to get good skills in programming.

  163. 1

    Hi, I am a business student at Uni Adelaide who taking a course on entrepreneurship:)

  164. 1

    Hello Everyone,

    My Name is George, I am a software engineer and have been for the last 5 years, all without a degree! I have worked for some insane companies and am now building my own! If you need any advice on Entrepreneurship, Software Engineering then please reach out to me! Always happy to help, You can find me on here or on twitter @degreelessdev

    1. 1

      Nice. What product are you working on now?

      1. 1

        I have a couple I am working on at the moment, one is an indie hacker styled business that aims to help Developers and people get into tech without degrees, the other is Property Tech company, having a lot of fun haha

    2. 1

      I hope you come across a good idea. Great username!

  165. 1

    Hi, I’m looking to launch my own freelance web development business.

  166. 1

    Hi, I'm a software engineer and so called entrepreneur. I experiment a lot with ideas, concepts and products that keep me up at night(if you know what I mean).

  167. 1

    Hi everyone, I’m Rick from Dallas and I’m a beginner in programming as well. I’m here to learn, build, distribute, and share software projects. My professional background is in project management and business analytics, but I would rather be producing software apps/tools (aka magic) with other creative people such as yourselves. Happy building!

  168. 1

    Hi, I'm Nik. I'm an engineering manager in Siberia and co-founder of moulinella.com. I like to learn how other indies do their businesses and apply the best practices on mine.

  169. 1

    Hey! Damiano here, designer at Civic. I'm originally from Milan, Italy and currently living in NYC. Always excited to learn about other people's journeys whether as designers, founders and more!

  170. 1

    Hi, I am a researcher in Information Systems who is interested in making theoretical ideas to real practical products.

  171. 1

    Hello everyone! I'm a full-time developer for my day job. I have decided to stop doing freelance projects for others in my spare time and instead explore some project ideas I have. Looking forward to getting started.

  172. 1

    Hey everyone. I'm a graphic designer with very little experience in programming, but I know the fundamentals that apply to most high-level languages. I'm trying to learn Python.

  173. 1

    My name is Drew Watkins and I lead product development for a pre-revenue startup called Intercept. We're at a point where we are making a big pivot from customer feedback to employee feedback and need to start meeting growth objectives for continued funding from our investors. My background is definitely on the technical side, so I'm hoping I can use the community to gain ideas, accountability, and inspiration as we try to gain our initial customer base.

  174. 1

    Hey there, I'm head of marketing @ Freemius - a managed eCommerce platform for selling plugins and themes

  175. 1

    Hi I'm Tim! I'm an aircraft mechanic and looking to start my own business to licence and or manufacture a few ideas. I got on here to start growing a like minded community. if any of you are a recent start up LLC, HIT ME UP I would love to here your story.

  176. 1

    Hi to all, i'm Claudio and i'm going to start a new saas company. I'm not a programmer, i'm just founder. I need help to understand what programming language i have to use for the app, how to find developers and designers.

  177. 1

    Hi I’m a social media influencer newbie trying to learn new things

  178. 1

    Hello there everybody! I've been in and out of the webdev and real estate industries for the past 15 years. I have recently teamed up with a friend from college (Washington & Lee University) who has been doing Rstats consulting and Rshiny app development for the past 5 years.

    He has created a product that provides authentication and admin user controls for Shiny applications after realizing many of his clients needed/wanted a better system than what shinyapps.io has been providing.

    I recently listened to the podcast with Baird Hall and was convinced to come signup here for marketing research and advice on growing an audience!

    My goal is to begin to market our product (www.polished.tech) directly to individuals who we believe will benefit the most. Due to the very targeted and specific nature of POLISHED, I believe you guys here at indiehackers could provide some much needed direction as to how to go about this!

  179. 1

    Hello, hej, hi, from Sweden. I jumped in head first to a music ecommerce business 2 years ago so learnt coding a long the way and business skills. Struggling but continue to push along... I read like it's going out business and would love to connect with you great people!

  180. 1

    Hey there everyone, I'm Matt, a non-technical corporate finance/business operations exec that has recently struck out on my own. I'm working on building a content and product business to help entrepreneurs and founders up-level their financial management skills.

    1. 1

      Hey there,

      As an entrepreneur starting out in my early 20s, I learned the hard, slow and expensive way for managing personal and company finances.

      Would be interested to hear more as this is a system most people starting out will need.

      A stitch in time and all that...

  181. 1

    Hi everyone, I am a selftaugth developer and work at a French company remotly. I am here to see people because I think we learn more and better when not alone. I think it's time to launch my own project. So I am seek for more ideas too.

  182. 1

    Hi, I am a CS undergrad with a keen interest in machine learning (deep learning to be specific) and doing it seriously for the past 2 years. I've done numerous projects and I am here to grow and to help others.

  183. 1

    Hi, I learned to program for uniting the world Spiritually.

  184. 1

    Hi everyone, I am Rody founder of Ddays
    I want to learn new things and look for feedback for my app project already available on Apple Store & Google Play Store.

  185. 1

    We have bootstrapped Rectangled.in which helps business to garner and analyse their reviews/ feedback/surveys. Currently we have 21 active customers in India and Australia.. Looking for Mentors,Investors..

  186. 1

    Hi, I'm a passionate about programming, still a newbie though

  187. 1

    Thank you I'm a Product manager working at a consumer goods company in the UK for their digital products. Here to learn and network with people in similar fields, as well as share ideas!

  188. 1

    Hi, glad to join the community.
    I'm a founder of a tech matchmaking company based in Armenia. Looking for ideas, inspiration, lots of interesting topic discussions here.
    Stay Healthy!

  189. 1

    Hi, I'm a code worker and looking forward to build my own business to get rid of unstoppable working day after day.

  190. 1

    Hi guys, I'm a solopreneur looking forward to learning from you all and sharing ideas.

  191. 1

    Hello everyone. I'm a recent grad from a MERN fullstack dev bootcamp in Barcelona. Learning new things everyday and hoping to land my first dev job soon.
    Would love to have my own projects/startup in the future when i have a more solid knowledge

  192. 1

    Hi, I'm a marketer who loves entrepreneurship. On here to learn more about product marketing and growth tips :)

  193. 1

    I'm from South Africa. Entrepreneur and running a talent pipeline startup (recruitment) in finance. Eager to see how I can engage on IH!

  194. 1

    Hi, I'm a software engineer. I like to read about peoples experience building a indie company. Someday I want to build my own indie company.

  195. 1

    Hi, i m into online growth, want to build an online business that generate passive income in 2020!

  196. 1

    I am a freelancer full stack web developer with over 11 years of experience. Looking for ideas to build something my own and provide it as saas. Excited :)

  197. 1

    I am from Bangalore and I am into the landing page and funnel optimization. I looking to network, learn new things here and provide value.

  198. 1

    Hi, I'm Jirka, co-founder of CoworkBooking.com project, right now I'm trying to help coworking operators to survive these crazy times, if you had a good time in any coworking space, any help appreciated.

  199. 1

    Hi everyone!
    I’m a beginner, learning to code front end at the moment! Started code academy.. got into this as I have a few different ideas I would like to build and like the idea of circumnavigating investors.
    Thank you in advance for the knowledge you all share here and I will always try and help how I can!

  200. 1

    Hey Folks, I'm building my startup which helps firms save cost on their cloud infrastructures.

    Would love to learn and interact more with people here.

  201. 1

    Hi, I'm a Software Engineer and College Student. My goal is to run a profitable SaaS product in 2020 :)

  202. 1

    I Just want to start an online Business and search for Input.

  203. 1

    Hi I'm Shah, we are working on stealth Fintech start-up coming out of Europe's largest accelerator. Looking for Lead Engineer/Co-Founder/CTO

  204. 1

    Hi IH! I'm Ali from Saudi Arabia, and I've been reading and learning web development for less than a year now while also working full time as a Finance Manager and a parent of two kids.

    I've taken programming classes in high school and university (which was Java at the time) and I really enjoyed the building part and solving problems of programming. But I actually haven't done anything outside of my classes and nothing related to web programming. I have the mentality of a programmer as this isn't my first time to learn programming, but each language you learn has it's own way to deal and work with it. The knowledge I had from programming actually helped me excel in my career, and was always thinking how to automate our work processes by removing manual work so we can focus on the most important tasks we had. I did this with Excel and macros but no actual programming, only using formulas from Excel.

    Before going into web development, I have passed through Python on a mobile app (SoloLearn) it was easy and learning it wasn't difficult but I only brushed on the surface of the main basic topics any programmer should learn and excel at before going into advanced topics.

    I've had so many ideas that I wanted to implement over the years, and one main reason I didn't start was not having a programmer onboard and the other one was initial capital to start. Then about a year ago or so, I actually found out I didn't know anything about starting a startup! That's when I stumbled upon YC (Y Combinator) and their vast knowledge of startups in Startup School which is condensed into so much valuable knowledge that every word mentioned is worth gold. Since one the founders is Paul Graham, I went and read most of his essays from when he started YC. Also, I've listened to YCs Startup School from 2017 and onward and learned so much from them, then also listened to all their podcasts from 2015 until recently (I really advise you all to take a look at what they have, I know being part of this community here is to be independent and not be bound by accelerators or VCs but you can take what's relevant and leave what's not).

    When I first started to read about startups and listen to podcasts about the market I wanted to build my startup (that initial idea has changed drastically!), I was always thinking of bringing in a programmer as a co-founder, but I had a difficult time finding one. Then, one day at work I was creating a tool to automate so work that we had. It took me maybe two days to finish it where I had the most fun I've had in a while in my job. After I finished the tool, It struct me that I've always LOVE to build and create things and that's the most of what I enjoyed about my work all those years. So from that day I decided that I needed to start learning web development (I might still need a more experienced technical co-founder but at least now I can start while that happens). Since I was reading so much about web development (even before making this decision) and the new technologies and frameworks there are I had a path on what I should learn to get to the outcome I want and start implementing my idea (or ideas since there are so many of them lol).

    I was always thinking about the steps of how to start my idea and how it can evolve and from where I should get funding. But then I again stumbled upon Basecamp and their story and how they haven't taken any outside investment and the big reputation they have today of being one of the best startups. I went and read the books that they have written (I really recommend reading them because, they do have different ideas and business processes from the traditional ones that we hear or listen about often, but these are ideas that have worked for them and not only theories).

    After finishing the books that Basecamp team wrote, I happened to remember a podcast I heard through YC for one of the founders that were backed by YC which is our founder of IH community Courtland Allen (@csallen) and how he was talking about this website he created for a community of independent builders and that this is another way to go without having to go the VC way.

    So this is why I have came here, to learn from the community's stories, improve and develop my web development skill, and get insight and feedback on my idea (or ideas) from an active community like IH!

    This has been a long introduction, but I couldn't stop until I had to write my full story and hope you enjoyed getting all the way to the end!

  205. 1

    I'm Hide, a former software engineer in SF - I'm here to learn, stay motivated and accountable, and find mentors - I hope to be able to generate $2-3k a month in IH projects in 2020.

  206. 1

    Hi, I'm currently an IT manager but I've been a script kiddie for the past 10 years surviving through imposter syndrome. I've always aspired to do something exciting and I love to solve problems so we'll see where that takes me!

  207. 1


    I'm a software engineer trying to turn a fiction-writing hobby into a new side career. I have a lot to learn about marketing.

    1. 1

      Sounds interesting, would love to hear more about it!

      1. 1

        Thanks. :) The hardest thing so far, beyond figuring out book marketing, has been learning to write consistently. As much trouble as I've had, and as much as I've learned about how to overcome that trouble, I'm wondering if there are others in the same boat.

  208. 1

    Hi, I'm a junior student and I want to promote my idea/project here

  209. 1

    Hey! My name's Ty, I'm a software engineer hoping to find a small project to contribute to or someone to partner with while I develop my own ideas

  210. 1

    Hi y'all, I'm serial entrepreneur, looking to buy saas projects, do joint venture to launch cool projects, or fund awesome tech projects that are launched. Dillon

  211. 1

    I've been an entrepreneur / self employed marketer for the last five years. I focus specifically on digital marketing for wineries and found focusing on a very specific industry to be critical to my success. Looking to expand my community and connect with likeminded builders!

  212. 1

    I came here to explore and learn new things.

  213. 1

    Hi, I finally did it, making my first sale with my own open source software Filestash (https://www.filestash.app/) with a dream of making it a full time job. Next objective is to get enough subscriptions to pay for all the server + domain cost.

  214. 1

    Hi everyone! My names Faria and I’m a recent uni graduate; aspiring entrepreneur, looking to gain more knowledge, insight and build my network :)

  215. 1

    Hey! I'm a software engineer with 4 years experience in Golang and Angular. My goal is to get a profitable saas up and running by the end of 2020.

  216. 1

    Hi! Really excited to join the community!

  217. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm working on my own community, of entrepreneurs who are looking to get started on new businesses, who come from all stripes... it's a bit like Indie Hackers, but with the twist that it's structured around proven company building methodologies that I've built as a startup builder w/ a top tier startup studio.

    If that's interesting, connect with me! I'd love to hear what you're working on, what your journey has been like to start a business, and how I can better serve you!!!


  218. 1

    I'm here to talk about a full stack development and data analysis

    1. 1

      Used to do it in my job, let me know if there's anything that I can help with

  219. 1

    Hello Hackers,
    My wife and I are co-founders of homebirth.com, a web portal that connects expecting families with homebirth professionals. The worldwide pandemic has had a huge impact on our hospital system causing women to reconsider their options and that's where we step in. Our goal is to help educate women on their options and to connect them with midwives, doulas, and other professionals that may suit their needs.

    I have worked in performance marketing at agencies for nearly a decade and it's finally time to use the skills I've developed on my own business. Any tips or advice would be welcome!



  220. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm a software engineer working in feature animation, but I want to learn iOS programming on the side. I'm hoping to start and finish my first SwiftUI app in the next few months. I joined Indie Hackers to connect with like-minded people to help inspire me and keep me motivated. I'm hoping I can do the same for others.

  221. 1

    Hi everyone,
    I am Nick, I am here to learn from everyone about startup, marketing and programming

  222. 1


    I am a full-time UK based software engineer working in fin tech. I am also the solo coder founder of football-tix.com - a European football ticket aggregator that went live earlier this year.

    Of course now turned out to be the WORST time to be in the event ticket industry, and I am currently considering whether I should continue to improve the product, or find a new idea.

    Happy to join the community.

    1. 2

      Can we talk about your project? I designed one of these for a sys design interview once but never in real life, curious about how you designed it in real life

      1. 1

        Sure, would be happy to talk about it.

  223. 1

    My blog is getting traction. Came here to share and learn

  224. 1

    Hi, I am a web developer with an entrepreneur heart looking to help my local community to get out of poorness.

  225. 1

    Hey everyone, i am a nutritionist and fitness expert looking to learn and grow so I am able to offer more value towards bio individual health and not falling in to the stress trap.

  226. 1

    Hi! I'm a computer science student. I'm looking to create a product that gets 100 users by the end of the year. :) Also interested in projects with a positive impact in the social/economic space.

  227. 1

    Hi all,
    I'm a junior dev who'd like to build project using Python and discover news ways to programming

  228. 1

    Hi, I'm a founder. I'm here to share ideas and learn from others.

  229. 1

    Hi everybody, I'm an IT consultant and teacher, living in Argentina. I have 20.000+ students online and I cannot wait to show you new and exciting things coming up!

  230. 1

    I am studying software engineering and came here for inspiration

  231. 1


    I'm VP Engineering at Cloverpop - a Slack app for tracking decisions. I'm at a bit of a crossroads in my life and want to move into product management. Part of that journey will be building 1-2 products that are completely my own. Joined indie hackers to get feedback on my ideas and see if people want to beta test what I build.

    I am particularly interested on building on other platforms like Slack/Coda/Airtable. I've really enjoyed building Cloverpop on Slack and am happy to talk to anyone about my experience if you are thinking of doing the same.

  232. 1

    Hooray! I'm here.

  233. 1

    Hello, I just joined and I am currently in college.

  234. 1

    Hey, I'm Will a Digital Designer based in the UK running a creative design agency

  235. 1

    Hi @MRV. I am a data scientist whose day job is too many meetings so looking to start side project coding stuff.

  236. 1

    Hello. I am a beginner in every way. I want you to help me provide help so that I can work in a field.

  237. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm a full stack developer with free time and too much energy who's constantly trying to think of side hustles that I can turn into small profitable businesses. Excited to be here and join the community!

  238. 1

    Hi, I am an attorney by trade. I also cofounded a startup related to XR. I am looking to learn from others that have started their own projects or businesses, and network with like minded folks.

  239. 1

    I'm an Amazon Seller looking to learn more about and try other business ideas.

  240. 1

    Hi guys,

    I am European entrepreneur jet set, currently based between Hong Kong, Singapore and China, glad to find this community, I am here to learn, ask questions and seek feedback for my chain of thoughts and projects, if can share some of my experiences will be glad also.


  241. 1


    I'm a graphic designer and co-founder of the newly launched Smart Objects, a creative mockup e-commerce site. I've joined Indiehackers for the community, feedback and inspiration.


  242. 1

    Hi, I'm new here. I just finished my first project of making a free online AIFF converter.

  243. 1

    Hey, I quit my job last year. Have been working in and around ML/AI for last five years. I tinkered with a few ideas last year. But never launched anything.
    I want to build a profitable startup and projects. Currently working on a voice analytics platform for vernacular languages, (hopefully) without people sharing their data. Looking to begin more projects. Let's see!

  244. 1

    Hi! I'm a innovation manager in a bank of Spain.

    Trying to develop new services and ideas and turn them into business.

  245. 1

    About to graduate from college. I'm a developer who wishes to build my own SAAS product.

  246. 1

    I am a growth marketer. Here to learn, get inspired and connect with like-minded building side projects.

  247. 1

    I'm a founder of www.vectormine.com and looking for ideas and inspiration for growing VectorMine as well as creating small, experimental side projects.
    I still remember that sweet, sweet feeling for the first dollar earned!

  248. 1

    A mind open to learn

  249. 1

    Hi hackers, excited to be here, looking forward to sharing our product progress and to get valuable feedback from like-minded makers!

  250. 1

    Hi, I'm founding a SaaS startup and I'm looking for co-founders.

  251. 1

    I have been listening to the podcasts for a while now but didn't join because I felt I wasn't qualified.

    Hello, I am Ali, half of Dripl.co.uk - We are building a no-code framework that generates apps to prep for MCQ-tests from a spreadsheet - because ~20% of top-10 apps in the (UK) AppStore are this.

    I am looking for inspiration and help and would be happy to give the same in return.

  252. 1

    Howdie, im a co-founder of a online retail store in sweden. Im here to learn and continue my journey towards full economical freedom and a higher lifestyle

  253. 1

    Hey folks,
    I'm a jr. Software Engineer e Entrepeneur from Brasil, Belém/PA.
    I'm looking for new ideas, entrepeneurship e learn new things.

  254. 1

    I'm a College Student who have a constant craving of creating.
    Found this site and thought I'd have a closer look if it's something I may use to make my ideas come to life.

  255. 1

    Hi, I am computer engineer and working as a software developer and technical manager in Telecom domain in Turkey. Working for 12 years now.
    I am here to explore, get influenced by the thoughts of people and share mine, learn, discuss, meet new nice people.

  256. 1

    Hi, I'm Dennis located in Berlin, Germany.

    After my Master's Degree in Computer Science and a little trip into research, I co-founded swenden. We're developing digital products mostly for SMEs.

    In the last weeks, I'm dipping my toe more and more into Productized Services.

  257. 1

    Hi, I'm James 👋

    I currently work full time as an Engineering Manager for a UK digital-only bank called Monzo - currently LinkedIn's official #1 startup in the UK.

    I didn't do well in school and spent my early 20's working on building sites. I got into a bad place and learnt to code in my spare time. Worked my way up from the bottom to get to where I am today.

    I'm here because I am starting a side project with the mission of building a community to promote inclusion and diversity in tech, that will generate revenue so I can do my bit to give back to the communities that helped me turn my life around.

    See you around friends ✌️

  258. 1

    Hi all! I recently left my job as SW engineer to bootstrap my own company. I'm still very much a business noob, but I am serious and committed. Hoping to find my tribe here, and build great futures together.

  259. 1

    I'm a software engineer currently working in the industry. I am looking to learn how to develop my own micro-saas product, and launch it to real customers.

  260. 1

    Hello I'm new to the world of tech. I'm a medical student hoping to learn something new

  261. 1

    Hello Everyone

    This is Niraj from contrarianliving.blog. I am a personal finance enthusiast (one among the FIRE crowd). I also write about living a better life. I love to read.

    Here to learn to grow my site and take it to the next level. Looking forward.

    Find me on twitter at https://twitter.com/contliving

  262. 1

    Hi, been in tech for 20 odd years from system engineering, cloud consulting to performance testing and looking to really build something in line with my own values that helps humanity in some way.

  263. 1

    Let's see -- Hmm, something nice. Well, this community / site ->sites->people/products/ideas/meetups/v-meets, etc? I've only been here a few minutes and I'm quite impressed! very cool - Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort to create it. And.. so far, a really good web-experience. Rare and appreciated!

    Greets, everyone! You can call me, 'Mikah' -- I'm, currently entering a post-recluse phase. Flipside emergence; imminent. -- eminence, forthcoming? not a doubt. Tangential, nervous, confused, disorganized? Of course!

    Rusty (not Rust) Dev'r -- Trading system developer (manual programming with some real-time (up to current bar) non-overfitted optimizers -- inquire within). Too many other interests and ideas to list here.

    I'm used to doing everything myself -- I'd like to change that; so feel free to hit me up anytime!


  264. 1

    Hi I'm a newbie came here to explore options.

  265. 1

    Hi, I am here to learn and connect with the community

  266. 1

    Hi I’m Peter Tran, my site is https://miceandpen.com, I’ve been a web developer for over 10 years. Over the years I’ve been torn between working for a company and being a freelancer. I did pretty well as a freelancer from 2012-2016, then things dwindled down a bit as SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify etc changed the industry. Most clients stopped seeing value in a $5K-$10K+ site vs a cheap monthly subscription with nice templates. So I began focusing more on the company I work for. But like many others I got the COVID-19 shaft and here I am back in the game again trying to rediscover my roots!

  267. 1

    Hi All,
    I am independent Technology Consultant ,
    I help small Organisations and Individuals to Leverage from latest technologies.

  268. 1

    I'm Chuckz Okoye, a software developer, recently built a blog. Looking to scale by creating and monetizing contents. Plus I freelance by the side😏

  269. 1

    Hi, I'm a programmer at a startup. Always wanted to build something on my own. I can't find any other place than indiehackers to learn more about the startups and products.

  270. 1

    Hi, I'm Lee, I'm a developer of many years who would still like to learn new tricks!

  271. 1


    I operate a tech-driven business in West Africa and I currently live in Lagos, Nigeria. I've lived in West Africa (between Anglo- and Franco-phone regions) for the last 5+ years (prior to that I was US-based) and I've identified a number of opportunities that I believe are worth exploring further, hopefully with the help of the technically-gifted in the IH community.

  272. 1

    👋🏾 Hi! Thanks.
    More soon ☀️ 🌱

  273. 1

    Hey, I'm a junior self-taught developer, making my first project in React, and this is also my first time interacting with an external API, so I've got lots to learn. I'm building Choon.Stream, a TV-guide for online music livestreams.

  274. 1

    Hello, my name is Rokas, and I am building my website www.gamestegy.com, where I plan that users would share their gaming strategies

  275. 1

    Hello, I am a software engineer at my company for over 3 years and have been in the field since 2014. My goal in joining IH is to find inspiration for a side project.

  276. 1

    I'm a web developer. I will make a lot of good stuff :)

  277. 1

    Hi, I'm Eddie Erkinbekov!

    I'm a Product manager consultant, I've been working for different startups from SF for a long time. Now I'm looking forward to extending my networking and learn new things :)

  278. 1

    I am a software engineer and co-founder at Slang Labs. I am interested in building successful tech ventures.

  279. 1

    John here, just here for some inspiration

  280. 1

    I'm a software developer that explores different ideas. I'll be releasing an app in the coming month or two that I'm really excited about. Stay tuned.

  281. 1

    Hello! I'm worked as a digital marketer (PPC, Paid Social) for myself and for agencies for the past 5 years. Excited to connect with other makers and learn how to create useful tools through NoCode.

  282. 1

    hey. software engineer here also running devscover coding channel on YouTube. have come for inspiration!