Ideas and Validation February 9, 2020

Welcome, introduce yourself! (Week of Feb 9th)

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  1. 10

    Hello, I'm Gabriel. I'm a mechanical engineer that always did programming as a hobbie. I am currently in Canada and dedicating all my time to software development. My goal is to develop a good project and run a business with it.

    1. 2

      Hello Gabriel.
      Mechanic Engineering and Programming, sounds powerful.
      In which field are you interested?

      1. 2

        Hello, Zeryan! To be honest, I usually gravitate toward different topics. My capstone was related to structural analysis, then here I am trying to develop something to aid workers in the oil companies of Alberta. I also did some software related to solar powering and a system to automate the beer management in pubs. I hope this is a good answer haha! Thank you for asking.

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    Hello, my name is Nathan. I built a Slack integration for my day job and want to explore taking it to the next level with a side project. Looking forward to learning more!

    1. 2

      Hey Nathan, care to share what your Slack app is?

      1. 1

        Currently exploring a simple coffee shop integration. Still exploring ideas!

    2. 2

      Hey Nathan! Hope it goes well, good luck! 💪

  3. 6

    Hi everyone! I'm a hacker from San Francisco, and I LOVE building products that help people live life to the fullest. I'm currently hacking on an app to help you understand your monthly credit card bill and be more aware of where and how you're spending money. I would love to hear feedback from the IndieHackers community!

    1. 4

      very nice this is something I look forward to learn the metrics behind the wheels

    2. 1

      HI YZ why $3mo? do you actually have people paying this fee that aren't your friends or family?

      1. 1

        It costs significant amounts of money to maintain the bank connection every month, so to prevent the company from making net losses, we charge a nominal $3 fee per mo.

  4. 6

    hey i have been trying to build and launch something for 7 years now but always give up before reaching the finishing line. hoping to get support from others to finally do it this year.

    1. 6

      You got this! Don't give up! Envision your results and you WILL find a way to finish

      1. 1

        Thank you.

    2. 1

      Hey, ivtxtx! What are you trying to build and launch?
      Can I help you?

      1. 1

        now im just in the thinking phase of an influencer product list app

    3. 1

      I'm right there with you! Hoping to get something out soon!

      1. 1

        ya me too

    4. 1 The episode of Impact Theory that this is from is a goldmine for getting past that.

    5. 1

      1 year and 2 months and still counting to finish my MVP, LOL. couldn't get rude of the stress easily on my own. and looking to support others to ever come the situation. I Got your back man HAHAHAHA, don't ever feel down "even the sun get down and rise again everyday."

      1. 1

        They are so kind words. I was listening to this song and your words almost brought tears to my eyes.

    6. 1

      I've been there myself! Keep it up!

      1. 1

        Thank you

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    Hey, I'm Chloe. Currently growth hacker from a collaboration tool. Looking forward to learning more!

    1. 3

      Welcome aboard, nice to see you get stuck in!

  6. 6

    I'm building a tool that helps small daycares run their business. I'm currently building an MVP and plan to have my first paying customer in 2020.

    1. 2

      I'm in the UK, the one my daughter's nursery uses is so horrible to look at. I feel like so many of these education related services have so much potential to make an impact if designed well/modern-ly.

    2. 1

      My wife is starting to work in a small new daycare soon, I was thinking of offering some service. Could you expand a bit? I don't think daycares have their own sw here in serbia :D

    3. 1

      Hi @hitchcockdev. I know a bit about the preschool/daycare market.

      I'd love a chat to see how we can help each other.

  7. 5

    Learning basics to Front End Development from udemy. Right now side projects will be the only thing I can do since my day job is between 40-60 hours per week salary job. Just looking for a community to share my thought until they actually become useful. I'm going to build and launch page that links to my wife's fashion jewelry business with a squeeze page if they want an email when products become available. I have some headlights from my Kia Sportage I want to do the same with. Interested in gaining people's attention on the internet (e.g. phycology of getting attention). Just working with HTML and CSS web applications and made a sandbox website that I update from time to time. I wanted to say thanks to Rosie Sherry for the warm welcome. All the best, Joe

    1. 4

      Getting and gaining people's attention is just as hard work as building something, often people don't realise this until they are very far down the path.

    2. 1

      Psychology and web dev are two of my favourite topics. Recommend you reading Edward Bernays(double uncle of Freud) for the propaganda inspirations, and Jung just to figure out what it is all about. Best of luck!

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback. I have a dumb question. Bernays and Jung talk about psychology in general. Do you find it directly associated with sales (sales online, sales with an app, etc.) The million dollar question is will that determine what motivates someone? All the best.

        1. 1

          Off the top of my head:
          How to win friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie;
          The power of persuasion - Robert Levine
          Start with why - Simon Sinek

          Basically get Tools of Titans by TimFerriss (you can also find the book suggestions list online) and pick what sounds interesting. You really can't miss.
          Best of luck!

        2. 1

          Dumb questions don't exist! You are absolutely right about how general their knowledge is. If you want a direct answer to the question your best bet would be Dale Carnegie or someone similar to him. On the flip side, Jung is a very challenging read and will give you understanding of the motivation topic on the basis of general principles of psychology, which is a more in-depth and healthier option,imho. IRL, I base my judgment on the big five personality traits. Do you think there is a way to apply it online?

          1. 1

            I don't know. I have a disconnect between everything I've learned and why I believe they are motivated. Anytime I try to get metrics on the web I get three people trying to sell me something before I find out the metric tool cost money so I'm out. It's not that I don't want to pay for it it's just I can't pay for it given my current circumstances.

  8. 5

    Hi there, I am starting several small business based out of a farm in Western Massachusetts, including designing websites for other farmers. I look forward to learning from you all!

    1. 1

      Hi there! I'm a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services! It sounds like you might be a fit for this show that I'm creating. I'm creating a new video series to help aspiring entrepreneurs in the ideation phase of their business idea build a minimum viable product of an application. You get free architectural advice from me and my team on how to bring your idea to life :) The show will drop on Amazon Web Services' YouTube channel so if you are interested in applying, please fill out this form:

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    Hello, my name is Joanny. I spent 6 years of entrepreneurship by building and running two companies :

    • first one was a medical job board that I sold 1 year after I built it ;
    • second one was an e-commerce business (20k€/months turnover) that I managed during 4 years until...bankruptcy (yes, it happens :) ) ;

    Now I’m a freelance product owner, specialized in e-commerce. In few words, I’m a non-tech guy that helps companies to works with tech guys for building great e-commerce experiences.

  10. 4

    Hi, I am Martin!

    I am a software engineer (MCS), had a startup ( with my twin brother, I was also tech associate in Techstars London 2017 programme, after that worked for almost 2 years for London biotech startup ( as a lead engineer (remotely) and now I am working with my brother on a new idea (still early / experimental): .

    I am enthusiastic about CS, Linux, Emacs, startups (customer development), functional programming (Haskell) and many other things and am looking forward to sharing knowledge with all of you :)!

    For 2020, I am hoping to successfully build community around, raise funding and build more mature version of Wasp (reaching problem/solution fit).

  11. 4

    Hi I am Dario, and I’m a soon to be graduate looking to get into a venture sometime in the next few years. Looking to dive in and take a peak at this community!

  12. 4

    Hi Rosie! I am currently a basic programmer with HTML/CSS skills (looking to upskill in this department) with some basic AWS cloud knowledge. Looking to hack something together or create something amazing with another person!

  13. 4

    Hey my name is Pete - BD experience, moving towards Product Management. Based in LA, passionate about climate change, music, and travel.

    First milestone - I'd like to be self employed making $10k/month take home profit - with freedom to live and build a lifestyle brand.

    Second milestone - Over the next 3 years, I would like to start, grow and sell a business for no less than $10M.

    Exploring a few topics right now - going to run an "ideas tournament" tomorrow, pick one horse, and I am off to the races.

  14. 4

    Hi, I'm Pitherand. Working on a side project that lets you find people like you, near you at Thought I'd join and try to learn more on how to improve.

    1. 1

      Hi Pitherand! How far along are you in building out your side project? If you're still building out an MVP, you might be a good fit for the show that I'm building. I'm a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services and the show gives aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to get free architectural advice from me and my team of architects on how to bring their idea to life.

      1. 1

        Hi jforde. I'm relatively far along (I think?), but if you're still interested in talking, here's my discord:

  15. 4

    Hello everyone, my name is John. Fullstack programmer and i am looking forward to learn a lot from you guys.

  16. 4

    What's up, everyone! My name is Vladimir and the nick that I use is vladOsaurus. I am a Machine Learning Engineer and in free time I am coddin' n' blogging. This is my blog: Here to learn and share cool stuff.

  17. 4

    Hi Rosie, I'm Daniel. I am a Java/Flutter/React Native developer and writer on tech topics. I am an on-again, off-again entrepreneur looking forward to learning more about the IH community. Thanks, and glad to join!

    1. 1

      Hoping we can keep you 'on-again' :)

  18. 4

    Hi all, I'm Walt a marketer and I'm currently building a platform that helps film composers score music for Film/Video. I'm in the process of developing the MVP and hope to have my first paying customers in 2020. I look forward to connecting with all of you and getting your feedback!

    1. 1

      Hi Walt! Let me know if you need help with the architecture for your MVP. I'm a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services and I'm building a video series to help aspiring entrepreneurs who are building their first MVP by providing free architectural guidance.

  19. 4

    Hey there ! I'm Jai. Currently a grad student. I love building apps on iOS. Artificial Intelligence is also my interest. Looking forward to meet cool people and discover great ideas.

  20. 4

    Hi, I'm Daniel. I have more than 15 years of IT experience working in blockchain, e-commerce, e-gov, non-commercial IT projects, mostly on project manager position, but was involved as well in editing, UX research, prototypes building, copywriting, marketing, PR, support and documentation. Well, everything expect coding and graphical design. I'm 44 and finally decide to learn coding. I want to move to another country with my family. I'm looking for a support for this crazy idea. In my 20s I left my home town. In my 30s I left a big city and previous career. I think it's good to change completely every 10-15 years. Hope to find support here. Business partnership maybe.

    1. 1

      Hi Daniel, that's a pretty cool story you got there. Would love to hear you share more about your past work in blockchain!

  21. 3

    If you know Lisp, Assembly, Forth (or other smart programming languages), or mathematics, graphics, or music
    please reach me at @melton8 on Telegram, maybe we can do some cool projects together

  22. 3

    Hi all, I'm Matt. I'm working on a tool for generating a web app from a description of your REST API (similar to Postman, but with a bit more polish for end users). Take a look at if that sounds interesting to you. I'm looking forward to learning from this great community!

  23. 3

    My name is Richie from Nigeria, I am a Data analyst and have a BSc in Business management. who had successfully ran two business back in university days. Due to passion for tech , I left business to pursuit knowledge in this space. currently i am learning more to translate to a Data scientist. Also I am here to connect with people who can help me solve my current project I am work on with is a chatbot, pls do well to reach out to me if you can help out. I hope to achieve two things this year. First to ahieve a quantifiable result concerning developing a chatbot and be a full stack Data Scientist this year specially skilled in building algorithms, NLP and deeplearning(image recognition). it will be awesome to share materials with me that will help me achieve this. thanks for the opportunity

  24. 3

    Hello, I'm Dew from South Africa, working on mobile and web project. I look forward to contribute and learn from everyone.

  25. 3

    I’m Truls from Norway. I have my own web dev company with two clients so far. I learned landing page dev from and my goal now is to develop SaaS

    1. 1

      Hey Truls,
      I'm also providing web dev services and working on a couple of ideas for my first SaaS.
      I wish you the best of luck with your goal!

  26. 3

    Hi, i'm Antton from France, working on some web projects !

    1. 3

      Hi Antton

  27. 3

    Hi, i'm Shu. I'm fairly new to the field of UX Design and would like to exchange design and UX Writing ideas here :) Cheers!

  28. 2

    Hi there, I'm Pushkina. I'm a Marcom specialist who previously ran an incubator that worked on social impact-focused business ideas. I have worked with startups in the mobility and fintech industry and led their business growth verticals. I'm currently working on a couple of business ideas (especially in the domain of MarTech and digital content optimisation). My goal for the first half of 2020 is to launch the MVP, gain some traction and raise some capital (either through an accelerator program or angel investors). I'm in the process of finding a tech co-founder (please connect if you're in the same boat) and hoping to learn and grow with this beautiful community!

  29. 2

    Hello Everyone,

    Hope you guys are doing great.

    My name is Vishal Kashyap, I'm currently living in India.
    I am the founder of Vetchup Media where we help Startup, Coaching & Ecom Businesses Scale though paid media and sales funnels.

    looking forward to learning more about this awesome community. Thanks, and glad to join!

  30. 2

    Hey fellow indiehackers, I'm a front end developer looking to startup a web agency in NYC this spring. I'd say I spend 70% of my time doing development and 30% towards design/UI/UX in my regular day to day work. I'd be more than happy to take a look at your sites and provide constructive criticism to anybody that's interested!

  31. 2

    Hello my name is Jeremiah from Kenya. I am a Full-Stack web developer with active interests in Machine Learning.I am in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa studying Economics.At the moment ,I am studying a few courses on Machine Learning from Coursera. In the next two months I am planning on starting a podcast on Machine Learning and AI in general.I am currently working on the early stages of developing an e-commerce product that is suitable for the Kenyan market.

  32. 2

    I’m Gerald, I’m an heir to a billion dollar hotel/real estate portfolio in the States but decided I want to make a living as a programmer instead of my inheritance.

    I’ve committed myself to learning programming for the last 4 years and am ready to start building. I hope to leverage my sophisticated knowledge of real estate, hotels and finance to build web applications. Hoping also to meet some great people and build a team along the way.

    1. 1

      Lol not sure if joking or serious 🤔 great intro, either way.
      Welcome, you got this.

      1. 1

        I see why there can be skepticism to the claim. Why not just live off of my inheritence and live the "easy" life? The truth of the matter is that my family came from poverty and were basically subsistence farmers before traveling to America to make a better life. They were fortunate enough to turn things around in one generation and though we probably still have much to learn, a lot of those values that drove the older generation to success were instilled on the younger members and some of my family have already gone off to create very successful companies of their own.

        Currently working on an MVP for a business to business platform providing data and analytics. I've only completed the database so far but have optimized it to run queries which now take milliseconds as opposed to 15-20+ minutes on approximately 6 billion cells of data. My next step now is I'm working on building the backend by linking this up to the Flask Framework to display the data through a webapp. There has been excitement, positive feedback and requests to purchase the product when it's ready for those who I've shown but I have yet to pull through. Still committed and dedicated to completion.

  33. 2

    Hey everyone, I'm Christine 💁🏻‍♀ I've quit my job as a PO and followed a web development course with brilliant teachers like @jadjoubran. Today I'd like to make zero waste skincare and home care accessible to all with my brand 🌿

  34. 2

    Hi, I'm Tikirey. I'm kind of obsessed with product building but wasn't able to pursue my passion until very recently.

    This week I'm going to ship an experimental social network called TipTop that focuses on hyper-quality content first without any ads.

  35. 2

    Hello, I am Pierre. I am a software engineer. I am building a mobile app ( full-stack with React-Native and NodeJS. We started Uloo to help people live their best live and achieve their goals together in small groups (aka squads).

    I would love to share my experience , get feedback and learn from this community.

  36. 2

    Hello savvy learners,
    I'm Raz and I'm here to share what I know and learn what I don't know. I'm a Canadian immigration consultant who created an online course on how to get permanent residency to Canda. Now I'm learning how to sell it.
    Looking forward to talking to you soon,

  37. 2

    Hello, my name is Paul Tran and I am a serial entrepreneur. I saw a question when I googled a firm and I realize I can answer that question but didn't expect that I need to sign up. I am glad that I signed up, though. Looks like there are many topics that I will be very much interest to follow.

  38. 2

    Hello, I'm Liya. I'm a designer work for an international company, currently based in Amsterdam. I'm here for learning from people and hopefully find some cool idea to work with people.

  39. 2

    Hey IH 👋
    I’m Ed, I’m a freelance developer/designer based in London, UK. I’ve been too shy to share my side projects till now but I promised myself 2020 would be different, so here I am! I’m super excited to be here and meet all of you 🙌

  40. 2

    Hi everyone, I'm Juan. Currently working as PMO Lead for a big company, looking forward to learn a lot from you guys.

    1. 1

      Hi Juan! Welcome aboard!

  41. 2

    Hey, i am iqbal, Developing a marketplace for retailers, Where retailers can list their product and sell in their local market with 8Km. I am actively looking for a CTO who help us to achieve this common vision.

  42. 2

    Hi everyone, I'm Andrew, a risk management/insurance entrepreneur building better insurance products for remote workers, digital nomads, the location independent workforce. Our first product launched a few weeks ago and next we have a full rebrand in the works, and new products in development. Looking forward to learning from you all and getting feedback on Success to you all!!!

  43. 2

    Hi my name is Buyani Mhlongo from South Africa in Durban,I used to code in c# about 2 years back looking forward to go back to coding and do personal projects

  44. 2

    I am a developer want to start my own business. I hope I will be benefit from being here. Thanks

  45. 2

    Hi. I'm Mohammad. I'm looking to learn more how to be an indie hacker. I made few projects before, but none of them was profitable

  46. 2

    wow i'm really motivated reading this

  47. 2

    Hello!I am Artsiom.
    I graduated from a medical university and have been working as an orthopedic surgeon for 4 years in Israel. I have always been interested in new technologies and dream of learning programming.

  48. 2

    Hello, I'm Matan. I am an entrepreneur / investor with lots of programming experience. Looking forward to hearing more about interesting projects and insights, and learn from the community.

  49. 2

    Hi, My name is Ruben. I used to be a Network/Security Engineer until i've decide to build my own business around this particular area. All of a sudden, i've learn some Marketing, Sales, Pre-Sales, Accounting and a few other things, except coding which in fact i've learned a while ago when i did my Masters.

    I do have a ton of ideas and so i'm looking to partner up with the right people, and build a product(s) to fulfill the market and disrupt the competitors quite easily.

    1. 1

      Hi Ruben, sounds like an interesting story. Would you share any high level details about the ideas you are looking to work on?

  50. 2

    Hi, I'm Dan. I'm an electrical engineer by the day and I run numerous side hustles at night. My goal this year is to increase my side hustle revenue to $5k/month so I can quit my job next year.

  51. 2

    Hello, I’m Praneeth. I a C# developer, mainly make software having to do with Remote Administration, but I’m looking to branch out.

  52. 2

    I am from London and building a "uber for personal finance advice" app. It is currently in beta and available on the play store. Looking to find some early feedback on the app here and potentially a co-founder (non-tech) who has experience in consumer fintech.

  53. 2

    Hi Rosie, hope you have had a great start to the week!

    I guess I am a semi-retired developer. My plan for 2020 is to get a part-time maintenance income job while I build an open-source IT solutions business for SMEs.

    From infrastructure to workflow applications both on-site and in the cloud. I want to move away from Spring(boot) , JPA and Thymeleaf to Python on the backend and probably React on the front-end.

  54. 2

    Hi Everyone, My name is Stacey and I’m currently learning JavaScript on the Treehouse online course platform. I’m interested in a career as a Software Engineer. I’m enjoying my journey and have a few project ideas and I have been listening to the podcast for a while now and thought I should join the community to connect with other developers and learn from you all. I’m Happy to be here and I hope you all have a great week!

  55. 2

    Hi, Im Anna. I help companies build dev and RnD teams both for web products and ML solutions. Im keen on Product Development and all the new tech staff and its implementation into everyday life.

  56. 2

    Hi, I'm Prince Ali Khan. Fairly new to the IndieHacker community working on a side project to retrospect developer coding efficiency from past works.

  57. 2

    Hey @rosiesherry, I'm Joe. Currently a bootcamp student learning Full Stack (HTML, CSS, JS, Python, Flask, MongoDB, MYSQL). I want to help others realize their dreams while getting paid decently. I'm a parent of 3 and a husband of almost 8 years. I want to show my kids that nothing is impossible if you try hard enough.

  58. 2

    Hi! I am Daniel from Budapest, Hungary. I am a full-time UI/UX designer. Mostly design mobile apps. Also I have some ios development knowlage so I can develop simple apps.

    1. 4

      beautiful. It happens I am working on a project that will require such services..

    2. 2

      Hey Welcome!

  59. 2

    Hi, I'm caspar and I want to be a company of one person.

    1. 1

      Did you read Paul Jarvis' book?

      1. 1

        No, only found out about it 45 minutes ago 😬

        1. 1

          Ha, well I guess you should, it's clearly a sign ;)

  60. 2

    Hi everyone, I am Petr. Good luck to you guys!

  61. 2

    Hey guys, I'm been doing Linux and Windows server administration for half decade now. Just trying to learn software development. I'm looking forward to learn and contribute to IH community.

    1. 1

      Hey Simon. You mentioned that you were into server administration, and have just started learning software development. Just curious, have you had a look at no-code tools like, Adalo, GlideApp, etc?
      If you have some good ideas, you can bring them to life quickly with these no-code tools.

      1. 1

        Thanks Agyani, I haven't tried any no-code tools will start tinkering with it.

  62. 2

    Hi, I'm Daniel. I am very interested in building a few products to gain some insight and ultimately I want to start a startup :)

  63. 2

    Hey there, I'm Ben. I'm a full-stack programmer, Site Reliability Engineer, and general "tech guy". I'm currently planning out the MVP for an idea I've been toying with for the past few years.

  64. 2

    Hi, I'm Sebastian. Full stack developer looking to join a community of like minded individuals.

    1. 1

      Hey Sebastian
      How are you? Which stack you work on java or .net or python

  65. 2

    Hello, I'm Pierre and i'm from France. I am student in computer science and currently doing an internship as a Data Scientist. I love working on side projects but i am actually running out of ideas, so I am here to learn more and find some inspirations.

  66. 2

    Hi, I'm Robert. I'm a marketer with experience scaling beta list B2C products and now at an Enterprise business.

    Currently working on a Shopify App as a side hustle. With over 1000 installs all time, I'm seeing a lot of validation for the app and am now looking for a partner/CTO to help rapidly iterate for future growth.

    Looking forward to Learning and sharing.

    1. 1

      Hi Robert
      May be I can help you regarding this.

      1. 1

        Great! Happy to hear/talk. Please shoot me a DM or we can potentially exchange contact info somehow?

    2. 1

      Hey Robert - you may want to have a look at the Looking to Partner Up group.

      1. 1

        Thank you for the suggestion!

  67. 2

    Hi! I am a CS student who want to be a backend developer! (maybe).

  68. 2

    Hi, this is Mark. I'm looking for creative ways to drive more traffic to my website. 🙋‍♂️

    1. 1

      You're not the only one! I'd recommend browsing through our Growth group. Or check out our Growth Bites.

  69. 2

    Hello. I'm Carl. I run a few sites focused on minimalism and I'm looking to make them more profitable in 2020. Looking for some advice and possibly someone to partner in order to grow better.

    1. 1

      Hi Carl, that sounds awesome! I've been writing about minimalism myself. I'm an ex-Tesla marketeer & now UI/UX designer. I have some time on my hands at the moment to support bootstrappers with marketing or design. If you're interested, let me know :)

      1. 1

        Sounds good. I'd love to have a conversation. It would certainly be more focused on marketing, but yeah, please do get in touch.

  70. 2

    Hello I’m Sam,
    Looking forward to learning and growing with this group.

  71. 2

    I'm new here and mainly interested in smtp, webmail and mailer that can use to reach business transaction to email users.

  72. 2

    Hey, Andrew here. I'm interested in building digital businesses focused around matching product/market fit as closely as possible. I've accrued around 15 years of Internet marketing experience, worked at a number of small and medium sized ad agencies, and have recently successfully joined the world of marketing consultancy.

  73. 2

    Hi, I'm Ofer.
    My Knowledge starting from hardware design (PCB Design) through coding in C, JAVA and VHDL.
    Looking for projects,

  74. 1

    Hello guys,

    I'm a software dev. I've been working on a side project for a few months now. It'a a visual bug tracking tool for digital agencies and saas companies.

    A few weeks ago, I got laid off from my job due to structural changes. My days go on as I spend most of the time working on my software. I realize that if this project is all that I can think about, I need to give it a shot.

    My goal for 2020 is to bootstrap the project to ramen profitability. Looking forward to my journey as an indiehacker!

  75. 1

    Hello my name is Jose, got master's degree in CS then realized that I didn't need it. I develop react and react native apps. Last week apple approved my first ever finished app. It tracks local earthquakes as there has been 500+ since Jan 2020 in Puerto Rico or nearby. Now I my goal is to develop a profitable and useful app so I can freely learn AI and Quant finance.

  76. 1

    Hi, I'm Mo. I just graduated high school and I'm looking forward to further developing my game dev and programming skills and look forward to working with other people on here learning from them. Right now I plan to build my portfolio by making smaller games and hopefully working my way up from there.

  77. 1

    Hello everyone! I'm a Mathematics and Computer Science student with some fullstack experience. I would like to start hacking on a side project while studying.

  78. 1

    Hello, my name is Fayeed. Right now I'm working on a product that will help Saas companies with complete feature development. Hoping to get feedback from fellow hackers.

  79. 1

    Hello, I'm Imran from germany. I am a Software Engineer but went into the management side of the IT World for the past few years. Not a great coder but want to improve myself. My goal is to grow my startup as a sustainable social business. Feels great to be amongst you all.

  80. 1

    Hello, I'm Weng Kee. I am a software developer that really enjoys programming and would really like to start devoting more time on software development. My goal is develop websites and applications, which will help people to do things that can be automated and have more quality time with family in life! Recently I have started on learning Go and I really welcome any project idea for me to work on.

  81. 1

    Hi there IH! I'm Dave! Married to my wife, Kari and we have 2 awesome kids! Our biz actually started when our first was born. From there it developed and evolved into where we help small companies grow online! Looking forward to connecting with everyone!



  82. 1

    Hey 👋I'm Cole. I'm working on a small app on my off hours called SpotPlot ( My buzzword marketing tactics describe it as "the best way to plan a trip with your friends", but when you boil it down, it's just a collaborative trip planning app. I've been working on it for the past few months and my goal is to launch beyond "pre-alpha" testers by the end of February. Excited to share more soon!

    1. 1

      So awesome Cole! Can't wait to take a deeper look at it! :)

  83. 1

    Hi Rosie, My name is Bill Shortnacy. I am new to this and need a lot of help

    1. 1

      What do you need help with?

  84. 1

    I am Theo, a french student looking to developp useful stuff for people and earn money with it

  85. 1

    Hello, I'm Damola. I'm a Computer Science Graduate, I build things around the web(Backend and Frontend). I also works very well with Mobile development(Flutter Dart).

    Looking forward to network, build and learn.

  86. 1

    I am satya I love to blog and write technical guides,
    I am a writer who loves to help people. Do look at my latest work here:

  87. 1

    Hello, I am Esteban and I was born in the south border of the USA and MEX. It is a pain to cross the border and there are people that do it every single day. I will create a tool to give people some metrics and helpful insights as to when and which international bridge to use (the are four in my city). Helping them to save time and money on gas every time they cross. I honestly joined this community because I want more accountability. I really like to jump from project to project so I want to stick with it and see it through!

  88. 1

    Hi all! My name is Paul, I built an application for construction workers to build estimates and invoices for their customers (prospects), . I have a single customer and am hoping to grow this to more customers in 2020 and beyond. Any and all help will be appreciated 👍🏽

  89. 1

    Hi, I'm Pearce. I'm currently a product manager for a voice biometrics company, while also investing in real estate on the side (early days). The projects I work on typically consist of creating demos/design concepts for my day job, and building tools for helping grow my side business. Glad to be here, and congrats to Courtland and Channing for running such a great site!

  90. 1

    Hi, I'm Justin, a sophomore Computer Science major with a big interest in entrepreneurship. I have a lot of amazing ideas (one in particular I keep itching to create) and am trying to learn the relevant things as fast as I can so I can get it going. I'm really happy I found this community because the further details of creating a start up can be daunting.

  91. 1

    Hi, I'm Sai a Snr. Product Manager trying to build product on my own now after working for big brands last 10 yrs! It's challenging to launch a producy on my own but interesting and looking forward to grow it with all of your support and feedback. Here is the MVP -

  92. 1

    Hi, I’m Alex, a mechanical engineer living in Germany, with some business understanding (MBA) and programming skills. Currently building apps in flutter as a side project. The current idea is a location aware audio guide. Hope to find some inspiration or technical advice to finish the prototype or ideas to pivot.

  93. 1

    Hello everyone, I'm an experienced computer tech guy for many years from Canada, now living in Panama. Also started programming about 15 years ago I have chosen to work with an European framework maker called PcSoft. It allows me to do desktop, mobile and web apps.
    This year I want to learn enough about Bootstrap to integrate it into my websites, since I find PCSoft's webdev tools to make responsive websites, too frustrating. For everything else, I can do everything I want with the tools.
    If anyone of you could help me with this, I'd be glad paying what I can for your help. But you need to know Webdev and show me what you can do !
    Thank you very much for reading me.

  94. 1

    I'm emichaels and I live in Texas. I'm in marketing and I joined Indie Hackers because I'm new to website development and thought it would be nice to learn from others and exchange ideas. My goal is to be running a business as a website developer helping business owners with their marketing needs.

  95. 1

    Hi everyone. Sam from London. I recently started a furniture subscription business. Not a super sexy SaaS business and very operations heavy, but I think it is something very needed in the UK. I'm in the early stages of development and joining Indie Hackers to get advice, contribute advice and hopefully speed up our growth!

  96. 1
  97. 1

    Hello All, I am Piyush from India, about to pursue MS in CS fall 2020 this year.
    Looking forward to build a product in social network category for the internet lurkers/ introverts like me. Wish me luck

  98. 1

    Hi, I'm Lukas. I'm currently running, a tool for learning and development teams to build a presence on Slack for their employees (got a few enterprise clients). My product was previously built on a "no-code" combination of Coda and Flow XO (chatbot framework), but in December I undertook to learn how to code and I have completed two weeks ago a proper version of the product based on Node + React (slowly implementing it with existing clients). As I don't find my current project super fulfilling (for different reasons), I'm looking to use my newly-acquired programming skills to build something in B2C. Looking forward to interacting with this community along the way!

  99. 1

    Hi, my name is Neil. I work in level 3 support & Application improvement (.Net) for an insurance company. I have always wanted to have my own side project/business and hoping this will be the year for that. Me and a friend of mine have decided to start a gaming community, we have the platform nearly complete, but we will definitely struggle when it comes to marketing. Please feel free to reach out with ideas.

    Hoping to share the site in the coming weeks for feedback also :)

    Looking forward to hearing everyone's success stories.

  100. 1

    Hi Hackers!
    I'm Maxi from Argentina. I'm a Frontend developer working in the Netherlands. Currently, I'm working on a side project with a friend for already 8 months, we have done a private closed testing a few months ago and we received pretty nice feedback.

    Soon I hope our project will be ready to at least share with the community and get our first customer.

    Love you all :D

  101. 1

    Hello, I am Charles. I am a software developer and have been trying to bring a product app for the past 3 years but every time I get half way I abandon it. Hoping to finish it this year with help from fellow hackers. Looking forward to learning more on how to start and finish.

  102. 1

    Hi ,I am Rajendra .I am web designer ,spending most of the time learning new framework to design good quality web apps , now I am spending time on data analytics to understand the AI.I am planning to start my own blog to provide tips in web design and a startup in future.

  103. 1

    Hello Rosie,
    My name is Sam. I’m an occupational therapist learning how to code and I would like to create a course on how to create one’s own online course in is this niche field! I’d also like to develop other services and resources targeted toward Occupational, Physical and Speech Language Pathologists.

  104. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm William, CEO and founder of Coinpanda ( I'm a Civil Engineering graduate turned full time entrepreneur. I'm always trying to learn more and I look forward to meeting new people here!

  105. 1

    I'm Akeem, I've been a developer for 15 years, and I've been an "indie hacker" for 13 years. I've gone on to start my own tech firm but it's really in the hacker vibe where we build out projects to keep the lights on work on our own ideas whenever we can. Looking forward to sharing some of the stuff we've been working on as well as helping members in the community get out their own ideas

  106. 1

    Hello I'm Rupam from India.Had a deep interest in web development and i'm dedicating most of my time to it . I'm currently 16 and would like to start a side income by making an app/website.

  107. 1

    Hey there to everyone,

    Glad to finally sign up to this forum, I've been "lurking" for a while here and there and always felt like this is a cool place to get informed on a lot of stuff related to what I like doing.

    I am Fabian from AltumCode, I mainly build ready to use web product and sell them to people on my own or on Envato's codecanyon market.

    Cheers to everyone!

  108. 1

    Hi! I'm Sean and I have been thinking of starting a business ever since I could remember but have regrettably not dared to do anything! Based in Singapore, I'm currently working on an IOS Application as a hobby though and would hope to use it as a platform for my very first attempt at Entrepreneurship! Hope to glean valuable advice and possibly like-minded co-founders / mentors from this community! :)

  109. 1

    Hello, I'm Alex.
    I'm a software engineer from Russia with experience in data science (mostly in NLP).
    My goal in 2020 is to create a product with revenue $2k/mo.

  110. 1

    Hello, I'm a Kenyan Software Eng student.I'm in second year, and I feel my lectures aren't helping me get any better in programming.They teach languages I don't think I'm gonna use.So I'm thinking of dropping out to pursue my own projects.Besides I never liked the idea of getting employed.There are many opportunities here.If I only created time.I'm here to look for someone to hold my hand.I knew about this community through Will Kwan's Youtube video where he interviewed @csallen

  111. 1

    Hello, I am Shahid. I am a computer engineer and current working as technical architect. I am also an author and published three books till now and working on 4th book. I own and manage as a side project and currently building a Saas focusing on social media scheduler.

  112. 1

    Hi, I'm Ivor. I'm an artist and "true" full stack developer. I design, develop and deploy apps.

  113. 1

    Hello, my name is Stefan and I am from Serbia. I work as a tech support. I am not really happy with my current job as I work mostly at night to support other continents and have to ruin my health. I started to get more into app and game development for Android. My goal is to be able to make at least 20-30 dollars per day from those applications so I could have the freedom of thinking and creating value for people, instead of surviving only. Nice to meet you all!

  114. 1

    Hello, I am Leonard pursuing Electrical Engineering. New to the coding world, I am currently learning Web Development. Looking forward to learn from you all guys!

  115. 1

    hi Rosie . i am uyihope i am a developer from Nigeria, a starter tho. and i hope to explore the frontiers of development with help from folks with like mind.

  116. 1

    Hello, my name is Mindaugas. I am from Lithuania (East Europe). I have master degree in applied mathematics, but currently working as Oracle PL/SQL programmer in the field of finances (FinTech). Web projects are my hobby. I have developed about 15 personal web projects in the last 15 years. None of them have became profitable. Almost all of them are closed already. My goal is still to create web project to be profitable, i. y. to have my own personal web business. One of my last web projects:

  117. 1

    Hey, I’m Dan from London. I’m currently building out a lifestyle and clothing brand focussed on some of London’s best features.

  118. 1

    Hey I’m Peng. I’m a designer/front end dev during my day job at a blockchain startup. Itching to start create an app business in my spare time. I currently travel between Southeast Asia and NA and primarily work from home. Great to meet you all.

  119. 1

    Hello everyone! I am a software developer interested in everything tech related. I initially studied chemical engineering, but ended up developing software instead. I am excited to become part of the IndieHackers community and get feedback on some of my ideas!

  120. 1

    Can anyone suggest a Software Company name? I am looking for a good company name to start my first business in the software industry

  121. 1

    Hello All, My Name is sagar and i am from India. I am working on salesforce cloud. My goal is to build appexchange product for the salesforce CRM and I am here to discuss the product ideas

    1. 1

      also looking for a tech startup company name. Any suggestions would highly be appreciated

  122. 1

    Hello, I am Amelia Williams, a founder of ORBON and content head at an IT company. I love to hear podcast on different topics. Especially startups. I want to spread various marketing tactics and startup ideas to the indie community.

    1. 1

      Can you help me to select a company name? I am going to start my first startup in the software industry and i am looking for a good company name.

  123. 1

    hi, Rosie.
    I'm a self taught Fullstack programmer from israel, working in cyber.
    I'm thinking about starting my own SaaS business but sadly i have no good idea.
    Looking to be inspired.

  124. 1

    Hello guys ! i have a bachelor degree in computer science , i do some web development and every day i learn something new , i came here to learn more and maybe make some friends

  125. 1

    Hey, I'm Max, currently learning to be a software developer. I'm coding since about a year now and learnt a lot working in the company I'm in right now (they are using C# and JS Frameworks for their products). I just started working on a project about a special kind of newspaper which I want to make public when it's ready to be used! Super excited to maybe find someone else who wants to help.

  126. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers. My name is Joe, a software engineer from Nairobi Kenya. Am currently working on a startup part time, hoping to grow it enough to enable me to quit employment by the end of June (fingers crossed).

  127. 1

    Hi all, I'm ninja full-stack programmer leaning towards front end. I'm employed in a big company, i do an Angular/springboot application there alone, which teaches me a lot. I also have 3 daughters (5yr, 3yr, 1yr). I would love to support my family financially using my hobby. That would be dream come true.

  128. 1

    Hello, name is Femi, I am a technical product person, currently active duty army but I am currently working on some ideas to be launch much later in the year.

  129. 1

    Hello, I'm Ludo. I'm in high school and about to finish it. I've done some programming on the side and it has inspired me to pursue it further in the future. I found this community recently and I think everyone here shares the same goal as me, more freedom. This is why I want to be able to call myself a real Indie Hacker one day!

  130. 1

    I'm Chern Kiat, a full time full stack web programmer live in Malaysia with only 3 years working experience. The programming languages that I most confident with are PHP Laravel and JavaScript Vue.js. I try to become a digital nomad. But I dun know how to achieve it. So far the only side income I did was do some data entry job with my Python script on PDFs provided by clients on, hope there are better ways to earn money and start my own business. I love board games. I want to create something like the JackBox games. If anyone looking for people who can help develop web games please approach me thanks haha.

  131. 1

    Hey, Divyansh here. I am a full-time Data Analyst who found indiehackers community super useful. Looking forward to learning and start a side project of my own which can be useful for others.

  132. 1

    I'm Vasiliy, I'm making a role-playing video game where you play as a vampire who needs to talk to women so he wouldn't die of blood starvation. And it's a game about empathy, intimacy, relationships, people. Also your dialogue choices are tied to Jungian archetypes (trickster, father etc.) I was inspired by Disco Elysium to make this game. My other interests are - I'm pretty good at algorithms, and finishing my first game (it's a vr project where you are cyber-ninja who's flying in space and shoot people with surikens in rhythm to the music). My goal is to find people with whom we can combine our interests and skills to make something impactful and good.

  133. 1

    HI all, I'm Dave. A UK nomad working from home in Valencia Spain. I've been developing software for the past 25 years, these days I run a steady bespoke web application business with a number of long term contracts.
    I'm here because I'm hungry for something new. I miss the excitement, the passion, and the energy, of a small team when there's a new idea that everyone agrees is great.
    So I'm hoping to find others in the same position who have an idea they want to develop, yet aren't sure how, or need an extra developer to turn it into reality.

  134. 1

    Hey, I'm Philipp. I finally joined Indiehackers after being a passive reader for quite a while. I am working on an open source Gitops framework to manage AKS, EKS and GKE Kubernetes clusters and their cluster services (e.g. Ingress) called Kubestack. I joined because I felt I am sharing too little, both positives and negatives, working on this solo.

  135. 1

    Hello. My name is Igor, I am from Ukraine.
    I want to make a wonderful cross-platform online game in the pixel style of a medieval RPG with the competition of players for territory, resources and world bosses and play it with you.
    At the moment, at the final stage, the first alpha prototype.
    Very happy to everyone.

  136. 1

    happy coding!

  137. 1

    Hello, I am Aman. I am the creator of ThatNeedle (, a Natural language processing tech available as libraries (python, C++ etc). It is great at fast entity extraction, topic extraction, text corrections etc. Looking forward to learning about growth from the community.

  138. 1

    Hey all, I'm Aman from India. I work as a software engineer, and aspire to start my own business someday to have financial independence and freedom to work from anywhere I want to.

  139. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Nolan. Currently living in Toronto and working as a software engineer at a startup - and loving it! I'm looking to finish building a music related app I've had in the works for a few months now. My biggest problem is finding the motivation to work on it after a full day of programming at my day job, and I'm sure many of you can relate.. So to reiterate: hoping to complete/ release my app soon and meet some new faces along the way :)

  140. 1

    Hey! What's up what's up! My name is Larry. I'm a bioengineer that focuses on developing algorithms for detecting diseases with bio-sensors/wearables. My 2020 goal is to develop a mHealth application that helps middle age people to better manage their health.

  141. 1

    Hi I am Jericho and I look forward to share my ideas in this community!

  142. 1

    Hello all , I’m chris a software engineer living out of San Francisco. My goal is to build a profitable side project that could become a main project. Im currently exploring ideas in the beauty space as I have some experience from my last job. Also super interested in ideas around the travel, music, food verticals! I’ve tried a few ideas without finishing them as it was hard to validate and get the first few users. So def gonna try and learn how to validate first this time around.

  143. 1

    Hi, I'm Tony. Just trying to find my place.

  144. 1

    Hello, I'm Joe. I'm a software engineer struggling through my first year at a growing startup. I want to get good enough at programming to confidently start my own side-business and eventually make a full-time income from it. I'm hoping to get inspiration from my fellow indie-hackers!

  145. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Pravin. I recently co-founded my first company and we launched! Pipedream makes it easy to trigger low-code/no-infra workflows on HTTP requests, emails or on a schedule. The service also manages auth (including oauth flows and token refresh) for popular apps and APIs (e.g., Google, Slack, Discord) — just connect your account and reference the auth tokens in code. You can also inspect the event execution at each step. I look forward to any feedback!

  146. 1

    Hey! I'm Dmytro. I'm a software engineer working in banking in algo trading . want to create my company. exploring how people do this already:)

  147. 1

    Hey, I'm a gharbi, I am student in computer science and I am thinking of start an online business and looking forward to learn more here.

  148. 1

    Hey folks!

    Dapo here from Lagos Nigeria! I'm an Account Manager at Paystack -- Paystack is a payment processing software built for merchants in Africa!

    I'm really happy and excited to be here to meet people and learn!

  149. 1

    Hello I'm Hamza. I studied physics but I work currently as a freelance Java developer in Germany. I just discovered indiehackers thanks to today's Will Kwan interview with Courtland Allen.
    I have several side-projects I do on my free time and I'm here to get more inspirations from success stories. I'd be happy to help from my side too (technical, dev).

    1. 1

      Hey cool to hear that, whats one of your side projects?

      1. 1

        A trading/investment recommendation platform is one of my favourite side project :) It is done together with a trader and a financial advisor in Canada.
        Other projects are more into market research and physics.

  150. 1

    Hello, I am Mohamed from Morocco. Two years ago I graduated from an Economics university, I am not the biggest fan of the corporate world so I decided I will work for myself. I recently started growing interest in developing solutions for local businesses and have had my eye on a "manager like" app for dentists (as an MVP.. possibly other professionals can use it) to use. Looking forward to the adventure !

  151. 1

    Hi I'm Joseph. I am a Computer Engineer employed in the semiconductor industry. I am mostly here to lurk, but have always been interested in owning my own business. I don't have any realistic ideas yet, but like to dream about it.

  152. 1

    Hello, I am Hitesh Shetty. Currently living in the Greater New York Area. I am a graduate student in Computer Science. 7+ years of experience in developing solutions for e-commerce platforms.

    What brought me to IH?
    Bootstrapping to $8k/Month Revenue & Interviewing 500+ Founders (Courtland Allen, Indie Hackers) -

  153. 1

    My name is sathya, I am new member here,
    I am looking to create apps on this page:
    To hit me up with coding guides cheers

  154. 1

    Hello! My name is Cory, and it is great to meet you all! A few years ago, I quit my job as a software engineer at a startup in Silicon Valley. I did some traveling and self-published a book called "The Self-Taught Programmer," which ended up being a surprise hit and selling over 100K copies! Today, I am a full-time indie hacker supported by my book and my two programming courses. I am currently writing my second book and working on a new software project that I will be releasing in a few months, which I am super excited about!

  155. 1

    Hello there, I am Amit. I develop software with Rust/C. As a hobby I work on esoteric operating systems. I dedicate most of my time into software development and usually I am more than 6 hours on the computer every day.

  156. 1

    Hello all. I'm Tayfun (Typhoon in english) from TR. I'm a Software Engineer who loves to build. I ran local(Turkish) IRC servers in 2002 to 2007 with tens+ of domains with 100-2000 users online. I'm "chat mind"(what is it?) person. Developing a social application now. Today is 14th of Feb and i'm writing this message :)

  157. 1

    Hi, I'm Camilo! I'm a software engineer student. During my free time a few friends and I help restaurants pick up speed with technology. My plan is to now take what we have learned and test it as a business

  158. 1

    Hello, my name is Hari. I am a software engineer by profession. My goal is to run a small business by building products which i would love to have and proud to showcase.

    I am looking for companions, guides & mentors with whom i can collaborate to build products and learn more.

  159. 1

    Hello, I am Kamran from UK and trying to become a qualified software developer. In early 20's and have an interest in C++ (very new to it), flutter (also new to it) and JavaScript. My goal is to learn gaming and app dev to make my ideas come to fruition. I do a bit of art too

  160. 1

    My name is Hristian. I am a junior web developer and i really love coding. My dream is to start my own business and make a living from it.

  161. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm Stuart founder of, I recently quit my job to work fulltime on startups. I'm excited to learn and grow with everyone else in this community. Cheers!

  162. 1

    Hiya, I’m Henry from London and I’m learning to code in SwiftUi Flutter(unless Google shuts another project down hehe) as I have crazy ideas in my head that I would like to build.

    I saw an interview with Cortland and Will Kwan on YouTube and made the first step in connecting on here.

    Hope to connect with like minded and cool people that inspire and build.

  163. 1

    Hello, I'm Harold. I am building a collaboration app for home care management

  164. 1

    Hello I am Ekansh, I am from India I am a final year engineering undergrad I love coding my current project is to make an online-course website to tech young kids to code and use technology to boost their future. I want to give knowledge to volume for cheap.

  165. 1

    Jitendra here, a senior executive with experience and exposure to multiple technologies. Have led Projects spanning a group of people to countrywide portal. A programmer at heart. involved in multiple projects conceptualisation, Design, Development and Implementation right now. Technologies include E-commerce, SAP, Oracle, .NET, Java, IoT, IS Tools and Tech, etc. to name a few.

  166. 1

    Hello there, I am here because I have a small idea, but I want to create it from scratch and it is taking too much time because I am still learning all the tech I want to use in my project like I want to use React, so I am here because I want to get inspiration from all other devs, and the idea I want to build , what i think would get more traffic if it was in mobile , but still I don't want to wait anymore so I am starting with web and if it goes well I will be creating mobile view too.

  167. 1

    Hello All - I recently joined this community. I am currently working in cloud cyber security. But my passion has alway been becoming a developer. I have messed around with python, javascript, SWIFT IOS, HTML, CSS. But it was just going through tutorials. I would like to become a full-stack developer. How can i start my journey. I am looking at to start my serious journey, but not sure. Any suggestions would be great.

  168. 1

    Happy Valentine's day Rosie

  169. 1

    Hey everyone! Saw this guy named Code Drip on youtube mention the site. Happy to see this site exist.Thought Id come make an account.

    I've been coding for about 10 years now. Originally, got into it because I wanted to share a story I wrote with my friends and figured what better way than to start a website thus my 10 year coding journey begins. I was in school for IT at the time. I was and still am the type of coder that doesn't mind to stay up all night to finish something (even with a fulltime job).

    Anyway, happy to be here. Hope to meet some of you soon! Always happy to collaborate =]

  170. 1

    Yo my peeps, I'm Christo. I'm a software developer and student loan survivor. Would love to attempt something similar to what @pattwalls did with his 24 hour startup. I also want to gravitate towards building something that will sustain me and then more... 🔥

  171. 1

    Hi, I’m John from Boston. I’m in the process of launching Sevwins, and app to help student-athletes develop life-skills and better manage stress. I have a deep background in enterprise software and scaling startups. I’ve been hooked on low-code and no-code platforms ever since I helped build the early platform and apps of ServiceNow. After years of using and testing many app platforms I’m now totally in love with Bubble. We’re using it for our MVP and beta launch.
    I was recently introduced to this community from a former co-worker. I’m looking forward to sharing and learning from others.

    Happy to connect with anyone passionate about athlete mental wellness or others in the Boston area.


  172. 1

    Hey, my name is Bernardo. I'm finishing my Masters in Nanotech Engineering and since a kid I always like to build my own games and explore all kinds of ideas, that's why programming is so alluring. It gives you so much power. While doing nanotech is great, it requires a lab with really expensive equipment, that and also being stuck in academia not being my long term goal makes me want to keep other doors opened.
    Learning programming on the side seems like my ticket to freedom, and I enjoy the challenge a lot (some of the days ahahah). I'm doing the Complete Web Developer Bootcamp on Udemy and I'm starting Javascript right now.

  173. 1

    Hello, my name is Maksym. I’ve been working as an iOS engineer for past ten years, however cross platform and full stack development are my true passion. I hack some code on my own and I hope to find here interesting insights, motivation and inspiration.

  174. 1

    Hi im Frank a webdev very passionate about building web app. My goal is make many web app and building a startup/

  175. 1

    Hey, I'm Aziz. I started as a software developer back in 2007. I spent the last decade co-founding and bootstrapping a software development firm which is going strong with 30+ engineers across two offices in Stockholm and Islamabad.

    I've started this decade by switching my focus to building an app focused on climate change. Raised a pre-seed in October and spent a couple of months developing the MVP before launching on the 1st of January 2020! Really excited to scale this new business during the next few years

  176. 1

    Hey hey my name is Justin. I work for tech company based in San Francisco but remotely. I want to hopefully solve a problem I am having trying to play tennis with locals in San Diego by building a small community, somehow. From all the advice I have heard from Indie Hackers podcast is to build your side project from a problem you are having in your life, well, this is it. If it makes me money that is just a bonus.

  177. 1

    Hello, I’m a UX designer from Canada. I’m challenging myself to start prototyping a simple product for sharing links with friend groups and families through email instead of social media sites and apps.

    I’m interested in trying to build software that is catered towards moderation and can succeed without relying on ever increasing engagement metrics.

  178. 1

    Hey, I'm Eric. I recently launched and I'm looking for feedback, and ideas about what's missing, what works.

    RoleUp is simple identity management service for onboarding and offboarding team members with various SaaS services.

    I built it after years of doing this stuff manually as a team lead.

  179. 1

    Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm a full stack web developer looking to meet like-minded people and talk great ideas. Feel free to reach out if you think you have something worth working on! I don't bite!

  180. 1

    Hi Everyone,

    Shaun here (RhythmicCoder) from Australia. I've just joined Indie Hackers! I'm hoping to learn more from this community while also contributing where possible.

    My goal is to launch my mobile application (React Native, AWS) around July this year (before my 25th birthday) & start working towards a sustainable online income.

    Can't wait to get stuck in and start discussing how I can make this dream a reality.


  181. 1

    Hello, I'm Ahmed. I am a software engineer, especially in the mobile field. I develop for android and ios. I am currently in Egypt. My goal is to build a great idea to make life easy and make the people doesn't feel alone in this world and make this idea to be a business for all people

  182. 1

    Hi all, I like to make people laugh about the tech industry and not take everything too seriously! I write a satirical new tech blog.

  183. 1

    Hi, I am currently working for a digital marketing company, but looking to build my first company on my own on the side!

  184. 1

    Hi, I'm Nicolas, a software developer through the day and working on side projects at night.

    I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2015 with some little success and some failures. Mainly bootstrapping business from scratch.

    I hope to provide something valuable to many people asap. I also got a business mindset and studied in a business school.

    Let's see what we can build together guys!

  185. 1

    Hi there, this is Lobo. I'm a developer who is passionate about building new things and take advantage of my free time to keep learning, improving and working on side projects.
    I've been following IndieHackers for a while now, I've read many posts and listen to many podcasts but until now I haven't decided to join.
    I have a couple of side projects which I would love to grow and I think this is the place to be to get the best tips and try to also give something back to the community talking about the experiences I have had.

  186. 1

    Hi there, I'm a senior iOD developer. I've been in the industry for more than a decade and love programming. However, entrepreneurship bug bit me and now I can't stand going to work in a corporate or sticking to a 9-5 routine anymore. I need to escape and control my own time, building my own businesses. Thanks for creating this community. I'm excited to start my own journey.

  187. 1

    Hi, I'm Alex, a developer from France living in Madrid. My goal for 2020 is to start a new profitable side project during the year while keeping my day job. I have been doing some dropshipping so now I'm ready to start a saas business!

  188. 1

    Hello there. I'm in my second semester of my Master of Product Innovation program. I'm working on my capstone project. I'm creating a product or service to remedy the fragmentation Google Developer Group communities are currently experiencing. I believe IH will be a great resource to learn more about the developer community, and how I can move my project forward.

  189. 1

    Hey everyone! My name is Wes, I'm a self-taught Web Developer from Canada and quit my job last summer due to stress. I've been learning to take care of my mental health more effectively but am in no rush to get back into the industry. For now my programming is focused solely on personal projects, so I'm really happy I found this community!

    My goal is to create an online platform that I can manage (for a price) for small businesses to help them grow.

  190. 1

    Hey, I'm Ulf. I recently finished my PhD in social science. I have a background in Physics and Engineering, and use machine learning and data science to understand complex human behavior. I like to build interactive data visualizations (in JS) and useful software packages (in Python and C++) for other researchers, but I'm increasingly motivated to take steps in a more entrepreneurial direction!

  191. 1

    Hi, I am Fakhri. I am learning web development and I am currently working on my first WordPress theme, which still requires a lot of work. I am glad that I am studying web development as this skill enables transform ideas to products.

    1. 1

      Hi Fakhri, I'm new here as well. Sounds like we both got into Web Development for some of the same reasons.

  192. 1

    Hello Rosie ! My name is Alain and I've heard about Indie hackers from a good friend. I'm now starting a company and want to improve my coding skills, also share what I've learned with the community ! Have a nice day :)

  193. 1

    Hi, I build businesses in South East Asia and Europe, most are focused on fintech, most are doing well. Goal for this year is to launch a new credit data venture and exit fast. Here to find inspiration and meet smart guys and girls, especially in app development.

  194. 1

    Hi! I´m Zeryán, from Chile. I´m mining engineer, currently trying to escape of my fulltime job, developing a side project.

    Before this job, I was a full-time entrepreneur: We developed an eLearning platform for the mining industry, but we fail to scale-up the project and to maintain the pioneer advantage over our competitors.

    My core is business design, development and administration. B2B sounds good; B2C sounds even better.

    I´m Looking for a tech partner, to share ideas and chase the unicorn.

  195. 1

    Hello fellow Indehackers,

    Good to be on here, my name is Gideon. I love to create amazing products that helps solve problems using technology and ultimately make the world a better place. I am a freelancer working on digital projects as a Product Owner / UX designer - web and mobile apps - B2B and B2C products. I have helped built amazing products for fintech / challenger banks across UK.

    Having developed products for clients, I always wished and had the desire to develop a product of my own. I am now looking and more determined to build a product that will solve problems in emerging markets / countries and empower the lives of people in such environment. I do have an idea (early stage) and speaking to users to help shape up the solution. I joined IH to learn and network from fellow entrepreneurs as I embark on this new journey, hopefully it won't be lonely as I don't have a co-founder as of yet...fingers crossed.

  196. 1

    Hi - my name is Jolyon - I've been doing DevOps consulting/contract work here in the UK for quite a few years (with a background in Unix/Linux for longer than I care to think about). I've an interest in AI and Machine Learning.

  197. 1

    Hi cliff here would like to learn more from you guys

  198. 1

    Hey everyone,
    I'm Konstantin. I'm a software developer from Russia. I'm currently validating a couple of ideas for my side project. My goal for 2020 is to run the project and make it profitable. I'm here to learn from the community and share my experience.

  199. 1

    Hey community! I am Olga.
    I am brand marketer and growth hacker. I find authentic founders and cool teams and help them to shape and launch the products and communicate at best their vision to the world. I also used to build and promote blockchain ventures, now swept back to fiat world, fintech and preparing the launch of Zelf ( – messenger banking. Btw, would love to hear your feedback on it when it's ready! We're putting the finishing touches on the website now.

    Besides Zelf I fell down to rabbit hole of mental health and modern consciousness, and currently building a bot-diary for self-help for those trying to master inner piece (MVP for a bigger concept). It's a side project but I do believe in the future of this venture, so trying to invest every free minute into it. Also thinking of getting MS in Cognitive Science (was thinking about UCL). It truly amazes me how different approaches towards thinking and decision making affect our life and how we can change the reality by simply (hehe not really simply) changing our mental states and models.

  200. 1

    Houston. The Eagle has landed.

    Hello, I am a web developer from India. Looking to build a side project, if not for anything else, then for it failing and teaching me some good lessons.

    Looking forward to discussing a lot of ideas and learn from this community.

  201. 1

    Hello, my name is Anderson, 45 years old and I live in Brazil. I'm starting a search for knowledge this year about building applications without code. A friend showed me and I found the platform very interesting. He also told me about indiehackers and now I am here to learn and share with the community. Thankful!!!

  202. 1

    @rosiesherry Debbie Gleason aka Miss Shuganah on Twitter. Tomorrow I get to celebrate Valentine's Day by being in the chemo chair to receive new drug that is chemo and maintenance all rolled into one. Stage 4 metastasized breast cancer patient. I want to form community around my husband @Gerry (I presume that this is my husband and not someone with the same name) He has some really good ideas, but he writes in a way that's hard for me to wrap my mind around. I have an MA in English but I need help editing his essays. We have a website and a Slack channel. We live on Chicago's NW side. I'll do my best to answer questions. Sorry for being vague.

    1. 1

      Hey Debbie. Stay strong and this too shall pass. Wishing you the very best!

      1. 1

        Thank you. I am staying strong and receiving cancer care at one of the best hospitals in Chicago.

  203. 1

    Hello, my people! I'm a former job-searcher who's now exploring his way into the startup ecosystem with a great idea (at least that what my mom says) that probably iterates x10 times!
    Let's see how it goes. I look forward to learning from your experience and nurture from this community.

  204. 1

    Hello 👋 I'm Goran - former designer turned full stack developer.

    Recently quit my job and I am going all in on building and growing my own projects this year. I only have about a year of runway and I would love to start generating some revenue before the well runs dry.

    I created a few landing pages for the projects I'm working on and I'm already launching two of them this month!

  205. 1

    Hi! My name is aka WhiteBoardGirl I’m a visual thinker for complex ideas.

  206. 1

    Hello you guys, its mozita. First, thank you for the short introduction and the help to get started here at IH! Kind of miss such overview welcome words on other platforms. I already started a little company with my co-founder but we are looking for our first real product that actually has value to people AND brings income. Instead of only writing fund proposals I want to learn how to bootstrap ideas and especially turn an existing product into a profitable product. My goal is to find a fitting monetization and get the first paying users. Actually there are more goals but lets be realistic.

  207. 1

    Hi I'm Praveen Manne, Working as an User Experience Designer from Hyderabad, India. Looking for like minded people to collaborate in Impact-ful side projects. Checkout my profile at

  208. 1

    Hello, I'm Maxim. I'm Junior UI/UX Desinger and searching startups to work for them.

  209. 1

    Hello, I am Julien, I have been working part-time as a data engineer freelance for the last 2 years while trying to build a product that creates reports through an intuitive interface... I however realised along the way I was not at all into fund raising and also that competition was harsh and not viable in the long run in this field... I will stop working on this project and start smaller ones and iterate more quickly :)

  210. 1

    Hey! I'm Boris — web developer and lead of small agency, we mostly focus on outsource design and development by I'm dreaming of pivoting to product development.

  211. 1

    Hi, this is Rahul. I am an Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Founder of an IT Services Company Building mass appealing Saas Based Products.

  212. 1

    Building - The easiest way to learn AWS with bite-sized content and daily questions

  213. 1

    Hey guys, I'm Ayush working as a crowdfunding coach for social enterprises and an Associate at Techstars in Bangalore. I'm here to learn and get started on my side project and actually build something this year which allows me time and location flexibility. Look forward to connecting.

  214. 1

    Hello all, I am Veeranjaneyulu Toka, i am a Computer Vision researcher and interested learning good problem solving skills using either C, C++, or Python and more than that i am passionate about learning new algorithmic techniques in Vision domain. Looking forward to learning more.

  215. 1

    Hello, I’m Srikanth. I'm an environmental engineer that do not know much about programming. I am currently in India and dedicating all my time to learn about software development. My goal is to develop a good project that helps our environment like monitoring pollution levels using tools like GIS and run a business with it.

  216. 1

    Hi, I'm Rayhaan. I'm a software engineer. I'm trying to build a profitable side project. I'm currently working on a learning management system/virtual classroom service.

  217. 1

    I am one of the CoFounder of SAAS startup -

  218. 1

    Hi, currently trying to build a webshop within electronics. Searching for inspiration and ideas as i am new to it.

  219. 1

    Hey up everyone, I'm Aaron. I'm a full stack developer for a retailer but am currently grafting away in the evenings and weekends to build a startup that I hope can free me from the day job!

    My app, zaro - a place for creatives to plan, create, share and track projects with ease - has been tooo long in the making. Now I like to focus on figuring tips and tricks to simplifying the design and coding process to get stuff done quicker. Here to help validate other people's id, swap tricks of the trade and share my ideas with this great community

  220. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Jack, a full time software engineer for about 10 years now. I also have a background in design. Looking to spend more time working on my own projects and I'd like to learn more about how to sell and market them. I love sharing my knowledge with others so happy to give advice if you're learning to code

  221. 1

    hi I am new here any suggestion for me?

  222. 1

    Hello am Kim, doing software development for one year now and hoping to kick start my software business this year

  223. 1

    Hey All, I'm Kyle. I'm a full stack software engineer that has always tinkered on the side and would love to build something cool that can generate some passive income, or that can grow to a full time role.

  224. 1

    Hello, I'm Darren. I spent some time running a side business that after 8 years I shut down. I have a full-time Android dev job but interested in getting back into a side project that could turn into something full time. No ideas right now. Something that is a B2B software as a service is what I want to aim for.

  225. 1

    Hey I'm Jax, and I'm a junior fullstack developer as well as an amateur hacker. I went to college for computer science, and now that I'm out in the "real" world I realize just how little I know. currently I maintain and extend a wamp based api for a small legal company, but I want to do and learn so much more!

  226. 1

    Hello, my name is Matt. I am a year out of college, working full time. But now I am dedicating all my free time to trying to start something myself. Working on a few ideas now.

  227. 1

    Hello, I'm Nick. I'm a software engineer with a lot of experience in internet tech. I live in Dayton, Ohio and work on

  228. 1

    Hello I'm Peeyush I'm not from IIT or MIT but still love to learn and make connections. Really looking forward to learning more about business aspects regarding a startup and also connecting with people.

  229. 1

    Hi, Salmon here! A graduating CS and MA major college student. Since I may want to start a business in the future, hoping to prepare my knowledge for that from now!

  230. 1

    Hi! I'm Amanda and I am a first-time Founder building a personalized marketplace for remedies working with scientists. I'm excited to learn from everyone.

  231. 1

    Hi all - Curt here. I am interested in energy and climate sustainability. My background is in chemistry and business, aka I am not technical at all. My side project is an individual sustainability tracker - kinda like Strava but for personal climate impact.

    I listened to Courtland's interview "Your Whole Goal Is to Not Quit" podcast on Y Combinator and got excited that an active community like this exists. My biggest obstacle right now is finding enough time to get everything done, but regardless I am hoping to be active within this community.

    My immediate plans including building a subscriber list for early adopters, releasing a rough MVP, and slowly transitioning from my full-time job to solely focusing on my project.

    Looking forward to my time here! Curt McGirt.

  232. 1

    hey guys i'm Lefteris, currently mechanical engineer but learning to code to get into blockchain ;-) also a dad of a 1 year old boy! I'd like to get into software engineering cause i am passionate about cryptocurrencies and I feel I am very creative but cannot show that in my current job.
    Cya round !

  233. 1

    Hello, I'm Shaban, I am software developer programming and building stuff is my passion but along the way working for clients as a freelancer for so much time, i think i have lost my spark to why i learned to code, so i am here looking for inspiration. :)

  234. 1

    Hey all, i'm a young network/sys-admin looking to consolidate my knowledge to build devops tools and potentially start doing money from it. I really like this website structure/approach and i'm looking forward to learn/share with you ! :)

  235. 1

    🙌Hi! I'm Alejandro. I am a designer/developer and founder of Spline ( Happy to discover IndieHacker, loving the spirit of the community here!

  236. 1

    Hi. My name is Michael and I graduated with a Desktop Software degree and couldnt find any work except as a Web Developer :) So with the wrong degree in hand, I began teaching myself how to write web projects. My 'side gig' has always been my indie software company, which is still far more indie than I would like :) I have been coding since the days of DOS.

  237. 1

    Hi Rosie, I'm Malaika and I am a 3-D Specialist (aka Development, Design & Digital Marketing Specialist). I've designed, developed, marketed, and taught for years, but 2020 will be the first time that I go out on a limb with a product of my very own. I'm excitied, terrified and happy to be here.

  238. 1

    Hey, I'm Or. I'm a full-stack developer with entrepreneurial dreams. Vast experience in building projects from the ground up. I have dreams to do something big, but I also believe that big starts in small. Hoping to find some cool projects to work on, and smart and inspirational people to work with. Hit me up

  239. 1

    Hello! I'm Will -- growth hacking / marketing managing Novo, a business banking account for entrepreneurs & freelancers.

  240. 1

    Hello all!
    Excited to be part of the community! I have a technical background in AI (deep RL) and robotics and currently work (day job) on developing autonomous systems as a senior AI engineer at one of the world's most valuable companies. What excites me more is to provide value at scale using my scalable learning systems development skills. I am currently exploring two main ideas. A brief summary is below:

    Idea#1: An app that lets you design & train/teach learning agents without any programming knowledge. For context, see ; This idea goes much beyond; If you are a cool, UX/UI designer or a full-stack/web developer, you might find this pretty interesting.

    Idea#2: An autonomous business model for startups built on the blockchain. An automated business model that is powered by smart contracts & keeps the founders, investors and all employee/contributors happy eternally. Provides an automated flow from ideation->fund-raising->product-dev->sales->customer-feedback including the cash-flow!

    If you are interested in any of the above ideas or have another idea which I can help you with, please please connect! I am looking to share my knowledge, make connections and potentially work together with interested people in this awesome community!


  241. 1

    Hi, I'm Raymond. A self-taught beginner programmer. I look forward to learning from different people here and to offer help in anyway I can. Currently learning React.js

  242. 1

    Hi, this is Emily. I've been learning to program over the past two years. My primary side project at the moment is, a daily Chinese vocab app.

  243. 1

    Hello, I am Faris. I am an application developer. I am currently pursuing a master's in cybersecurity. I am learning hacking tecniques, I also love web development.

  244. 1

    Hello, I am Karambir. Currently a Software Architect and working on a SaaS product on the side. I am hoping to learn more about Product-market fit and customer sales from community.

  245. 1

    Hello everyone!
    I'm Harshit :)

    I'm a software developer by choice and passion. I started this at a very early stage with the help of my fellow internet users. I love minimal stuff just like someone said "Less is More"

    Planning to use indiehackers to get some visibility and potential future partners for any collaboration :)

  246. 1

    Hey! I feel lucky to find such a community that has so many common interests which proportionally makes us find similarity in our purpose. What makes it more interesting is that you can get connected to different people from 3000 different cities yet share the same goal as yours. I am keen to learn, explore, experience and create.
    Currently putting my effort in software development and trying to reach a state where I can build my desired product or service.

  247. 1

    Hello, I'm Oladapo. I'm a WordPress website designer and I just created a startup that provides white label WordPress development services to digital agencies. I'm looking forward to making new friends here and learning how to grow a business from scratch.

  248. 1

    Where have this been all my life? What a goldmine, glad to be part of this community and cant wait to suck all the knowledge in...and occassionally share mine.

    1. 1

      Haha, same feeling here!

  249. 1

    Who Are You?

    My name is Schalk Neethling and I am a developer from Pretoria, South Africa.

    Why are you here?

    I have always been very interested in the open-source and indie hacker lifestyle :) I love the idea of building your own success and sharing the lessons learned with others in order to help them, help themselves.

    I love the idea of a community of like-minded people who do not want to build their success on someone else's platform. I am not saying we need to all reinvent the wheel, not at all. But there are ways to ensure that what you create belongs to you and that when/if the mothership goes down, it does not take you down with it ;)

    What do you hope to accomplish or learn in 2020?

    I have some high-level ideas for building out a product based around hyper-local communities and small businesses that I want to explore. I would also like to build out my development/consulting business so that I do not constantly fear to lose my one big client and sinking. I essentially have too many eggs in the one basket.

    I have always loved to write and teach but have someone lost that part of me. I would love to pick that up again and see if I can use it to help myself to learn while at the same time generate some "passive" income to supplement my other endeavors.

    Over and above those goals, I want to keep investing in my mental and physical well-being, be more present with my family, and generally enjoy life.

  250. 1

    I am starting late in life on this journey, although I have always wanted to see if there is a way to be successful as a start up. I have no clue as to how to even begin so I start here. my partner and I have an idea to automate payments.. even though this is a very crowded field.

  251. 1

    Hello great minds, I'm Abdulqoyum, a mechanical engineering graduate, a design thinker, a poet, script writer and a software engineer in embryo. Learning Java and Python presently, Java to a greater deal and just picked python up as a side chick. Based in Nigeria but ready to relocate. My interests are
    Software Development Life Cycle
    Design Thinking
    Animation(looking for an opportunity to display my artistic talent)
    Product Design
    StartUp Lover.

    My goal is to kick start a career in software development and later give birth to some virgin ideas solving plenty real life problems, coupled with my animation studio in the next five years.

    1. 1

      you are welcome...I'm also a Nigerian, joined IH today :)

  252. 1

    Hi! I'm Gokhan, a Javascript Developer and a human being with new years resolution of starting his own project in 2020. That's why I'm here :)

  253. 1

    Hi, I'm Nana. I work full time as a software engineer. Looking to build something that may help me sharpen my skills (both tech and business) and make a little side income.

  254. 1

    Hi. I'm Tanveer. Currently, I have an e-commerce venture that I intend to automate and grow.

  255. 1

    Hello, My name is Zahid. I am a Data Engineer. My goal is to build a profitable side project (SaaS product) this year.

  256. 1

    Hello from Melbourne, I am Bora. I like to follow new technologies which solve problems efficiently. The Curiosity is important at that point. It motivates me to gain experiences which help to have analytical thinking that is part of proactivity. If I have no clue to find a solution to a problem, then I try to reveal my creative personality. This platform is what I have been looking for.

  257. 1

    I'm Alessandro a computer engineer. On my spare time i write opensource code and I'm currently launching my produce "".

  258. 1

    Hello, I'm Leo. I'm a software engineer in favor of economics. I'm learning blockchain technology and building DApps for fun. My goal is to grow into an economist and bring the world of open finance to the public.

  259. 1

    Hi, I'm Ellie. I'm a UX Designer and programmer... and I love building and designing new things. I'm currently creating a side-project idea, and my goal is to find a co-founder who can help me with the sales and marketing side.

  260. 1

    Serial entrepreneur w 20+ years experience in mobile and IOT in Asia. Live music, exercise and traveling. And, networking. Wlcm to chat anytime.

  261. 1

    Hey, My name is prabhat sharma. I have just left my day job as a software developer in India and started my own company with other fulltime partners/coders. We are planning to create Saas based products in multiple domains.

  262. 1

    Hello, I'm Pavan. Building an app for Indian(from India) Community living in US, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe.

  263. 1

    Hey everybody!
    I'm Chris, and I'm building my first full stack MERN web app. At the moment it has simple CRUD capabilities. Currently I'm refactoring for Flow and Jest. I'm looking for feedback on my progress, areas of improvement, and general guidance.
    Hoping to make my first open source contribution in 2020!

  264. 1

    Hello my name is Maxime, I'm a Senior Frontend Engineer who just moved to NYC.
    My goal is to either develop a good project and run it as a side business myself (still looking for ideas) or to partner with someone who has a project I believe in!

  265. 1

    Hey I'm Nizar! Software engineer at heart, always wanted to create something that has a positive impact on people. I'm starting to roll small things that are a good excuse to test some technology and forces me to ship products :) nice meeting y'all!

  266. 1

    Hi all, I'm Ariel. I'm an electrical engineer and I also practice programming and design. My goal is to develop, design and launch a killer app

  267. 1

    Hi, I'm Gary, I have been a software developer for all of my career. I stumbled across this site by chance. A few years ago I developed a personal document management app. It's has a few sales but I haven't really done much with it over the last year or so. I'm hoping that, by joining this community, I will get some insights and help to take the app to the next level.

  268. 1

    Hi! 👋 My name is Michel. SEO Marketer for 10+ years. Now consultant and building my own solution to improve the SEO sales proces for agencies and freelancers. I'm also mentoring a group of young professionals globally finding their way in the digital world.

    Looking forward to discuss ideas, insights and learnings!

  269. 1

    Hello I'm Jero. I built a trello power up as a side project and I want to take it to the next level. Looking forward to learning more! :)

  270. 1

    Hi @rosiesherry, I'm Bayo. Work in a bank and currently transitioning to IT. I learnt software development and hope to build useful products for people and business. I'm here to learn and get motivated. already love this place...

  271. 1

    Hi, I'm Rafael. I'm a young founder working on new no code tools! I just launched the beta program for Atlantica ( a no code tool to build and publish mobile apps and PWA using react native! Looking to share experience with other builders and get feedback on the platform!

  272. 1

    Hello, I'm Alessandro, from Brazil. I work as a full stack developer for 6 years, and I'm currently employed at a company called enjoei (working remotely). I look forward to get involved in some project using my knowledge as a developer.

  273. 1

    Hi, I'm John. I've been making stuff on the internet since 1998. Have ideas, some skills, very little motivation - which is what I'm seeking here :) Looking for motivation buddies and potentially partners in crime (no actual crime, chill dude).

  274. 1

    Hello, I'm Hillary. I'm a software developer working on a startup, looking for partners

    1. 1

      Hi :)

  275. 1

    Hello, I am Dmytro and I have an idea for a property management cloud platform. Looking forward to learning more!

  276. 1

    Hey, I am Max, former Cold Fusion Developer who now runs web & mobile app dev company. Feel free to ask me to help you with PHP Laravel, VueJS, ReactNative. Additionally, I have a small team that coding mobile games on UNITY. 3D Fishing Game - > video overview : Send me PM to get me on your project.

  277. 1

    Hi! Im Thuita, a software engineer for the past ~10 years now.

  278. 1

    Hi, my name is Thomas. I am a german Software Engineer, trying to convert a side project to a business. I have a first MVP and want to pitch the idea. Every feedback is much appreciated!

    I really enjoyed reading some Indie Hackers posts and stories. I am really looking forward to participate in this community!

  279. 1

    Hi - I'm Erol and live in the Cleveland Ohio area. I previously spent two decades in the corporate world, but decided it was time to set off on my own and found my own start-up company. Looking to learn from other indiehackers and collaborate on creative projects together that solve problems.

  280. 1

    Hey everyone. My name is Ralph and I am a data scientist with AI expertise. Right now, I am looking into social media to understand if there is a market for "better search" of Twitter. Is there value if you are working in social media but you need to understand the conversation and not just understand trending keywords.

  281. 1

    Hi I am satya from INDIA.....i love to build something that help people.

  282. 1

    Hello Guys my name is André i am young Angolan, i work full time with IT i dreamof being a developer and hacker i also like video and photography, this year i plan to dedicate more time to programming and build my web apps ideas

  283. 1

    Hello, I'm Achraf. Software Engineer with some skills and ideas. but couldn't get out a final product yet to my list of clients/ costumers. My own MVP (minimum viable product) almost finished MAYBE a month or less of hard work to overcome to see the moment of the truth.

    HOHO, I will appreciate any support from this community. LET US RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE LOL

  284. 1

    Hey, I'm Tadas. I'm building an android application that helps people to achieve success in any kind of activity by journaling progress, learning from mistakes and enjoying achievements.

  285. 1

    Hello everyone! My name is Hiba. Currently an intern doctor. I was introduced to this idea a couple of weeks ago by a friend of mine. I'm still new to this and don't know where to start and whether anything is going to work out. I want to do something that makes people's lives easier and to be a doctor- entrepreneur. Currently started working on my coding and networking skills. And particularly interested in research methods, AI and nanotechnology. If anyone would like to say anything from cheering up to just go and be a doctor you are more than welcome. Any advice or tip is highly appreciated too.
    Thank you and have a nice day!

  286. 1

    Thanks for your tips. I have been searching on the internet for a community for business builders, I was trapped on LinkedIn and it was for employees only. This is what I need fresh ideas for my digital marketing company

  287. 1

    Hi there, I'm James. From the Philippines. I want to explore what great opportunities would be available for me here. Cheers

  288. 1

    My name is BC, I'm currently an undergraduate of Computer Science. I live in Nigeria. My goal is to develop a good project such as phone text application. And your assistance is needed on this. Then i can run a small business with it.

  289. 1

    Hi, I'm BC. I'm new on here and i will also need your help and assistance on how to build a phone text application.

  290. 1

    Hello, I'm Miggy. I am currently an undergrad student of Computer Science. I am from the Philippines. My 2020 goals is learn more about full-stack development so as to create some projects that could be a potential business later on.

  291. 1

    Hllo Everyone, i'm SEO Analyst

  292. 1

    Hi everybody, I am Matija! I am a software engineer passionate about engineering itself and building a useful product. I worked in various technologies, from iOS to C++ to full-stack web dev. Currently working on

    Happy to be part of the community and to engage with the fellow hackers! Looking forward to learning from others and also help however I can.

  293. 1

    Hello, I'm a recently graduated software developer. Currently working as a consultant. Looking to get started with some of my own projects and see what I can do.

  294. 1

    Hi I'm a currently volunteer remote hacker thinking about getting back into a developer community. I was on a medication that caused anxiety (no I wasn't taking it for anxiety, but the doctor's tried to give me anti-anxiety medications without success). I finally discovered the cause after going off a medication because my drug store no longer carried it. I am interested in multi-user systems and visualization. Know any multi-user systems for doing visualization? Now you know why it's my niche!

  295. 1

    Hi all, I'm jusnki, I like to call my self Junskihere, you can too if you wan't, anyway, I'm currently a fullstack web developer in a " " company, but I wan't to start my own, but I don't know where and how to start, also need financial capital, so while saving, best to start by learning from the community... to you all.... :) @rosiesherry

  296. 1

    Hello, I’m Daniel. I’ve been a lurker around here for a couple weeks, figure it’s time to finally sign up. The goal is to collaborate on something awesome with people from the community before long. At the very least, I’m looking to learn from people better than me with more experience. Hopefully I can contribute some useful things along the way! 🍻

  297. 1

    Hey, I'm Cole. I'm building a website and joined IH to get feedback and learn how to grow it.

    1. 1

      Hey @colestriler, best of luck!

  298. 1

    Hi Rosie, my name is Larry. I've been an indie hacker for years and only realized it today. Great to find this site and the community around it.

  299. 1

    Hello! I'm working on an idea to help reduce cold, spammy, sales emails. Working on validating it to see if there's a real pain point there. Thanks!

  300. 1

    Gday! I am Guillaume. I am a software engineer from France living in Australia. As a day job, I am developing solutions to detect and counter rogue drones. I have always dreamed of running my own idea and being my own boss. Now I am looking at settling in Tasmania and my goal is to gain enough independence through a consulting/freelance business to be able to fully work over there as well as focusing on projects that excite me.

    1. 1

      Hey @geopan, that's so cool! Very exciting and hope it gets even better as time goes by :-)

  301. 1

    Hey, I am Thiani from Nairobi, Kenya. Developing an mvp for local, small restaurants to enable them do food deliveries.

  302. 1

    Hi all, I'm Manuel, an industrial engineer, currently living in Montreal. I started last year a side-project helping individuals and companies to fight climate change. Just created an MVP, my goal is that it becomes a sustainable business this year and I can quit my 9 to 5 job. Looking to learn with you!

    I will also share my experiences as I bootstrap this project without code! Here is the link

  303. 1

    Hey everyone! Currently a Software Engineer in the industry looking to cut the chain attached to my desk and be free to live and work as I please :)

  304. 1

    Hi! I'm Kai, and I'm working on a project called Helm where coders can showcase their projects, take on challenges, and get feedback. I'm here to learn! Some goals of mine for 2020 are making Helm a successful community of users and make it a place where people share their side projects.

  305. 1

    Hi, I'm Artur. I'm frontend developer since 2009. Since i've finished uni I always wanted to build my own business and create things that lasts. Finally I'm taking my first step towards that goal and I just started working on headless cms, and I'm treating this project as an opportunity to learn how to start project, develop it to a business and find customers.

  306. 1

    Hi, I'm Leni from Bulgaria and I'm a software developer willing to build a side project.
    My goal for 2020 is to build it, reach 100 users and make $1 out of it :)

  307. 1

    Hello, I'm Ben. I am a Hacker and an Idea Generator Machine, currently I am focusing on starting up my side hustle as a Network/ Graph Analyst Consultancy, to help break down data silos and uncover unknown gold nuggets of data which one is sitting on buried beneath SQL and other tables. After that is running up, I would like to sponsor some app ideas. Hit me up!

  308. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Neil, and I'm writing a new macOS email client for Gmail called Mimestream (

  309. 1

    I have an idea of a web application
    I have the architecture, small knowledge of coding, startup a company (dormant) and full of passion and time

  310. 1

    Hey, I'm Shane and I am from Jamaica. I am Developer on the rise looking for new adventures. I love networking and building meaningful relationships. I am here to learn and help others with the knowledge and experiences i have garnered so far. I am super excited.

  311. 1

    Hi I am Ankur. I am a computer science engineer and having around 10 years of experience in this industry. I here searching for people with whom I can collaborate and startup a new business with my experience. I have started my carrier as C++ developer and after 4 year working in C++ then moved in web development and now I am a fullstack developer and providing a end to end solution to our clients.

  312. 1

    Hi Rosie,
    This is Sahil Gupta. I am a Ph.D. in RIT in the computer science department.
    I was a developer a long time ago.
    I am here to look for some collaboration and learn bit about entrepreneurship.

  313. 1

    Hi am Dennis. I am here so that i feel a part of a community of doers and creators. I am sure i will learn more than i can imagine for now. Also looking forward to meet new people who are crazy like me and are working on cool stuff.

  314. 1

    Hi, I'm Bram. I build, an online website builder for starting entrepreneurs and small organisations. It comes with a content management system so easy-to-use, you don't even need a course for it.

  315. 1

    Hi my name is Hema,I am a mobile developer.i get many ideas ,but I am not able to proceed further.Came here to see and learn how people are building things.

  316. 1

    Hello everyone!

    I'm Nat,

    I recently won an AWS credit worth $15.000 and I don't plan to use it in the upcoming future. Do you have any good idea on how to make the best use of it? -Thanks!

  317. 1

    Hi! I'm Miles. I graduated from high school last year, and decided to take a gap year before heading off to college next year. I've recently been working on Lensant (, and I'm really hoping to launch publicly within the next few weeks.

    I'm looking forward to learning from you all and bringing Lensant to market (not to mention having fun along the way).

  318. 1

    I'm Mark Z and was at one time a co-founder of a startup in the bay area as well as my own project. Have worked at several startups, and currently am a web developer and internet marketer.

  319. 1

    Hi, I'm Collin. A community member here had been prodding me to be more involved in IH for a while now so this is long overdue. I've been working on (browser bookmarks automation/organization) for about five months now and I think I'm finally ready to share it. It's invite only currently while some initial users pilot the service. Let me know if you'd like to try it!

  320. 1

    Hi, I'm Girish. I have a VR startup where we are building a product for Safety Training in Enterprises.

  321. 1

    Hello, I'm Juan-Fernando. I'm a former Economics professor who now studies all forms of value addition and comunication. I create "value funnels" (from free content to premium products and solutions) for any kind of business that is service-oriented and is willing to understand that giving first is the way to build solid customer tribes.

  322. 1

    Hi, I'm Francis and I'm building ERP cloud applications for startups where the budget is tight and looking for something to grow with them.

  323. 1

    Hi, my name is Davit I am fullst. Senior developer working and maintaining my company UXC.
    Hope will find special moments in here.

  324. 1

    Hello, my name is George. I am there toi mprove my code skills and found some interesting project

  325. 1

    Hi! I’m Ben. I’m an engineering manager/former mobile engineer, and I like to hack on side projects on evenings and weekends. I love seeing new developer experiences and great documentation, and I’ve started writing short tutorials / template projects when I start using a new stack.

    Here’s a tutorial I wrote this weekend!

  326. 1

    Hi, wassup Indiehackers Sanket here. I'm currently working in Automotive industry. My goal is to develop something scalable enough that would reach out to entire human community:)

  327. 1

    Hola! I'm Phil. I run an ecommerce company called SoundAssured and have recently started to learn coding in hopes of building a reverberation time calculator app for my company. I am using codecademy to learn. I hope to have the app completed by the end of June and ready for launch by the holiday shopping season this year... I've been listening to the Indie Hacker podcast for a few months now. Looking forward to connecting with everyone in the community.

  328. 1

    Hi all,

    I'm Irakli, Back End developer from Tbilisi, Georgia.

  329. 1

    hi! i am mulugeta how i become programmer?

  330. 1

    Hey! Let me know if you want to know more about mobile app subscription business. I'm a co-founder of Qonversion ( — mobile analytics for app makers to power subscription revenue growth.

  331. 1

    Hi iam a graduate fresher in computer science want to build a startup

  332. 1
  333. 1

    Hi all, I'm Amir a Game Developer and looking to start own company of apps and games

  334. 1

    Hi Everyone!
    I’m a founder currently in development on a virtual closet application. Its purpose is to make it incredibly simple for anyone to have multiple outfits they love to wear for every event they engage in.

    I’m looking forward to all the information and collaboration between all these entrepreneurial minds. Thank you so much for developing this amazing site!

  335. 1

    Hi all, I'm Erwin. From Philippines I'm building a cloud-based POS

  336. 1

    Shmuley here. From US (and Canada), now living in Australia.
    An interpreter, and experienced startup advisor. Now looking to take an active role in startups/ IP in Australia, interest in the Australian market or Australian startups looking to scale globally.

  337. 1

    Hey, I'm Chris, from the UK. I've always wanted to build an online SaaS to help monitor the performance of websites. It's been a project idea of mine for about 4 years now, but I keep putting it off. I've seen a lot of similar projects launch in the last year, so it's given me a bit of a kick to make some progress.

  338. 1

    Hi! I am front-end developer. Familiar with ReactJS, Redux and JS/TS. Participated in the development of cinema cashbox located directly in cinema, as well as self-service kiosks located on the territory of shopping centers. For native development - Electron and TypeScript / React.JS / Redux / Jest. Functional programming is my passion.
    I also took part in the development of the client part of the KINOPLAN website for remote control of the cinema.

    I am very sociable and responsible. Front-end is my passion, every day I study new articles related to this topic.
    My main priority is the timely completion of the project with high-quality and easily maintained code. I will be glad to work with you!

  339. 1

    Hi! I'm Vu from London. I've been working on a soilless smart garden that grows plants using a fine water mist. Happy to join this community, learn and connect with everyone!

  340. 1

    Hi Rosie and IH community! I'm starting out in my side-hustle journey, building an app for the education industry. Non-technical background but I've been teaching myself web app dev for the last few months to prototype.

    Looking to connect with possible technical co-founders and just connect with the community as we all try and build and hack our way through life! Thanks!

  341. 1

    Hi. I am Douglas and I want to find new ideas to improve my skills as a programmer.

    1. 1

      Hi Douglas, How are you?
      What is you favorite programming stack?

  342. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Dylan, product designer based in Paris. I'm currently searching to create interesting side projects and I would like to exchange about design and products ideas here ! :)

    1. 1

      I just moved back to Australia after a year living in Paris! Cool city, good startup scene but was tough for me because I didnt speak French when I arrived.

      1. 1

        Cool ! Moreover french people are often bad in English (like me) so it can be complicated to communicate

        1. 1

          @ddeoliveira haha, it's getting better 🇫🇷

  343. 1

    Hi all, I'm Anurag - maker of - Mesh is a group chat based web & mobile app for networking. Think LinkedIn on WhatsApp or a Slack, Discord for Business Networking. I've previously built and sold two mini startups, Mesh is my 3rd and am hoping it's one that goes mega in 2020 :)

  344. 1

    Hi all, I'm jusnki, I like to call my self Junskihere, you can too if you wan't, anyway, I'm currently a fullstack web developer in a " " company, but I wan't to start my own, but I don't know where and how to start, also need financial capital, so while saving, best to start by learning from the community... to you all.... :)

  345. 1

    Hi! I am Justin Evans. By profession, I am a Business Development Executive. I am here to build a professional network with entrepreneurs and startups.

  346. 1

    Hello, my name is Arromal and I am currently an undergrad. I've been programming for almost 3 years now and I want to involve myself in projects just to get into the habit. I look forward to learn and share new ideas.

  347. 1

    Hey everyone, my name is Melanie. I'm an ex-Tesla marketeer & now UI/UX designer. I have some time on my hand at the moment to support growing startups with their marketing or visual communication on a freelance basis. Ping me if you're interested!

  348. 1

    Hi, I am Daniel, I am interested in finding the simplest possible application that I can self-maintain that provides something useful to arts/entertainment operations managers or the construction industry. Preffered tools are a linux install and a REPL ... Common Lisp or Scheme ideally so I don't have to face dependency hell in the future and can do stuff like 6 months retreat and not have everything go haywire.

    $20/day is indefinate travel for me, so that sounds nice :)

  349. 1

    Checking this place out. Heard about it through someone I follow on Twitter.

  350. 1

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