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    Hey everyone, I'm Hannah and last week I launched the first version of my website findyourflows.com - it's basically one big searchable timetable of the best Yoga classes happening online. So you can think of it as high quality Yoga, on demand. If you have ever used MINDBODY, you can think of it like that but with teachers at the centre, instead of studios. And with better search. I am looking into integrating booking and payment as well as building an app.

    I'm a Yoga teacher and long time student so the classes have been selected with my knowledge of the best teachers in London and beyond.

    Please check it out findyourflows.com and follow the Instagram @findyourflows


    1. 1

      This is so handy! Thanks for putting together 🙂

      1. 1

        Thanks Christina! Are you using it? I would love to hear any more feedback.

    2. 1

      really cool, Hannah! Congrats!

    3. 1

      Hi Hannah, great idea! I’m also working in the fitness & health category and am already running an App. Let me know once if I can help you with starting yours.

      1. 1

        Thank you! Sounds cool, I will head to your profile now to see...

    4. 1

      I love how simple and effective your website is.

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    I'm Colin Campbell, CS student and aspiring entrepreneur. I'm into SaaS because of the freedom it gives you to offer value that's beautiful in many ways while you earn and grow. I've been building an app and just today I created a beta landing page to test the waters... boy is that a ride.

    1. 1

      Welcome to the community @colinbro! Post the link to the landing page!

      1. 1

        Here's the link https://artifactspro-join-beta.herokuapp.com/ . I've tried Whatsapp and Instagram as channels to gain traction for some validation. lol got only 7 people so far out of the 60+ people who I interacted with ( directly & indirectly ).

        I'm currently looking for other channels that cost little to nothing to gain to more traction. What's left for me to used is LinkedIn.

        1. 1

          I'm curious to know what problem you're solving and whom you're solving it for.

          1. 1

            Issue of managing changes in your working documents, for instance you might have a document to hand over to the boss to review, he requested changes but you don't want to override that same document so you create another version. I'm targeting mostly officers within an organization or consultants.

            1. 1

              Got it. So this is like a Google Docs / Microsoft Word competitor?

              1. 1

                Yes, but the main idea is a framework is provided to enable version of docs. This idea might not be perfect, but I might as well give it shot.

                1. 1

                  Yea man, go for it. Since those big players are so well established, my advice would be to laser-focus on exactly who your target market is. I mean like obsessive focused on one specific niche. By doing so you can address their exact workflow pain points and build the product for them in a way that Google Docs never could (because Google Docs has to focus on mass appeal).

                  1. 1

                    Noted, I've had small panic attacks realizing that people might as well say, "Well why can't I just use Google Docs ? I'll just use folders", or something like that, just to have my initial efforts in vain. Also thanks.

                    1. 1

                      I think the newer versions of office 365 offer integrated version control for all documents. Google docs also offers a similar feature with the revision control.

                      I think you really have to find a problem here that you are solving for people. I think you need to go out and talk to people before building further (just my advice).

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    Hi, I’m Lennart (30, 🇩🇪) and started working full time on joinweburn.com this March. WeBurn is a 7-minute fitness App targeted at women and “quite” successful in the App Store. I’m originally a Product Guy, learned Product Design 3 years ago and App Development 1 1/2 years ago. Now I’m doing everything on my own 🙌

    My current goal is to get to > 5.000 € MRR.

    I’m here to get inspired but also support others. Let’s just make this solopreneurial adventure less lonely together 😋

    1. 1

      Hey, I'm also from Germany (Berlin). Your app looks well made. How are you creating the content for it?

      1. 1

        I’m creating it on my own. Two iPhones for recording and a friend of mine doing the exercises. Cool to find other people from Germany here 😊

    2. 1

      Hi Lenart, interesting application. Shoot me an email [email protected] would like to have a chat

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    Hi Indie Hackers, Finn here from Singapore!

    We just launched a crypto quant trading bot app (https://www.cryptohero.ai/) that is easy to use and gives them access to trading strategies and backtesting tools. Each CryptoHero bot can be set up in just under a minute. The bots will use pre-set popular technical indicators, currently we support a few basic technical indicators: EMA, RSI, Stoch RSI and Bollinger Bands.

    Really enjoyed the content and community here, wished I had discovered this community while we were building the app!

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    Hey guys,

    Gabriel here! Software engineer, biohacker and former actor :)

    I'm just starting to build an audience by blogging and podcasting as well as live coding on Twitch (starting tomorrow).
    My podcast Addicted To Learning is launching Mai 25.

    Also, I'm being mentored and coached by the wonderful @arvidkahl who has been instrumental in both compassionately guiding me as well as calling me out on my shit!

    Looking forward to helping one another out on here!

    Y'all can check me out at https://gabrielhorvat.net/

    1. 1

      Nice it would be a privilege to have you as a guest on our podcast!


    2. 1

      Hey Gabriel! I think it's awesome that you have a mentor/coach- any advice on finding one? Can you share at all about how formal this relationship is and what it involves? Thanks!

      • Mark
      1. 3

        Hey Mark! Yeah, of course, happy to share :)
        As Rosie said, I connected with @arvidkahl on Mentorcruise.
        It's important to know though, that I had been following him for months already prior to connecting and as such knew his entire backstory.

        Incidentally, I'd actually been about to cold email him with bootstrapping-related questions when I came across Mentorcruise here on IH :D .

        Our mentor/mentee relationship consists of a weekly hour-long zoom session + intermittent email access when needed.
        I'd also say that our relationship is pretty informal.
        I usually update Arvid about my progress (have weekly deliverables that I set myself proactively) + challenges/problems/obstacles I'm dealing with and he somehow always has the right answers :D.
        This can involve anything from which tech to use...
        (answer: the one you know best - DUH!)
        ...To how to build an audience and find your niche (much more complicated answer: check out his blog & upcoming book for ideas).

        Hope this helps Mark. If you have more questions, send them my way anytime :)


        1. 1

          Very cool, thanks a lot Gabe. I've never had a mentor before, and have always wondered what the specifics are with a mentor relationship!

      2. 3

        It's worth checking out MentorCruise for mentors. I believe Arvid is a mentor there.

        1. 1

          Awesome, thanks Rosie!

          1. 1

            This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    Hi everyone

    After months in coding isolation, I am finally connecting. I am currently bootstrapping 2 start ups that I am very passionate about.

    livin-in.com: Crowdsourced neighborhood information and reviews.
    papertrail-ai.com: Api for connecting accounting data between financial systems.

    Looking forward to meeting new people, connecting, giving and getting feedback.


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    Hey guys,
    I'm Robin from Cape Town, South Africa. I started as a software developer in 1999 and been involved in the development space ever since. The last 10 years I've moved into the management track i.e. managing teams (dev's/qa's) and software projects.

    One of the common themes that keeps cropping up in my space up, is the lack of developers available to work on projects. As with most companies, the list of projects/ideas outweighs the number of people to implement them. As part of my role, I input into the prioritization of projects. I often see great idea's put on the back-burner to focus on higher ROI projects. Most these projects never see the light of day.

    I'm interested in how I can empower/grow 'power' users to responsibly build their own solutions using a combination of techniques and tools. Most of the use cases I have are not customer facing, they are more back-office optimizations.

    Some of the topics I'm looking at exploring are:

    • No code or Low Code platforms
    • Open Source / SaaS tools eg. Canva, Slack etc.
    • Most companies, that are security concious, would have issues with storing company/customer data outside of their network. So the SaaS services would be a no go. To that end, for people that are invested in Microsoft, look at utilizing the suite to it's full potential.
    • On a more technical side, look into leveraging internal API's so that they can be utilized effectively inside companies.
    • I'm also intrigued by Flutter, specifically a design to code platform like https://supernova.io/

    There are many serious topic that I've glossed over like security, 'shadow IT', data compliance, managment of these tools/services etc. but I feel that tools can add so much value, and by empowering people to build their own solutions it will improve their quality of life.
    Most of what I've written is 'corporate' focused but there is potential overlap for smaller businesses.

    I plan to create YouTube videos and create blog / linkedin posts.
    I don't have any plans to monitize, but I do feel I want to share what knowledge I have.

    I plan to contribute my learnings on this and other things I've stumbled upon on, to this community.

    1. 1

      Hi Robin, welcome. I am also from South Africa, just another part of world Johannesburg.

      1. 1

        Thanks @papertrail, hope all is good on your side.

  8. 3

    Hi there Rosie... My name is Elle, currently unemployed, but previously had my own line of jewelry. Did extremely well. (kept my day job for insurance purposes). That was 6 years ago. Now...thinking of doing Tshirts. I'm pretty creative with ideas. Have found that working for yourself if very rewarding. Not sure to outsource with vendors or do it on my own.

  9. 2

    Hi fellow indie hackers :)

    Just taking a second to introduce myself. I'm a software engineer from southern California. My goal is to increase my income to 10k a month so that I can save for retirement and travel more.

    See you around the community!

  10. 2

    👋 Hey, I'm Edgar. A self-taught JS engineer working in the iGaming industry for almost 5 years. I'm going to publicly build a side project with a stack I've never used before, and challenge myself to grow it into a sustainable business, documenting the journey along the way.

    👀 What project? Bookmark manager. A fancy one sort of.
    🛠 What stack? Stay tuned, but those would be things I've never worked with before: Svelte, AWS...

    Follow the journey: twitter makerlog

    🕵️‍♂️Do you use a bookmark manager? Chrome's built-in?
    🧐What features do you miss there?

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    Hello everyone, Elias here, an aspiring entrepreneur from Argentina.

    Still in an early/exploratory phase, I'm trying a bunch of different things until I find something that truly convinces me.

    My main interests are scalable compute for data science and making the gig-economy a fairer place, with better growth and learning opportunities.
    Not sure how/if these interests connect...

    Anyway, very excited to join this community!

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    I am excited to join the community. Hope everyone is safe out there. I am Sujan and i have just completed CA from ICAI. I came to know from my brother about this platform. I have always been interested in becoming an entrepreneur and i am here to learn from the experts and experienced one.

  13. 2

    I'm Jeremy, entrepreneur & marketer. From Belgium, currently based in Berkeley, CA. I'm happy to exchange around how to build interesting stuff.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted a year ago.

  14. 2


    I just launched Yomi.ai.
    My customers are learners of the Japanese language who aim to improve their literacy by reading authentic Japanese texts.

    Looking forward to be a valuable part of this community.

    With kind regards,

  15. 2

    Hey! Glad to be on here. I founded RentRound.com. We help landlords save money by letting them compare agent fees & ratings in their area. I'n not a techy as such, but have a good deal of experience in business. Feel free to give me a shout and ask a question.

    1. 2

      Great idea! I happen to be a landlord (currently handle everything on my own), but eventually I want to add to my portfolio so hiring an agent will be a must. As someone who comes from finance and would like to get into web development for business reasons, can you please advise if you outsourced a web developer to create your site or if you took the time to build it yourself?

      1. 1

        Hi, Thanks for the feedback! I used an offshore dev team to do the work. I initially started doing some work myself but was causing more damage than it was worth!

  16. 2

    Hi everyone.
    My name is George. I am 33.
    For the past 10 years I am working in game development. Mobile game development. I was creating free 2 play mobile games on iOS and Android on a position of producer/project manager/creative director. My biggest hit game is World of Tanks Blitz.
    I am working in a big corporation, and starting feeling myself strange in past couple of months. There a lot of thoughts in my head about quitting my current position and starting my own studio to give out something fresh. To put all my experience in it.
    Somehow I found myself here on indie hackers.
    Maybe I will find someone here with the same thoughts.

    1. 1

      Hello George. World of Tanks Blitz is a great game! I'm not a veteran of the gaming industry but worked ar Riot Games for a little more than a year, handling Tech Ops for Latin America. I'm American but based out of Spain, also working for a Corporate and starting something of my own. Happy to chat anytime!

  17. 2

    Hi all, I am Miguel and interested in developing cool/useful products. Currently an student in Holberton School, learning Web Development. Looking for tips for developing products and services.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    hey everyone, i'm khairul. an aspiring entrepreneur. i've got a couple of ideas which i think has the potential to be profitable. i'm here to learn everything i need to know to turn them into reality.

  19. 2

    Hey everyone,

    I recently launched a new site to connect TECH STARTUPS to EXPERIENCED ADVISORS. Think Techstars & YC Alumni companies to VCs;


    As the platform is (very) early stages, all advisors are currently offering to undertake FREE calls for early adopters.
    The advisors experience ranges from AI, to Fin tech, to Robotics, and everything in between!
    If you'd like to sign up it's quick and free on the website. You can also get in touch and ask me any questions; [email protected]

    Cheeeers :)

    1. 1

      Hi Mark,
      I like your super simple and transparent website and solution.
      What state should the start-up have reached before it applies to your platform?

      I'm looking for an easy to build marketplace solution. Do you have recommendations for providers. I checked out bubble.io and Sharetribe but the German data/ privacy policy requires data storage in Germany for my solution. Looking forward to hearing from you.
      Best Susanne

      1. 1

        Hi Susanne,

        Thanks! The startup can be at any stage! You're welcome to sign up - where are you based, Germany? It would be good to connect and find out your thoughts on the the concept.

        With regards to the marketplace no-code solution, I'm not sure to be honest. My website is in Webflow and I have been looking at plugins and integrations for this. I can let you know as things progress... :)

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    Hey, Baronne here from the UK. I have a few ideas rattling around. Quite keen to get some of them going. Hoping to meet likeminded folks here!

  21. 2

    Hi, its Joshua from Tzaneen, South Africa. Presently I am learning HTML and CSS. I want to master these programmes and work remotely.

    1. 1

      Welcome, I am also from Johannesburg, South Africa.

  22. 2

    Hi everyone! I'm Packy, I run a community in NYC called Not Boring Club, and write a newsletter called Not Boring (https://notboring.substack.com/) which combines business strategy and trends with pop culture to make it educational and entertaining.

    I just crossed 1,000 subscribers, and my goal this year is to get to 10k and figure out the best way to monetize it. I'd love to trade tips and tricks.


  23. 2

    Hi everyone, I'm Daniel.

    Wow, it's really wonderful to see so many people from around the world starting here and interacting with each other in just the last few days! Gives me hope and excitement about the community here.

    My co-founder Daniel and I* are building an automation tool for non-technical people. It's (hopefully) easy, quick, and cheap enough that anyone can automate their tedious, repetitive tasks. We're torn between the names Otto and Littlefish.

    We're in the very early days, so I don't have a website to share just yet. I am looking for folks who'd be willing to share their real-life use cases for us to build towards. If you're interested, I'd love to do a quick 10 minute phone call and hear about your needs.

    Cheers, everyone. Again, really excited to join this community.


    *Yep, both Daniels. If anyone else is also in the same-name co-founder boat, I'd love to connect. We're still figuring out who gets the [email protected] email address ;P.

  24. 2

    Heya, we are Bas and Lars from Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Together we are building Headsup: SaaS for functional testing of web applications.

    Functional testing and automation should not be restricted to those who know how to code. We offer early access and welcome any and all feedback.

    Check us out at https://headsup.site/ and say hi on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeadsupOrg

    1. 1

      Hi, like the solution. how can headsup be connected to a website for testing (e.g. plugin/ app / API)?

  25. 2

    I'm Alessio. Since 2012 I'm working as freelance astronomy educator mainly in schools. My lessons are always appreciated by pupils and their teachers.
    COVID had totally stopped my activity so I started to dive into a project I had in my mind for years:

    a web app to learn astronomy. In particular devoted to naked-eye and everyday astronomy.

    Where is my niche:

    • mobile planetariums (eg: Google Sky Maps) are spectacular tools BUT their teaching capabilities are very low. They tell you what are you looking at but hardly you understand "the big picture".
    • 3D simulators give you complex animations BUT it's hard to connect what you see with everyday sky.
    • documentaries, youtube, socials are full of wonderful pictures and fascinating explanations about astronomy facts BUT astronomy isn't just a basket of facts. It's a science based on observation, hypothesis and tests.
    • school goes from fact memorization (eg: mass of Jupiter, moon's distance, ..) to beautiful images to complex formulas but very few about really understand what's happening above our head every day.

    cosmopad.org is your personal astronomy expert. It guides you through simple animations to effective stargazing.

    These are simulations of real observations you can do from your backyard and they train you to be prepared when you'll look at the sky for real.
    They are organized in tiny thematic units.

    The system suggest you automatically your observations based on your experience on thematic units, your location, and previous activity.

    I want also to build a community to make possible simultaneous observations connecting users having similar experience or particular locations (eg: same longitude, latitude,..).

    This allows to organize guided worldwide experiments such as measuring Earth's circumference and so on...

    At the moment cosmopad.org is a MVP landing page using landen.co
    I'm building a first essential prototype on bubble.io

    I hope to give my contribute to this wonderful place named indiehackers ;)

    1. 2

      Heya, landing page looks good and I love the idea. Could you give me an example of the kind of themes that you're building your lessons around?

      1. 2

        Some examples:

        • Track the Moon. Observe Moon's position day by day at the same time.
        • Predict eclipses. Find a pattern observing previous eclipses dates.
        • Stellar calendar. Measure the passing of months tracking the stars.
        • Heliocentric. Observe planet's motion to say that Earth is not the center of the universe.

        And so on..
        For each topic you'll be trained with simulations to repeat it for real, naked eye from you backyard.

        1. 1

          That's awesome. I've registered my address.

  26. 2

    Hey everyone! Hope you are all safe during this time. Let me start off by saying I'm Antony, from Lebanon. I'm well educated in finance and investment fields. I'm aspired towards starting an online business that revolves around my passion that typically includes achieving financial freedom through investment opportunities.

    The reason for that is simply attacking the investment delusion society has placed upon us by driving us to believe that the only way to financial success is through "playing it safe". and to avoid investments because it should be handled by "experts" due to the fact that it is just too complex for the average joe to implement.

    I'm truly against that. So i'm here documenting my journey by doing that exact topics above. Investing. I currently starting a blog covering a few topics but hope to excel even more later on. I also hope to build a sustainable audience by the end of 2020.

    This is a journey for us all & I wish everyone goodluck on theirs!

    1. 1

      I'm working an investing game idea since after years of research on how to invest I think there's a big knowledge gap in the investment industry and laypeople. Love to chat.

      1. 1

        Their truly is. That's what makes it so sad. People actually believe that you have to be born with some gift in order to succeed in investing. Such a delusion... And that's great! Would be delighted to chat more. Platform?

        1. 1

          Let's use google hangouts (507) 722-2737 is my number.

          1. 1

            Just found out that hangouts is blocked here. If you have discord, you can add me at TonyMacaroni#5583

            1. 1

              Sent friend request.

    2. 1

      Investing is one of those areas I've not ventured into because I think the way you described above.

      I haven't educated myself really (too busy building products), but know I want to learn more about investing. Curious to see what you end up doing.

      1. 2

        We've all been there. It's just a matter of education. It's crazy how we've been told that it's so hard to get into and how we are required to have some kind of born "gift" in order to succeed in it. Sigh

        Hope to see you around, might be able to help out with some direction. Goodluck with the build!

        1. 1

          It's always something I've wanted to explore, and I just read "The Long and the Short of it" by John Kay, my first step into taking control of investing. Haven't put it into practice yet!

          1. 2

            Sweet! Baby steps is the best method. Almost 90% of people who take action tend to jump into investing really quick usually quit a few trades in or at the time the account has been blown away. Glad you're taking it slow! It's all about preparation, education and practice! If you need any tips/guides or even a sense of direction of were to start, let me know. Will gladly help!

  27. 2

    Hey everyone,

    I'm Oğuzhan, co-founder of dytto.co

    Dytto is a web app to send offers/quotes to clients easily. I'm handling the business side of Dytto and I'm super passionate about what I'm doing. So excited to be in this community. I'm looking forward to learning from Indie Hackers and share my entrepreneurship experience with everyone.

    My current goal is, well, getting first paid customer on Dytto and than see that growth curve going up all the way. I'm so lucky to connect with other people who have a similar journey too.

    1. 1

      I was looking for something like this for so long back in my early freelancing days. Definitely could have used it then.

      A few years ago I found and.co and it was everything I needed and more. But your solution seems simple and elegant. Well done!

      1. 2

        Hey Dustin, thank you for your thoughts!

        We want to keep things simple actually. Currently, the product is pretty straightforward and we keep collecting user's feedback. If you have more feedback about Dytto, I'm happy to listen to all of your thoughts.

  28. 1

    Hello indiehackers,
    My name is Vali and I started a company for tools related to phone numbers. Currently, I offer the possibility to generate real looking phone numbers and validation function to ensure that you only have valid phones in your database.

    The website where you can find you tool can be found here: https://phonegenerator.net/

  29. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm Alex. I am a frontend SaaS developer working remotely at https://pobble.com. I am also a digital nomad, well, I was at least before the COVID situation. For now, I am residing back in my hometown in Ukraine for God knows how long.

    I spent years on side projects, coding in isolation without any meaningful results. So at this point, I really hope to learn from you guys. And also to just put myself in an environment full of people who have the same urge to create!

  30. 1

    Hello everyone! It's Gokay (23 🇹🇷 ). I'm a software engineer with a full-time job. I like to create my stuff, hate vendor lock-ins and love open source.

    Before getting my job, I tried to launch a startup with my friends, it didn't work out as we were all developers and do not know any marketers. Then we got an invitation to a group that was trying to launch their startup. They were all marketers and in need of developers. We accepted the invitation but when we were half on the road, some disagreements occurred and we split our ways.

    Now my goal here is to find a marketer I can partner with to build some kick-ass products!
    Thanks 😊

  31. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers community !
    I'm Moad, management information systems student, and currently i'm working on an arabic coupons/deals website that targets the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region , you can check it here : https://couponlak.com/
    I'm working on it day by day, and i hope to reach 50 000 visitors/month by the end of 2020.
    Otherwise, I'm a digital marketer, i've worked on several domains in the digital marketing field (Dropshipping, ecommerce, adsense, etc ..) But I don't want to follow the HIT and RUN method anymore, that's why I wanna build a real web project that is sustainable.
    Moreover, I'm really happy to be a part of this inspirational community ! 🤗

  32. 1

    Hello everyone 🖐, it's Loukas (38, GR).

    I used to work for a big private bank and I didn't enjoy it at all. It has been almost 10 years of "lost" precious time that I should have spent elsewhere. I was looking for a way out and I decided to grab the opportunity to leave that place when they announced a small compensation for people who would quit. My academic background is in finance and banking and while I don't utterly regret it, if I went back I would have chosen another field. It's almost 20 months since I left and I have been learning web development since, leaning towards a full stack path. My goal is to enter the world of startup founders sooner or later, however, I understand that at 38 years of age and with no connections, excess capital, or whatsoever, this might be a utopia.

    While I was learning the usual stuff, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, I built a couple of websites, nothing fancy, in order to see my newly acquired skills in action. I witnessed how I evolved each day/week/month and how the last website I made (and current project) can actually bring in some revenue in the future. It is a web directory of online stores that sell medical cannabis products. By building almost everything myself, I kept the cost of development and maintenance at a bare minimum. I am very proud of what I have accomplished, even though it seems pretty basic to the untrained eye. I am not a medical cannabis consumer myself, but I figured that instead of browsing search engine pages, a (classic) directory would add some value to consumers. Now that the website is finished I am putting 2 hours daily for maintenance and database expansion (add stores, seek affiliates, post on twitter/FB, etc.).

    I am trying to strike a balance between learning to code, actually coding, and coming up with ideas. And all that while balancing my personal life too. Things would be much easier if I was single, I would pretty much be 24/7 at my computer which is clearly unhealthy, so I need to strike another balance, this time between my "work" and personal life so that everyone is relatively happy. It turns out that life is a game of balance.

    Time to move on to the next project, learn some more, and seek inspiration from all of you 🤗. Thank you in advance!

  33. 1

    🚀 Hi, everyone! I just launched pre-beta version of my website www.learnpine.com It is a place to jump into live sessions with experts teaching stuff. I'll be live teaching coding and some marketing tips for startups on LearnPine.

    I'm a teacher and self-taught programmer 👩‍💻. Building a startup from ground zero is a long tough road so I'll be sharing everything I've learned with whoever wants to come and join it :)

    Check it out 👀

  34. 1

    Cool 'Search' feature on your Website Hannah!!
    It works real well.
    I hope to get into a bit of coding like that down the line a bit.

  35. 1

    Hey everyone. I am Osanda. I started a knowledge based website recently. It is www.itiszeus.wixsite.com/infacts .

    I usually share new updates in market for personal development, business development and also marketing techniques the businesses are using.

    I like to try affiliate marketing and I think this step will help me to try it in a greater extent.

    Feel free to visit my website and give a feedback about my content. Follow me in twitter @theinfacts

    Thank you

  36. 1

    Hey peeps! I'm Chris, a filmmaker based in Bucharest, I am trying to build 2 online businesses and I got some struggles, so I hope some of you guys would be able to give me some advice as my brain got stuck.

    My challenge now is to get financially sustainable (min. 500 euros/ month) and to do what I always enjoyed doing, which is filmmaking. It seems that all the awards I got are not really helping me to get over the current financial situation, but I'll get to that later. Let me tell you about the businesses I'l love to grow.

    1st business. This is my Youtube Channel Framing Reality (www.youtube.com/framingreality) where I post videos from my travel, challenges, and some video work that I do (4k presentations and so on). I feel I can narrow down the topics, so I get the content more niched. However, I am doing this for the last 3 years and it seems to work really hard. Any advice about how to grow faster? How to get some collaborations?

    2nd business is with my partner. We started a yoga business (YouTube: I Speak Yoga / www.ispeakyoga.com - the website is not ready yet) and we'd also love to grow it faster than I did with Framing Reality, but our challenge here is that this niche is overcrowded and we don't exactly know how to break the norms. Any tips, advice in regards to this?

    All in all, it's been a tough year after COVID-19 when all my freelancing projects got canceled and now we're struggling to pay our bills as we're both freelancers. I am on the verge of depression but despite my mental state I would really love to start building an income from YouTube content.

    Any advice/ help is welcome!

    Thank you,

  37. 1

    I'm Oak, a SaaS Product guy in the advertising industry. I recently launched a new Chrome extension named AdLibrary Helper, for improving the advertiser's efficiency.

    I’m here to get inspired and hope to communicate with the advertising experts of [indiehackers]. I'm also more than happy to support others.

    Please check it out myadlibrary.com.

  38. 1

    Hey everyone! 👋 I'm Eric, founder of zform.co. We've built a web app that makes the process of filling out PDFs 10x faster.

    Many of you in the IH community know firsthand how painful it is to fill out PDF documents - it's time consuming, prone to error, and nearly impossible to do on mobile. zform solves this problem by turning any user-submitted PDF into a mobile-friendly web form. The form can be completed in seconds from any web browser, with no pinching or dragging required. With zform you can generate documents in a fraction of the time it would take using legacy software tools like Adobe Acrobat.

    We just launched zform last month and we're incredibly excited to share it here with the IH community. While we're in beta the service is completely free to use and we'll be granting signups on a rolling basis. Please check it out and let us know what you think! 🚀

  39. 1

    My name is Kris, I'm a technology enthusiast whose built countless websites. I currently lead a team of engineers who build Websites, Apps and IoT infrastructure. Looking to create and find opportunities to utilize my skills to build something new.

    A small, recent weekend project for me (about 10 weeks ago, at the start of Covid19 quarantine) was http://stayhomestaysane.com/ . A website that lists out things you can do to keep yourself sane and entertained during these times.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted a year ago.

    2. 1

      This comment was deleted a year ago.

  40. 1

    Hi 👋
    I am Dom, product designer who likes to design and code user experiences and user interfaces. I am currently product design lead in a Tech company working with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in a B2B environment. I always chase ideas as my dream is to launch my own first SaaS 🤞 or to pair up with something else and build something beautiful together.

  41. 1

    Good Morning Sherry!

  42. 1

    Hi Rosie, my name is Servio and I'm from Mexico, I believe there are a lot of opportunities here in my country because the technology is less developed here than in countries like US, I'm starting a business right now and I think IH can help me a lot

  43. 1

    Hi, good job! You are very clever.

  44. 1

    Hey everyone , I’m Iulian and i try to fiind out ways to make money on-line any ideeas for me ?

  45. 1

    Hello everyone, just found this website and it is very interesting! I’m Marc and have experience in international business. I am currently based between Monaco and London. I am lucky to have a worldwide network of extremely successful friends and known names in many different industries in their respective countries including tech and startups. My business partner and I are looking to get involved in new ideas and could be of use by helping fund your idea or connecting you to someone who can help you expand. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

  46. 1

    Howdy! I'm Alvin 👋.

    I launched RemoteDials.co to help out-of-work SaaS sales pros find their next great remote sales gig.

    Built with Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier!

    I first heard about Indie Hackers when I went on a networking trip to SF (I'm from Toronto.)

    From there, I've been inspired by how tight this community is and how supportive everyone is to help each other with their projects.

    I hope to be as helpful and contribute to this community as much as I can.

    Anywhoo, I'm excited to meet new friends and to continue to draw inspiration from you all 🙌.

  47. 1

    My name is Sima Alexandru and I want to develop a business. I'm here to receive and give advice.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted a year ago.

  48. 1

    Hi!I am from Romania and my goal is to learn how to be a good CEO

  49. 1

    Hey all, I'm excited to join the community! I'm Sneha and I'm just about to (virtually) graduate from Cornell University. I'm trying to find something productive to do with all the free time I have while also making myself a more marketable engineer in these crazy times, so I'd love to learn from all the experts on this platform and jump on any available projects.

  50. 1

    Hey everyone, My name is Steve. I'm looking to connect with fellow smart cookies to discuss new digital business trends and profitable business ideas (maybe even partner). A little about me, during my teenage years I started a successful digital agency for top personality brands & businesses and now looking to take my talents elsewhere. If you're a smart cookie let's connect, Thanks!

  51. 1

    Hi, i'm Denis and i am from Romania. I found this application on tik tok. I want to do some money and i want to theach how can i do money. Sorry for my english.

  52. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Mark. I'm here to learn, make new acquaintances, and perhaps a friend or two along the way. Willing to share/mentor anyone looking for advice on pricing models, infrastructure deployment, and life in general.

    -mark dudding

  53. 1

    I'm Urmil Bhatt. I am working as a Frontend Engineer for a couple of years now. Although I have been in this industry for last two years now I have never thought or made any efforts of creating a side project of my own. Maybe I lacked some imagination or I was upright lazy. But I am here to get inspired by all creators out here. Until I found this website. This is a great platform. I will try to practice to think in a creative manner and take inspiration from you all. I have immense respect for all you out there who have taken a leap faith and are hustling towards creativity and financial independence.

    Thank you for inspiring all of us out here. Keep up the good work. Good luck. 👍

  54. 1

    Hi Rosie ! Im a young student from Turkey who is looking to provide a service in someway and get some pocket return with it.

  55. 1

    Hi, Brent here and I’ve been fiddling on a side project for the last year. This next week I begin pitching and testing my product with customers. I’m quite nervous and excited.

    I’ve been hesitant to start getting customers until I have the time to truly focus, in case it works. (I think it is going to work, albeit I’m sure I’ll have to learn lessons). My normal job is pretty demanding so I needed to make sure I had time to follow through if they purchase. Well now I have the time! I made the time. Just started saying no to other gigs that pay me when I work (hourly) to give it a go at my business that can hopefully scale someday. Wish me luck.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted a year ago.

  56. 1

    Hey everyone, I am Shubs I am a Software Developer and come here to take inspiration from a startup based community. Look forward to learning from all of you.

  57. 1

    Hi everyone, I am Milad. Expert full-stack mobile and web application developer with more than 10 years of experience. had a startup in cyprus and developed many products for companies and startups in Europe. Looking for new ideas and/or partnership.

  58. 1

    Hello everyone, name is Luis, I'm American, currently living in Spain. I started a SaaS company in my early twenties which I sold. After that, I went to the dark side and have worked for 10 years in the strange chambers of corporate America (and now Corporate Europe) for the likes of Google, Riot Games, and McKinsey. Now I'm going back in the game and hope to be fully independent in a year's time.

    I have one concrete software that I'm working on and hope to share more about it, to get your guys opinion, in a short while.

    Happy to be here, this is a great community.

  59. 1

    Heya, I'm Matt and I love working on side-projects with Bubble. I'm currently working on a client portal for web designers.

    I've been web designing for 10 years and haven't found a one-stop-shop to onboard my clients into that handles tasks, invoices and file sharing. I know there are plenty of fantastic project management tools available but most are built for large teams or you find you still have to ask your clients to sign up for additional services.

  60. 1

    Hi everyone, I am Aishwarya. I am a Tax associate. Since, a long time I wanted to something of my own. I am still trying to figure out what I want to start and to figure that out I have joined this group, hoping to learn and develop myself from the community's experience.

    I am really good with numbers, people and managing money. I believe I am born to lead, just searching for something to lead(hehe!).

  61. 1

    Hello Everyone,
    I am Satya Prakash Bharti Custom Application developer have over 15+ years of experience in planning, design, implementation & maintenance of quality web and mobile based applications. have a look w3care.com Glad to join this community

  62. 1

    Hello everyone 👋

    I'm Christina and I run contentuk.co - a free community for content marketers to connect & discover weekly content jobs.

    I'm focused on growing the subscriber list to 1000 & from there look at sponsorship model.

    Here to learn from others to get my first dose of passive income 😂

  63. 1

    Hey guys, I am Omar a mechanical engineering student who had recently fell in love with coding. I am currently learning python and trading. I have always loved statistics in finance and been interested in coding and my goal is to put those two things together somehow. I have been investing my side money for a few years now which has been easy as a passive investor (while having time as a student to do research). I want to create platforms that actually help traders with the technical analysis without ripping them off.

    My final goal is to eventually write an algorithm to help me. I know it won't be easy and this is a few years project but it is something I am passionate about. Curious to know what you guys thing.

  64. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers,

    Andrei here. Passionate about innovation and just getting things done in a simpler, faster, better way. Currently working on an H3 innovation project within a large corporate.

    If you ever need a critical eye that can put things into perspective, I'm your guy!


  65. 1

    Hi IndieHackers,

    I'm Rod and I'm five months into building a blog on mushrooms called theshroomclassroom.com - this website is a place where advances in the fields of psychedelics, biomaterials, and medicinal mushrooms are discussed on an ongoing basis. Essentially the goal is to breakdown barriers for the stereotypes held against mushrooms start the cultural conversations at large.

    I currently work in biotechnology at a large corporate company and have a background in molecular biology. I'm open to some suggestions for UI on the website, building a solid email list, as well as potential ideas for monetization of a blog.

    Please check us out at www.theshroomclassroom.com or on twitter @TheShroomClass !

    Excited to be joining this community

  66. 1

    Hello everyone, nice to be able to access like-minded individuals, I'm an agribusiness enthusiast currently running tree nursery and poultry operation from Busia County. After studying entrepreneurship, efforts are being made to bring diversity and innovation to my venture. Happy to learn and network from this community

  67. 1

    Hello Product People,

    What metrics do you consider to measure your product’s health?

    One of the metrics that is widely used in the SaaS industry is the Product Stickiness Ratio.

    Know more about it here: https://saasgrowth.today/product-stickiness-ratio/

  68. 1

    Hello people,

    I am a B2B SaaS Enthusiast and love helping early age and growth stage SaaS startups grow. Know more about me here: https://saasgrowth.today/

  69. 1

    Hello everyone, My name is Noah and I am a CS student. My goal in life is to start and lead my own business. I have a lot of interest in Python and machine learning/data science. Also I enjoy working on web development as well.

  70. 1

    whats up everyone,

    I am entrepreneur, learning how to create and market my very own clothing brand. I intend on being a valued member of this community

  71. 1

    Hello everyone, I am looking to learn to code. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where to start?

  72. 1

    Hello Rosie!! and everyone else too! I'm Alex and I have been trying to find my niche. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I am looking for a way that I can find something I love and create the income to live comfortably and support myself and my new wife.

  73. 1

    Hi everyone, I’m Mikell and I’m from Trinidad and Tobago. Currently I’m working on launching a ESP-email marketing platform within the next three weeks.

    I recently finished building a two sided marketplace but due to the unexpected appearance of COVID19. I had to just dial back and focus on trying to onboard the supply side of users by searching on IG then DM potential users.
    I started the ESP as a side project but due the corona I’m very dedicated to get it up and running as a Saas because to be honest I need to start making some extra income. It’s basically launch ready but I don’t have a landing page (details, features, about, pricing) also I havent figured out a name as yet lol 😂 . I saw landen, versoly and unicorn being talked about a lot on indie hacker so I will try and use one of those.

    Found out about indie hacker about 2 weeks ago and I’m glad I stumbled across it because I been looking at the community and how you guys help one another and share information is truly great.

    Love to see the underdog shine.

  74. 1

    Hey everyone!
    My name is Wes, I am here for some ideas on what I could do. I am motivated to do something to get out of a 9-5 accounting job so I can be home with my wife and one year old son. Most ideas I have currently are subscription boxes or simple app ideas and I am not sure where to start on a subscription business. If anyone has any tips, that would be fantastic. Also, who do you guys use/trust for app development. I'm excited to be here so I can help people eventually too and pass it on. Look forward to talking with you all.

    1. 1

      Hi, Wes. I used to be in the same position as you (finance job, even worst it was 24h/7days a week instead of 9-5 😅). The first step is the hardest. I'd tell you to start by making something you want. Among those ideas you have, is there one that you would love to try yourself? For me, I had ~20 ideas listed, but this one kept coming up to my mind. I wanted to see a place where learning and teaching are easy and smooth, no paywalls, no enrollment, no boring mandated curriculum, nothing like the education I had experienced.

  75. 1

    Hey, everyone, I'm new here but old in the marketing business. I hope I can contribute and pass on my knowledge whenever I can. I mostly do Youtube videos on my channel for SaaS companies. This way it's easier to pass on the info. You can find me a Youtube by searching SaaS Master. Not sure if links are allowed here so I'll avoid putting unless asked for.

  76. 1

    Hey everyone, I am Nishant - founder of BlueWander (https://www.bluewander.life), a travel marketplace (and platform) for direct access to locally sourced and planned experiences. We launched our beta last year and started picking up some good traction pre-COVID.

    But things have taken a serious downturn in the last couple months and generally the outlook for travel industry is not very positive at the moment. Things are not going to be same so we are planning to do a pivot.

    I am also exploring another idea around the gig economy that I would love to share about (and get some feedback on) from the community here. Additionally, the reason I joined Indie Hackers is because I want to partner with someone as a side hustle while I figure the other stuff out.

    Looking forward to contributing to the community and connecting with y'all soon!

  77. 1

    Hello everyone my name is Daniel I’m a 17 year old
    Entrepreneur I’ve recently started an Instagram page to drive traffic to my website design business I would love tips on way to successfully landing my first client where I should put my funding into. I have also made flyers I would like to promote including my business email and my phone number to land clients any advice from more successful people is knowledge that is gold to me I’m young and I want to be at the 1% of the world.

  78. 1

    I'm Mike Moyer, the author of the Slicing Pie Handbook which outlines a formula for bootstrapped startups to use equity, instead of cash, to grow their business. It's the only equity model that guarantees a perfectly fair equity split.

    One of my readers told me about Indiehackers.com so I thought I'd check it out. There appears to be a little Slicing Pie chatter on the site already.

    If you're struggling with your partnerships and equity allocation please reach out! I'm always happy to help. (www.slicingpie.com)

  79. 1

    Hi all! I’m Jay and I am here to think and incubate a potential side project around digital health technology. Currently, I serve in several positions in my day-to-day, such as an AI Evangelist for an AI company, a community manager for AI LA, and an writer for my own brand, beinghuman.ai. Among other things, I launched a new a initiative with several colleagues of mine around the disrupted food supply chain as a result of COVID-19. farm2people.org.

    I am excited to connect with everyone and see where I can be of help with your endeavors.

    Talk soon,

  80. 1

    Hi everyone. Thanks for having me here. My name is Max Limsukhawat from Denver, CO. Yesterday, my wife and I just launch BuildBubbles v1.0 - https://buildbubbles.com. We have been working so hard full time on this + we also have a 20-month toddler at home as well.

    What is BuildBubbles? - It is a tool to help bloggers to reach more audience by turning articles into podcasts with sound design. Bloggers can create podcasts using our designed templates that come with a voice that already choreographs with music.

    If you have a WordPress blog, please check it out. I would love to hear a feedback from you guys.

    Thank you very much

  81. 1

    Hey all - found this on tiktok.... ha... my name is Ian and I have been advertising for 15 y ears online. I started a community and it is a new venture for me to get started in. ADvengersOnline.com... it is a way for me to help but not be labeled as a guru. I know I am a better person on giving advice rather than teaching a noob as I have no patience. I would rather help someone that has already helped themselves but still need advice in form of experiences and that is why I created ADvengers.

  82. 1

    Hi Rosie,
    Hope you are doing well. I am Samir Agrawal. I am an IT Consultant. I have my own IT company. I have worked with Accenture, GE Lighting and Universal Studios before starting my own company.


  83. 1

    Hey everybody, my name is Dennis and I teach free courses on computing and security fundamentals at https://www.hoppersroppers.org/training.html

    I'm six months in and have reached 500 registered students, working on growth and adding ways for students to purchase a more tailored learning experience.

    Notably I run my courses on a custom Noodle fork if anyone wants to talk shop about that.

    Looking forward to what IH has to offer!

  84. 1

    Hey everyone. I have tried a bunch of different things to make money online but for the most part they just do bits and pieces. I’m really wanting a life where I can work from anywhere in the world and make more than 25k a month from online stuff.

  85. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Chris, I am 29 and live in London. I am a client experience manager within the luxury sector and I am here to learn, share experiences and maybe develop some ideas. I'm an aspiring entrepreneur and I am hoping to find some like-minded people here ready to conquer the decade!

    Thank you and hope to get to know some of you!

  86. 1

    Hi all, I'm Mark. I'm a music producer, developer, and now entrepreneur, I guess!

    I launched https://timestamps.fm in March and have been working on growing it. It's a productivity tool for DJs that auto-generates a timestamped tracklist for a DJ mix. Making a timestamped tracklist manually is tedious, so this saves DJs time and sanity. Feel free to ask how it works if you're curious :)

    Right now it's a free utility site- no login, unlimited usage. The main area I need help is with strategy for converting this to a revenue-generating product! I have ~5 weekly users, and have been focused on getting more, but I have no long term plan and would like to develop one!

    Would love to connect with other indie hackers in the early stages of building an ultra-niche product :) Cheers!

  87. 1

    Hi Everyone. Isaic here from Minnesota. Always been interested in work that others are doing and have an entrepreneurial spirit that I need to push toward something real. Recently interested in the whole No Code movement. So many tools and options. I am not a developer and don't think that would be the right spot for me, but see the opportunity No Code can bring to everyone & their projects. Have a lot of ideas and need to nail them down.

    Currently playing around with No Code options to create sports games/pools around NFL, NBA. I think there is a lot of opportunity around gamifying the sports space yet, especially around gambling.

    Best wishes to everyone out here!

  88. 1

    Hello I am Emmanuel a builder an africapitalist leader believes he can change environment using the resources available changes

  89. 1

    Hi! I'm Valentin, software engineer from Vancouver, BC. I have been working on multiple projects in the last year or so:

    • Speakbox, mental health therapeutic support platform
    • Variate, the developer-friendly A/B testing tool
    • HiNote, live streaming platform for artists

    I also work 9-to-5 at Telus as a backend developer.

    Looking forward to interacting with the community!

  90. 1

    Hi All!
    Just wanted to say hi. I'm working on a side project called Jobalytics.co that I'm trying to grow and saw some great posts so I wanted to join in the conversation!

  91. 1

    Hey guys!

    I'm Ben and I am about a week away from graduating university. I studied computer and data science and I have always loved the idea of starting a business. I have been trying to brainstorm some projects and I hope that this community will be able to give me some ideas, motivation, and general tips throughout the process. I'm excited to be here and I wish everyone the best with their endeavors!

  92. 1

    Hi all!

    Long time lurker here, finally decided to join and start contributing.

    Currently working on couple projects:

    • TuneMeet.com website where you can get matched and chat with people who are listening to the same song right now
    • Another one is a website to compare grocery store prices and find the cheapest one
  93. 1

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Austin and I am an experienced Performance Marketer and aspiring entrepreneur. I have a background in sales and I have worked for a digital marketing agency with the most amount of Facebook spend in the world running monthly spends of up to $1 million per month. I also have some history working as a graphic designer (but wouldnt call myself an expert).

    Looking to partner up with someone and conquer the digital space in any way we can. I can assist in marketing, creative, landing page creation, and persuasive consultative selling!

    Nice to meet you all!

  94. 1

    Greetings from Italy, This is Riccardo speaking.... I’m the export manager of a company that produce design sanitary wares in ceramic http://www.axaone.it and I’m passionate about technology and coding. I’m looking for methods to improve the company where I work and to build new projects for myself. All the best!

  95. 1

    Hello everyone, My name is Cris. I’m 23, every job I have worked has went to crap soon after I started, I feel like a genuine piece of shit because of this. I’m hoping this website will help me develop ways to earn a steady income. Even just a living wage would be nice.

  96. 1

    Hello, I'm Hanna and I am currently a PhD student, Social Communication & Media Studies. My hobby is information-digging, especially in the business sector. I would love in the upcoming 4 years I want to create my side-business connected to the information management services. My goal is to manage academic, business & family life. Oh, and stop renting a flat.

  97. 1


    Im a developer/growth hacker that built a ton of products in the past. Winner of multiple hackathons, writer of some viral tools...I had one big sale but then spent it all on a failed idea. I worked a job for a few years now with covid and the possibility of losing my job I'm going to try to go back at it. My goal is 5 new products a week, then a week of hacking the SHIT out of growth for each one and seeing if any have legs.

    First idea - Overseer - a app that pays you to have someone remotely watch your screen to ensure you do work; $2 per 15 minutes. Imagine if you had someone watching your screen telling you to work.

    Second idea - 99Resumes - a site that crowdsources your resume for jobs

    I have a bunch of others - all Im looking for is one with legs. Excited to join the community

  98. 1

    Hello guys, my name is Gabriel and I'm a brazilian CS student in my second year. I want to study a lot about web development this year and have some projects out there.

  99. 1

    Hey there! I'm Alex, trying to become a good software engineer. When I was a student, I enjoy coding, but when I graduated, I find a job which not to be linked with coding. Now, I have more than 10 years of project management and engineer background in the non-IT sector, but now want to code.

  100. 1

    Hello I'm Will. I'm a product manager and former developer. I've always been building stuff and have had various small successes over the years. My latest projects are:

    okrdash.com - align your team around the most important outcomes. A tool for recording and tracking Objectives and Key Results.

    kanosurveys.com - discover what your users really want. A user research tool for running and analysing Kano Model questionnaires.

    Would love feedback on both of these things. I've had a few sign-ups but no real engagement yet so keen to find out why. Thanks!

  101. 1

    Hi, I'm Andy a freelance software engineer/web designer. Started freelancing/contracting last year and recently had sometime due to COVID to start a side project at https://naptime.app.
    Essentially it will be a service which controls your notifications from your calendar, rather than having notifications drive your schedule. The idea was born out of myself going down to 4 days a week and not wanting to be actively pinged by Slack on my phone. However Slack doesn't have the controls to set do not disturb every Thursday. Hence the idea was born :)

    I am also happy available for other technical projects. Find me at https://softwarecrafts.uk

  102. 1

    Hello, fellow indie hackers! I'm François. I'm a developer whose tried various business ideas over the last decade. I've always got a ton of ideas, but I want to learn from the indie hacker community and build things that sell.

    My goal is to learn the marketing and business model skills that I've been missing, get connected with a community of like-minded people, and have some fun doing it :D

  103. 1

    Hi everyone, my name is Jonathan. My friends and I just launched our RaaS (Reforestation as a Service) solution on https://DigitalHumani.com

    We provide simple and easy to use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help connect websites and mobile applications to trusted reforestation organizations to have trees planted.

    Our MVP is live since January 2020, and our API was used to have 4300 trees so far!

    The whole solution runs on AWS, and we can provide this service for free since we use the AWS Free-tier. The only things to pay are the trees, 1$ each, directly to one of our 3 renowned reforestation partners.

    Juste learned about IndieHackers.com this week, and will look for tips to help get new users. To help fight climate change, the world could really use a few more trees right now. :-)

    Oh, and for those of you who are developing an App or a Website, please contact us to try the API! We made it VERY easy to use by just having to call an API and we have a Test environment ready for you to use.


    Jonathan Villiard

  104. 1

    Hello! Early 30s. I am still in the exploration part of my journey. I am currently in school again for a career change into dietetics and plan to open my own practice afterwards. I am also interested in tech and learning beginner coding.

    1. 1

      Hi, Jaialex! I relate to your comment. I'm an almost 30 😅 who made a major career change 1 year ago. I dropped my finance job and learned how to code with some side projects. Now I'm building a free website to teach coding , finance for beginners and other stuff.

  105. 1

    I live in Dallas, TX and I help people / companies automate the mundane on Windows computers. I mostly teach people how to use AutoHotkey to work smarter, not harder. I've given over 50 webinars and have over 600 videos on YouTube. I also have 3 Udemy courses teaching people how to automate their desktop computers.

    My website is the-Automator.com where I show people how to automate the mundane.

    I also have a masters in market research and spend ~20 years working as a data scientist.

    My passions also include direct marketing which is WAY more efficient than any sort of mass-marketing! I'm a huge fan of Dan Kennedy, Jeff Slutsky, John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Joseph Sugarman, Claude Hopkins, Bill Bishop, Jay Abraham, and Victor Schwab. (Oh I guess I should say I read a lot too!)

  106. 1

    I am Moshe, to be entrepreneur. early 40s.
    I am looking for a place to brainstorm ideas and to learn how to apply them.

    My main challenge is to find that thing that will hook me.

  107. 1

    I am Stas. Marketer with a strong SEO Background. But right now am starting the SaaS SEO tool BACKLINKCONTROL (https://backlinkcontrol.com/). And by COVID19 situation am forced to make it next Tuesday (May, 19)

    The long-read version with dramaturgy and suspense regarding how that happened you can read here: https://medium.com/@StasVa/saas-product-from-0-to-profit-54afc6c57fe1

  108. 1

    Hello everyone! I'm Lee and I started a service that gives users a daily list of cheap stocks with high option premiums - fancyoptions.com.

    The email is sent out daily and provides a list of cheap stocks with high premiums along with a list of possible option selling strategies for these stocks.

    I am looking to provide an educational competent to this daily list along with adding unusual activity in the options market for subscribed users. Thank you for your time in reading this.

  109. 1

    New to the site. I have been working on setting up multiple streams of income from my primary occupation to real estate to a side business. I discovered this website and hope to utilize the resources to set up an online business. Working from home the past 6 weeks has increased my desire to work when and where I want to.

  110. 1

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Uday. After working 19 years at the same company, last Thursday happened to be my last day at work. But I hope that this will bring other opportunities and guess what, I happened to get a really nice domain name, TicketStud.io today ( I hope it is nice, not sure if I should try for .com but they are so difficult to get.)
    I have no background of web development, so I am going to start learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails etc. I am hoping to bring my MVP in next 6 months. The plan is to have SaaS application selling tickets online.
    Happy to be part of this community.

  111. 1

    Hey everyone, my name is Anita. I've recently launched Ampstor (https://www.ampstor.co/), a nocode tool for creating web pages, that look like Instagram stories. I am also working as a growth engineer in a nocode machine learning company (https://www.intersectlabs.io/) and we are trying to democratize machine learning to be accessible for everyone!

    I would love to discuss ideas with people on growth, machine learning, technology and nocode. Looking forward to it!

  112. 1

    Hi! My name is Foad. I have been lurking in IH and listing to @csallen interviews for a long time. But last week I finally decided to stop dreaming and do what it takes to transform my 9-5-work-for-others life to an indie hacker one! So I launched my first real indie project pyremote.com to scratch my own itch. I had so much fun building the MVP. I am also starting to blog and gather an audience. I know for a fact that I have a lot of things to learn from all of the wonderful people here. So here I am :)

  113. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Santiago and last week I've decided to become self-employed.

    I provide tech consulting with a focus on leadership and web/mobile development, strategy, testing, deployment. I'm also interested in creating digital assets in the form of videos or ebooks.

    First, I'm trying to provide value by writing about leadership and lessons learned in medium, dev.to, and recording tech videos on youtube.

    I hope to start building an audience on twitter that eventually gets me my chance to provide my services and become self-employed.

    I would love to find a mentor guiding me in these new waters.
    You can find me in twitter @sesteva or checkout my articles here https://dev.to/sesteva

    Thank you

  114. 1

    Hi gang, I'm Andy and during this curious time with Corona Virus consuming emotion, energy, enthusiasm, hopes, and dreams, I'm launching a subscription-based newsletter that addresses macro-level issues to push and prod readers into action (investment or building a business to respond to a need). News delivery must change. The format hasn't changed since the written text went to the screen. These macro-issue based newsletters will allow a flow of monitored communications with subject matter experts or subscribers for a digital round-table. The topic remains active until the community no longer demonstrates further demand/interest. We will touch "third rail" issues including politics, religion, and race. We will discuss what to anticipate from each other for the next few years coming out of this Covid-19 era. We will look at business and social issues alike. At times, we may even be completely right. Thoughts will be respectfully presented and considered discussions entertained.

    I'm from the SAP global corporate consulting world and moving into something of a passion. I look forward to suggestions on platform selection and subscription generation ideas. I'm sure I'll generate 100s of mistakes. but that's part of the joy of the journey.

  115. 1

    Hey everyone,

    I recently relaunched geocodify.com.

    Geocodify is a free, simple-to-use, enterprise-grade geocoding, geoparsing, address parsing, elevation, and maps API that allows you to build location-aware applications.

    Our API covers 500 million addresses and points-of-interest (POIs), 4.8 million cities, and 110 million streets. Geocodify was built to serve a global community of developers, startups, and enterprises; serving millions of requests daily.

    Looking forward to being a valuable part of this community.

    With kind regards,

  116. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm James and I'm working on ExploitPedia with a good friend of mine. We found that whenever researching cyber security it was difficult to find a catalogue of exploits that was easy to search and understand, so we made our own.

    We've just got a coming soon page up so feel free to check in.



  117. 1

    Hi everybody - I'm Tyler, and I recently launched a new passion project Code Faster to help developers improve their productivity. I've been really passionate about developer productivity for the past 9 years, invested countless hours learning productive developer tools, reading everything I could find, and developing original techniques to improve productivity.

    My first step is a blog https://codefaster.substack.com which discusses tools and techniques for being a faster developer.

    Step 2? Who knows! It could be consulting, a product, mentorship, or even a type of business that hasn't been invented yet. Whatever helps people code faster, that's what I want to do.

  118. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm James and last night I launched v1 of marketeer.buzz. If you enter some details about your company and target customer, the marketeer algorithm finds online communities for you to market to. You then will be sent a report to your email within 24 hours outlining the community and how you should phrase your post.

    Please check it out at marketeer.buzz if you need help getting the first users of your side business!!!


    1. 1

      Will defo be keeping an eye on this one!

  119. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Mohamed it's first post for me in one of the biggest and very helpful community, soon I will launch the first version of my first App its POS system.
    Thanks all of you

  120. 1

    Hey everyone,I'm Erakora Victory.. I'm into web development although I just started it and I want to make something great out of it. I'm also a music lover..I'love singing and I hope to inspire people with my songs as I key into it more..I'm happy to be here and I believe I'm gonna learn a lot to help me accomplish my dreams of becoming a successful web developer and also a great musician..

  121. 1

    Hey everyone,
    I'm Luke from Poland. I'm having fun with B2B marketing for 3 years now. I'm more than happy that I found this site. I'm sure I'll find some interesting stuff here that will help me to become a T-shaped marketing specialist at some point. Cheers!

  122. 1

    Excited to join the indie hacker community! ✌️

  123. 1

    Hello, hello everybody. My name is Anastas and I'm seeking ways to learn how to build my financial freedom. I have bacground in economics but great admiration to the programming world. I joined the community to get inspired and see if there are any other non-coders that have made SaaS or other web-based products.

    • currently, I'm interested in the open-source projects, SaaS and was to utilize hosting space.

    any suggestions will be of great help

    Thanks for reading!

  124. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers,
    My name is Brenda - co-founder of SKWSH.

    SKWSH is a next-gen dating app that goes one step further by suggesting date locations and letting both parties know when they’ve arrived at their date spot; eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth and the uncertainty of meeting in person all within 96 hours.

    We just finished building our MVP and we are super excited to launch on both Android and iOS. We are currently looking for a CTO, if you're interested reach out! I'd like to learn more about growth hacking and marketing in general now that we're close to launch. Nice to meet you all and happy to be here!

    Check out the website at getskwsh.com and follow us on social media - @getskwsh :)

  125. 1

    Hey Indie Hackers :) long time lurker here. I just launched my first website unitdemand.com -- a tool to find price sensitivity among your products. It's still a bit clunky and it's definitely a situation in which I put too much time into the MVP instead of market validation, but making it was a lot of fun.

  126. 1

    Hi Rosie / all - Donald here.

    I have always been interested in becoming an Entrepreneur but for various reasons such as lack of confidence in myself / idea, I haven't really moved. I was listening to a Youtube video who suggested this is the best community to join to stay motivated.

    On here to learn from the experts plus to motivate myself to move beyond my fears and start something.

    Thanks all

  127. 1

    Hi everyone, I am Ali. Nice to meet you all. Hope you are spending good time during this pandemic. I am a developer and I am feeling great to be a part of the indie hacker. Thank You!

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

  128. 1

    I'm Steve and I'm making a multiplayer whiteboard at browserboard.com. I have a lot of experience building live collaboration tools and illustration programs, and after shelter-in-place, I saw an opportunity to explore the space a bit. It's still rough and I have absolutely no users, but the market for online collaboration tools is huge and I'm ready to put in the work to find a niche and iterate.

  129. 1

    Hey, Artur here! 👨‍💻 I'm a creative developer from Eastern Europe. I am usually into building cool looking stuff that's hard to monetize. For almost two years I've been working on a design system that let's you build mobile-friendly apps that look like Windows95 (https://github.com/arturbien/React95).

    Recently I've launched Coins95- free cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app utilizing previously mentioned design system. You can play with it here: https://coins95.web.app/.

    If you want to get in touch or follow my progress you can find me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/artur_bien)

    Thanks! ♥️

  130. 1


    My name is Chuch Nichols. I'm from Salt Lake City, UT. I am an entrepreneur and currently teaching my self front-end web development. I enjoy working out, playing sports, and playing around with Web Design. I currently work as a Marketing/Sales Specialist

  131. 1

    After 14 slow months I finished the front end version of my app. Now I just need to add the back end. Have I mentioned I have never dealt with databases, user accounts, authentication, subscriptions, etc 😟

    This shouldn't be too hard right?

  132. 1

    This is David I create tutorials on React and Node and some other stuff also created voiceduck.com for people that want to create voice apps for Alexa with no code .

  133. 1

    Hi indiehackers, I'm Susanne.

    I'm looking for easy to build marketplace solutions since I'm not a coder. I compared bubble.io and Sharetribe and several WordPress solutions.

    1. bubble.io and Sharetribe flex take quite some time to build. Also, I need to run it on servers in Germany because of data protection. With this restriction, bubble.io charges > 1.500/mth for an AWS hosting in Germany.
    2. WordPress solutions like WooCommerce lock up quickly. Also, adding app integrations easily screws up the performance with WooCommerce.

    Key functionalities I'm looking for:

    • event creator
    • appointment planner
    • advanced filter options
    • checkout
    • payment integration
    • chat integration
    • video integration

    Do you have any other marketplace solution that you can recommend?
    Or sth like a wizard to easily build a marketplace? @racheljcox and I were wondering if there are technical restrictions/ obstacles why there is no wizard out there yet.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks a lot!! Susanne

  134. 1

    Hi all - Im Anthony. I'm here to learn more about getting traction for a developer tool we've created - https://linx.software. Its built to make backend programming faster and easier, but notoriously backend programmers are reluctant to change. SO Im here to learn what will convince them....

  135. 1

    Hi all, Jonathan from New Zealand here. I'm currently building https://gitarborist.com - a Github app to manage PRs that depend on other PRs (i.e. merge order is important), as well as scheduling merges and auto-merging after CI.

    I've seen this PR-dependency issue in both my current and previous companies so suspect there's a market out there. Also was inspired by the microconf talk by the guy who founded PullRequestReminders (later PullPanda).

    Would love for this side project to become the springboard that gets me out of the "dollars for hours" lifestyle, but there's a long road ahead. 7 users currently, need to get 100 before Github will verify the app so currently trying to be in "growth mode", though as a developer this is not my comfort zone ;)

  136. 1

    Oh hey everyone - I'm Stefan. I'm a writer, remote entrepreneur, and publisher of remote work newsletter Remotely Inclined (https://remotelyinclined.substack.com/).

    I started my business as a remote side hustle back in 2017, taking it full-time remote in 2019 after working in 3 startups.

    Now, I like blathering on about all the things I write for clients + myself + a website I run editorial for called PulseBlueprint (http://pulseblueprint.com/).

    Say hi on Twitter --> https://twitter.com/stefanpalios

  137. 1

    Hi Everyone, I am Michael Efemena Computer Engineering student and co-founder of biko.ng

    Biko.ng is a saas application which helps small and medium scale businesses in Africa create and manage their online stores without writing any code.

    We just started testing our MVP this week

    You can check us out at https://biko.ng - your reviews would be highly appreciated

  138. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Jackson. I'm currently bootstrapping a travel planning startup - GoPavel - which I am very passionate about. Unfortunately, Covid-19 is a big hit to tourism industry so the growth is really slow. Hopefully it would be better in the next 6 months.

    Please check it out gopavel.com if you are looking for travel inspiration or wanting to plan your next travel.



  139. 1

    Hi Everyone,

    I am an entrepreneur with a Data backgroud (ex Head of Data). I'm really interested in content marketing now and launched a website for digital nomads called www.remotetribe.life . I plan to grow it to support remote workers all over the world

  140. 1

    Hi everyone! My name is Ameet and I learned about IndieHackers on Twitter and thought it was a cool community to be a part of. My website, ameet-madan.ch, is my only live project at the moment. I have been trying to make it better from day to day, working on a second version as well. I feel comfortable in Front-End Development, but I want to explore the back-end soon.

  141. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Rein and I am here searching for more insightful ideas for my learning. I am a Mechatronics enthusiast and I am excited to meet anyone and share my growth with.

  142. 1

    Hello there my name is Ernie Salguero.
    I'm a good looking guy with a big bright smile standing around 5'6 feet tall.
    I was born and raised in Houston, TX. The Great State by the way!
    A little history about myself is all entrepreneurship since I remember how to remember.
    I grew up in a single family home, with a single mother raising me. I am the bigger sibling to my only sister. I learned sales from my mother as she was always trying to make ends meet. From those experiences at younger age I became knowledgeable more on hos to make money independently. Until now I realized well that's what entrepreneurs do! So that makes me an entrepreneur. I am currently invested in Real Estate & stocks in NYSE, but I love entrepreneurship so much I'm eager to meet others with the same mentality as me. I love challenges there is nothing I can not do so bring it! Thanks for accepting me to your community feel free to contact me anytime.

  143. 1

    Ola meu nome é Walter 49 anos sou de Guapiara SP Brasil, funcionário publico municipal e procuro ferramentas para automação que agilize processos de trabalhos

  144. 1

    Hi Indiehackers!

    My name is Josef, I'm one of the directors of Indigro Digital, a nocode/advertising agency based in the UK.

    We've got some really exciting projects in the works. These include a social media strategy maker that asks various questions and emails you a bespoke social media strategy & a new influencer platform we're working on.

    We're also getting a lot more app development gigs that we facilitate by using adalo & glide to create cost effective mobile & web apps for smaller businesses who would usually be priced out.

    I get so caught up in work & often don't get time to speak with others in the nocode community or even do a good amount of R&D, so if anyone wants to bounce ideas off me, use me as a guinea pig or simply have chat, don't hesitate to drop me a message, call or email!

    Cheers guys,

  145. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Michael and I'm a web developer. I've built a couple community websites for video games (ex. https://siegrs.gg) that help players find teams and others to play with. Although these projects have had decent traction (30-180k members) I never really approached them as a business; more as a hobby. I'm looking to change that, and really learn what it takes to start a profitable SaaS business.

    I am also looking for a new job at the moment, which led me to create an app to help track the status of a given job application and create reminders for myself to follow up with certain companies. I get excited about building something new, and skip over important steps in building an audience, marketing, etc. So, I'm forcing myself to slow down on the dev side and learn more about the business side.

    Looking forward to connecting with people and learning A TON from everyone who's willing to share their success or failures.

    -- Michael - @michaelmesserli)

  146. 1

    I built an app and am in the process of selling it to a bigger company. Now I build apps for other people at www.approachablegeek.com, and am interested in meeting other founders

  147. 1

    My name is Polly. I am registering for the first time on a similar site

  148. 1

    Hello people! My name is Alessandro Navarros, I am a Brazilian, graduated in Administration and have worked as a business consultant for over 20 years. I am a beginner in the non-code application creation segment. My friend Renato Asse from the SemCodar community introduced me to this world. A wonderful human being who shares all his knowledge, free of charge with people. Speaking frankly with you, I come from a series of successive disappointments in my latest ventures and I see this model of programming without code as a great opportunity to resume my life and give a better future for my family. My goal is to create an application aimed at a logistics marketplace with a focus on cargo transportation. Although I am not fluent in the English language, I can communicate well in writing. I will be very grateful with the guidance help of everyone who can help me. Thank you so much for letting me be part of that community. Hug!

  149. 1

    Hey, Iam akhilkrishna, Founder , CEO, Getlead Analytics private Limited. We help businesses to Generate and manage Leads.

  150. 1

    Hi all,

    I'm Anthony, an Indie Hacker based in Dublin, Ireland.

    A few days ago I launched https://socca.io - a virtual café where people from all backgrounds and horizons can meet up for a few minutes to learn new things, share their ideas and challenge their beliefs.

    I started SOCCA with the idea that people should be able to inquire with one another as equals, as we all have our own knowledge, experiences and wisdom.

    On the platform, people can either chat about one of the 50+ topics available or find a match and share their ideas on a curated "Discussion of the Day". At the moment, people can share their thoughts about the following question:

    Individuals in Society: Where does your responsibility begin and end?

    This is a quite relevant discussion these days considering that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has raised questions over individual liberties versus the common good. If you'd like to give it a try, you might not be able to find a match right now, but just let me know, I'll join in, and we can match and chat together on the platform.

    Hope to see you around on both IH and SOCCA! Stay safe

  151. 1

    Hi everyone, I just watched a youtube video from Ali Abdaal, and because of his video I search about indiehackers.com. I really want to learn more about the digital aspect. I don't have enough knowledge for this area such as making a website, blogging, video, and so on. I want to try to make my first blog. But I am still struggling to find my topic. I hope I can find a way. A little bit of myself, I am still a student right now. :)

  152. 1

    Hello everyone!

    I founded Lumiate (lumiate.co), the first mindfulness app designed for the digital work environment. To make screen time mindful, we combine efficacy-based guided meditations with patented display software, think Night Mode for mindfulness, that can assist meditation throughout the day, when you're too busy to meditate.

    I invented the software and since partnered with a PhD who teaches Meditation Theory at Dartmouth. He helped create the guided meditation program and helped invent the display software meditations.

    Please check it out at lumiate.co--the app is free to download.


  153. 1

    Hey IndieHackers! I'm a longtime listener of the IndieHacker podcast, finally decided to join the online community.

    I do a little bit of everything: blog, side projects, design, and no-code. Biggest project right now is creating a system to connect freelancers to the best platform for them. Looking forward to seeing everyone's projects and learning everything I can!

  154. 1

    Hello, I am Anghel Valentin, and I am .NET developer and fresh graduate. I am 24 years old and I love history and psychology beside programming.

    I started a website https://randommer.io in December to learn more about programming and how to increase a website traffic. This website let you to generate and validate data like phone numbers, bitcoin addresses, IBAN and many more. Currently, there are over 70 different functions and I add more every day.

  155. 1

    Hi all, I'm Vance, I own a motion design studio and currently am pursuing a Masters's degree at USC's Iovine and Young Academy. I'm looking for a partner to help develop a design pre-visualization tool I'm calling MindFrame. Here's a short video explaining what it's all about.


    I'm hoping to find a development partner in the coming months and build out an MVP. I have very minimal coding experience but have a clear vision of what I want to build and how to market it.


  156. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers!
    I am Justin, founder of J&JClub - https://jjtravelclub.com. A few months ago we launched the first version of our product. We aim to disrupt the travel industry by eliminating intermediaries and introducing novel access to travel inventory.
    Just imagine being your own travel agent and not paying whose 35% commissions or other huge fees intermediaries are charging. Our members get access to travel inventory with a 0% margin. We are laser-focused​ on sourcing the best travel inventory with a zero-margin for our members. Just think of access to bed banks or private transfers with the cheapest rates ever.

    Last 6 years I was in charge of growth at an online travel agency and bootstrapped tour operator. Being an insider of the travel industry led the path to a new venture.

    1. 1

      Hi Justin,i'm not in the travel industry YET,is this an opportunity that i can start an Travel Agency,Raymond in Ireland

  157. 1

    Hi Folks, I am Stephen. I have been in technology for 23 years as a developer, team lead, architect, CTO and maker.

    I love technology and startups.

    Where I work well is with a great ideas guy (CEO), an awesome money guy (CFO) with me making the tech (CTO).

    I have done a bit of Silicon Valley and was a founder for a fintech startup.

    But my passion now is helping tech startups become great without having to fork out company killing debt.

    Cheers :)

  158. 1

    Hey there 👋 My name is Sebastien. I host a popular crypto podcast called Epicenter where we interview founders, developers. My background is in marketing, but I also have a strong web development background.

    Recently, I became interested in developing other passive revenue sources and discovered the Indie Hackers community.

  159. 1

    Hey folks, I’m Roy, designer and maker based in Berlin. I’m the cofounder of Sketch Runner. It’s a plugin for the Sketch design tool that lets designers work faster by triggering actions and accessing components through a quick menu. We launched a premium version a little over year ago and it’s been going well so far.

    Recently I started listening more to podcasts, following makers, and reading articles, to figure out what’s next for me. Excited to be part of this community!

    Feedback on Runner, or anything Sketch related is always welcome :)

  160. 1

    Hello everyone! I'm a long time follower of IndieHackers even before they came out with the podcasts. Some months ago I started thevueguy.com project and today I created my IndieHackers account to log my progress, share and learn from the community.

    I'll be creating content related to VueJS, Gridsome and other frontend technologies. Looking forward hearing from y'all. Let me know any feedback you have and you can follow me on twitter as well @thevueguy.

    Keep rocking!

  161. 1

    Hello to every one,
    nice to be here. I started my first company a year ago and now I am happy to be part of this striving entrepreneur-community.

    With Generato.com we want to ease the software writing process by customizable templates and a visual development approach, check it out if you are currently in need of a Node.js API, Java, Angular, or Vue Code.

    Looking forward for your tips, approaches, feedback, and stories.
    All the best,


  162. 1

    Hey everyone,

    I'm Mark!

    Around a year ago I embarked on a mission to make high-quality guidance for tech entrepreneurs more accessible and affordable.
    As a solo founder I understand how important it is to get the right support, and I want to create a place where founders can have access to people with REAL startup experience, and engage with these people to work towards project goals and KPIs.

    I recently launched the new site;

    As the platform is (very) early stages, all advisors are currently offering to undertake FREE calls for early adopters.
    The advisors experience ranges from AI, to Fin tech, to Robotics, and everything in between!
    If you'd like to sign up it's quick and free on the website. You can also get in touch and ask me any questions; [email protected]

    Also, I am looking for a Co-founder/CTO who has experience building out Marketplaces and/or SaaS applications and is interested in working on a project in the startup / investor ecosystem. If you're interested hit me up on the email address above.

    Cheeeers :)

  163. 1

    Hi Rosie Sherry!

    How are you today?

    1. 1

      Doing Good thanks Rosie!

  164. 1

    Hello! Matt here~ it's my first day.
    I launched a free, small business website about what I call "chain sharing."
    Share one business to share your own and the cycle continues.
    All posts are also shared on all KiShares pages and social media.

    Since one of the first steps of starting a business is forming partnerships to mutually share each other, I made it automatic, programmatically.
    I hope to replace paid marketing and create a community of businesses sharing each other.

  165. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm about to launch my first-ever SaaS business. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and being a part of this community. In the past, I've helped to grow startups into multi-million global companies. If I can help you with anything to do with business development, sales, marketing, ideation/innovation, hiring and strategy - just give me a shout!

    1. 1

      Heya, what's your startup about?

  166. 1

    Hey everyone! My name is Guilherme, and I'm deeply passionate about technology and everything that it implies.

    During the weekend I decided it was time to actually build something and take it from conception to launch. So I've launched http://colouring.xyz/! A very simple-to-use tool that converts any image into a ready-to-colour image 😀Looking forward for some great feedback on it - you can find out more on https://www.producthunt.com/posts/colouring

    Thanks, and have a great day!

  167. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm codewebduh!

    I am an electrical/ Mechatronics and Physics grad student. I mainly focus on developing nifty simulations and robots. I'm just here for the free knowledge!

  168. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Philip. An Entrepreneur based between London and Germany!

    For the last 12'ish months I've been on that lonely road of Entrepreneurship and have been developing my Tiny GPS Tracker Startup, that will hopefully pre-launch some time in the next few weeks.

    It's been a rocky road to get my MVP but everything is it's certainly coming together now. Wow... the journey so far has been so challenging, yet fun at the same time. I'm sure many of you can put your hands up for working 12+ hours a day!

    What I've set out to accomplish in 2020 is to really make less mistakes and learn from the errors from the day, month or year before. It's quite disturbing seeing time fly by so fast these days, so that said my ultimate goal is to make better decision now to bring a brighter future tomorrow. If I can also build a strong team, to steer my venture from zero to hero this would be fantastic!


  169. 1

    Hello, folks, my name is Hendy.

    I am 23 years old and I have decided to take the path of entrepreneurship. As you can imagine, lasagna is my favourite food! I found out about the site on youtube and I liked the concept of community and poadcast from the very first seconds. So what's my work? I created an educational web application for college students. In these times of pandemic, I find it will be useful in the community. Giving me your opinion on the subject would be appreciated :) .


  170. 1

    Hello all,

    Nice to meet you all in these bizarre times we are going through. I am a technical lead building user-focussed web applications for 10+ years. I've always had ideas I'd want to move forward but never fully committed to them. So trying to get inspired but also hopefully help others who don't quite know the best route on how to build something.


  171. 1

    Hello all! My name is Ian and I am the Communications Manager at decentralized app data tracking service DappRadar - your most trusted source for dapp data https://dappradar.com/

    DappRadar has become the starting point for dapp discovery and acts as a distribution channel for dapp developers that are looking to reach new consumers. Tracking over 3,000 dapps across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and ONT, with plans to expand to others.

  172. 1

    Hey all,

    I'm Rodney - I started a successful non-tech company in college & I am using that money to invest in some startups these days.

    Now I'm looking to start another (more scalable) startup asap! Currently searching for big problems, thinking of ideas.

    Would be down to chat about ideas!

  173. 1

    Hi @rosiesherry! I've followed you here from your newsletters.
    I work building communities and growing ambassador networks for brands. It also drives some of my personal goals involving meet-ups, learning, collaborating and adventure travel. I've been considering a book club focussed on community building, and between Rosie's newsletter and some other posts in IH this seemed a sensible place to meet people.

  174. 1

    hi i'm martins victor, medical student and aspiring entrepreneur. I want to start an ecommerce and dropshipping business because of the futuristic value and long term gain to truly make wealth like the likes of jeff bezos

  175. 1

    Hey! Sandeep. Code Monkey. -10 Business Savy. Haha.
    Working on an AR app.

    Hoping to meet interesting people here :)

  176. 1

    Hi all, I'm Ian. I'm trying to teach people how to code and eventually become software engineers (or build a business!).

    I'm technical, so naturally I have a product and precisely zero idea how to market it. Here's to learning new skills 🍻

  177. 1

    Hi! I'm Mike, current project manager, learning to develop and aspire to be an entrepreneur. I'm attracted to the idea of developing a SaaS to solve urgent problems for a small subset of people. Also, I'm particularly interested in the the areas of blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized identity. Look forward to meeting like-minded folks here!

  178. 1

    Hi there, I'm Trish - Founder of an AsiaPac-based start-up helping businesses fulfil their ESG commitments around plastic impact. We have two products - a marketplace app and a SaaS measurement tool. We are for-profit and purpose. Really looking forward to community collaboration. Cheers, Trish

  179. 1

    Hi I'm Mike. I quit my well paying software engineering job in January and since then I've had a series of adventures till April 16th. On apr 16th I bought an e-commerce brand from my mentor and I've been steadily growing it since then. My goal for the first month is 3k revenue, and I plan on increasing top line revenue by 1k each month. I'll be doing it through scaling up ads, and making my way on to other online sales channels besides Shopify.
    edit: my store is at www.chiefsformen.com please let me know if you have any feedback!

  180. 1

    Hi there! Hoping to learn a lot. Love IH :)

  181. 1

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Matt Madeiro. I'm a designer/developer of apps and websites based in Houston, Texas. I've spent the last six months developing an online tool to create interactive stories. (The closest approximation would be interactive fiction, but the tool has enough flex to create text and image-based games, too.)

    This is—at the moment—more of a passion project than a super fleshed out business plan. My chief motivation is to give back to the interactive fiction community. I owe so much of my programming and writing skills to it, and I remember vividly a much younger version of myself falling in love with the stories and wanting to tell my own. Income is a secondary goal, but I'm hoping by interacting with the community here that I might learn better how to monetize what I've built.

    No landing page to share just yet, but I'll post images of the app in progress if I'm able. I'd say it's about 75% complete at this moment in time.

    Really looking forward to meeting everyone here. If I can be of help to anyone, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

    1. 2

      fellow houstonian here! good luck :)

      1. 1

        Thanks, Mike! :) Hope you're staying healthy in H-town. Give me a shout if I can help with your indie hacking.

  182. 1

    Hi, Bobby Fin here.

    I've had a new idea a day for as long an I can remember. I haven't actually been able to finish any of my ideas until two weeks ago. I finally published an online course on how to make gigantic bubbles (https://bubble-innovation.thinkific.com/courses/how-to-make-gigantic-soap-bubbles). I'm excited to keep bringing new ideas to life as I still struggle with the daily grind.

    The hardest part is focusing on the ideas I can do with my current skills until I can find a team.

  183. 1


    I'm Ethan, 26 yr old fitness entrepreneur who has been coding swift (iOS dev), python (machine learning), and html/css (web development) for the past 6 months. I've read well over 100 business books over the years and I have experienced moderate success with my previous online businesses but nothing substantial. I am looking to build exciting online businesses and/or two sided marketplaces that help people connect in unique ways.

  184. 1

    Hi everyone!

    I’m really excited to have found indie hackers - I’ve been looking for a place like this for a while...found it via a reddit comment.

    I’m a doctor among other things, keen to build some web apps for doctors.

    I’ve created just one successful online business and looking for my next side gig. Looking for new ideas and skills and learning from you guys ! Open to anything really.

  185. 1

    Hey there, I'm Ret here, I'm building a new product likely to be what i would be working on for the next one year if everything goes according to plan. It's why i'm here to see that it grows. She's called pushdeploy.io

  186. 1

    Hi all, I'm Noah, an iOS developer - professional and do indie apps on the side. Currently working on getfluency.io, which is a macOS which lets you use Atlassian Confluence (a wiki software used by very many big tech companies) at "lightning speed". Happy to be here!

    1. 1

      Hey Noah! sounds exciting! Looking forward to monitoring your progress

  187. 1

    Hi Rosie!
    I am Rajesh and I work as a freelance developer. I wish to develop a SAAS app.
    I am here to learn new things & get inspiration from other entrepreneurs.

  188. 1

    Hey my name is Scott and I'm working on an idea called Dejatune. The idea involves around connecting fans with their live music experience (festivals + concerts) and equipping them with tools to bring home that experience digitally. I'm looking to connect with line-minded individuals to see how to bring this idea to life.

  189. 1

    Hey there,

    I am Joe Barbour, I am the fully remote CTO of Knoma.io now based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I love building things, especially iOS apps (that is my background). I love hearing and reading about founders stories and am looking forward to been a part of this community... again, last time I was here was before you were acquired by Stripe.

  190. 1

    Hi everyone,

    I am Peter, a former automotive engineer, who got retrained to a coder 3 years ago and now works as a web developer for a small UK based start-up. Ever since I joined this amazing software engineering journey I was thinking about building something great myself and the time has come now.

    I have started to work on something I'd like to think of as HackerNews for automotive industry. The first on my todo list was to get a React app up and running on GCloud and link it with my custom domain. Well, there is not much there yet, but you can now find it on autonews.io!

    Yay! 🎉

  191. 1

    Hey everyone! I am Chris from Australia, I am currently a Partnership Mananager for a large Telco company building out an Appstore by onboarding developers.

    My real passion is AR. I would love connect with someone who works on AR apps. I have clients who I can easily connect with to sell my idea but dont have the skills to get my product launched.

    I am looking for a technical developer to get an MVP by end of 2020. Reach out if you want to know more!

  192. 1

    Hi people! Happy to be here.

  193. 1

    Hye there!

    This is Nandita. I am working on an app based product which aims at helping people achieve their unfulfilled aspirations.

    Happy to be a part of this community

  194. 1


    I'm Sai, co-founder and CTO of a wellness company. We are developing an AI based wellness assistant. We are currently focussed on design and developing a MVP.

    My goal is to complete the MVP, get the user feedback, improvise and launch the app by end of 2020. Also, to raise the funding after MVP.

    Excited to be part of this community.

    1. 1

      What area of wellness? Meditation? Exercise? Yoga? All the above?

  195. 1

    I'm Leorio, I recently quit my job to become an IndieHacker. I'm a developer and I know pretty much nothing about building online businesses but I'm trying to learn fast.

    I just launched a website to track public opinions on Bitcoin - blocksnacks.com. My goal is to make this into something useful for people.

  196. 1

    I am Andrea Maffia from Italy, graduate in Political Sciences and International Relations. At the moment I'm looking for a job but the thing that I really want to achieve in life is creating my own business so I'm here also because I'm trying to find cool partners to develope my idea together.

  197. 1

    I am Jailany, a Fullstack Engineer(well, a frontend first but turned into a fullstack engineer) from India. Just took the big first step of committing to building a product in the Software development tools space. Looking forward to connecting and learning from the community.

    Big thanks to @rosiesherry for the kind words above.

  198. 1

    I'm Tsitsi, I have so many ideas and never follow through in getting them complete or launched, it's time to actually finish something. I want to stop over analysing, learn the basics, teach others and get going, and make money whilst I'm at it.
    And change the world...

  199. 1

    I'm Naga, from Vancouver Canada. Expert in Business Analytics. Aspiring entrepreneur working on a startup idea. Looking to meet up people who are core finance and/or AI experts. Would love to share my idea and find a potential founding partner.

  200. 1

    Hello, I am idriemiathompson and I am glad to be a part of the community. Be safe everyone.

  201. 1

    Hi all, I'm Jonathan. I built an online marketplace for taxis, minibuses and coach hire in the UK. We have a turnover just shy of £10m, and I would welcome people to work with me to create a side hustle using my technology. Our website is www.taxicode.com. We are currently building a Wordpress plugin that will allow anybody to build a Wordpress site and offer a similar service.

  202. 1

    I'm Francesco, an environmental engineer currently working in a large corporate as a technology advisor.
    My goal is to develop a side hustle in order to become financially indipendet and travel with my girlfriend!

  203. 1

    Hello, please be good to me, I am new here :)

  204. 1

    Hai Rosie I'm mizzy nice meeting you

  205. 1

    Hello, please be good to me, am new here

  206. 1

    Hello Guys,
    I'm Somyanath, currently working as a junior front end developer. I have a target of learning all the basics of trading and start earning from trading by the end of this year. Also, I'm learning new skills to hep me grow in my job. Currently, I'm targeting only trading but down the line I also want to get into youtube and skill share so that I can start building up my passive income sources.

  207. 1

    Hello everyone!
    I am Kishoraditya Chaudhari, an aspiring entrepreneur. I love to create things and even now I am in middle of creating a basic app but might help in times of Covid! I am mainly come from electronics and energy domains, but not new to coding either. I hope to ship atleast one product or generate 10 leads on IT based product in 2020. Looking forward to learn a lot of things and maybe teach a few if possible, also to meet many great people here! Feel free to connect.

  208. 1

    Hi there,

    I am the Co founder and CEO of a fast growing design agency brucira.com where we deliver services mainly into product design, illustrations and digital marketing.
    We are also developing multiple tools to impove the productivity of the team so they can focus more on design.

    I came to know about this platform recently and found it really interesting. Currently, we are about to launch our latest product ruttl.com and for the same I am looking for expert advice and growth hacks

  209. 1

    Hey i am Muxie, a network engineer and an aspiring entrepreneur. I am working on my first B2B SaaS tool www.keeyboo.com, a network documentation tool.
    I am excited to be part of this community and hope to learn from you all.

    KeeyBoo is a simple, documentation tool that helps businesses keep track of their network infrastructure. We’ve incorporated industry and user feedback to rid our UX of unnecessary features, streamlining KeeyBoo with well-organized tools most relevant to the network engineers.

    My goal is to learn how a one man startup can get off the ground and get paying business customers.

  210. 1

    Hey All! Came across this site and WOW! Looks like something that I really, really could tap into as my company begins to grow. WorldsBestCompany.com is a network of 24 sites praising every person on the planet, well, that's the intent. Celebrate your Mother at WorldsBestMom.com, your Supervisor at WorldsBestBoss.com or your poodle at WorldsBestPet.com. Making the world a better place, one page at a time. Let's go!!

  211. 1

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm Josh, a fermentation scientist jumping into the rabbit hole of computer programming to make my life easier.

  212. 1

    I'm Merbin J Anselm, a full-time Software developer. I've been experimenting with my ideas, but went full on with money making way. Discovered this awesome site and a community I've been searching for, randomly by accident. I hope I'd find a way and leave my job one day!

  213. 1

    Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a data scientist in SF and have worked in media over the past few years, focusin on growth. Excited to learn and share with you all!

  214. 1

    Hello all, I'm Austin, software engineer and hardware enthusiast. Hoping to work towards building my own thing in 2020.

  215. 1

    I'm Tyler Broadway. I'm a web dev student at a popular code bootcamp, and a software developer. I'm interested in building alexa skills. I'm looking to stress test my ideas, and build products & services that will replace my full-time job.

  216. 1

    Hi, Nice to be part of this community. I'm thinking about establish a startup. I've been building apps for the company I'm working for, but I think not it's the time to think about building something which I can say mine.

  217. 1

    Hey Everyone!

    I'm Shane, a professional data analyst and aspiring software engineer. I'm also a recent college grad with a degree in economics. I'm currently working to develop my engineering skills while also taking on new projects that excite me. This seems like a wonderful community to be a part of and I'm ecstatic to become a member.

  218. 1


    I'm Victor, been building a lot of products on my own but had no way of promoting them. Figured my issue is that i don't exist online, so here I am!

  219. 1

    Hi, I'm a software engineer and aspiring entrepreneur. I like building products and have a great customer obsession. Back in my college I made money through domain flipping, adsense, freelancing and what not!. I joined in this community to do something big in order to quite my job and travel word.

  220. 1

    Hey there, I'm a dev in SF. Here to get ideas and act on them!

  221. 1

    Hi, I’m Iesse from Budapest. I want to learn from all the indie hackers doing great things. I enjoy Automation and want to get into action this year 2020, I am working on my startup and helping to international students.

  222. 1

    Hey there, I'm Hassan! I've completed my undergrad and masters studies in engineering. I've worked professionally for years in a lot of companies gaining experience in all facets of IT, systems, networking and software.

    I've always wanted to build something of my own, a product or a service and i want to pursue this journey seriously now! I am in the process of finishing developing my first application which i will launch in few weeks!

  223. 1

    I am Ashish Agrawal, A Software Professional , I have been working on CMS websites, DevOps and Cloud (SaaS,PaaS) domains. I hope this platform gives me learning and exposure to grow independently as I am looking to work as a freelance and have a start of my own

  224. 1

    I’m Gnyanda, an Economics student and aspiring entrepreneur. I’m currently working on a productivity app and joined IH to get feedback on my idea as well as find someone with technical experience to join my journey.
    In 2020, I wish to start the process of changing the way we work.

  225. 1

    Hello, my name is Dániel and I’m a senior getting my degree in CS and cyber security. Currently working for the university as a full stack web developer, working on a React based web app. I’m learning React while working on the product so it’s been a long and very interesting road so far.

  226. 1

    Hey hackers! I’m Martin, heading design over at Baremetrics – super excited to be part of the IH community. We decided to build couple side projects in 2020 with a colleague, and we’re getting closer to launch of the first one – simple product management tool. Love to get and give feedback and learnings.
    Stay safe!

  227. 1

    Hi, I’m Laura from Uganda. I want to learn from all the indie hackers doing great things. I enjoy design and want to get into action this year 2020

  228. 1

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Mark.

    Based in Los Angeles and currently in the middle of launching stylsh.com

    Hoping to bring and get value from the community. I'm excited to learn more about Indie Hackers!

  229. 1

    Hello guys,
    Im Mikkel i am based in Denmark. I am looking for inspiration towards a small side project of mine. Thats my goal for 2020. I have some thoughts, but i am still in the search for the perfect idea.

    1. 1

      Hi Mikkel,
      I am Iesse from Budapest, what are you up to?

  230. 1

    Hi Guys,

    I'm Tim based in the UK. We are a year into our startup and starting to move slowly have secured a couple of large customers, looking to understand how we can scale our SaaS product further. Enjoy technologies and designing platforms. Weaknesses are marketing and sales :)

    Looking to find resources/skillsets and also chat with people about what we do and the journey we've been on.

  231. 1

    Hello, it seems a great community. I am Nadia, living in Paris, and i founded CMARUE. Love hearing other founders

  232. 1

    Hello IH!

    Gautam this side, Software Engineer from India. Looking towards researching and building a positive community for people facing health challenges(mental health, cancer etc.). Exploring the idea right now, trying to build a product roadmap and up for a friendly discussion and learn from all of you wonderful folks.

  233. 1

    My name is Xan, and I'm launching a iOS beta this summer called OnTrac. OnTrac will help people live happier, more balanced lives by simplifying the process of achieve life goals - health, financial, and time management goals. It does this through providing pre-built SMART Goal templates and evidenced-based action plans as well as automating progress tracking. We have 336 demo users signed up to date.

  234. 1

    Hey IndieHackers, my name is Fernando. I'm a Brazilian artist, who loves drawing and knowledge. I saw a bunch of people on TikTok giving good feedbacks about this community and something that I always wanted since my teenagehood was to build something for myself. SO, I really hope to gather a lot of content and contacts with you guys, grow my game a little bit and spread the knowledge.

  235. 1

    Hello, I'm Larry.
    I'm an M.Sc Data Science student and I'll like to have a SaaS solution by end of next year. Such that I won't work for anyone anymore.

  236. 1

    Baz here, an entrepreneur that is here looking for inspiration and solutions to my stumbling blocks. I am so dedicated to business and internet entrepreneurship. It has honestly changed my life and I want to see just how far I can take this in my lifetime - how great can I be!??

  237. 1

    hey im z just gettibg started looking to make people enjoy this place and make some fast cash

  238. 1

    Hi All, 👋
    Gerrie here, founder of lowdefy.com
    Super excited to learn and share in this community! We’ve been building lowdefy for the past year and we’re can’t wait to show it off! It has superpowers 🤯 Lowdefy, build a web tool with just a bit of yaml.
    Our goal is to launch lowdefy under private beta in the next two weeks. And get to our public public launch ready in the next two months. 🚀
    Give me a shout to join the beta!

  239. 1

    Hi all!
    I'm Hermes. I have a background in engineering, but am also really interested in the product side of things and how to handle growing a business. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone here and becoming part of the community. I hope that it won't be long before I start a profitable side project!

  240. 1

    Hi I'm Ivan I'm a product manager and a project manager for my own firm we develop mainly web apps 4 clients and I have an active interest in iot and other web based products and always I'm thinking about building my own products and I have ideas every day but I'm looking for the big one. I have previously built a shopify app that had about 10000 users that signed up so I think that was a pretty good wind and but I'm looking to get off a particular platform and build my own as independent because I found that shopify actually when I first joined was very keen to do at development with independent developers but I think that model has changed so I believe I was successful with that particular project I did it in my spare time as I had a full time job at the time and you know in fact that help me start my own business helping other people develop these types of apps and others. so what I'm looking for here at Indie hackers is just to be a little bit more community-based and chat to other people about their experiences and in case they don't get stuck when something perhaps I can get someone to help or I can help other people when they are stuck with either you know looking at ideas or you know building software it's very difficult doing things on your own which I found but having other people there makes it a lot easier

  241. 1

    Hi, I’m Sam. I’m a full-time product designer. I also jam on side projects and do some iOS and web dev. Looking forward to meeting others in the community.

    1. 1

      Hey Sam, do you have any experience in AR for ios/android?

      1. 1

        Not yet! It’s something I’ve been wanting to explore. I did just start dipping my toes into Unity and developing for the Oculus Quest.

  242. 1

    Hi im 101010 and i have a passion for learning. Growing, collaborating and innovating

  243. 1

    Hey Friends,

    I'm Tiger, a 19 y/o kid often coming here for inspiration, I truly enjoy surfing around and seeing what people have achieved. I decided to sign up to perhaps connect with people in the future, I enjoy mostly building Web Applications and possibly Apps in the future. My goal is to land a Front End developer job this year or at least an internship. Programming started off by me wanting to get into something related to tech that could possibly make me big bucks, it has now turned into an addiction and a passion, something I truly enjoy, especially building Web Applications, I am currently building a website, which is gonna be a personal project, it is a small mix of StackOverflow and indie hackers. I think I will enjoy it since I am often on these websites.

  244. 1

    Hello fellow hackers,

    My name is Galy, I consider myself as a newbie. Differently from most of you, I have founded nothing yet. I am so excited to be here and I am looking forward to learn about the community.

    Thank you very much.

  245. 1

    Hello fellow hackers!

    I finally decided to join the community.

    I'm Brian, founder and CEO of Noptin, a fast growing WordPress newsletter plugin.

    We are uproaching 2000 active installs, (should happen before next month is over) and I'm slowly setting up plans in motion to get this to 5000 active installs by the end of the year.

    Being able to do this, while working on a full-time job, is a challenge that I'm looking forward to seeing if I'll achieve.

    You can check out the website at noptin.com

  246. 1

    Hi, I'm Patrick 👋

    I've been a professional software engineer for about a year, but I've been programming and building things since my teens. I'm interested in learning from and connecting with people who are also building businesses. Right now, I have a decent corporate job, but it's not fulfilling AT ALL. I know I can do and make more. So I'm here...looking to learn, grow, and share my experiences.

    My goal for 2021 is to be able to work remotely 🏝 and have multiple streams of income. 💰😎

    1. 1

      Hey Patrick, lets catch up! I am in a similar position!

  247. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

  248. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  249. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  250. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  251. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  252. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  253. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  254. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  255. 1

    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

  256. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  257. 1

    This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

  258. 1

    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

  259. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  260. 1

    This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

  261. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  262. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  263. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

    1. 1

      Hi Jacob,

      I am Iesse from Budapest.

      As you said no knowledge of coding, I am in the same boat but that's to indie hackers and I found many tools that can help me to create tools/apps
      with knowing coding

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted a year ago.

  264. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

    1. 1

      Hi Gestri,

      Could you tell me more about your idea? It sounds similar to something I have been working on and I'm looking for someone to help on the marketing standpoint.
      Ping me an email at [email protected]

      Thanks :)

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