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  1. 8

    Hi everyone. I am Akash, founder of linkish.io . We are building a number of link related tools starting from a link / bookmark manager for individuals and teams.

    Once you import your bookmarks it automatically assigns 1 of the 5 super tags to your links : #see for images, #watch for videos, #listen for audios, #read for articles, #explore for everything else. Then it embeds audio/video link's content right in the dashboard so you don't have to open your bookmarks in 20 tabs to see what's in them.

    It is where you will want to store all your future internet finding and sharing entire link collection with friends at home and teams at work with click of a button.

    Currently open for sign ups and launching in 2 weeks.

    Oh! and it's completely free to use :) . Please checkout https://linkish.io/

    1. 4

      Looks interesting! launching this month?

      1. 3

        Yes. Me and my team are launching linkish on 29th May 2020. You can sign up now to be updated when we finally launch. We do not spam :)

        1. 3

          Interesting and useful. Thanks!

    2. 2

      That's very interesting, I had the exact same idea with regards to building a resource manager for teams but unfortunately could not find the time to build it . Best of luck to you all

      1. 2

        Would you like to connect? We can definitely exchange ideas.

    3. 1

      Hey Akash! I've recently built https://privacyfirstapps.com/ , a website that hosts curated list of apps that focus on user privacy, should be easy to use, and offer a decent free plan. I can see that your product focuses on encryption of data. Do you offer a free plan?

      1. 1

        Hi Karthik. Yes we do have a free forever plan for all basic needs of a user. Only some of the features are paid for power users including encryption since the server costs are higher for encrypting and decrypting data.

        1. 1

          Thanks. Can I add this to my site once your app goes live?

          1. 1

            Sure. I will let you know when the encryption feature is live.

  2. 5

    Hi all. I am Mihail, and I'm super excited to get more involved with the IH community after years of being an Indie Lurker! 😄

    I'm the co-founder of Confetti, a free educational hub designed to teach people the skills to succeed in artificial intelligence careers. We're building out targeted curricula to help people learn the conceptual and practical knowledge needed to ace their interviews. 💪

    We launched our landing page this past week and also included a blog post describing what we're seeing in the current AI market and the vision for our platform.

    Right now, our site is pretty minimalist. We only included a newsletter sign-up and our social links since we're busy grinding away at the V1. 🚀

    We're launching in 2 weeks, so if this sounds of interest to you, subscribe to our newsletter to get updates!

    1. 1

      Just registered on your website, look forward to see what you come up with. Good luck with the launch.

      1. 1

        Thanks so much for the support! Looking forward to sharing and getting people's feedback. :)

  3. 5

    hello, im ready to learn new skillls, things about internet, coding etc. :)

    1. 1

      I read the words skilllls and got happy. My start up is called MuchSkills :)
      Visualize your skills there if you like https://www.muchskills.com

  4. 4

    Hello! 👋My name is Grant and I'm working on https://tella.tv/

    Record, edit, and share video presentations from your browser. Think of it as somewhere between Loom and Google Slides.

    Use Tella for:

    • Product demos
    • Project updates
    • Design walkthrus
    • Onboarding and training videos
    • You tell us! We like hearing about creative ways to use Tella.

    If you'd like early access, sign-up and drop-us a line in the livechat—we'd love your feedback. ❤️

    1. 1

      Hello I am Saloum and I am working on a platform that focus mainly on live streaming. I think working from home is the way of the future and your platform can be very useful to a number of people.

    2. 1

      Hey Grant, pretty cool idea, video making on the web is catching up, that's great!
      I'm working on my own app right now and would eventually need to make a small product presentation in the coming weeks. That could come in handy. I'll send you chat ;)

  5. 4

    Hello. I am totally new. I am eager to learn. My age is up there but it is never too late.

    1. 4

      Definitely never too late! Welcome!

      Do you have any specific plans or ideas?

  6. 3

    I was having a high score of 675 before the covid19 pandemic started last year and I lost my job as a result of the lockdown and this really affect my financial status things was difficult for me and my family so I and my wife apply for loan it was turned down due to the medical bills and some other collections when I checked my report I found out that my score has dropped to 520 I was surprise because I paid my bills on time so I went ahead searching for help on the internet there I saw HACKNET an expert on credit repairs with nice reviews I called him immediately with his number 949 397 8437 because I really needs his help and explained my worries without wasting time he cleared the medical bills and the collections in items and raised my score to 809 excellent. I got approved for the load I applied for and we’re happily living well all thanks to HACKNET he is indeed an expert in all rounds. You can also reach him through mail at [email protected]. Remain blessed and stay safe

  7. 3

    Hey Hey. Don't know how it took me so long to get here. Glad that I've finally arrived. I'm part of https://human-systems.org/ We think design thinking might ruin the world if we only design for a user's goals. We believe human choice-making is much deeper than that. That's why we design around a thing called values.

    If that doesn't make any sense then head over to our knowledge base on notion

    we've fallen in love with notion and teach our courses with it. I'm here to find more helpful tools and fun people. Yay !

  8. 3

    Hey everybody, my name is Cosmin!

    I am 28 years old and soon father to be, in about 4 days!

    I have a few stores opened as a main business and main income.

    Now I am a law student and I would like to start a web page with lawyers who are available online. I know that in some countries this is available but here it is new and it would be a great asset!

    1. 1

      Congratulations on being a dad! Good idea about lawyers available online - very fitting for these present times.

  9. 3

    Hi, my name is Santiago, I've been trying build a startup long time ago, and for some reason i havent found the idea that i feel pasionate about.
    Hopefully here i can find the motivation and open my mind to new ideas.

    1. 1

      All the best Santiago. I am sure, you will find your idea.

  10. 2

    Hi all, I'm Thomas, a software engineer working in the Netherlands.

    Like many others of you out there I decided to make use of all this time inside during the pandemic. As such I'm building a web application intended to help people learn new skills but unlike Udemy, Coursera, etc., etc. I want to focus on breaking the skills into their constituent parts. The idea being this would allow for more deliberate practice and thus a more time-efficient learning process, but also a visible progress in the form of a pathway. Reminiscent of a technology tree from video games.

    It's very much still early days so I haven't anywhere near as much as others in the thread but this is a start! Because this is my first attempt at a side project of any reasonable magnitude I'm learning a bunch as I go and things are taking some time.

    I hope to have an MVP ready to show you all no later than 22 September.

  11. 2

    Hi everyone! I'm Annie! I haven't founded anything myself, but I've learned so much from my past experiences working with product development and design. I'm extremely passionate about making an impact and improving the quality of peoples' lives!

    I've been eager to initiate a relief and aid program to those facing difficulties during these times and am hoping to develop and find others who are interested in helping to develop a program that can alleviate some of these stresses.

    During these unprecedented times, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy at home(:

  12. 2

    Hi Guys animal lover here with ambitions to grow.

  13. 2

    Hi everyone! My name is Tyler, and I am a return Peace Corps volunteer in Peru, where I worked with indigenous rainforest communities in economic development and business development projects. I want to eventually grow into being a digital nomad, working remotely while traveling the world. To accomplish this dream, I am studying data science, and want to start my own consulting business that can be done online, but I'm also looking into any other possible idea of a business I could do remotely while making decent money, enough to at least fund traveling! I am open to any and all ideas and I LOVE brainstorming with people!

  14. 2

    Hi! We're Ryan and Brad - twins, engineers and developers. We each have our own dev sites so we've snooped around this site for quite a while but we're collaborating now on Cohoist.

    Cohoist is going to be a competition where real freelancers and entrepreneurs (writers, graphic designers, developers, social media and SEO media experts) are grouped into teams and compete to build profitable online businesses from scratch.

    Basically we give each team $100 and tell them to go at it. We want to document the whole process and share what it's really like to start an online business from scratch. We're going to chart all kinds of metrics throughout the competition, like revenue, traffic, and social media growth, and we'll interview the teams and find out what strategies and tactics actually work and which ones are just myths.

    We're forming our right teams now and we need 16 people to make up our 4 teams. You all are more than welcome to apply! We're super excited about this one! We hope it's going to inspire creativity, foster innovation, and encourage entrepreneurship - that's really our only goal right now.

    We're also really excited to get to know you all, of course! :-)

  15. 2

    Hi all! Dan here, I've recently put together https://www.compareworkoutapps.com, a review site to compare and find the best home workout apps.

    Like everyone else, Covid19 forced me to look for some home solutions for keeping fit. After struggling to find any detailed reviews to help me pick the right app, I took the plunge and set up my own site.

    Very early days so lots of content and design changes planned. Would love any suggestions on the type of content people would find helpful when looking for workout material.

    1. 2

      Hi Dan! I like the idea. I use a variety of home workout apps--mostly cycling-- like trainerroad and zwift. I also have an interest in rock climbing workout apps, but I think because of the nature of climbing there's not many that tailor to doing that at home. I didn't realize there are over 100,000 fitness apps out there-- so much to choose from!

      1. 2

        Thanks Taylor. I had the thought of expanding into other sport categories and cycling is high on the list. Didn't have rock climbing, good potential niche!

    2. 2

      Hi Dan, cool idea, I recently spend some time to find a good home workour app. I'll check out your site... All the best!!

      1. 1

        Cheers! Welcome any suggestions around what would help you find your ideal app.

  16. 2

    Hi indie hackers, I am Jake Chambers and I live in Fortworth/Dallas Texas. I am in the transition between leaving my daily dropshipping stores and drop servicing to move into working on my dream business that I'm passionate about.

    I am new to raising money, building a team, product development, etc. but I'm excited to be here to learn and grow.

    I would love to connect and get as much advice and knowledge as I can. I have a background in dropshipping&dropservicing to be able to help where I can and add value to any one who has questions. I also focus on organic growth hacking through social and building communities.

    Thanks guys! Let's Crush it

    1. 1

      Woop Woop, welcome Jake!
      Funny how far away we are, and still can share advice like this.
      What kind of knowledge would you like to acquire?
      I have a developer background, so I may be able to help a bit on this side.

  17. 2

    Hey all,
    I'm Matt, founder of Esports One. We're a venture backed startup out of MIT that is launched the first all-in-one fantasy esports platform earlier this year.

    I'm a 3rd time founder, having been in esports for over a decade and started Esports One in 2017. Since then we've compiled 100's of millions of stats on esports players, teams and event as well as built a fully automated, real-time computer vision solution allowing us to circumvent the need of the game publisher.

    I'm always looking to partner/work with forward thinking developers, data scientist, designers, product managers and so on that want to sit at the forefront of tech and build new and enticing experiences for the esports industry. With the tools available today, from no code to design, both the potential and opportunity in a market as large and rapidly growing as esports is endless.

    Looking forward to chatting!

    1. 1

      I am an iOS dev who loves esports! I would love to join this project! Let me know if you are interested.

      1. 1

        Add me on discord and we can chat. Our server is discord.gg/e1, username is MattGunnin#0001

  18. 2

    Hi gang, it's Danny Stedman, the founder of Brooklyn's Northside Festival and Brooklyn Magazine. I just recently learned about Indie Hackers through Lynne Tye of Key Values. I love to build things, and I'm excited to be part of the community. I've invented a camera that takes memories (not photos) and also working on a museum for never-realized artwork. Thank you for having me. You can see some of my projects at danielstedman.com

  19. 2

    Hi, I'm Iggy, 35. I started coding when I was 32, got my first dev job a year later. Now I mostly work with java, spring and angular. I'm hoping to enlarge my portfolio, learn more skills and maybe start a profitable business of my own. Especially excited for finding interesting ideas and collaborations on this site.

  20. 2

    Hi, I'm David. I'm a developer. Generally I work of full-stack projects, but my real interest is in the back-end: data, business logic, processes, integrations etc. I'm pretty good at writing code, building projects and getting the team and processes right, but I'm not so good at marketing or coming up with the amazing product ideas. I'm looking for someone with a killer idea and great sales patter that I can partner with and build something amazing. Bonus points if it's good for the world and/or humanity.

    1. 1

      Hello David! Love your last sentence :)
      Quick question? Haven't you stumbled upon any problem in your developer's career?
      As a dev myself I can think of a million problems to solve.
      Ok here is an idea for you:

      Audio is growing strong at the same time as asynchronous communication (thanks covid19). I can imagine how we would want to replace traditional customer help chats with audio equivalents. Think of it as the Voice message equivalent of Intercom.
      One could also integrate Text Transcripts to enable deeper analysis of the content (hello Google Cloud Speech to text: https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text).
      This would be awesome both for customer support teams and users because speech is more natural and spontaneous than text.

      1. 1

        Oh yeah, definitely many problems I can see. The hard part is either a) making money from the solution and b) whether building the solution is within reach of my skillset.

        Personally I can't see me making any money out of something like that. All the other incumbents would quickly copy the idea and that would be the end of all my effort.

        To be honest as a user I would strongly dislike using voice to do asynchronous communication. Maybe it's because I'm good at typing and have a full desktop keyboard, it guess it might be different for mobile users? I'd prefer to either type or talk to someone in person.

        From the support desk side of things I'd prefer the same, either carefully think through a typed response (with the ability to edit it and make sure that my response is thorough and comes across well) or have a conversation over the phone. But then it's probably more than 10 years since I was working a support desk.

        1. 1

          Yeah, I understand your point although I beg to differ.

          First off, you'll always find some company or someone more qualified than you are who could blast you and your idea off if he truly wanted to.
          The thing is that most people either don't care, or are focused on their own objectives.

          For example, I'm launching https://cabaneapp.com a mobile website builder. From the get-go, there is nothing especially innovative or exciting about yet another website builder, but it's not any website builder, it's the one that is being built from my vision. Nobody can copy it as they would need to be me. Starting from an initial idea is not enough. It's all the actions that cascade from it that makes the difference.

          Granted you have to trust yourself and your ability to move forward, and actually believe in your product. If you're not an avid voice message user, I would not recommend going that route ;) That was just an example.

          Regarding making money. Yeah, It's a pretty hard part, and I can't speak for myself as I'm not yet making any of it. But I definitely think that if you're bringing value to the table, you can find a way.

          Take a look at Simple Analytics (https://simpleanalytics.com) for example. This one guy built something that has been existing since always on the web and is making money out of it. If he manages to do it, so can you :)

  21. 2

    hey Rosie thank you for giving a good info about indie hacker as i am new here... thank you

  22. 2

    Hello, i’m Tom, 17 years old. I just discovered this community, looks like pretty cool !

    I love creating and developing things peoples would use. Actually, I launched a side project called ShineBoard (at https://shineboard.io). It’s a open-source website and CLI to make code sharing easier and better. Feel free to check it out and give me some feedback !

    1. 1

      Hey Tom, Cool idea you got here.
      As a developer, I can see it come in handy!
      Some quick feedback:
      ❌the CMD+S does not work on my computer (macOS)
      => So I can't save or share a paste. You should add a way to do it from the web interface. It's always better for feature discovery. And add a small popover with the keyboard shortcut on hover to help people know they can use CMD+S ;)

      1. 1

        Hello, thanks for the feedback !
        Actually, there is a button as the top left next to languages, to save the paste :)
        Btw I will add this for mac users, it’s faster than clicking on a button.

        1. 1

          Ooops good catch, I did not see it in the first place. Maybe the icon is not sticking out enough. Try putting it on the right side, with the others. So actions are not scattered all over the place.
          Here is a good resource with tons of actionable content regarding design.
          It's made for developers. I hope it helps.

          1. 1

            Thanks a lot, I will take a look at it and try to improve the UX and UI

  23. 2

    Hello, my name is Edris. I'm looking for project ideas and passionate folks to partner up with. I work for a tech consulting firm in non technical roles. I'm looking to break away from the corporate world so taking my first step here.

    1. 1

      Hey Edris, Welcome! I'm new here as well, but it's so cool to see people interested in making their own stuff :)
      What kind of project are you interested in? And what do you like to work on in general (design, marketing, education ...)?

      1. 1

        Hi Louis! Welcome as well. My focus has been product development and delivery. I'm usually involved from ideation to launch of mobile apps and my education background is industrial engineering so I have a keen interest in supply chain and operation research as well. Currently learning Python to brush up some basic technical skills. What about you?

        1. 1

          Oh wow, these are very different fields!
          Python is pretty nice to start with. I've been told the "hello world" of python is to build a website scrapper haha.
          For my part, I'm a JS developer (mostly front-end) and currently making a mobile website builder: https://cabaneapp.com
          What I like the most about this project is the fact that I get to do very different tasks, from development and marketing, to support, and design.
          If you have anything I can help with, especially with the tech stuff, don't hesitate to reach out!

  24. 2

    Hi! I'm Ashlee. I'm a fullstack developer that works in React and Rails and I also live-stream coding and knitting on Twitch. I just found out about this community today and really like what I see so far! I'm hoping to re-inspire myself with another avenue for learning here. I write a lot about web accessibility and that's actually what my live coding streams are about right now! One of my goals for 2020 is to spread the reach of my message about how important and easy it is to make the web accessible.

    1. 2

      I help lead a lot of initiative at my day job for increasing and improving our web accessibility. It has been very rewarding to get the vast majority of our systems accessible.

    2. 2

      Hi Ashleem, I would definitely like to catch up with you.

  25. 1

    My girlfriend and I finally got the apartment we have been looking for after living our old home at New Jersey. We want to build as much credit as possible so that in about a year when our lease is up, we can seriously look at mortgages. Neither of us had a bad credit history, although we have some couple of late payment collections electric and internet bills phone bills and some other stuff that made it a little bit bad but when I explained these to my brother he now gave this contact info hacknet567 AT gmail DOT com (949) 397 8437 for solution I quickly text him for help and he got everything wiped out and paid off my late payment including the phone bills. Am so grateful to have meet hacknet that gave me a good credit profile with an excellent credit score of 803. I will like everyone out there to reach him out with those info above for fast credit repair

  26. 1

    Hi everyone, I am Angelo, founder of http://sparks.community/. In short, I am building a professional social network that meets with one-click video calling experience.

    I am building this in the below stages:

    1. Build a browser extension for job seekers who want to remind themselves to follow up on a conversation. I discovered many job seekers are doing cold emailing but often forgetting when to follow up.
    2. Build a tool so job seekers can share their schedule to avoid back and forth about scheduling. In the meantime, start hosting online events to get more people to join
    3. Build one click video calling
    4. Build people who job seekers can recommend once there's enough people to recommend.

    I am planning on launching the first stage next week! I am looking for another cofounder to join as my partner in crime in this wild ride!

    1. 1

      Also during the day, I am a Product Manager at PowerPoint. I shipped AI-back Coach for practice presentations and job interviews. Before that, I worked at Microsoft Edge and created the Web Authentication API standard for the web along with many amazing people in different tech companies. I love the web and AI and still do!

  27. 1

    Hi everyone! My name is Felix (@flexaleo) and I am a Sommelier in-training as well as the founder of Marvonnay (@marvonnay).

    Marvonnay or ˈmɑr.və.neɪ/ is a verb to define "Becoming sophisticated". We are sophistication club that connects you with the connoisseur community. Whether you would like to learn more about Wine from a Sommelier, Food from a chef, Music from a Producer etc. we have the interactive experience to develop your inner connoisseur.

    I am here because I've realised I cannot do everything alone. I looking to put together a team of talented individuals that are as passionate about their craft and sophistication as I am. There are levels to life and so I hope that with your help, we can help every curious individual, enjoy culture as it was intended.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you allowing me to share my life mission and I hope share another moment with you down the road.


  28. 1

    Hi Rosie and everyone! I'm Shari, founder of Sundae Electronics. While I'm normally focused on inventing consumer electronics products, I'm currently writing a unique C programming book called A Day in Code.

    It's a picture book written in C code! The code consists of simple full C programs that represent situations in the story. The illustrations next to the code show the situations. There's English translations that explain the code too. I want the book to be helpful for learning C and basic programming concepts.

    I'm planning to launch it on Kickstarter soon. Here's the landing page with more information: https://www.dayincode.com

    I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you! :)

  29. 1

    Just three weeks ago i had eviction on my credit and i began to search for solutions online until i came across a forum like this on google. I read a comment where the user, who refused to share his identity made mention of a hacker that saved his/her life. i contacted him via “privatehacker247 At Gmail Dot Com" and i’m glad to say that i no longer have an eviction on my credit. He wiped the eviction among other negative listings from my report and increased my score up to 800 on all 3 bureaus.

  30. 1

    Hello everyone hope you all are doing well during times like these times. I'm Adrian I'm currently pursuing a computer science degree. I do have some knowledge of programming but launching a product seems to be the hard part or at least the server side of things hope this community can share some info how I go about such things. Thank you all.

  31. 1

    Hello IH! My name is Taylor and for the past five years I've been trying to become the best engineer I can be. This year, however, I want to head in a new direction-- a more entrepreneurial one-- and am coming to IH for help. I have talent, and ideas, but often talk myself out of starting on those ideas. I look forward to my time spent here working, chatting, and brainstorming with all of you.

  32. 1

    const stack = [
    const thankYou = "great to be part of this group";
    const alot = "loves";
    const introduction = ({ name, thankYou, alot, stack }) => {
    let fullName =
    name === "Isaac"
    ? looking foward to learn more and ${thankYou}
    : Isaac ${name};
    const programming = (lang) => lang === "javascript"
    const language = stack.find(programming);
    return ${fullName} ${alot} ${language} 😄;
    introduction({name:"lucas", thankYou, alot, stack})

  33. 1

    Well IM Danji I have been on a Journey to create a family game / education based app. Also I am interested in product development and have many concepts. I feel like it’s time to turn my concepts into physical products for Consumers. so you have a Better understanding About me I love when there is a problem so I can create a solution. I am a creator that needs all hands on deck I’m not able to do it by myself This is what I’m meant to do with someone’s help.

  34. 1

    Hi guys,

    My name is Guilherme, I'm a software engineer, currently more focused working as frontend developer, and making a side project called Responsivy.

    Actually Responsivy as receiving early access signups to help us with tests and feedback, check it out, https://responsivy.com

    Also, very passionate to share knowledge and OSS.

  35. 1

    I'm going to set my passive income minimum 5 times of my current salary income. Because I'm capable and it is going to happen. I will not give up. I will be healthy and have have modifications to my plan to make it swift.

  36. 1

    Hey There i am here to earn money online and i am a 19 year boy so please help me

  37. 1

    Hi everyone. I co-founded L'Académie moderne ( www.lacademiemoderne.com ), an online tutoring company. We help secondary-school french students having self confidence and pigheaded discpline to success in their studies.

    • We deeply analyze the profile and improvements of each of our students based on science works, tutoring experience and datas analyzis.
    • We match the student with the right tutor based on this analyzis.
    • We implement a tailored solution based on tutoring courses, coaching sessions and help in their autonomous houseworks.

    I'm looking for advices to improve our features and extend our students and parents community.

    I'd be very glad to help if you have questions in the education field or anything else.

    Cheers !

  38. 1

    My name is Arthur. I study programming and now I don’t know where to go further, I have some knowledge and want to apply it. I also want to join the team to help achieve the goal. And there is a desire to talk with people who have gone through this and have already created something.
    I'm from Russia

  39. 1

    Hello guys. I'm Saleh, the creator of Jesse, an open source trading framework for crypto currencies.

  40. 1

    Hello, my name is Jack and I am currently working on a reading productivity app called page master. I've been a long time lurker on forums like r/entrepreneur and hackernews. I'm currently trying to spread the word and collect feedback on the app. Would love to do a feedback swap with other hackers and if anyone has any tips on how/where to promote a reading productivity app, it would be greatly appreciated!

  41. 1

    Hi all, I'm Enis, a senior front-end engineer. I'm here for networking & collaborations.

  42. 1

    Hello all,

    Pleasure to join in this community.
    I am working as a Solution Architect with major cloud provider. Recently I have developed interest into AI and want to build my AI stock trading bot.

    Given that I am beginner in AL & ML, it will be long journey. Looking forward to learning from the community as well as to share.

  43. 1

    Hi! my name is Chris. I'm from San Francisco, CA. Looking to start a side hustle/ 2nd stream of income that has potential to grow into something much bigger! Look forward to speaking with like minded people with the same goals!

  44. 1

    Hi there, I'm Thomas, not really sure yet what to start. Maybe something around agile software dev. / PO / SM or product management in an as-a-service model. It would be great to design my own work shedule instead of the standard 9-to-5 or (as it sometimes happens) 8-to-8 :)

  45. 1

    Hi! I'm Akhil.

    I found out about indiehackers in a podcast and I thought I should come in here and check out what this it about.

    1. 1

      Welcome, Akhil! Which podcast was it? I think you'll really like it here. :-)

      1. 1

        Thank you! Funny that you asked. It was actually the indiehacker podcast itself! Someone recommended me a list of podcasts and I listened to an episode from indiehackers podcast a couple of days ago.

  46. 1

    Hi Everyone, Mike from Curator.io, Whoop.io & Aircamp.com.au here. Looking forward to contributing to the community and also getting some help on some new SaaS side projects we are kicking off this year.

    1. 1

      Welcome, Mike! That's a mighty nice collection you have already. Going to be great to see what other SaaS projects you build!

  47. 1

    Hey there!

    I'm Benjamin and I'm the creator of Grow With Less, a marketing blog where I share minimalist SEO and copywriting advice for overwhelmed creators and small business owners. I'm also a the creator of French Together, a blog that has helped over 4,647,876 visitors learn the most common French words in the last 12 months.

    1. 2

      Nice start on GWL! The French Together link above appears to point to Grow With Less so I'm just posting this with the link for you :-)

      1. 2

        Thanks, I fixed the link :)

  48. 1

    Looking forward to learning and experiencing this epic journey via this platform. A total noob and seeking any relevant advice I could obtain here. An amazing idea that came to fruition!

  49. 1

    Hey Everyone. My name is Diego and currently I'm the founder of nothing. I'mm really just starting my entrepreneurial Journey and I thought what better place to start than Indie hacker. My goal really is to create a source of income that gives me financial freedom and have fun while doing so. I'm very excited to join this thriving community and get know or even work with many of you.

    1. 1

      Welcome to IH, Diego! We're excited to have you here - best of luck on your journey to financial freedom! It takes work but it's definitely possible with an online business. :-)

  50. 1

    Hi everyone. I am a Thiago. I'm a project manager on a civil engineer company and I'm doing my side jobs as a full stack developer (JavaScript, python...).
    I'm really interested in a lot of topics here (entrepreneur and coding especially). In the near future I hope that I can not just learn but help out too.

  51. 1

    Hi everybody, I am Lio. I recently discovered Indie Hackers while looking for tools and resources for entrepreneurs. I have an international profile with +10 years of experience in various sales and marketing roles. I am currently based in London where I am setting up the worldwide B2B/B2C distribution channel for a consumer good company. I am now very interested in starting my own venture by early 2021 latest so I'm very happy to connect, exchange ideas and perhaps partner! Speak soon.

  52. 1

    Hi everyone! Currently based in Hamburg, I am a young freelancer with more than 4 years of working experience looking for new challenges here in Germany. I got my Computer Science Bachelor and Master's degrees in France where I worked until two years ago, thereafter I worked in Hamburg. My main skill being Android native development, I am also used to work with Flutter, iOS, node.js, etc.
    This year my goals are to stabilize my activity and start to plan what is coming next...

  53. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Manas, Data Scientist from San Francisco. My friends and I do freelance software development gig for work.

    After freelancing for over a year, we realized it is very difficult to gather accurate project requirements from clients and even more difficult to give cost and timeline estimation for indie hackers like us. This topics comes up almost entirely when giving quotes to the clients.

    So based on our failures, learnings and experience, we are developing a tool called www.dhuni.io that automates Business Analysis for software development project to gather requirements, predict timeline and cost estimate. The product has been live for few days, but it is still very buggy.

    Hence, I'm here on Indie Hackers to learn experience of other freelancers and see how we can make this product useful for hackers like us who don't have deep business analysis knowledge.

  54. 1

    Hello everyone. I'm Alex, I originally saw this website on TikTok and was immediately interested. I do not own a business or know how to code and stuff like that but from a family that has always just been making it week by week I've always wanted to make enough money to help them and that's what i'll always plan to do. Since middle school I've been interested in business but also graphic design and video editing and that's what I want to keep doing, so I came her to maybe talk ideas with people, meet someone who could potentially become my partner and most of all make money enjoying what I do. So, if you are looking for a partner I'm here, and if you have ideas that we can help each other with I am also here!

  55. 1

    Hi everyone. I am Alex, working on Loopstr.ai .
    We are building a customer retention SaaS that helps startups keep their customers.

    • We provide customer health scores, and give the predictable reason(s) for a given customer to decide to leave.
    • Our SaaS generates alerts and you can use this information to track your customers and act on the leaving ones.

    We are starting a beta test phase - We are looking for feedback from beta testers companies for a 6-month free beta period. We will take care of integrations, and regularly provide health scores and factors for each of your customers.

    Interested ? Please email us at [email protected]

    Also, if you are not interested in the beta test but just want to share feedback, this would be interesting to hear from you - we really want to get any feedback from this community :)

  56. 1

    Hey y'all, I'm Per-Andre and I started Mailia https://mailia.co/, a transactional email service with really good outbound email search. I built it after being frustrated with the debugging process using other providers. Overall I want it to be a more pleasant experience for software developers.

    It's free if you send fewer than 1000 emails/month, and costs $10 per 10,000 emails per month after that.


  57. 1

    Hi, I'm currently building my first product https://taskineer.app and am looking for feedback before launch. You can try it now, but beware of bugs and missing features.

    Taskineer is based off an article I read: https://blog.danslimmon.com/2019/07/15/do-nothing-scripting-the-key-to-gradual-automation/

    • Clearly define your processes as checklists powered with Markdown and validation.
    • Gradually automate the steps with scripts and APIs.

    I'm hoping to learn the best ways to productize a service like this, making sure it's valuable to the user and properly sells its value in terms of branding and copy.

  58. 1

    Hi everyone, my name is Jone. I am currently an MBA student and are looking to start my own business when i finish.
    I am mostly here to get some inspiration. I do have a few ideas, but some of them require more financing than I have available.

  59. 1

    Discovering this new world ....

  60. 1

    Ready to learn!
    From Spain and almost new in this world but with 4 side projects. All of them in relation with affiliate marketing. Regarding legal, investment, loans and paperwork...

  61. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Artem. I have tried building something profitable too many times in the last five years but really nothing went past the MVP stage :-D

    Currently working as a consulting engineer in a very decent company which outsources me to huge corporations. Mostly doing full-stack development, however, also experienced in devops, embedded and certified as a project manager. Pretty decent package to start something on my own.

  62. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm Ryan and I've started working on a new SaaS product in the Tourism space that I hope will help Tour Operators and Tour Guides when the current situation returns to normal. However, I do hope to make money off it and grow it into an international brand!

    To do this I'm:

    1. Learning to code/develop with MERN Stack but considering no-code solutions
    2. Planning my current pricing tiers and software workflow
    3. Doing some market research

    I'm also considering having a developer get involved so we can do this together. If you want to go far go together right?

    I'll admit that having to take on such a steep learning curve and learning full stack development to get this done is crippling my motiation.

  63. 1

    Hi, I'm Clem and I developed a domotics client application for the Domoticz project (https://github.com/domoticz/ngx-domoboard). I would love to get feedback from the home automation enthusiasts and get help for the tool to become an essential part of the experience.

  64. 1

    Hello everyone!

    I am Jose Leon. Excited to join this community! I am an Indie Maker from Spain.

    Launched nomadmail.io this week and I realize that working silently is not enough.

    I understood the importance to be part of the community and share and help others, so, here I am. I hope I can inspire others to make and get some inspiration myself.

    Thanks a lot!

  65. 1

    Thank you @rosiesherry. Feels great to join this community & learn from everyone :)

    1. 1

      Hi @ankitbhandari , I share your feeling here! I wish you all the best :)

  66. 1

    Hey, people call me An, living in Sydney. If you're looking for a co-founder with some tech skills, please hit me up. We could chitchat, share stories, make jokes, or become life-partners on the next idea.

    I'm still having my full-time (multiple-figure) job to quit for something more fun :)

    Also, I'm a dad, if you want some filter in/out ;)

  67. 1

    Hi everyone, I hope everyone is safe. I am Vishnu working as a developer at keka.com Initially we launched it as payroll-related saas platform, now we are close to making it a complete HRMS platform.

    Will be fun interacting with you guys & learning.

  68. 1

    I am an aggressive learner that is relentless in approach. I enjoy the creative process but more than that I enjoy winning and moving forward. My dreams and aspirations are to create a 8 Figure a year multi channeled eCommerce brand with a focus on partnership with small businesses. Innovation is the catalyst and collaboration is the accelerent. I look forward to starting new relationships and im excited to compete against everyone in the market.

  69. 1

    Hi, this is Vishal. I am working with Toyota Labs. A Software Development Engineer - ML by profession, here to connect with smart and talented people and also get a few product insights. Hoping to start my own product gig soon. Would love to discuss pretty much anything in tech from Systems Design to Machine learning. I can do pro bono and freelance for any product startups.

    Feel free to hit me up. Email : [email protected], Twitter : @PsNotNP, IRC : MutexMonk.

  70. 1


    My name is Taher Alblowe.
    (developer, geek, maker, and serial entrepreneur)

    founder & CEO of Geeks Valley, a startup that support makers in MENA region.

    Interested to network with like minded people & interesting projects :)

  71. 1


    I am hexiron and I have been studying Web Dev since 2014.

    My plan is to build a sustainable Marketing company that provides low cost services.

    I am still developing the business plan when ever I have a few minutes as I am super busy with my day job.

    I joined this community because almost all of the topics are things that I read about daily but not in this format.

    Nice to meet you all!

  72. 1

    Hello! I'm Wade.

    I created CovIntern.com, a coronavirus-inspired remote internship aggregator a month or so ago now, and it went sorta viral on LinkedIn. (600k+ LinkedIn views, 90k+ ind. users). This really opened my eyes to how much desire there was for internship-recruiting focused tools.

    Now, I'm building InternAlerts.io to track internship applications at top companies and send an email notification the second they drop. It's currently still in development, but I've been building an email list that is currently ~50 users. Planning to launch on ProductHunt in the next week, might do another LinkedIn Post and cross my fingers too.

  73. 1

    Hey Everyone!

    My name is Shane. I'm developing a musician / artist collective called Meltwater Pulse. Meltwater Pulse currently consists of 8 artists located in Milwaukee, WI; Cleveland, OH; and Taipei, TW. We communicate over Whereby and Discord. We use Trello to manage projects the artists are working on both individually and collectively.

    The artists are both age diverse ( ranging from early 20s to late 40s ) and race/gender diverse.

    In the next couple weeks, we'll be launching a Patreon page as our main source of revenue.

    Our ultimate goal is to develop tools and techniques to help other groups of artists work collectively to feel progression as individuals, in the artist's work and as small communities.

  74. 1

    Your the person myb I'm looking for.
    Or vice versa.
    Im a medical student, soon to be a doctor.
    Have economics degree in the background.
    With those two combined, Im aiming to unite fellow young doctors to discuss how we can re-establish the so called "health care system".

    I would love to talk with hackers, coders, developers, people with insight in politics, entreprenuers, philosophers and law makers etc to talk about the health care problems and see if you have any out-of-the-box solutions that we doctors cant see.
    In short, anyone with any input or knowledge from thier field.

    Because my group of colleges did a research with 36 medical universities and 45 hospitals in europe. And we came to conclusion on how to re-establish the health care system.
    We will start a creative project in Tanzania, through the United Nations (UN) in Europe.
    And Im all over internet trying to reach out to productive people with that something extra that we may need in our new way of thinking about health care system.

  75. 1

    Hey folks, my name is Dave, I am a principal at brsg.io, I live in Charleston, SC (recent transplant from Denver/Boulder, CO), and I'm interested in bootstrapping a SaaS business. I've been building custom software and doing consulting for a while. Lots of distributed computing, server-side, domain-driven design, data & compute grids, actor model, some AI, etc. Java/JVM and Elixir/BEAM platforms. I've been involved in several software product startups over the years and much prefer that to selling hours - though I make my living consulting at this point so do let me know if I can be of service. Anyway, I'm looking to shift back to product. I have a couple ideas but nothing that is ready for socializing quite yet. My objectives in joining this community are to meet some like-minded people, learn from you and contribute where I can. My goal for 2020 is to launch a software product business.

  76. 1

    Hi! I am Rubén from Chile. I am a entusiastic person, looking to learn how to make the dream of my startup project!

  77. 1

    Hi everyone! My name is Chris... and I am all over the place. I have previously failed at drop shipping and running a couponing sight (www.promocodeoffers.com), currently struggling to do anything with print-on-demand on teespring (https://teespring.com/stores/shichyeah-2), and aspiring to become a day trader. I'm also tossing around the idea of starting my own kindle publishing company. I'm steadily knocking on the door of someday quitting my day job. I stick with it because my wife has had quite a bit of success making money online (www.lovelyasamother.com). Not quite enough for me to leave my 9 to 5, but definitely enough to prove the potential is there. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to learning more about these side hustles, and hopefully pass on whatever knowledge I've picked up in mine and my wive's endeavors.

  78. 1

    Hi! My name is Kaden Wood. I'm from Canada and just graduated from a 2 year CIT program. Hoping to be an entrepreneur and use my development skills to make a great business. Looking forward to networking and learning from you all.

  79. 1

    Hello hello hello, I'm Stefano, I do online and offline creative things – for whatever creative means nowadays.

    I'm a coder, a designer, a gamer, a nerd. I live in London, don't like coffee and have a witty sense of humor.

    I recently launched coronatherapy.xyz with two other pals, but you can find more of my things at stefanoimparato.com


  80. 1

    Hey Rosie,
    Daev here. Look forward to learning here. I am starting a podcast editing service. https://vox-deus.com love to hear feedback and input

  81. 1

    Hi, nice people! :) I'm Karim and as many of you I'm a software engineer. I'm working on a portfolio tracker (the goal is to replace the spreadsheets) and I'm here for getting some advice on how can I grow faster. The product is done but... where are the users 😂? Yes, I know (I did the same mistake as you) ... So, I'm not going to cry but I have to fix this "little problem"... And I can't wait to talk with some of you, there are so many competent people here! (PS The app is this https://shark-tail.com ... please let me know what you think)

  82. 1

    Hi Rosie, my name Shauna and I really enjoyed the article series by Nutshell I think is his names taking us through his journey of upcomingmovies.io. I have a very small business focused on tech for customer experience that I am trying to grow. I am looking to network, learn and have fun while growing my business.

  83. 1

    hi, Thanks for the valuable info!

  84. 1

    Hi folks, I'm Moaaz, and I'm building gettutr.com – a community for university students to find peers, upper year students, alumni and TAs to get help from for courses, book a paid class with 'em, and then join the class via video chat and a virtual whiteboard.

    Just launched the closed beta earlier this week, looking to acquire users, build out and grow the community on both sides.

    Beyond that, looking for founding members of the team on 2 fronts – someone product minded on the engineering side to join me in building out the frontend, backend, infra and user experience, and someone product minded on the operations side to handle setting up growth, people and financial functions.

    If that sounds like you or someone you know, drop me a line at [email protected]

  85. 1

    Hi Guys, my name is Henor, young guy from sweden, trying to make a stustainable inome

  86. 1

    Hi Everyone.

    My name is Mohammad. I'm a software engineer located in NYC looking to connect with like minded people for inspiration. I enjoy coming up with side projects that solve certain itches people have.

    My biggest joy was building a feature in a widely used app using their public API as a side project in 2016. I have made about $200 from donations since then. the thrill of solving other people's problem is what motivates me.

    I'm looking to learn how to come with with new ideas and validate them, how to monetize, how to start a team, and just learn from other people's experiences.

    I also hope I could contribute to the community.

  87. 1

    Hi everyone. I am Daniel from Logistify AI: Airbnb for warehousing/storage.

    Businesses of all sizes use our marketplace to find flexible storage at affordable prices. https://www.logistify.ai/

  88. 1

    Hi everyone. I'm Remo from Switzerland. I have 15 years of startup and side-business experience (with my fair share of failures). I love to share what I learned (for example about how my startup almost died until we learned how to sell). I'm here to learn and share :)

  89. 1

    Hey everyone, i'm a software developer interested in the indie/startup area. I don't currently have any side projects but i'm in brainstorming mode and currently blog about software engineering at Medium

  90. 1

    Hi Everyone
    I've been hanging around IH for a while, reading through the posts and questions, so thought it was about time to actually sign up and participate.
    After months of building things and tearing them apart and starting again, I finally decided that I'd keep it simple and work on something I can get out the door sooner rather than later. I'll post more about this soon.
    Looking forward to getting to know people better and helping out where I can.

  91. 1

    Hi all! I'm Karthik. I've been following IH for over a year now. I am really excited to be part of the community.

    This year, I decided to learn how to make small products and I am working my way towards the goal.

    I recently built (last weekend) privacyfirstapps.com , a curated list of cloud-based apps that focuses on user privacy; are easy to setup and use; and should have a decent free plan. The apps that fulfill these criteria are less and I am looking to expand this list before I launch it on ProductHunt.

    I am looking for suggestions on how to make this better and also welcome fellow IH to reach out if you've built a privacy-focused product.

    Please check out https://privacyfirstapps.com/ when you have time.

  92. 1

    Hi everyone !
    I'm Reese, working on https://www.sprynkl.io/ . Our team aims to build a free social network for coworkers, who share the same email domain. We hope to create an intimate place where everyone feel free to share their thoughts. Best fit with remote teams or enterprise.

    We've started a core features where you find: post (photos, videos and links), anonymous, survey and game (Wheel of fortune)

    We've launched the MVP for 5 months. Then I'm here to look for early access and give us feedbacks on our business idea and product features. We're a group of 7 who really think it's gonna work well (built on our demand but seems so hard to reach our potential users).

    We need users to validate our ideas and improve it -- so please please download and tell us what you're thinking! Thanks heaps, guys! 🥰

  93. 1

    Hello everyone, I'm Eric, taking the bold step of learning programming. Glad to be part of this community. Looking at developing my coding skills. Thanks

  94. 1

    Hi, I am mobile developer and browser automation tools dev.
    Hopefully here I open my mind to new ideas and get advices.

  95. 1

    Hi! I'm yusuf. I started programming when I was 13 and now I'm 17. I love to learn new language and new programming language so I'm here. I know C# and Python and I learn html, css. I hope Indiehackers help to improve myself

  96. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Kris founder of https://www.PrettyNeat.io. We're a software development consultancy with penchant for playful design. At the moment we're working on a SaaS product which is currently under wraps. We're aspiring to have it out in the public within the next month or 2.

    Until then, we've begun experimenting with written content and social media - so I'm very excited to share and learn what's been working for other founders and creators.

  97. 1

    Hi! I'm Nurbo. I work as an SDE at a FAANG. I want to create a profitable internet business while still keeping my job and eventually work for myself. I'm currently at an ideation stage.

    How do you guys go about finding the right idea? I have several fuzzy ones but nothing has completely clicked yet. I'm currently reading The Mom Test. Any suggestions for books, articles, podcasts?

  98. 1

    Hi, Akhil again. Forgot to mention, I also have a motivational/self help blog in Hindi Language. Feel free to check and provide feedbacks. www.fromakhil.in

  99. 1

    Hi everyone. I am Akhil from India and I am here coz I have an idea for mobile app and don't know what should I do now. I am here to learn from you all and connect with like mind people. I am also planning to start my motivational podcast and if possible please suggestion me the dos'and don'ts as well. Thank you so much, I really appreciate a forum like this where we can talk productivity and help each other to grow. Thank you !

  100. 1

    Hello everyone, I'm Andrew. I'm currently employed as a full stack (JS) developer at a startup with an in house SaaS. Over the covid-19 lockdown I was lucky enough to work from home, getting to spend time with my wife and daughter. This really has been a blessing that made me realize having a position that would let me create my own schedule would be incredible. While this is a rather large achievement, I need to start somewhere. I also realized that when times are tough, a side hussle that helps build up savings comes in very handy.

  101. 1

    Hello, we are the account representing Aphinity.

    Aphinity is an upcoming community-building platform to discover new people and events through similar interests

    • A live map to see people around you

    • Connect with people based on common interests

    • Get access to exciting new events!

    Perfect for travelers, students, communities, and all kinds groups.

    Website: https://aphinityapp.com/
    Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned: http://eepurl.com/gKz81H

  102. 1

    Hello 👋 I am Omar, and I'm a developer from the UK. I am working on a puzzle game for iOS (app store link)

  103. 1

    Hi Rosie, just getting started here. Looks great!!

  104. 1

    Hi Rosie! Thank you for the warm welcome! I am Pankaj from India. I work as a Digital Marketer in my Day job and a freelance fashion photographer at the weekend. I have multiple side hustles and now I am working on something new and big. Looking forward to getting acquainted with the IH Community.

  105. 1

    Hello, I've heard a lot about this website being in the startup/developer world but I've funnily enough I've never been to site. I've came to get interest and feedback for my developer video platform thestreamintra.com but now that I'm here, I think I can extract A LOT more value than I thought.

  106. 1

    Hi my name is Everett, I haven't founded a SaaS company, but I plan to do so. I don't know how to code, but I have some ideas I'd like to explore. Maybe meet a co-founder. Thanks

  107. 1

    That’s an amazing way to welcome new folks, thank you f what you do. Here to explore my options in coding and app development.

  108. 1

    I'm Al and I live just north of Boston. My main gig is an Insurance and investment broker.

    We got into digital marketing as a way to increase my prospecting and put it on auto-pilot. As a former real estate agent, I hated wasting my time with people who didn't care about theirs. Or mine.

    We've been working with a very nice man name Vico who is helping me set up systems through his app, app.vicolize.com, part of the GHL family.

    I invested a lot of money in a system from Michael Laurens and have been putting int the systems the last week or so.

    We're looking to set this up for my own business, and at the same time create a digital prospecting system for real estate agents and hair salons. Any help would be most-certainly welcomed. ;)

    We are new to this whole thing and the learning curve has been pretty flat.

  109. 1

    Hi! I'm a tech recruiter building Recrooit.
    It's a referral platform that helps companies find and hire qualified candidates by harnessing the expertise and the power of the community. We're launching mid June.

    I'm here to learn about product building and launch, connect with some people and learn about your experience with recruiters.

    We're open for signups and launching mid June: recrooit.com

  110. 1

    Hey All! My name is Carly Bouwman and I've been running my own biz vivofineartanddesign.com for 17 years, providing many kinds of custom fine art, illustration, graphic & interior design services to a wide range of clients.
    I'm always looking to connect with new high quality clients and projects.

    I'm also in the planning stages of a social network platform geared towards supporting artists of all kinds... I could use all the help and advice I can get regarding how to develop new social networks. I look forward to connecting with and support you!!

  111. 1

    Hello everyone! My name is Nigus and I recently started coding. I thought it would elevate my growth if I put myself in such a hub as this. I'm excited to learn from everyone here; I see many brilliant minds and ideas, so I'm hoping to eventually get to that level. love.

  112. 1

    console.log("hello world!");

    Hello all, my name is Eric and I'm a CA native. I've been in tech (mostly manual Android testing) for a while in Silicon Valley but due to the pandemic I've been laid off. I'd figure now is the best time to get my hands "dirty" and give coding 100% of my attention/effort.

    I'm a huge aficionado to soccer(borderline obsessed). I've both played and coached the sport and I would really want to get into something to do with the sport, whether it's data analysis, sports performance, scouting metrics or even just podcasting!

    I am hoping to garner the skills to help that happen and what better place than to bounce off ideas and/or interact with like minded people on this platform.

    I don't have a project yet to putout there but as I learn coding I'm sure something will pop up. Anyways, it's all I have for now, cheers!

  113. 1

    Hey peeps! I am Adam, based out of Atlanta. I enjoy building in React & Nodejs but have had a recent obsession with No-code tools.

    I have a long list of small projects that I want to build so I am on a mission to build them all! Some of the things I'm working on include an app to learn to read Spanish, an app to find the best sports bar to watch your favorite team play, a automated-ish and daily-ish newsletter on the best products you missed on Product Hunt and a text based subscription for dope coffee.

    Check them out here: https://linktr.ee/aupchurch

    I am pretty active on Twitter, so that's a good place to reach me. twitter.com/theAdamUpchurch

  114. 1

    hi im li yiyun i hope you are all well

  115. 1

    Hey guys, I'm super excited to learn knew things!

  116. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Anna, founder of Prism (www.tryprism.co). Prism is a visual bookmarking app that takes a screenshot of the page you bookmarked so you can visually reference all your bookmarks without opening new tabs. It's like Pinterest but for websites. You can also share and collaborate on boards, which makes it useful for discovery and collaboration.

    I've been working on Prism as a side project for the past 8 months and built the first version with a dev studio. I'm a product designer, previously worked at Facebook, and I really wanted to build Prism for my own use. We're starting to get some traction and I'm hunting for a technical partner and looking to raise a seed round soon!

    I'm new to the Indie Hacker community (was referred to it from elpha) and I'm excited to explore! Please try out Prism if you're curious (it's free!) . I'd love to know what you think!

    If you want to check out my bookmarks on Prism sign up and click this link: app.tryprism.co/user/VXNlclR5cGU6NDA=

  117. 1

    Hey I'm Arent. I just started to learn coding (python), with this skill i'd like to develop android apps in the future, I already have plenty of ideas. I'm also really into investing in the stock market. I came to IH to learn things about python, get inspiration and meet people who think likewise.

  118. 1

    Hi everyone! I am Michele Paladino, a frontend dev living in NYC!
    I'm here because I would like to start my own business... which one? Still don't know!
    I have just published a website where I gather all the cool things about web dev that I discover in my daily browsing, check it out if you're interested! https://www.michelepaladino.dev/lateedition/

  119. 1

    Hi everyone!
    I am exited to be here. I hope I will learn from all of you here.
    Of course I will try to be a good number here too!

  120. 1

    Hello! My name is Heli. I am a web dev and artist.
    I am making a tool for artists where they can exchange their art works with other artists for the same to reach more people.
    Right now it is in testing phase. Planning to launch it soon.

  121. 1

    Hey Indiehackers,
    Ash @ Tupac_21 here, and I am seeking to build an online platform to sell my ideas as well as learn how to start an online coaching business. On the side, i am also willing to partner up and grow together with any viable projects out there!
    Take care, stay safe and let’s move on up !

  122. 1

    Hey, folks:

    I'm Kevin! I'm currently working on a dating app, looking for a new job, and trying to stream better as a content creator. I have been a developer for 12+ years, but having trouble really nailing down animation through greensock and React.

    I'm looking for a backend dev to handle the api and how videos work. Even just a phone call to talk would be a win for me.

  123. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Vishnu from Bangalore. I'm a student doing my undergrad at PES University. I have interests in various fields such as Web Development, Data Science, Machine Learning and software development.
    I hope to learn more and get experience working in those fields.

  124. 1

    Hello Everyone! I am Omar and i am a geeky and detail-oriented software engineer working on web applications and web infrastructure. I am deeply passionate and enthusiastic about Entrepreneurship, Design and Technology. I have been developing professionally for a year but tinkering since a kid. I started in tech with D.I.Y robotics, internships, freelance services and part time positions during college.

  125. 1

    Hi everyone. I'm Chaman Sharma, founder of DotnikStudio.com and Lead of Product Design at the University of Delhi. We at Dotnik Studio are a passionate team of dedicated Enterprise UX Centered Digital Product Design and Development Studio - Engineering and Pioneering Delightful User Experiences.

    Oh yes, if you have an idea that needs to be converted into a reality, please request a quote from us, the first consultancy charge is free of cost :)

    Visit my personal website at ceo.dotnikstudio.com

    Signing off, you can even hire me for UX Design Conferences or book me for podcast talks, Cheers!

  126. 1

    My name is Steve. I am a bodily injury claims adjuster for an auto insurance company. I owned a small business in the retail sector that I recently sold to my business partner.

    I am interested in working in the I.T. field, and am looking for direction on where to start that would actually amount to something. I consider myself "computer savvy", but know there is a lot for me to learn.

    Hopefully surrounding myself with like-minded individuals will yield the results that I am looking for.

    Stay cool, stay in school,


  127. 1

    Hi I'm Ivan and I'm trying to build my first solo project. It is a tool to help developers create, organize, grow and eventually monetize user groups.

    I learned so much from people who had the courage to share their efforts and their experiences and I never overcome the shyness and do so myself once I grew professionally (imposter syndrome also plays a role)
    I hope to realize myself by having a chance to give back to all the developer communities that unknowingly helped me through the years.

    I feel good being here, hope to be helpful :)

    1. 1

      Hello Ivan, welcome to the tribe ;)
      It's very kind of you to give back.
      At what stage is your project in? I'm a developer myself so I'm kinda curious ;)

      1. 1

        It's a lot of ideas in a notebook and very few disappointing lines of code written :)

        I had the idea a while ago but i struggle each day to get myself to do something after work, but I'm forcing myself to do at least a baby step each day hoping to get things rolling. I came here to find that motivation

        Will surely be happy to show you as soon as I've got something to show :)

        1. 1

          Sure, Keep going!
          Having a side hustle isn't always easy but it's rewarding.
          One advice: Don't wait to have the perfect product to share it.
          Let us take a look as early as possible. For two reasons:

          • To keep motivation high.
          • To get feedback early and avoid going in a wrong direction all alone.

          For example: I'm developing this mobile site-builder https://cabaneapp.com and I'm sharing the behind the scene in a newsletter: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/cabane
          It's mainly to force myself to share updates regularly and reflect twice a month on my situation. I just posted my first issue yesterday, and it felt nice 😃

          1. 1

            I think you're perfectly right.
            Actually doing it is still hard though 😂

            btw loved your landing page, clean, clear and wit. not making any compliments to just be nice, not that kind of guy

            1. 1

              Haha thank you 😊
              Yeah I concede it's not always easy. If I can help in some way, don't hesitate to DM me :)

  128. 1

    Hi all. I'm a recently joined Indie-lurker. I'm a full stack developer and have a side project idea that intersects with design and childhood development. Hopefully joining will give me some support to try and bring a side project to life!

  129. 1

    Hey everyone :-] I'm Jane, a marketing manager. I'm learning code AND low-code at the same time while being a carer! Have some ideas and a goal to create an app by the end of the year, and hunt for a co-founder for 2021. Excited to start the journey on IH.

  130. 1

    Hi everyone. I am Nurbek, software engineer from Kazakhstan. Joined this wonderful community to be inspired, share and gain knowledge about trending apps.

  131. 1

    Hello folks 👋, my name is Louis.
    I'm working on a mobile website builder called Cabane. 📱

    It's still pretty much in the building phase. But I'm starting to see the end of it and wanted to tell you all about it 😃
    The idea is to try and test Cabane with interested users to target a public launch around August. DM me if you're interested in trying out the early version. 🐦 Twitter and 💌 email on my IH profile.

    In the meantime, I'd like to share my journey with builders and product enthusiasts from here, seek feedback, and find synergies.

    I'm from a developer background (7y+), with a special inclination for user interfaces and animations.
    I'm willing to help anyone who needs insights or advice on the subject. Please reach out I'd be happy to answer 😃

  132. 1

    Hi everyone, I am Philippe, a (senior, 56y 😉) freelance developer from Belgium. I have decided to sign up here after following the SaaS Adventure course by Tony Lea (https://saasadventure.io/). I have a long experience as a C++ and C# developer. But recently, I found myself more and more interested in working with Laravel for creating new businesses. I hope to tell you soon about my findings and maybe help some of you.

    1. 1

      Hello Philippe!
      So cool to have more senior folks in here. Everyone benefits!
      Don't hesitate to share your business ideas to get feedback. (None of this stolen idea stuff here).
      It's funny, I'm a web developer but have recently been learning lower-level stuff such as shaders. I wonder which way is harder, native to web or web to native.

  133. 1

    Hello everyone!
    I'm Moein, founder of webonista.com
    I'm a developer and developer advocate and coding and building has been my passion since I've been 15
    Among my friends I'm pretty famous for being a creator but not a finisher as I always go up to 80% of product and either because of the company or my lack of commitment or making things to complicated never manage to finish it.
    So this time I decided to go all the way until end and so I finally fully launched my first product webonista
    I came here by suggestion of friend to learn from everyone and share what I know about coding and tools that I use and even give a hand to people who are in need of it :)
    Looking forward to make some friends here!

  134. 1

    I here for bigo live

  135. 1

    Hello! I’m Claudia. I’m a 3D / VR / AR creator looking for a way to generate income online - either through one off projects or ideally some passive income. Maybe a course. I would love to make 3D / XR creation more accessible to everyone!

    1. 1

      Hey Claudia,
      Wow, that's so cool to have 3D people in here! I only recently became interested in the field.
      A course is definitely a good way to start. Just don't be fooled, passive income does not really exist. You'll have to put on some work somehow.
      What kind of tools are you working with? Blender?
      Can we have a snapshot of your creations of some sort?

  136. 1

    Hello everyone. Debashish here.
    We are building Resuvi.com, a platform where recruiters across the world discover talents via Video Resume.

    Resuvi aims to be:

    1. World's largest video resume database.
    2. A meeting place of recruiters and talents
    3. A portal which provides necessary guidance to talents on how to create their video resume
    4. And perhaps turn the word 'Resuvi' into a noun.
      Eg - Hi Ben, why don't you send me your resuvi. I will forward to our HR team

    Any advice, opinions, feedback is most welcome.

  137. 1

    Hey guys, I am rxbeard.
    I am a seasoned developer living and working in the Bay Area.
    During this lockdown, I had an idea and started to work on my project related to creative coding and p5js. I am not sure if this project going to work but I am enjoying the process while learning new things.
    I got excited about micro SaaS that's how I found this amazing site.

    1. 1

      Hey rxbeard,
      I see the lockdown inspired people. At least you made good use of it. Nice job :)
      Don't forget to share your work when you feel like it to get feedback!
      Also, what do you mean by "creative coding"?

      1. 1

        Thanks for your reply dotlouis.
        Creative coding is a form of art when people create beautiful graphics, animation, and other cool stuff with code. Check out "The coding train" channel it's an awesome place to learn more about it.

        1. 1

          Oh yeah I see!
          That is incredible. I've seen this guy making really cool stuff: https://twitter.com/mattdesl
          I'd like to try it out eventually :)
          How can I get updates on your project?

          1. 1

            Yea, exactly stuff like that!
            I am definitely going to post here when I launch it, I feel like I am about couple of months away from it!

            1. 1

              Awesome, can't wait!
              Good luck then 💪

  138. 1

    Hello, I'm Harris Andrea from Europe. Currently I have a full time job but also running a side online business which is around content marketing and publishing on niche sites. I'm trying now to venture into other online businesses and hope to share my experiences with the community.

    1. 1

      Hi Harris,
      So... you're never tired of it, right? I couldn't keep my side project with my full-time job, I can't even imagine having two of them 😲
      I'd love to know more about your content marketing business :)

      1. 1

        Basically I run 3 websites on which I publish content written for me from freelancers. I research first and find keywords that my audience will be interested and then create helpful content around these topics. I get traffic from Google (SEO) and monetize with ads and affiliate marketing.

        1. 1

          Looks interesting. How much time does that take you to run all 3 businesses? Even if you're not doing all the writing, it seems pretty intense to do all the keyword research.

          1. 1

            I've been doing this for over a decade so I refined my process. I'm spending around 1-2 hours per day (on top of my full time job).

  139. 1

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Isaac and I am a full stack native iOS developer. I am looking for a project to join and work on over the summer. I have a completed app on the app store written in Swift with a Firebase and Node.js back-end and I am in the process of learning web development so I can be flexible for different projects depending on whats needed.

    Feel free to reply if you are looking for a developer. Even if i end up not being the right fit I would love to chat with other entrepreneurs.

    1. 1

      Hello Isaac, welcome!
      I'm also new here. I've always been wanting to try out native iOS development although I'm mainly a web dev. I'd be happy to chat!
      Twitter DM open or the email in my IH profile :)

  140. 1

    Hello everyone, Raffay here from Sydney 🌊

    Third culture kid, currently working in Finance and hoping to transition out (soon!) to build superhue.io, a platform to enable knowledge sharing with the disability community.

    I just started using Bubble, which I think should be great in building a live version of what I want. If work commitments allow, hoping I can get a live version to test with people in the next month/two 🤞🏽

    If anyone here is interested in disrupting the disability space - reach out!

  141. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Zalizan. Staying in Malaysia. I'm a full stack developer and had experiences around 9 years in development. Now I'm working as a whatsapp chatbot developer. Had few ideas but time and procrastination is my biggest enemy. Hope when I'm joining this community, it will spark my motivation to start again. Hope can chat with you guys later

  142. 1

    Hi! Great to be here. Thanks for the good intro!

  143. 1

    Hi, Im Victor. I have idea for an easier way to use zoom. I have nieces and nephews that are currently using online classes. But navigating through zoom has been difficult for them so i'm in the starting phases of creating a easier way for teachers to connect with students.

  144. 1

    Hey all! I'm Brandon, and with my new found free time I've been trying to think of something I could build that would be fun for me and others would be willing to buy. Most of my expertise is in building distributed systems but I want to stay away from that so I can learn a new space. I bought the silly domain capyabraindustries.com as a start, hopefully I'll figure out what to do it with :)

  145. 1


    I am Abraham, founder of slap project, an app developing business​. we so far have 1 game and we are building the graphics to launch it.

  146. 1

    Hello everyone!

    I've been working as a developer for 9 years now. I mostly do front-end work these days so it's a pretty high chance that there is a .ts file open on my computer. At the moment I am working on a React Native project.

    I'm probably here just for the lurk although I have a few side project ideas. My other serious interest is creating music and most of my side project ideas merge these two worlds.

    Rest of the time I will be playing games, excercising, hopefully eating some tasty food and having the occasional party weekend.

    Fwiw I am planning to work from abroad for some time when the situation in the globe allows.

    Nice to meet you and have a nice day!

  147. 1

    Hey guys my name is William and I am a community influencer. I love all things positive and look forward to making the world a better place. If u don’t mind please donate money. If you are looking to donate then text me and I will give you the information

  148. 1

    Hello! My name is Tom, and I am a full-stack developer from Chicago looking to network and learn whatever I can from others.

    My current project is a website that you can search for music artists or releases and locate records stores near you. The data is the result of combining two public music databases.

    Eventually, the goal is to provide the user with the ability to categorize, add, and share their vinyl collection with others. Since the database is not quite finished indexing, this will be a little way out. Until then, the most immediate goal is building and creating content for the blog.

    Here's where we are so far:

    Glad to be here!

  149. 1

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Karolina, this month I have launched my new start up called Kelyst.
    Together with my team we created free chrome extension that helps people to remember their liked properties, during home hunting.
    Just with one click they can list:
    the house 🏠
    the property address 📫
    the size of the house 📐
    the agent phone number ☎️
    the property address 📫
    the website ✍️

    🤯 Not in your brain,
    🤩 on your Kelyst board!

    Our users may save properties from:
    🔍 craigslist
    🔍 kijiji
    🔍 centris
    🔍 trulia
    🔍 zumper
    🔍 airbnb
    🔍 booking
    🔍 rentcafe
    and many more....
    I would be very happy to hear from you some feedback.
    Here is the link to our website: https://www.kelyst.com/en.
    Let me know what you think!

  150. 1

    Hi All,

    Jason here, looking for great ideas and possible partnerships. Hoping to helpful in the community and gain some knowledge.

  151. 1

    Greeting, I'm Joshua. Chemical engineering grad with a high interest in web development. Have many saas ideas and hope to see them through

  152. 1

    hello, I'm a french student in data science and i'm here to to learn some skillls, things about internet, coding ...

    1. 1

      Hey chihab,
      French here also 🇫🇷 ;)
      What kind of skills do you want to learn? We can help you find what you need but we need more precise information

  153. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm Lukas from Art4web.co (a digital agency) and I'm so excited to get more involved with this community after years of being a lurker here! I'm currently working on my first personal (real) side-project PeeksTV.com which is a collection of handpicked YouTube videos for the digital design and development communities. I built this little website during my spare time of Corona crisis. It’s still super early and there is still a lot of work to do but with your help and support I can have a lot of fun doing this. I believe it will be useful for all of you, at least for them who likes to watch YouTube videos for motivation or education 😊
    Any feedback is more than welcome! ✌️

  154. 1

    Hey Rosie and everyone !

    It's wonderful to meet you all. My name is Omar and I am a developer based out of Ottawa Ontario. I specialize in all things Gov Tech, building and modernizing tools to support government operations in this digital age. I work full time in the Government of Canada but also do consulting on the side building various projects. My current side project is building an accessible Time Sheets application to help manage consultants and budgets for companies of all sizes as well as government. You can find more about me on my website omarnasr.ca

  155. 1

    🙋🏻‍♂️Hi everyone,
    I'm Raihan Head of Design at Ofspace. We help start-ups with different design supports.
    Also, I worked with 100+ worldwide clients before starting the Ofspace Design Agency.
    Have a look to our most recent works here http://ofspace.dribbble.com/

    Nice meeting you guys.
    #StaySafe #StayHome

  156. 1

    Hi guys, my name is Tawanda and I am the co-founder of ClayUX and we are a strategic design agency focusing on helping businesses grow by allowing the Customer to be involved in every part of the design process. I'm here to meet and learn from inspiring creators, share knowledge and realise my goal of starting a profitable business before 2020 ends.

  157. 1

    Hii people my name is Abhishek. I am learning digital marketing and passionate for learning something new. I am here to look for ideas for a side hustle. Want to start my own digital marketing agency, also looking for jobs as I am eager to put in use what I have learned

  158. 1

    Hi everyone. My name is Deepak and working on habitate.io. We help you create a community support page on your website. A simple community forum where your customers can engage in discussions, polls, and AMA'S. I still have a lengthy product roadmap ahead of me.

    The product is live with a freemium model, to begin with. Unless you reach a community size larger than 1k, you don't have to worry about pricing.

    Website: https://www.habitate.io
    email: [email protected]

  159. 1

    Hi all. I am Iqbal, and I'm pumped to start getting involved with the IH community after years of just thinking about it ! 😄

  160. 1

    Hi there,
    My name is Kyle.
    I am building a SaaS program for the real estate industry.
    I am looking to expand my knowledge on best practices for software engineering/development and looking to connect with developers.

  161. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Paweł, founder of cubitoo.com — helping founders and startups with their early-stage product and leadership issues, offering creative services, etc.

    I'm running a free mentoring blog and a free mentoring platform, offering inspiration and insight into improving your productivity and communication, product building, technical aspects of web applications. Feel free to check it out through the website! (you can read the blog or register in the mentoring platform to track your progress and unlock some additional features).

    This year I'd like to give a shot to converting the "digital agency" into "product incubator", helping early-stage founders (or founders-yet-to-be) with starting up, hitting ground running, avoiding costly mistakes, and getting their idea into MVP quickly. So they are not only masters of the business side but also are very close to the nitty-gritty building part.

    The website is here: https://cubitoo.com
    The blog is here: https://cubitoo.com/blog

  162. 1

    Hi, everyone. My name is Fernando and I am the founder of ikourier.com and jobtradecenter.com. I'm not a professional developer. I am just a mathematitian who is passionate about learning new stuff everyday and one of those things I really like learning is programming.

    jobtradecenter is a website where you can post your skills and get offers from people who might want to hire you. You can also post a project and receive offers from skilled professionals who might want to help you.

    iKourier is a place where anybody can post a package they want to send anywhere in the world and you can get offers from travelers who happen to go there and can carry your package. You can also post your trip and receive offers from people who want to send package to your destination.

    Please, feel free to check and review my websites. I know they are still pretty basic and I would hightly appreciate your feedback. They are not officially launched yet because I am still learning to fix some things.

    Best regards to everybody.

  163. 1

    Hi, my name is Matija and I'm a frontend developer from Croatia. I came here to read about interesting ideas. Have the ambition to build micro SaaS and expand to full-stack development.

  164. 1

    Hello everyone. I'm Thomas Harvey, a freelance graphic designer in the UK. Have been meaning to sign up to IH for a while now - really want to learn more about the community and hopefully contribute a fair bit too. Particularly interested in trying to scale up my business, develop new ideas and think about things differently. Don't be afraid to say hello!

    Find out more about me and what I do here: https://thomasharvey.design

  165. 1

    I am Ahmed. I am Technical consultant and subject matter expert at IBM. Loves learning new tech

  166. 1

    Hey everybody, I'm a professional developer who tinkers on the side. New to 3D printing, looking to get into animatronics and hobby drones. I plan to use my development skills to help local non-profits with custom web/software solutions.

  167. 1

    Hello everyone. My name is Arseny. I am a front-end developer. Now I am building a second version of read-and-watch.com This is space where you can keep list of books, movies, tv-shows, and articles to read and watch it later. Besides, you can organize your lists, share it with others, rate items, leave notes, and track your progress(for books and tv-shows).

    Technologies I use:

    • React, Redux, Saga
    • Firebase
    • Ant (UI lib)
    • Angular & RxJs
    • GraphQL, Apollo
    • Prisma
  168. 1

    Hi Rosie
    I am Plaxedes, a content writer freelancer who interested in digital marketing. Looking forward to start my own business in Content creation and Marketing.

  169. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers,
    I am Prateek, currently working on a growth manager for SAAS product company. I heard great things about indie hackers, wanted to explore this community and build something great. Open to new ideas. feel free to chat.

  170. 1

    Hello! Nice onboarding flow you have here.

    My name is Michael. I'm just getting started in learning dev and design to make some of my many random ideas into reality. I have a background in digital marketing and product management, but I've wanted to start my own thing for a long time.

  171. 1

    Hi. I am here to learn from and contribute to a community of fellow hackers who wish to make a real dent instead of being a corporate drone :-)

  172. 1

    Hi, my name is Max and my goal is to launch a website for my brother's nursing business and use that website as a starting point to make website for other people. I like working on my own schedule so my goal is to be able to one day, somehow work for myself.

  173. 1

    Lots of nice introductions in here. I guess I'll do mine.

    I'm Thomas, I run fifarosters.com – a FIFA video game related site with mini games, a player database, and some tools to act as a companion to the game. I started it about 5 years ago and have slowly built it up to being a pretty well known name in the FIFA community. I've mostly built it myself and learned a lot along the way. I've hired out some development tasks recently since I still have a busy day job. There's still lots of room for the site to grow and improve. Hoping to learn some new things and meet some new people here on Indie Hackers!

  174. 1

    Hi. I am Vignesh, a beginner in web development and hoping to pursue it as my career.

    I am in search of guidance for my career choice.

  175. 1

    I'm a web developer who is also a grad student in linguistics. Most of my work is non-profit (ah, academia), but if I'm going to be able to keep doing that I better figure out how to make some benjamins in other, unrelated projects.

  176. 1

    Hi guys! I'm a full-time integration developer at a bank. I've only been coding full time for about 2 years, but I've dreamt of making money from my own project for the duration. I have a POC website for a chat interface, which I believe is my most valuable idea, but it lacks polish, and growing it seems like a daunting challenge. I look forward to exploring this community, as I've heard good things about it!

  177. 1

    Hi everyone 🦊
    My name is Alex, i'm french developper, quite curious of a lot of thing, design, growth, copywritting.
    I like read books and education 🧶

  178. 1

    Hi guys, I'm Sebastian and I'm a location-independent entrepreneur currently based in Taipei.

    I used to lead Data and Analytics Teams for Rocket Internet in Berlin and have been a freelance consultant since then. I was about to launch a travel related startup here in Taiwan earlier this year. Then Covid-19 destroyed all tourism so I'm currently building up a list of new startup ideas with the plan to start building before the end of June.

    Hoping to get some inspiration and discussion here!


  179. 1

    Hi everyone. Matt here - co-founder of JumpOn. Since lockdown began we've been working on something to make our remote whiteboard sessions flow better - it's a simple tool for showing you want to speak and reacting to the current speaker. It's helped our remote meetings run much more smoothly now we're not all speaking over each other so we thought it would be nice to share it!

    We'd love any feedback - and love it even more if you found it useful to use in your meetings.

  180. 1

    Hey everyone! My name is Leo and I’m sort of changing careers right now. I’m looking into developing technological tools/apps for the entertainment industry.

  181. 1

    Hello Everyone here. My name is Mukul Ishwar and I am a UX Designer. Right now I am not building anything but I joined so I could get inspired and learn from this awesome community.

  182. 1

    Hello Indie hackers, I am new here. I'm an online marketer andmy goal is to set up 3 niche focused online businesses this year.

  183. 1

    Hi there! I'm Daniel, currently in the phase of validating some ideas before fully committing in one direction. I've build up a startup before and come more from a business then a technical background (5 years as management consultant), but I did write my first code at the age of 6 and still feel comfortable in that region.
    Always happy to help others or to have a quick chat, and looking forward to how we can help each other in this community! :)

  184. 1

    Hi Everyone, I am really excited to be part of this community. Lots to learn and share from and with you guys. I am Cloud consultant during the day and my goal for this year is to build a Saas product on the side( have a few ideas at the moment and will take advise from the community to hone in on a concept/idea for launch ).Look forward to connecting with y'all.Cheers.

  185. 1

    Hello everyone, I'm Zayd, I'm a mobile application developer, i graduated last year and have been into this since then, i'm just another nerd who's trying to learn new things everyday and implement them in my daily life and hopefully make some money out of it. Eager to learn, eager to help, eager to grow.

  186. 1

    Hey folks, thank you for creating this space. I can't wait to dive into the Indie Hackers community. I'm Noel and am the founder muchskills.com - a skills visualization platform.

    MuchSkills is a platform that aims to help individuals and teams be able to visualize their strengths and skills so that people can get a better understanding of what energizes them at work.

    The platform is completely free and open for sign ups, and would love to have the community try it out.

    Hopefully by the end of the year we gather more stories and data to make a concrete pitch towards why we should finally discard CVs that are certainly antiquated in these days for a lot of professions.

    Thank you once again and do check out https://www.muchskills.com

  187. 1

    Nice too meet you miss sherry

  188. 1

    Hello everybody! My name is Brad and I’m looking to get involved in a few side projects this year. I currently work as a consultant for a software company.

  189. 1

    Hi I am Santhosh, I create wordpress sites and do social media marketing. My focus niche is healthcare professionals and course creators. I am working on building my personal brand. I am here to share and learn from this portal.
    Really looking for some like minded people to get connected with. Cheers.

  190. 1

    Thanks rosie you make me feel appreciated and situated

  191. 1

    Hi ,I am Anurag Singh, Looking to Start my Entrepreneurship Journey.

  192. 1

    Hi, My name is Nikhil nelson and I am from India. I am here to get inspiration and create my own product and learn new things....^-^

  193. 1

    Hello everyone, my name is Yousef. I'm currently a freshman at university.

  194. 1

    i dont know why or how i got here but im ready

  195. 1

    I am Senior in College, about to get my BS in Marketing. I have run multiple successful dropshipping stores in the past 2 years but have now moved on to opening my own social media marketing agency. I have over 5 streams of income and am interested what this site has to offer and how I can help others.

  196. 1

    Hey Everyone! My name is Josh, I’m 30 (ewww old right?); I’m a serial entrepreneur and father of 4. I’ve owned a successful urban farm, a civil engineering firm, and now a mortgage company. I am excited to learn here and see what value I can add/glean from any and all of you. I am interested in educating/creating, but am unsure where to start. All of my last projects have been active/service based and I’m interested in creating something web or app based that will have a broader market. I look forward to getting to know some of you! 🤙🏻

  197. 1

    Here to learn along my journey. Starting my first business. Eager to share as I learn. Thanks in advance for the support

  198. 1

    Hi everyone!!

    I'm Jay Shepherd. I'm currently working as XShepherd Computers.
    I have an Embedded Systems/Microcomputer Project I'm working on.

    I've worked as an Automation Systems GUI Designer and have also done four short term Electronic Assembly Contracts for some leading Technology Companies happening in New Zealand.
    My first Job was working as a Junior Electronics/R & D (Research and Development) Engineer at Fisher and Paykel Laundry, so Embedded Product Design, Innovation and Manufacturing is in my blood a bit!! :)

    My aim for this year is to get a heap of Embedded Systems R & D completed and come out with a Prototype for the Project.

    I'm hoping to become a better Embedded and Internet Coder and come up with a real life Embedded Project/Product.

    I'm here to read about what other people are up to, Computer wise and share opinions and Embedded Systems, Internet Programming and Engineering ideas.

    Looks like a great site!! Look foward to spending some time here. :)

  199. 1

    I'm a philosopher and programmer, and co-founder of Philosophy of Computation at Berkeley (po.cab). I am on leave from Microsoft where I worked as a software engineer for two years. I am starting a project to entangle social cryptocurrency with social media.

  200. 1

    Hi I'm Nin. For 2020 i would like to put my foot in the door to learn to code and possibly developing.

  201. 1

    Hi rosie im here tp enjoy witch u all this family!😇🙏

  202. 1

    Hi all!

    I am Andreas, 32, and a web developer for over half of my life.

    Next to my main job I work on a few side projects like howcolors.work and convertingcolors.com. Currently, I also write a small CSS color notation guide on leanpub.

    Happy to be here!

  203. 1

    Hi Rosie and everyone :)

    My company, AirDev, one of the leaders in the no-code revolution, is sponsoring a free remote bootcamp to teach a small group of non-coders (or coders who want to learn!) how to build robust web apps using our no-code approach. It’s just 4 weeks long, and participants will learn to build apps like Airbnb, Twitter, etc. More info is at https://airdev.co/bootcamp.

    If you’re interested in launching a tech-enabled business without needing a technical cofounder, or transitioning to tech/PM work in the future, or just looking to expand your skillset, check it out! Applications are due May 21.

    We really want to get the hacker community involved because you can build really cool and powerful projects quickly, and hackers are some of the most creative people out there so there's a lot of potential here!

    Really looking forward to joining this community aside from the Bootcamp aspect as well!

  204. 1

    Hello everyone. I am here to grow personally, professionally, financially, and everything in between. I am looking to network with those who have the same mindset as me. I want to grow the next huge company. Problem is I’m not sure where to start. You’ve never met anyone more money motivated than myself. I’ve got a few ideas but would love a mentor to help guide me to success. Thanks!

  205. 1

    Hey Hackers. I'm Ryan, creator of thedailythread.co. I am building a business around sending men 1 outdoors inspired clothing recommendation via email each weekday. I also write and curate adventure related stories one day a week.

    I quit my job in January 2020 to do this so I'm all in. I'm always open to feedback and growth tactics. Right now, growth is the priority.

    The daily newsletter is free. But once I build up an audience, I plan to use it to launch and sell new products. If you're familiar with The Hustle, that was their strategy. Build build build build then once they had a million people they started releasing new products like crazy and they're killing it.

  206. 1

    Hello, My name is Oscar I am a recent computer science graduate. I am looking for projects where I can learn and grow. I have experience with Java, Laravel, PHP, HTML, CSS, and SQL (including postgress databases) . Among these more technical skills I've also taken courses in agile development, git, software development, and algorithms. I am also currently trying to learn python on my own and trying to get more practice with web development. Please feel free to reach out and let me know of any projects I may be able to jump in on and help.

  207. 1

    Hey guys, I’m Munashe I’ve always wanted to have my own startup but haven’t had the right tools to do so or find the right ways to do so. I hope to learn from everyone here and be able to work on my startup.

  208. 1

    Hi, i'm Luca, I tried to build a startup some years ago but it wasn't the right team and we hadn't enough courage.
    I've studied Agri-Food business and I'm trying to find the right idea.
    I'm also learning to code now to help me to start a business someday. I hope here I could find the right inspiration and why not, partners!

  209. 1

    Hi I am Nik I am looking for inspiration and a project to help me get to my goals of financial freedom.

  210. 1

    Hi All!,

    I'm Cassandra Vnook, founder of LetzB, a new community and dating app for LGBTQ women! I was burned with my last developers and lost over 35K! But, we must beat on! We are now developing with crowdbotics, and I'm looking to team up with some people to help me market and grow the APP! My details below!

    Cassandra Vnook

  211. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Sean. Trying to promote flowstate. Working on earnii.app a way to gamify and incentivize screen time reduction. Looking forward to meeting folks!

  212. 1

    Hey what's up everyone! I'm Haris - excited to explore more of this community. I'm currently building Inverse, a Chrome extension that lets groups and teams collaborate and have conversations on any web page on the Internet.

    We're currently testing with a handful of different teams and communities. Would love to include Indie Hackers as well :)

    1. 1

      I've actually created an Indie Hackers community on Inverse. Here's the code to join if anyone's interested: a50c11fa-993e-11ea-a820-0a58a9feac2a

  213. 1

    Greetings from Africa ......😀 Africa a jungle of inadequate modern facilities but where zebra and elephant, tiger and lion, monkey and gorilla are common, a jungle of natural fruit and grains without GM
    Nice meet you all ✌️😀

  214. 1

    Hello, my name is Bol Bol. CEO of Free Smoke Entertainment & Fitness Club. Recently dropped out of the Walton Business school at University of Arkansas.

  215. 1

    Hey guys,

    I am Mihai founder of cryptocube. We are a small software company based in Romania.

    We just found out about this great community and I think is amazing how so many people are trying to build a success story in google era. We will share with you some our of failed / success stories that we had and if you need our services feel free to drop us a line.

    Best wishes!

  216. 1

    Hi all - I'm David, and am interested in this community as I just finished the first pass at my #nocode side project It's an app to help folks improve whatever activity they like to do (any activity that can be recorded on video) by getting feedback from others.

    You can add your own video and get feedback on your performance (e.g., golf, training, acting - could be anything), and/or if you want to help ("coach") others, you can simply add specific feedback to someone's video. All feedback is rated so the 'best' rises to the top.

    The app is http://www.crwdcoach.com and I'd love to get feedback on what ppl think of the idea and in particular, advice/suggestions on how to start growing interest in it; thanks!

  217. 1

    Hey everyone! My name is John and I'm new to IH! Being 23 and working at a Fortune 200 I've come to realize that it's not all that it's cracked up to be. I'm here to discover my passion and start building something of my own. I hope to contribute to other's projects as I hope to gain valuable experiences that I can use on my own one day!

  218. 1

    Hi all, I'm Mike and I recently created fullstackdjango.com. My plan is to give back to the amazing Django community that got me into webdev, and hopefully teach some frontend and React foundations to the people who are starting out. Personally it motivates me during this massive pandemic that made me lose my last job!

    The first post shows you how to build an early version of the website itself, and the second one shows you how to make a contact form. I will be publishing new tutorials about push notifications and internationalization (i18n) soon, and getting into React + Django integration topics.

    Please check it out and if you like any of what you see, you can subscribe at fullstackdjango.com/newsletter to get an email when I publish a new post (no daily/weekly spam!)

  219. 1

    Hi everyone, my name is Taurai. I'm looking to build a side project and slowly move out of my 9 to 5.

  220. 1

    Hi everyone, I am a coding mentor teaching students and professional how to code.

    I am trying to grow my brand online using advertising & marketing but I am struggling to gain traction using methods found for free and SEO. Looking for tips on my content which can be found here: https://www.codementor.io/@powderblock

    Thanks all!

  221. 1

    Hey Rosie this is Jackson Stanley an owner of a small lawn care business, but also a young venture capitalists constantly looking for projects and ideas to keep growing.

  222. 1

    Hello to all IH out there, my name is Sara, founder of the (https://plungeclub.com/ "Plunge Club") and on a quest to help all of us big dreamers to perform at the top of our game.
    If the term "good enough" is not in your vocabulary when it comes to your well being, and both the healthcare system and/or traditional coaching is not helping you to reach your true potential, then the platform I am building is exactly for you. Let's talk!

    1. 1

      thanks for the follow friend! glad you're here!

  223. 1

    Hello everyone I am Abhit, founder of Dezilo, We are building a Studio management platform for Interior Designers and Decorators, think of it like Jira for interior designers

    I faced this problem myself of constantly getting to and fro between me and an interior designer i hired to redo my home interior, constant gaps in understanding the design, over budgeting and a lot of delays got me into a lot of frustrations So i started looking for online tools which might help me get exactly what i wanted, i realised this might be a common problem for interior designers as well as their customers, i connected with an amazing designer who helped me pointing in right direction to create an initial MVP, thus Dezilo was born

    I am a software engineer by day and pushing hard to create a successful platform for interior designers which might solve a lot of pain points related to their design studio and business

    Currently we have finished MVP and after a bit of polishing and bug testing we will be launching this week, we are based in India and thus the market is ripe for opportunities, i hope our launch goes successfully !

    Oh and we are completely free to use for upto 10 projects per studio, please check out our site: https://dezilo.com/

    Any kind of feedback is welcomed :)

  224. 1

    Hello to everyone. I found a link to this on TIK TOK and now here I am . I am looking for better ways to create a better life for myself and my family, with more freedom to do what I really want instead of spending the majority of my time working for others.
    I have been working on many ideas and online opportunities for the past few years. I hope to find help , the drive, motivation and self-discipline to turn this opportunity into a business and therefore give up my 9-5 job !

  225. 1

    Hi everybody,
    I am currently a college student in Louisiana, I am in the marketing program and entrepreneurship. I am trying to get my ideas out to somebody but I have no clue Where to store or who to talk to. I would like to get to know people and get to know somebody or a group of people that can help me get my ideas out give me feedback on what To do.

  226. 1

    Hello everyone, I am here to for two reasons. First I would love to start a side hustle and make some extra money and second I own a digital marketing agency so if you guys need website designed, SEO, Digital ads or any other services, I am your guy! Excited to be here.

  227. 1

    What's lovely everybody? My name's Chris and I'm the proud papa of a blog called The Unconventional Route.

    If you want to talk about getting organic traffic by researching, coming up with, and blogging about new ideas, let's chat.

    If you're a money-magnetizing, movement-leading, network-exploding, or email-absorbing whiz kid (or whiz whatever-age), please help me.

    Bye for now

  228. 1

    Hello. I'm totally new here in the community. i wanna learn so much things and improve my life to a business one instead a 9-5 program...

  229. 1

    Hi! I am Jan, marketer (newsletters, sms, im) with geeky soul from Europe (Prague, CZ).

    I've decided it's time to build something instead of just working for agencies.
    Hopefully IH will help me find the right way/idea/product.

    Feel free to hmu 🤙

  230. 1

    Hi everyone!
    My name's Amir, and I'm now dipping my toes into the startup lifestyle. Worked corporate 2 years in the energy industry as an E&I engineer after graduating.
    Although I excelled in my position, I quickly realized the lifestyle compromises and creative restrictions that would not satisfy this inner fire I had burning for more control of my desired lifestyle choices.

    I resigned and recently migrated to the United States from Trinidad & Tobago (Biggup to any Caribbean IndieHackers here! ^_^), fortunately getting in just before the global pandemic lock-down ensued.
    Research into this niche of startups lead me to the discovery of the term 'bootstrapping' and its lifestyle. I then came across Pieter Levels and became deeply inspired by his story.
    Some time after I came across Will Kwan's channel and his amazing interview with Courtland Allen, which then lead me to this amazing, hidden (at least to me!) gem of a community I had not known existed!
    I am pivoting into software engineering atm with self-study efforts since my coding experience was limited to the few courses covered in my degree, and I'm not quite ready to actively develop my own projects yet.
    Long-term, I would love to create my first Indie game, but atm, bootstrapping shorter time-to-market solutions and freelancing mobile development are my short-term goals towards financial freedom once the relevant skillsets are achieved.
    We truly live in an amazing age of immense opportunity and information, or the 'gig' economy as Nassim Taleb puts it. The black swan has arrived in 2020.
    In conclusion, I am completely aware of the hard work that is required and personal sacrifice to get things off the ground and successfully afloat!
    I will be maintaining my day job until it's feasible to jump ship as I am sure many of you are/have done.
    I'm just grateful that such a community even exists!
    Looking forward to the GROWTH, LEARNINGS and SUCCESS!

    Goodluck to everyone on their personal journeys!
    Will be in touch!

  231. 1

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm looking for ways to better myself, family, friends and make a BIG impact in the world. I have over 10 years in IT doing just about everything from Infrastructure to planning. I have done many small side projects from home security to wireless internet ISP even lawn care and shipping just to change things up a bit. In 2020, I'm hoping to build lasting relationships here while learning some new skills and if I'm lucky build a profitable business.

  232. 1

    Hey it's Dave from ephernet. Delivering my proprietory CMS and CMR that won't get hacked like open source. Lots of plugins. currently working on an adserver.

  233. 1

    I am a senior cancer surgeon. I wish to reach out to my patients who are living with or beyond cancer. I like to reach out to my fellow colleagues, trainee doctors and medical students who are living a high-octane life.

  234. 1

    Hey there! Hope to find your and yours safe. I've started working on an all-in-one productivity workspace. that is much more functional than those 10-15+ tools we use on an everyday basis.

    I'm on a mission to Elevate Humanity bring humans closer to the future of work by offering tools humans can use to boost their productivity.

    Great Design, Fluid Animations, Cyberpunk, Space, Video Games and awesome music are what inspire greatness out of me! Love computers and everything about them. My other venture is called bern and can be found at https://bern.is

    Stark is in its very early stages, so I'm looking for a technical cofounder to join in. One that is enjoys merging visual arts with computer science. By the end of the year, I want to get an MVP out with paying customers for our product. I have booked https://stark.so to use for the company.

    Let's definitely discuss if you are interested.


  235. 1

    Hello everyone I am a software developer form Barcelona city :) Please feel free to get intouch ! see you around!

  236. 1

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a "full-stack" developer based in Cambridge, UK! I'm building a SaaS product using React and AWS. My MVP is almost ready to share with others. I'm hoping to find a local co-founder eventually and network with other entrepreneurs to help grow my SaaS product.

    I'll share more details once the beta is ready :D

    Best regards,

  237. 1

    Hey everyone, I'm Carpenco Dima, a Product Designer with over 5 years of experience and the guy behind Digital Bro - https://digitalbro.net

    I just found out about Indiehackers.com and it seems to fit perfectly with my goal - to evolve and become better.

    I'm also the kind of guy who likes to share his knowledge with others - See IG Carousels - https://instagram.com/digitalbro_net/

    Looking to learn and listen to success stories on how to create life-changing products.

  238. 1

    Ciao! I'm iesse, italian guy living in Budapest. I'm the co-founder of EES where we try to help students have a better future. I'm here starving for knowledge!

  239. 1

    Hey, folks! Nikola here from Novi Sad, Serbia. I make websites (mostly) using Ruby and JavaScript. I also organize Novi Sad JS https://novisadjs.org/ and write at http://pragmaticpineapple.com/

    I have a couple of open-source projects I work on, you can find them on my GitHub https://github.com/nikolalsvk. Let's connect if any of this sounds or looks interesting to you :)

  240. 1

    Hello everyone. I am Kaidus, a mechanical engineer. I currently have a job but I know that what I earned on that was not enought so I am here hoping to learn some new skills specifically coding. I want to also join communities with some app or web developers. I hope that the seniors here wouldnt mind a junior like me. I hope to learn great skills from you guys.

    I am completely clueless about coding or app developing I will thank you in advance for providing me help. If some of you have a recommendation on what I would start with, it will be gladly appreciated!

    For now I am learning how to code. If the masters here have some guidance, please please please help me. Please recommend on where to start first, or if you guys have videos or tutorials that you think might be of help, please comment it down. 😊 Thank youu! 😊😊

  241. 1

    Hi all, I’m Patrick, 46 and had some businesses in the past and recently got laid off so decided to start my own business again. I have a few ideas about artificial intelligence to help sales teams and looking to learn how I could start a business and provide a service.

  242. 1

    Hey I am Eric from Kenya, came here from Tiktok and I subscribe to the F.I.R.E movement

  243. 1

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Filipp... I am 30, well almost 31 and here is my story!
    Up until last year I was working various jobs trying to get by. But last year I decided to risk it all and at the early age of 30 I took up Frontend web development. Currently I am already a junior developer with some minor, but for me cool skills!
    Basically I am still growing my technical skills and it is pretty hard for me to be honest. It takes me a lot of time to learn new stuff and a lot of patience, but I want to provide the best that I can for my son, so I perceiver...
    I know that I can't really depend solly on my job, so I am constantly trying to find opportunities for some side income! They were not fruitful up until now! Still I am not giving up hope and maybe one day it will change and I will become financially independant with several sources of income.
    Weird, ha? I mean for me earning money is like a game from one point, but a serious enough endeavour from another.
    So here is to success, mine and yours!
    TTYS, Filipp

  244. 1

    Hi everyone, I am Siva. I am searching for a developers' group so that I can gain knowledge on real time projects and improve my coding skills. And engaging into new connections to form a team of developers for free lancing. Next plans are to start building projects for oneself for business. Thank you and very much excited to join the community of @indiehackers.

  245. 1

    what up y'all,

    I'm Dean from Kansas studying Data Analytics at the moment. I've taken a huge interest in digital marketing and have even started dropshipping recently with all this extra time I've had making some income on the side. I would say I'm great at content creation, copywriting, and data analysis in terms of advertising as I've had a lot of experience with Facebook & Instagram ads in the past

    Tbh I don't really know what I want to gain out of this at the moment as this concept is relatively new to me however it struck my interests. Nonetheless, I'd love to learn more and network with other like-minded people as I'm pretty open and curious. Also, don't be afraid to reply or DM and ask any questions, love to help!

    Thank you guys

    1. 1

      Hi Dean. I'm iesse from EES. How are you doing today? You might be helpful with some advise for my company. We can also get in touch with with some social if you need.

      1. 1

        yes, of course, hit me up I'd love to help!

        1. 1

          Great! :) What platform do you prefer to communicate. Here is fine? twitter? LinkedIn. anyways, here is our Facebook page and website so you can advise as a start: Website: https://eesbudapest.wixsite.com/educational
          Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ees.educational

  246. 1

    Hey Guys, My name is Alex and I am new to this community, the reason I am here is simple...I want to get out of the 9-5 rat race and build something of my own. I love marketing, photography/videography, Football (not American), cars, etc... I am a huge Gary Vee fanboy too hahaha hence why I decided to try and build something myself. I am not sure yet what it is I am going to do but I hope with the support of this community and by networking with you all, it will all become a little more clear in my head :) Nice to meet everyone :)

  247. 1

    Hi, I am Arvind Naidu. I am building buzzie.me, where one could raise money for a 20 second video from anyone on Twitter. MVP Launching tomorrow.

  248. 1

    HiGreetings to you all. I'm palomay and i am here to learn hacking and much in IT

  249. 1

    Hey, I'm trying to learn how to code online, and up until now, I have an excess of questions and a shortage of answers. If you can help I'll appreciate it.

  250. 1

    Hello, I am ready to open my mind and skills :)

  251. 1

    Hi everyone. I am Fabian, and I founded Wunderbar Cocktails (https://www.wunderbarcocktails.com). We are looking to build a community for cocktail lovers to feature unique cocktail recipes around the world.

    I have been following Indiehacker's posts in the past few months and finally got to the step to sign up for an account to reply. Have a nice day everyone.


  252. 1

    Always seeking help. hoping this is place I can find it.

  253. 1

    Hi, I'm Dan a business and IT student. I am interested in learning as much as I can about entrepreneurship, business building & more so that one day I can run my own successful businesses.

  254. 1

    Hi Fellow Hackers,

    I am looking to create my own business that i can sustain myself on. I currently work in finance and have an analytics background. I don't have any ideas currently that i'm pursuing but i hope to have something running by years end. I'm super excited to have found this site and look forward to connecting with others.

  255. 1

    Hey y'all, I'm Nithin. I want to build something as a side hustle but haven't had the structure or accountability to keep me to it. I also feel like I have a lot of different ideas, and I'm looking forward to identifying one that makes sense to pursue.

  256. 1

    Hi everyone!
    I'm Inacio, Software Engineer from Brazil. I've been working remotely for the past 5 years and traveled around the world while doing it as a digital nomad. Right now I'm working on a few ideas and side projects, looking to dive further into this world.

    Let's connect!

  257. 1

    Hari here.
    Am a nocode newbie . Have been an entrepreneur since long and am an active angel investor and work closely with founders. Am looking to learn and implement new ways of customer discovery and business model validation .

  258. 1

    LOL it verry nice

  259. 1

    Hello Rosie, nice introduction.

  260. 1

    I am Fabio a Brazilian developer living in Germany.

    I aim to make some product that at least pays for its hosting and eventually have enough passive income to cover my rent.

  261. 1


    I’m new, I learned a little code, a little embedded, I hope to find a great community here.

  262. 1

    Hi Nitan here totally new to this group Tiktok led me here - at the moment want to do well earn a additional amount per month but have no idea how (yet) im a normal working (9-5) person trying to build a concept around my day job.

  263. 1

    Hey, many years I spend developing e-commerce solutions, i think it is time to create some game changers. Or game helpers. How ever it is time create own baby and release to world.

  264. 1

    Hi everyone! I don't have any interesting project yet. i am just looking for inspirational ideas.

  265. 1

    Olá Rosei. Sou Alexandro e estou retornando a um seguimento que por algum tempo fiquei fora, desenvolvimento de ferramentas para web. Espero neste ano de 2020 poder fazer avanços significativos em aplicativos. Obrigado.

  266. 1

    Hi there,

    I looking to start my own side projects since I've been working for other companies for many years as a software engineer developing in different technologies. I would like to create something by myself, make some profit on the way, and maybe get some financial freedom in the near future.

    I'm here to learn more about how to make our own products.

    Thank you!

  267. 1

    Hi Rosie...My name is Alan. Im new to pretty much everything virtual. I have started to create a new product to take to market. I still need to work on a prototype. I am here looking for a side (hustle) business so I can afford to get my project off the ground.

  268. 1

    hi ! i am gaby66, i like to dress clear

  269. 1

    Hello there, Matthew here. Im 22 years old based in Bucharest,Romania. I start a new business 1 yeard ago based on advertisment production. The business is doing kinda good, but there is room for more. Any ideea how can i grow up? Business instagram: instagram.com/homemadegarage_romania

  270. 1

    Young man looking forward to new opportunities,meeting new people and building a career.

  271. 1

    Hey everyone. My name is James and a remote designer who codes. I'm currently a Senior Product Designer working at Buffer who previously worked at SoundCloud. I'm passionate about sharing knowledge on product, design, coding and working remotely and want to find better ways to reach people who would be interested in hearing about these things! Feel free to follow me on Twitter where I'm sharing videos, hints and tips on what we do at Buffer as well as my own knowledge and experiences.

  272. 1

    Hi everyone,my name is yen im totally new here and kinda shy person but I'm ready to learn anything bout internet and others source for business.thanks

  273. 1

    Hey everyone. I've been lurking on Indie Hackers for far too long (~5y) to not be a member. I've been building dedica.co for a long time. Dedica is a surfing community and place to discover surfing products. The goal is to aggregate information in one place. Brands, surfers, retailers and content. Happy to be part of IH.

  274. 1

    Evalyn Oloo here changing the way fitness, wellness and health is accesed in Africa. Pre-registrations are open here https://manyactive.com/newsite/

  275. 1

    Hello, my name is Andrei and im totally new here and i want to learn all about the internet. I am young and i want to gain experience.

  276. 1

    Hi all -- this is Alex. I have been learning from this community for a long time. Finally, gathered enough courage to start my journey to become a "indie-hacker". Hell yeah.
    I have an idea and started researching and building it out. Look forward to sharing more with you all and, of-course, learning from you.

  277. 1

    Hello Indie Hacker Community, I am Emma, founder of BlueSkinX.

    We are on mission of re-opening the world from COVID-19. Our focus is tools that support people and healthcare professionals to facilitate a progress of informing and learning about disease's syndrome on skin systematically.

    We are opening sign up a beta launch hopefully in the next 1-2 weeks. Feel free to visit us at www.blueskinx.com. Cheers.

  278. 1

    I’m Jonathan N. I will take over the tech world

  279. 1

    Hi I am Samuel Bines and I started a product called BCritical, it is aimed at removing backend development complexity. It managed, cloud infrastructure, generates code and handles database structures. It removes being tied down to anything really on the backend. If it sounds cool please hit me up. I would love to hear more from people about this product I built.

  280. 1

    I am Management & Legal Professional. I provide consultancy services in the areas of HR, Law & Organization Development. Like to work in the #legaltech domain esp. in RPA, AI, LPO, Data/Cyber Security/Surveillance Projects. I am also a terrific networker (;
    This is a superb showcase platform to interact.

  281. 1

    Hello Guys, I am Allen professional email marketer and freelance guest blogger.

  282. 1

    Hello, 👋 My name is Claudia. I run a small SMMA, called Kalika Graphy. I feel like it's time for me do diversify my offering and improve on my products. Currently, in the process of rebranding and creating a better funnel for leads.

    I am excited to find this platform, been looking for ways to connect with likeminded people so I can only hope to find a place within this community. If you want to say hi, feel free to drop a message at [email protected]. Happy to meet you all!

  283. 1

    Hi, this is vineeth. Currently working as a digital marketing manager and I'm here to learn from people and at the same time to share my knowledge in the area of digital marketing.

    I will tell my long story short, I quit my fulltime job as a Digital marketer and decided to start a startup in 2017, it is a mobile app which is related to nightlife and I've spent a lot of money on developing it and I even started pre-marketing and got good number of opt-in's but my developer( freelancer ) took 2 years to build ( not all features ) and eventually my app did not take off and I failed in executing it ) This is my story of being a digital marketer, with a zero knowledge of coding. This is my story

  284. 1

    Hi Rosie and everybody! My name is Tia and I am the founder of Roundtable HR Solutions, an HR Consulting firm that aims to partner with small and mid size businesses to provide them with various HR services. I am very new to this and still trying to build my clientele. Hoping to learn from everyone here and have a successful 2020. My website is


    Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I am looking to Revamp the website when I can find a good web designer.

  285. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Abhishek. I'm here to learn new and happening concepts and learn about efficient coding.

  286. 1

    Hi Rosie! :) I m totaly new here and I want to learn all it s possible about internet, maybe coding, internet marketing, all about how to built a bussines on internet!

  287. 1

    Hi Rosie, nice to meet you . My name is Sergio and I am new to this ! I am ready to learn new skills

  288. 1

    Hi Rosie! :) I m totaly new here and I want to learn all it s possible about internet, maybe coding, internet marketing, all about how to built a bussines on internet!

  289. 1

    Hey! My name is Ben and I'm about to start a new project that I'd like to share with you all.

  290. 1

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Lok. I have created a jobs listing website called jobvacancynearme.com, where job seekers can create job vacancies and apply for jobs created by other job seekers. The idea is to build a community of job seekers where you publish a job vacancy which you wish to do but could not apply due to various reasons with rating and why you like the job. Then other job seekers who could do the job can apply.

    I joined IH to learn from a community of founders and everyone who are part of this community. I also hope some of you would post and/or apply for jobs through my website.

    Lets learn and collaborate.

    Best of luck to you all!

  291. 1

    Hello! I am Victor, and along with two good friends of mine, we have built https://autoiterative.com/

    We have massively improved technical hiring processes for engineers. We have a validated but opinionated approach to make this happen, and we would love to know your pain points if you are hiring.

    We are very excited around the launch of our product, and looking forward to share our experiences with this great community.