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    Hi 👋

    I'm Sigurd. My co-founder and I are building Kitemaker (www.kitemaker.co), which is a fast issue tracker built for makers, hackers, and innovators. Our goal is to build this into a profitable business.

    Looking forward to engaging with the community!

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    Hi, my name is Viktor. Currently, I am the founder of the mobile project for children and also many others. I am passionate about everything concerning technology and business.
    I am here for networking, finding new exciting tips about the technology sphere, and I'd like to share my experience.

    I hope I can be useful here!

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    Hi! I am Alex, web developer since 2005.

    If you are willing to learn programming:
    I can offer you a free mentorship. We can chat some days and I can help you to find good study resources, to build a path forward and answer questions you struggling to find answers yourself.

    I know how to build things, but I have no idea how to launch them.

    Since last 2 years I created 4 apps, but every time at 99% I am burning out and loosing any hope how to move forward.

    I am looking forward to exchange. I would be glad to partner up with someone, who has a business spark and good in marketing.

    I am looking forward to know if it's only me or there are also others struggling with the same things. I am looking forward to become part of this amazing community!

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      Give the last and next steps job to someone else! Deligate!

      1. 1

        Do you have experience with delegation? How do you find those people? How do you motivate them?

    2. 2

      Hey Alex. I'm the opposite -- can't build but I've worked in scale-ups in the strategy and business side. Would be keen to chat more with you!

    3. 2

      Hi Alex, I have been working with early stage startups, and recently launched my own product in the consumer social space, and got 5k+ users in first couple of months. Happy to understand your concern and help out. Usually I feel if you have made products after understanding the user, it isn't tough to launch. Happy to discuss.

      1. 1

        I couldn't find a way to contact you in private.

        Take a look on my project MoneyDo in my profile.

        You can contact me via email, twitter (as well in profile). Would be glad to chat with you! Your story is inspires me a lot!

    4. 2

      Hi Alex ! Seems we are on the same boat about the fact that we don't know how to launch ! Hope to see you get one project to rise up !

      1. 1

        Hey! I hope too! How far did you go with launch? What went wrong?

        1. 1

          I guess I did not do enough about it, because it was actually a "soft" launch, for a product that was not yet done.
          I just wanted to see if some people would be interested in it, but I realized that even I was not really, so I let it go.
          It is still running for now, but I'll probably terminate it soon.

          It was a nice experience anyway, and I saw that if I want to create something that will work, I have to make something people want. I guess I've had a hard time finding that

          Hope you the best !

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    My name's Omar. I'm a JD/MBA student in Toronto and was desperately looking for a way to get out of a legal career. SaaS was the most exciting alternative.

    I'm here to connect, engage, and learn from this community on entrepreneurship in technology.

    Before 2021, I want to launch my first SaaS start-up.

    1. 1

      Hey Omar - I'm in Toronto too. I've run a successful recruiting biz for the last 5 years and love the SaaS space. Have seen a lot of products if you ever want to bounce ideas.

      1. 1

        @JayBer91 I actually got something I'm working on. Validated it pretty methodically. What's the name of your recruiting biz? I think it may be applicable to the recruiting sales rep as well.

        1. 1

          Jagger - www.hellojagger.com - Let's connect on LinkedIn

    2. 1

      Best of luck! I know it can be an overwhelming experience but I feel like we all go at our own pace and your goal looks like a highly attainable one!

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    Hi All,
    I'm Brian. We are currently in the validation phase of our product called beHub. My partner and I have had this idea for over five years. We are going to start the design phase shortly. Looking forward to being part of the community.

    1. 2

      Hey Brian, what exactly does beHub do? Do you have a website to share?

      1. 1

        We work with the product information systems of suppliers, onto our platform - and we are at the MVP stage getting feedback - so far it has been positive. Website another project, soon

    2. 1

      I can relate, I have had the idea for my project for 6 years, basically since I started programming, ha. After going through burn out last year, and landing a job with a better work-life balance, I have finally started building it. Looking forward to see the first version of beHub

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    Hi! My name is Kaizhi. I'm a full-stack developer by trade and I've been working on a side project since quarantine - Cadence Prints (https://cadenceprints.com) - which lets you create beautiful wall art based on your Strava activities.

    I'm here to find inspiration from this community, get feedback on my product, and hopefully inspire others with my experiences shipping this.

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    Hey Everyone,
    I'm Hari. Partner @ f22labs (india). Recently launched www.bytehub.dev, a free marketplace for cool frontend components (react js for now).

  8. 2

    Hi, my name is Markus. I'm a full-stack developer with ~4 years of work experience and transitioning into a freelancer position currently. I am working on a side project called DAW Comparison (https://www.dawcomparison.com) which is an open-source and non-profit project that is meant to help out bedroom producers, audiophile hobbyists & new bands who are just starting out to find the perfect digital audio workstation (DAW) for their use case through the crowd-sourced content.

    I am primarily looking for feedback on the MVP that I plan on launching, but I also want to engage with the community and see how other individuals/start-ups are managing to start from scratch.

  9. 2


    My name's Romain, I'm currently a freelance software engineer and trainer (https://romain-clement).

    I love entrepreneurship (my past position was CTO associate at a fintech startup, which ceased activity unfortunately) and I have always a few new ideas per week!

    My current domains of interest lean towards data engineering and privacy-first systems, while being a strong free software and open-source advocate.

    Looking forward to discover the IH community!

    1. 2

      Hey, nice to see you here !

  10. 2

    I'm working on this project now: www.sharehomeoffice.com

    The idea is to co-work with professionals from your area in your or their home office.

    1. 1

      Cool idea! I've worked as the first product manager in a VC-backed company that is doing the exact same thing in the Bay Area (SF). Seems like you are based in Poland? There are a number of challenges to overcome with that kind of marketplace but super cool space, with a lot of momentum! Feel free to reach out if I can be of any help :)

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm Matt, and I live in Auckland, NZ. I've been a designer for 15 years, and have now jumped into the wonderful world of startups!

    I'm passionate about how founders get to know their customers, as my last 15 years has mainly involved interviewing customers for a range of different businesses. So I'm thinking of making a product in this space for founder, not sure what just yet.

    Stoked to be part of indiehackers, hope all is going well with your startups in these crazy times.


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    I'm Mehdi, a software engineer based in Casablanca, Morocco, i enjoys building apps and websites.

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    Hi, I am Kshipra. I have multiple ideas which require online platform development and app development. I am looking for a co founder who can help in developing those portals and support in launching the same. Profit Sharing will be 10% (negotiable)

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm Jake: a content creator, writer, and wanderer at heart. My main hustle is at an awesome remote company, but I'm looking to expand my personal brand.

    Nomad in the Middle (nomadinthemiddle.com) is my personal brand dedicated to finding digital nomad freedom in the worlds of customer support, content creation, and content marketing. My work in these areas includes marketing my services, and creating (and selling) digital knowledge products. I can't wait to get started networking and sharing my knowledge with others!

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    Hey! I'm Rob, a Strategist at ProfitWell. We help subscription co's monetize more effectively.

    I write a newsletter about packaging strategy called Good Better Best (https://goodbetterbest.substack.com/) and am about to launch a side-project called The Daily Drake (www.dailydrake.com), where I'll be curating Drake lyrics with brief commentary 😂

    Excited to be a part of the community and look forward to adding value!

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    Hi 😁

    I am Kalesh. I started taking up coding projects since I was 16. Then college happened. I still continued to take projects whenever I was short of money. But that was it. Once I graduated, I started freelancing full time and I am still doing it since last 4 years.

    Currently I am working on an open source server framework. Yeah! I love to do open source projects a lot. Once the core architecture is designed, I will be looking for collaborators for the framework😁 So here I am.

    I just created this account. Trust me! You will see me a lot on this platform moving forward😉😉

    Thank you!

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    Hey folks - I am Hitesh, full stack developer and working remotely for my clients SaaS products. I work with JS and PHP, I will soon start some side project from my daily work schedule.

    Apart from Web projects, I have also started one IoT product 2-3 years ago, it used to control the Lights, Fan etc switches using Mobile app and Google Home too, no need to buy smart switches, regular switches will act smartly using the tiny hardware (about 3 inches). the development is on hold at moment.

    Looking forward to be a part of this community!

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    Hi! I'm Joanna, currently a customer success manager for an online marketing platform (EmailOctopus 🐙). I'm really passionate about people and learning new things - currently wish to get more into the tech side of email marketing to be able to help our customers better. Super excited to get started here!

  19. 2

    Hi, I'm Shubbu. Currently, I work in a startup and have a dream to start on my own.

    Tech and Business excites me. I've been working on a project with a friend but have been facing major challenges as he has not shown much interest.

    The app is half baked right now. And I'm looking for folks who can help me bring that to completion. Looking to find my Tech co-founder on IH probably!

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    I am Abhishek, a final year Computer Engineering student. I am working to build a tool which helps podcasters to refine the audio of their recordings. Not every beginner has access to the best microphone setup. Hence, it becomes imperative to use technology and create a tool to overcome shortcomings of hardware using software.

    Looking forward to learning more from everyone around.

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    Hi, I'm Arun. My co-founder and I are building Candor, an organized, distraction-free team communication.

    I can help with Technology, Product, Recruiting, and Building high-performing teams.

  22. 2

    My name is Antonio. I am currently a project manager in a full-service digital agency and I'm looking to start my own side business with a hope that it becomes full time.
    I have experience using several different CMS software, I am learning the basics of frontend development (and hopefully node.js one day), I have experience with Shopify and social media marketing.
    My current problem is that I don't have a solid idea on what to focus. I am ready to dedicate all of my free time to a project with a good idea and am looking forward to learning new skills and technologies.

  23. 2


    I am Bas. I build Headsup (https://headsup.site) together with a friend. We make it easy for agile teams to test the functionality of web applications.

    We want to make testing easy, and perhaps even fun.

    <3 to all my fellow makers,

  24. 2

    Hi all. I am Akshay.

    I have been listening to Indie Hackers podcast for a couple of years and it has been a great source of inspiration to me. Listening to IH finally made me take the plunge and motivated me to ship my first side-project: https://getsavory.co/. Savory is a bookmark manager for Chrome, to help you organize your bookmarks and also find that link when you need it. I get a lot of use out of Savory but I want to learn from our users and larger community and add many useful features going forward.

    Glad to be a part of the IH community. I look forward to speaking/meeting with you and would love to help anyone however I can.

  25. 2

    Not sure that I am doing this correctly - Hi Rosie. I am retired - NOT! Covid-19 has cut off the water works. So, I have gone back into some of my roots - 37 years of Commercial expertise, Business Development experience, deep financial acumen and an ability to code. My mission is to assist people and their organisations to improve their sales performance. Combining these 4 skills and experiences, I am currently developing an app for the aspirant or established business person and professional sales person to secure profitable business over the long term and also in the annuity revenue space, where sales cycles tend to be longer, relationships matter, quality transcends quantity and nurturing the client is paramount. This is not a commodity space. There are many of those. This app is about how to secure the quality clients and form long lasting and mutually beneficial profitable contracts. The app is not another admin intensive CRM system, but rather a way of life to secure the benefits of repeat and annuity business through a tried and tested methodology that eliminates the competition, gains the organisations trust and avoids wasted time on tyre kickers. There is much more beyond this introduction.

  26. 2

    Hi Rosie! I'm Carlos lovely to be part of Indiehackers, I look forward to being part of the community. I work in a group of tech companies.

  27. 2

    Hello! I'm Mattia. 👋
    I'm a passionate UX Engineer (specialized in designing and building web interfaces) trying to develop some side projects, and I hope in the future, building some web-based desktop app.

    Unfortunately, I'm not so skilled with javascript and often I need to work with a javascript engineer to bring my ideas to life. Hope to find people to share and build something together!

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    Hi, I'm César, biologist and environmental engineer. I love prototyping tools that resolve environmental and geographical problems. My goal is to help others by removing tasks and recurrent processes in their workflows. Think once, work less. Aim to be ubiquitous.

  29. 2

    Hi. I failed at a startup couple of years ago. I would like to build SAAS in the long run. I am learning business and coding.

  30. 2

    Hi, I am Sia, I am the co-founder of the Design Digital agency. I am 5+ years in Marketing&Growth and I'd like to develop my new idea. So I came here to establish new connections and get some inspiration.

    Glad to be the part of the community!

  31. 2

    Hello, I am Roman. I am a solo game developer. Currently developing my first game. A roguelike dungeon crawler named Path of Thalanos.


  32. 2

    Hi, I am Alex, a mobile/web developer since 2011.

    If you are interested I would love to share my experience with you and I hope to bring benefit to this community.

    Mostly I was working for outsourcing companies and now I feel that I am ready to built my own empire. I hope to find some great tips and advice here!

  33. 2

    Hi, my name is Michael, I'm currently working as a full stack engineer at a small start-up in the oil and gas industry in Toronto. I've been interested in entrepreneurship ever since I won a startup competition during my time at the university of Waterloo. Since then I have made a pivot in my career from finance to tech and never looked back. I'm hoping to connect with like minded people here and look forward to become a part of this community!

  34. 2

    Hi Indie Hacker Community,

    I'm Gretchen, a 22 year old who loves marketing/branding. Through my internship with a small business at 20 years old I had the unique opportunity to completely rebrand the company, run all the marketing campaigns, and operate the building! Still being new to the workforce I am looking for any chance to learn from experienced professionals and new business opportunities (small businesses have some of the best potential brand cultures!).

    Looking forward for future community engagement!


  35. 2

    Hi All,

    My name is Jack. I currently work as a social media marketer for a fitness company. I am launching my own blog and starting a service to build YouTube channels for local creators. The goal is to create a digital career that can support traveling for the action sports I enjoy.

    I look forward to engaging with like minded people.

    1. 1

      Hi Jack! I am trying to create a community platform for dancers. Could we have a chat? I think we have ideas in similar directions :)

  36. 1


    I am Patrick- a developer since 2013 and developed a team communication app ( https://scalefusion.com/oneteam )which simplifies communication and collaboration between remote teams so that productivity and engagement are never compromised. Ideal for small and medium businesses as well as enterprises. It's currently in beta version and free. Try it out. Any feedback must welcome

  37. 1

    Hi - We joined IndieHackers because running a startup is hard.

    AdvisorTalent connects startups with top advisors from the world’s leading companies - ready to help by growing sales, networking and mentoring – at very reasonable rates.

    As a bootstrapped startup ourselves, we would love to connect with members of the IndieHacker community.

  38. 1

    Hi All,
    I'm Anne, nice to e-meet you all.
    I'm currently working full time in Tokyo, and started learning how to code. I want to launch something here in education or health/wellness business. Extreme beginner in entrepreneurship world but look forward to connecting with the community:)

  39. 1

    Playing around with some new ideas, and looking for likeminded folks. I have a particular interest in recurring billing products. Feel free to say hi!

  40. 1

    Hey all my name is Dalvin and I’m software engineer . On the side I do free lance development and graphic design. I have been trying to figure out how to build side revenue. I had to iterate and stumble along the last 2 years. But i feel like I finally found where I can take my business. I am also an author too so I got my hands in multiple buckets . I can’t wait to see what this offers www.dalvindigital.com

  41. 1

    Hi There,
    I'm working on a sustainable investing tool. I found this site had a lot of cool tips so I decided to join to learn more!

  42. 1

    Hi, I'm Michael from Toronto. My co-founder and I are currently building a private community focused on supporting sales people. Looking forward to engaging with the community!

  43. 1

    Hi I'm Courtney, I want to create my own profitable app this year as a source of revenue while I am furthering my education in college.

  44. 1

    Hey everyone! My name is Marco, great to be part of this community! I'm the founder & CEO of a marketing agency (zengrowth.de) -- I also work on many side-projects aiming to make a better world. The latest project is "Clarity" - a source aggregator for independent thinking. Once we launch our MVP, I'd love to hear your feedback!

  45. 1

    Hello, I am Mohamed Khan from Tanzania. I am here to see what the future holds. I am still building my coding skills. I have worked as a Technical Project Manager using Agile Methodologies. I am looking for opportunities to work on in order to be able to clear some monthly expenses.

  46. 1

    Hi, I'm Gian. Together with my co-founder, we created PodioBox. The quickest and simplest way to give interactive presentations. Imagine a mix between Google Slide, Slido/Mentimiter, and Zoom without Softwares ;-) I'm here to meet people that are willing to do the extra mile!

  47. 1

    Hi everyone. My name is David and I am want to create video games by unity engine. Also thirsty to learn about applications programming.:)

  48. 1

    Hi I'm Indy from Cambridge UK. I'm building https://sanebrain.app
    It's a minimalist app to get started in Mindfulness without mysticism..

  49. 1

    Hey, Dons Davis here founder of Marketing+. M+ has been created with an aim to combine the latest in technology with human ingenuity to create unique experiences for our clients.

    Looking forward to learning a lot from the IH community.

  50. 1

    Hello, I am Sid. Based out of toronto. Ex developer with 10+ years experience in digital marketing. Hoping to be inspired by the community and share my digital marketing/ growth expertise with anyone who needs it! 😊

  51. 1

    In January I decided to get serious about developing a side project (an ecommerce tool) so I started studying JavaScript, Node.JS and React.

    I've got to say that learning to code is one of the most exciting things I've done in my life. I wake up every morning excited to solve problems and expand my knowledge. The stay-at-home orders in my area have been a blessing in disguise.

    My first goal is to find a mentor who can help me with some coding problems, and review my code from time to time.

    My second goal is to beta-launch an MVP on Sept 1, 2020.

    I'm looking forward to the day when I can mentor others and share an inspirational story with this awesome community.

  52. 1

    Hi guys,
    I am Nikola and I am front-end developer. I am into learning new things, new skills and meet some awesome people. I am very passionate about new technologies.
    Looking forward to be part of the community!

  53. 1


    I’m PJ. I think like everyone here, I have an itch to scratch. I currently have a full time job but do contracting on the side with an old company. I would love to turn this into something more. I hope to learn strategies to slowly become independent.

    I’m looking forward to being a part of this community!


  54. 1

    Hi, my name is Terrence and I'm a recent finance grad from Montreal. I am really interested in digital products and would love to find an opportunity there to detour from my path in finance. My main interest is b2b saas that focuses on catering towards entrepreneurs with small teams!

  55. 1

    Hello Everyone
    I am Nazmul, coding for last 3 years. I code mainly in PHP and JS, currently working on a PaaS to help people deploy websites within 10 seconds. I am a bit introvert and here to try to be a part of the community :D

  56. 1

    Yo, Whatsup, I'm Nic, currently doing my side project now which is a free weekly newsletter called The Slice, that curates news/blogs posts about tech, productivity, IndieHacking, side hustles, minimalism and startups.

    My goals within in the next 4 months is gain at least 100 subscribers and after a year I would like to monetize the newsletter by accepting sponsorships, but right now, I'm just doing this because I enjoy having little sides projects to work on, it gives me a sense of purpose knowing that I'm working towards something.

  57. 1

    Hi I am Abhishek. I am looking forward to make a career in product management and hope that this community will surely provide me platform to learn and do side projects.

  58. 1

    Hi all,

    I am Viktor. My co-founder and I are in the process of launching numerro @ www.numerro.io, where we aim to combine UI design and data into beautiful, custom-designed Power Bi templates. Our goal is to bring design to data visualisation and save people time and stress by using ready made templates. Any feedback is welcome and we looking forward to be part of this community!

  59. 1

    Hi everyone and thank you Rosie for the warm welcome!
    I'm Ifigenia from Athens, Greece
    I am business coach for small businessess. I have created many online training programs for ecommerce and social media marketing (Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, eshops, etc). You can see what I do here: https://www.thebeyourownbossacademy.com/
    (I bet it's all greek to you 😃, so right click to translate)
    I want to start selling on Amazon and this is a topic I would love to discuss with anyone already there!
    So glad to be here and hope I can be useful to the community! 💝

  60. 1

    Hi, my name is Bart and I worked in marketing for last couple of years. With computer science background, now I want to create saas product for developers. Got some ideas I want to share and get feedback on so stay tuned :)

    I am also here because of vast knowledge of business tactics to make product a success. Hope it will help and it will not take years to get my first customer. Wish me luck!

  61. 1


    I am Hamza. I am the founder of Group Collector (groupcollector.com) that allows you to collect new Facebook Group Members Data including email and convert it into leads in your favorite email marketing software without Zapier. Our Goal is to get as many customers as possible.

    Looking forward to be helpful in the community.

  62. 1

    Hi, I'm Angel. Currently developing low cost and affordable online SEO tools for everyone interesting in boost him business without expensive budgets outta space. https://openserps.com Now validating worldwide spanish market.

  63. 1

    Hi I'm Dhruv, currently the Product Manager at a startup where we are automating workspace design, I have had 2 of my own ventures, one being a digital agency and the other being a event management agency for proposals. I will be talking about innovation management, particularly around how to shape ideas and make testable assumptions and experiments to test them in the market with minimum resources. Feel free to connect, lets talk change over a cup of joe. :)

  64. 1

    Hello there. I'm Jindou from HappyCo. We build software to the property management industry. But I'm here to learn from other smart people and keep my skills sharp! :)

  65. 1

    Hi, my name is Mark Ygan. I'm an aspiring software developer and entrepreneur. I'm currently teaching myself how to code so I can build apps that will contribute to the growth of my home city. I'm currently clueless at the moment, but I will become like a sponge that will absorb all of the information that I can get in order to reach my goals.

    I am looking forward to be a part of this amazing community!

  66. 1

    Hi IH,

    I'm Jaison. University CompSci dropout turned Poly Sci & Classical Studies. (Graduated 2 years ago) Regardless, I started just started freelancing as a web developer. Mainly, Front-End at the moment while I keep learning my full stack technologies. Everyday time I read everyone's milestones, struggles, products; I get antsy to build something! I'm looking to learning and sharing with the everyone!!

  67. 1

    Hi! My name is Ian. I am a mechanical engineer that does freelance design work on Upwork. I am looking to expand my horizons and learn about other possible business opportunities!
    Looking forward to interacting with everyone!

  68. 1

    My tribe.

    I finally found my tribe.

    I want to help bootstrapped saas companies design killer products and outcompete San Francisco and SV.

    I live in SF and have come to adore the history and quirks of this City but have become cynical about VC and "normal" startup culture here.

    I value independence over almost everything else... probably to a fault.

  69. 1

    I'm Matt. I'm currently in process of trying to finish up an MVP. I hope to get things launched this weekend, or no later than next weekend. My end goal is to take this project and make it into a profitable business and work full time self-employed.

  70. 1

    Hi Indiehackers! I am Francisco Quintero and I've been building Intrati (https://intrati.devaspros.com/). A web application to create video call rooms from a web browser.

    I love the power of WebRTC for video call, screen recording, and screencasting and wanted to build something similar. Intrati is my move.

    My main goal is to get feedback, build an stable product and make Intrati profitable project.

  71. 1

    Hay, I am Aly from Australia. I’m trying to get involved in sort of passive income, learn more about business assets and without necessarily have code knowledge to start.
    This year I’m trying to learn how to code HTML and CSS, and to learn business from its foundation (what are Assets of any business, the 8 Assets, etc).
    I glade to be part of this community and I hope to learn and help teach others of what I got so far.


  72. 1

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  73. 1

    Hey! I'm a software developer with experience building apps using computer vision and machine learning techniques. My current goal is transform small projects into production apps.
    Looking forward to learn with everyone about the ways of accomplish the goal and much more!

  74. 1

    Hi, I'm Casey! I am an internet entrepreneur, writer, and digital marketing consultant.

    One of my most recent projects has been launching my Substack newsletter, Blogging Guide (https://bloggingguide.substack.com).

    Blogging Guide is a newsletter which helps writers navigate the digital publishing landscape and shows them how to monetize their writing.

    It covers digital publishing platforms such as Medium, Substack, Amazon KDP, WordPress, and more!

    It also covers related topics such as social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and content marketing.

    Feel free to reach out to me, and I look forward to chatting with everyone!

  75. 1

    hi! I'm Madison. I'm the founder of Your Weekly W(h)ine (www.yourweeklywhine.com), a weekly newsletter with digestible wine info and then all the dog content we could all use a little more of these days :) Look forward to being here and learning from others. We've had some great press recently in theSkimm and Shape Magazine that has really accelerated our growth, and so just trying to sort out the best directions to move in from here for 2020, while taking a breath and enjoying the ride along the way :)

  76. 1


    I'm Sheriff, a wordpress enthusiast. I have a bio link tool pushb.io and also planning to launch a social media automation tool.

    My goal is to provide value at the same time making money from the product

  77. 1

    Hi, I’m Robert 👋 By training and trade I work in audio, but I’ve been migrating to web design and development for a while.
    Interested in Frontend development and productivity.

  78. 1

    Hi, This is Vivek..
    I am still exploring ideas and getting it validated from the community. I already have a Consulting business as well..

  79. 1

    HI Rosie, stay healthy!

  80. 1


    My name is Rohit and i have recently joined indi hackers. I am here to connect with like minded people and mostly to learn from others.

    really looking forward connecting with fellow community members

  81. 1

    Hi, my name is Moad, originally from Morocco, currently I am the founder of an arabic discounts & coupons website CouponLak (https://couponlak.com/). I am passionated about web development, and digital marketing, and I hope I can be useful for the community of IndieHackers !

  82. 1

    Hi All,

    I'm Bryn. I work as a branding strategist for micro-businesses. I help them to leverage their own authentic story to connect with their own ideal clients. Then I help them weave that into their digital marketing (See https://brynbonino.com).

    I'm looking to grow this business to be more profitable.

    I'd also really enjoy meeting others who are passionate about the projects they're working on. Please reach out to me if you're interested in chatting!

  83. 1

    Hi! I'm new to the community and have heard great things about sharing ideas and designs. Look forward to getting involved.

  84. 1

    Hello Rosie,

    I’m here to find ways to grow my online Shopify stores.

  85. 1

    Hi, I'm Kevin.

    Design is my thing. Started off in the humble Product Design industry. Have extensive knowledge of print. I'm also an expert in Video, Animation, Typography. I don't know everything though and I can be damn sure there are always people out there who are better than me.

    Just on here to connect, chat, share my idea and help make cool stuff (If I can). I have a deep affiliation with Ramen Noodles and house music. Good chatting :)

    Love ya all.

  86. 1

    Hey 👋

    I’m Alexis, I’m from Paris and I just started a new chapter in Berlin after spending the last 2 years in San Francisco, where I was Product Manager in a mobile cybersecurity company and then first PM in a VC-backed consumer mobile app. I am looking to build and launch a SaaS business in the next months, and I am currently testing a few ideas.

    I look forward to connecting with some of you here and learn from the IH community!

  87. 1

    Hey, I'm mick a self-taught on and off designer from Ireland. I've been working on a side project similar to indiehackers,but for Ireland mainly. Came across this site looking for inspiration and found it.

  88. 1

    Hi IndieHackers!

    I am Alain, a frontend engineer that loves JS and the web. I am currently building taggr (www.taggr.ai), a desktop app to help people rediscover their memories while keeping their privacy.
    Currently in pre-launch phase, I am looking forward to share my journey with you all! 🚀

  89. 1

    Hi there, My name is Sean and I've been a software developer since 2004. It's for me to build something for myself.. not sure what i want to build.. I look forward to connect with some of you on here.

  90. 1

    Hi Guys, my name is Nick Poole.

    I currently work at a digital marketing agency dealing mainly with social media marketing and strategy. I am starting my own business doing social media marketing services as well as have a starting a side hustle ecommerce store to test my digital marketing theories and prove I can help businesses grow their online presence/revenue.

    My goal in 2020 is to have two clients that use my services, I will help them grow their online revenues by at least 5%-10%. I will also start my online ecommerce store and grow to make profit and spend no more than $1,000 to start.

    I hope i am able to provide some value to anyone who needs help within the digital marketing, ecommerce and or design world!

  91. 1

    This is Neeraj currently working as a Product Manager in a B2B SaaS co.Its developer product! Aspire to build a simple paid SaaS product this year and try to onboard 1000 users. Looking forward to learn from hackers here!

  92. 1

    Hey guys!
    Im Robin, 21 years old from Sweden. Recently made the decision to quit my job without anything lined up, quit for a multitude of reasons but mainly because I didn’t want to contribute to the industry I was working for, and it’s also becoming harder and harder to work for somebody else, I’ve come to realize I want to make my own ends meet, by myself, for myself. I have no aspirations to become rich, just make enough to live comfortably. It definitely motivated me to build something on my own, but now what? I guess I will found out, I’m here for inspiration and like minded people. Feel free to contact me about anything!

  93. 1

    Hi, I'm Maail. I've been making small products in my country of Maldives for over a few years. Thinking of launching two international products this year.

    One is for Daily Journaling. And another is to read Newsletters.

    Both are almost done, and I'm looking to learn how to launch and market a product. So I want to build an audience, get some feedback on the products before release.

    Let me know if any one is interested to test this out.

    @maail on twitter as well. Thanks!

  94. 1


    I'm here for what I hope will be inspiration and guidance. I'm just about to start my journey.

  95. 1

    Hey, my name is Calin,

    I live in London, looking to further my knowledge in DevOps and am considering trying full stack development to get a better Dev grounding, looking forward to seeing what everyone's working on, think it will be fun. looking at doing a simple SaaS dashboard to start.✌️

  96. 1

    Hi, I’m Sam.
    I’m actively looking for people’s pain points and finding ways to solve them.
    And some of the solution can be in the form of SaaS.

    Why build something when the market doesn’t want it?
    Let’s say we work together, I’ll only bring validated ideas to the table with at least one buy-in from a customer.

    If you’re a software developer who are passionate about honing your craft, but prefer not to talk with customers, and do marketing or sales, then let’s connect.

    I’m excited to be a part of this community.

    All the best and have fun.


  97. 1

    Hi, I am José, Co-founder of an Enterprise SaaS for airlines

  98. 1

    Hi all, I'm Cheska from the Philippines. 👋 I was managing a full-service digital agency and leading strategy for some time. Now, I'm keen to get involved in early-stage startups and learn more about building from scratch. I love geeking out on new ideas and thinking of how to structure it into a business.

    I'm currently involved in validating and launching a new product called MeetButter.io. Would love to get your feedback on it!

    Looking forward to being part of this community. 😊

  99. 1

    Hello, my name is Brian and I run a website that gets ~1.5M pageviews a month. I just started selling monthly services and I am currently at 1500 subscribers and I am considering making the switch from side business to quitting my day job and doing this full time. I am looking for technical advice on how to grow my architecture and business insight on how to expand my presence.

  100. 1

    This is Mason G from United States. My goal is to build an innovative and unique graphic design brand that will get global attention due to it's relatable- yet infinitely creative work. I want celebrities to applaud my brand, and international companies to look up to mine.
    It will be interesting and enjoyable to connect and brainstorm with the people on this platform- and I appreciate the creation and openness of it.

  101. 1

    Hi There! I'm Alex and I've been building websites for 17 years or so. At first – as a self-taught designer/front-end architect, over the last decade – as a full-stack Ruby engineer. Always on a payroll...

    To say the truth – my journey as a professional programmer started 13 years ago in an effort to express one of my ideas in the code. After learning PHP, then Ruby on Rails, I did eventually accomplish my goal. I even managed to accumulate several dozens of thousands of users on board but never made it profitable. Since then I also approached and released 5 other projects, 2 of them are barely breathing at the moment (thanks to Heroku with Hobby Plans), the rest is deceased. So I guess you can call me a serial entreprefailure.

    I assume like many of us here – I'm burning with excitement when the idea is only in my mind, but once all heavy lifting is done and about to release – I'm usually so burned out, bored to death, and full of hesitance and disbelief. And if I'm not between contract jobs – I'm happily jumping into another idea not even trying to promote the recently completed project (leave alone monetization efforts).

    Not anymore! I'm currently sitting on two projects in the "too shy to release, too worn out to proceed" stage. I hope that Indie Hackers community could provide their valuable feedback on my new projects once they are alive and then will help to obtain first loyal paid customers so I'm not afraid of layoffs ✌️

  102. 1


    Im Greg, founder of GhostPortal (https://ghostportal.co). I love the Ghost platform, i have multiple blogs in it but thought that not a lot of content specifically for newbies was created.

    I made something about it and created Ghost Portal. I want to share my journey with other people and grow a community.

  103. 1

    Hi my name is Fernando, I am the co-founder of toastzr.com and I am looking for inspiration and also sharing some experiences in startup creation.

  104. 1

    I'm Amos. I have zero knowledge of coding and stuff. I'm 25 and it is that learning slows down at 25. Still, I believe I can learn these coding stuff.

  105. 1

    Hello there,

    I'm Aidan, and my team and I are working on Admiral (www.admiral.build) to bring CI/CD to Unreal Engine Devs with both on premisis and options in the near future and cloud options in the mid future. We also have often worked as 3rd party consultants for Unreal Engine projects with a focus on building new features and tools to boost development pipelines in games and other industies.

    Looking forward to talk with everyone in the community and especially about anything Unreal, graphics or AI/ML related!

  106. 1

    I already had an eviction and several collections , It was obvious I was not going to get approved for anything at the time I was trying to build my business but everything was very difficult until my loan officer referred me to “CYBER CRAWLER” .I decided to email him on hack.cybercrawler (AT) gmail DOT com . 1 week after I contacted them my scores were raised to (TU:790, EQ:795, EXP: 793). They added positive items on my credit and deleted all the negative items impacting my credit. You can also send him a text on (786) 567 3330

  107. 1

    Hi; im a new member here, do you talk just about Internet Startups?!, what about products based businesses ?!

  108. 1

    Ty , I found my joy on this site ( everything)

  109. 1

    Hi there!

    I'm Chris, at the moment I am working on building a todo list application with the focus being by facilitating the virtuous cycle of task execution in flow followed by priority reflection.

    If you have any passion for technology enabled flow please feel free to forward anything you think would be interesting!

    Can't wait to engage with you fine people!

  110. 1


    My name is Wyatt. I am a python low-life but I really love rocket league. Anyone wanna play?

  111. 1

    I'm Kings. I am quantity surveyor by profession, I have worked in most of the high spec residential development in London managing interior fitout projects. I am currently working on a side project which is an online store for home decor products called www.deliladecor.com. Let's see where this goes.

  112. 1

    Hi! I'm Yvonne. I recently built http://lipoker.io/ with friends and I'm a current senior about to graduate from UCLA! In the past I've led student-driven efforts around hacking and teaching applicable CS as president of UCLA ACM and UCLA ACM Hack. I've built a ton of throwaway projects in the past, but am now looking into building something that actually has users and solves real issues. I'm looking for inspiration, mentorship, and a friendly online community :)

  113. 1

    I am Dilsher Singh, I am doing a job as UX Designer. Now , I want to make some bussiness for passive income. But confused with lots of ideas and not able to focus on anything. I hope environment of great people help me to start from scratch. One more thing , I can help people in any design related quarries.

  114. 1

    Hi! I'm Nico, Founder of a Design & Digital Marketing Agency (https://nico.im) based in San Francisco. I'm super excited to join and learn about growing our business into a scalable productized service!

  115. 1

    I'm Ian. I'm a full-stack software developer and engineering team lead with (too!) many years of experience in small and large companies. I currently work at a small agency in the UK that's mostly focused on consultancy work, but I want to get the company to develop a more product-oriented focus. I currently have a couple of side projects on the go that I hope will become products for my company, or, if not, for me :)

    I've been listening to the podcast for a while, and looking forward to getting to know folks here!

  116. 1


    I’m EJ. I’m a User Experience Design student with a little front-end engineering experience. I am hoping to gain insights on best web development practice and build a SaaS product this year.

    I’m happy to connect with anyone and everyone! You can also follow me on Twitter @theRea1EJ!

  117. 1

    Hello! My name's Christian, and I'm the founder of OrgStack (orgstack.io). I've been following Indie Hackers for a few years, and I'm super glad to see how much the community has grown in that time. Indie Hackers is one of the main sources of inspiration that led me to found OrgStack. Very much looking forward to jumping in and (hopefully) returning some of that value.

  118. 1

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Chris from Poland and I'm joining community because I fall in love with it first time I heard about it :)

    In pas few years I've always been developing extra business and products with my fellows apart from my day job. Few of those projects are still running but my head and eyes are pointed over horizon to new goals and new ideas that I'm currently developing :)

    I've been doing mobile apps, websites and web apps, some blockchain. But also (while working in small teams) graphics, animations, marketing, product development and many many team leaders stuff (for big organizations and small one as well).

    My head is around Javascript mostly but you can find me doing stuff in other technologies.

    If you would like to know more about my current projects or know me better - just write to me :)

  119. 1

    I am Mehmetcan, I am 27 years old. I graduated from Sociology 5 years ago. I'm trying to learn Python. While in high school I studied html, visual basic, dreamweaver, fireworks, but that was a long time ago. Now I plan to spend the next 2 years efficiently with python, then with R or another platform.
    I might not be able to help coding for now, but my dream world is wide. we can do all kinds of discussions. @rosiesherry

  120. 1

    Hi everyone,
    I'm an ex-programmer turned fulltime meditation teacher. My site is LiveAndDare.com
    I'm here to learn some growth hacks and give back value when possible.
    Happy hustling 👍🏻🙏🏻

  121. 1

    This is Nirmal, full stack developer. I am currently working on budgeting app, hoping to launch within 4 months. I am really inspired by the awesome people and the awesome products they are creating. I am here to share my progress, contribute and learn from this community.

    I will post my progress in daily stand up.


  122. 1

    I´m orandaxi. I´m a Medical Doctor and PhD looking to do a shift in my career. After experiencing health systems in different continents, as well as academia, I am utterly interested in becoming an independent entrepreneur.
    Currently learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript to potentially develop some ideas down the road.

  123. 1

    I'm John, founder of StartupJohn (https://www.startupjohn.com). We curate profile pages for new startups and help them to gain online traffic.
    We are looking forward to be part of Indiehackers and wish success to everyone

  124. 1

    Hi everyone!
    My name is Surya. I am 17 (almost 18) and about to get into college to study computer science. I am really fascinated about entrepreneurship and the idea of being your own boss and working on providing a valuable product or service to people. Hoping to learn valuable skills required to one day run a successful company.

  125. 1

    Hey everybody! I'm Layana, an eco-preneur from Brazil living in Australia. I have a startup around circular fashion. My idea has been tested and validated. The next step is finding a co-founder with Full Stack skills to join this venture and help me to build the MVP. Hit me up if you are interested.

  126. 1

    Hello! I'm Amy. I am a software developer.

    Current side project is here: www.dolefund.com - mostly a landing page at the moment. The MVP is still a work in progress. It is a donation platform, with the goal of making the donation process more transparent for donors.

    I have never built my own company before, but have worked with several early-stage startups and hope to get there with one of my projects.

    Excited to learn from this community :)

  127. 1

    Hey everyone,

    I'm Nicholas. I'm the founder of creditjuicer.com. Currently, I've just developed a credit card comparison page, but I'm aiming for it to be a digital wallet to maximize credit card rewards.

    I've checked out some of the posts here, looking forward to post some more!

    1. 1

      Hello there. I love the design and look of your site. I'm in a different sector (starting an electric vehicle charger comparison website). Are you willing or happy to share what platform and plugins/apps your site uses? Cheers

      1. 1

        Thanks! I've built it myself with NextJS as the main front-end framework (switched from Gatsby). Styling is done using Tailwind CSS. For the backend I'm using Golang.

  128. 1

    Hello. My name is John Cutler. I love writing about product development/management at Cutle.fish, The Beautiful Mess, and on Twitter. I currently work remote for Amplitude, a product analytics company based in SF, focusing on teaching and coaching. My background is in UX research, product management, and music.

    I'm a huge fan of @csallen and the podcast. @arvidkahl's episode was amazing. The chat with @sahil inspired me to do a pre-order for a book on Gumroad. I have a ton to learn about self-publishing, but having the pre-orders sitting there (and the $) has been a huge motivator. I'm here to learn more about self-publishing and to offer help however I can.

  129. 1

    My name Bezos. Gracias

  130. 1

    Hi I’m Betsy and I’m the cofounder of A and b life coaching www.aandblifecoaching.com ( it’s being revamped down for a week but we have social media across all social media platforms IG FB Pinterest

  131. 1

    Hi! I'm an Italian filmmaker living in LA and I run a video agency called Storyforma. We help companies elevate their message, attract new customers and build communities through strategic video content. I also curate Through The Noise, a newsletter about creative storytelling and brand-building in the digital age. Excited to be here!

  132. 1


    I'm Gabe. Former founder of an developer-assistant startup (semi-folded) - now back in big tech, but looking to restart down the founder path

  133. 1

    My name is Mohamed Said and I am an undergraduate student. I am passionate on creating a positive change in my community through innovation and creating an impactful ripple around the world.

  134. 1


    I'm Berka. I am sophomore computer sciences and engineering student. I joined this community to develop myself and my coding skills. :)

  135. 1

    Hi hackers. Jeff here from Markup Hero (https://markuphero.com). Early days with our screenshot and annotation tool. Trying to innovate beyond just images and screenshots. Hoping to hear stories from other founders, particularly around content marketing strategies and engaging early adopters, particularly small teams.

  136. 1

    I'm Gru. I'm an entrepreneurial developer specialising in digital health.

  137. 1

    Hi guys. I'm Tariq from One Month App. We teach people how to code and launch a mobile app fast.

    We are also starting a podcast. If anyone has launched an app and would like to be a guest on our podcast or live Instagram show, then please let me know!

  138. 1

    Hello everyone my name is Barry from uganda and i like programming

  139. 1

    Hi Rosie!

    Excited to join the community. I've built agencies and brands for the past 15 years. My career has been focused on building successful digital platforms for big brands, now I'm building brands for myself and eager to learn everything I can. I set big goals and strive to meet them - this year the goal is to create 3 unique revenue-generating brand platforms and add 150k to my income.

  140. 1

    I'm Edwin. Currently, i'm a student at school, finishing up my last two years of high school. Im 18 years old, from a small country. I'am looking to become financially independant and create something my own, just like my father.

  141. 1

    Hey everyone, my name is Ralphe. I'm a MBA graduate and a fitness enthusiast. I have been obsessed with the Business/Tech world since I started my professional career. I want to further my knowledge in the Tech field and grow my coding skills.

    I was recently let go due to the virus pandemic, but I've been involved in Business Development, Digital Marketing, and Data Analysis for over 6 years now.

    Please feel free to reach out with any questions or advice you may need, I would love to help. Love seeing everyone's comments and support/care this community is providing for each other.

    Looking forward to being part of the community!

  142. 1

    Hi people!

    I’m Ester, Founder, and CEO at GhostWriter.AI Content Marketing Platform.

    I’m a digital entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience now. I’ve never stopped to love marketing and communication.

    I’m focused on bringing value to agencies, brands, and influencers. We help them to profile customers, showing how and what to talk to them about to increase sales, profits, and engagement. 🙌

    Looking forward to being part of the family 😊!

  143. 1

    Hi! My name is Pierre. I'm a full-stack developer, have been for 15 years. Also almost a digital nomad and since recently a father of two lovely babies (yes, twins).

    I've just started working on a side project that I hope can eventually become a SaaS product. It's a kind of virtual team board, that can be used as a visual support for remote meetings.

    It's not my first software-related side-project, and every time I learnt a lot, but it never went really far in terms of actual product development.

    This time, it's my own idea, and (for now) I'm working alone on it. I intend to do it at my own rythm and have fun while doing it, and we will see what comes out of it. I also look forward to share more about it as soon as I have something to show.

    Been lurking here for a little bit, I'm looking forward to engage with the community here which seems really helpful.

  144. 1

    Hi, I’m Dustin 😃

    I’m currently the founder (1/4) and acting CEO of any early stage startup. We’re focused on building a scalable self service influencer marketing platform to help businesses find the right influencers and to help influencers get paid a fair market rate. (Mefluence.com and @mefluence on Instagram)

    Look forward to connecting with some of you!

  145. 1

    Hey all, I'm Amar and I run zenmaid.com, a scheduling software for maid services. We've been hit hard by COVID but recently started recovering and should be breaking $1m ARR before the end of the year (forecasted for late October)

    I'm also in the process personally of acquiring a software from an IndieHacker and I'm starting to think about how to grow that tool from it's current position under $1k MRR to $15k-$20k MRR as quickly as possible.

    @rosiesherry thanks for what you do, long time follow of yours on Twitter here - not sure how I'm only just now making an account

  146. 1

    I'm Saud. I am currently looking to start a profitable side project. Likely a website. Looking forward to new inspiration and the community sense here at indiehackers!

  147. 1

    Hi Rosie! I'm Diego. Looking to learn, explore, and eventually go back to the entrepreneur world. I've had a few startups in Mexico with mixed results.

    Hope I find the answers, the path, the inspiration, the friends, the co-founder, the ideas... who knows!

  148. 1

    Hi! I'm Kirstyn. I lost my job to COVID and ended up starting a cookie biz last month after ding dong ditching cookies to friends around LA. I'm about 6 weeks in now, and can't wait to connect and learn from the community here!

  149. 1

    Hey how are u doing

  150. 1

    Hi Everyone 👋

    I am Ahmed Isse based in Qatar, Co-founder of Paywise (https://paywise.io). We are an early-stage startup that focuses on helping merchants in the MENA region accept payments from their customers anywhere in the world from multiple channels.

    We started Paywise after being frustrated for years with the cumbersome process of integrating payments into websites, apps or services in Qatar. We believed that adding payments should be fast and simple.

    Our vision is to be the invisible engine of commerce that will enable MENA merchants to easily join the internet economy

    We're looking for engineers and designer who care deeply about the quality of execution and who want to build technology that customer love to use

    I'm hoping to connect with like-minded people here and looking forward to becoming part of this amazing community!

  151. 1

    Hi everyone, my name is Shivam and I'm from india, and here I'm coming for learning and how can I earn money online.
    Sorry for bad English.
    Thanks for reading 💐

  152. 1


    I'm Raul and I am a software developer. I really like building fronends in Elm.

  153. 1

    Hi I'm Hugo, I work on Digital Marketing World on Tech Side and I'm interested on start walking the Product Growth / Hacking road so I'm here to learn how to do it

  154. 1

    Hello 👋🏻

    I'm Tiago and I'm a Full Stack Developer from Portugal. I'm trying to find a freelancer job in hopes to become independent. Other dream is to have a side project with recurring revenue. I have some concepts still to mature

    1. 1

      Oi Tiago! Eu sou Layana, Fashion designer brasileira mas moro em Melbourne. Prazer em te conhecer virtualmente. Parece que seus sonhos estão alinhados com minha necessidade. Eu estou a procura de um tech co-founder para minha startup. Ja testei e validei minha idea. Também criei wireframes recentemente. Contacte-me se tiveres interesse em conhecer mais sobre o projeto.

      1. 1

        Oi Layana,

        Gostaria de saber mais sobre o projeto

        1. 1

          Como posso te contactar? Meu email : [email protected]

  155. 1

    Nice to be here. Am a writer and blogger with https://ngrjobs.com

  156. 1


    I'm Oussama. I'm currently building Simple Scrum Board, which is an easy-to-use visual project management tool for software development teams.

    Would love any thoughts / feedback you all have !

    Checkout (free): https://simplescrumboard.bubbleapps.io/

    Our goal is to develop a project management platform for startups that cannot afford expensive entreprise solutions.

    Looking forward to engaging with the community!

  157. 1

    Hi, my name is Arman. I'm a student from a university in Indonesia and have know programming since 2015 but didn't good at it yet. I've been working on some small projects and personal projects.

    I'm looking forward to sharing, exchange, and become part of this amazing community.

  158. 1

    Hi 👋

    I'm Raluca and I work as a Digital Marketing Specialist at Planable (www.planable.io). My goal is to make content marketers' lives easier. I'm here to connect with likeminded people and to lend a helping hand to those who need a piece of advice.

    Looking forward to making some friends!

  159. 1

    Hi I'm an Australian iced-coffee drinking web developer. I like making tools that help me help you help yourself. :)

  160. 1

    Hi! I am Carlos, founder of podstaus.com. I have been a ghost reader of this community for a long time and I wanted to start contributing with my experiences.

    I'm glad I took this step!

  161. 1

    Greetings, I'm Michael and solo founder of Loopz (www.loopz.io). I'm building an omnichannel gift card solution for merchants of all sizes. Started on a single POS platform and looking to expand into other ecommerce & POS platforms this year.

  162. 1

    My name is T. Khan and I just joined Indie Hackers. I'm quite excited to join the community and hoping to learn and contribute to it the best way I can. Thank you Rosie for creating this thread.

    I have recently jumped headfirst into the digital world by developing a webapp which allows users to make audio, video calls and share files over their local WiFi, bypassing the internet.
    Really looking forward to virtually meeting you all!


  163. 1

    Hi there!

    Yannick here, CMO at Upthrust, a European 'growth studio'.

    I'm currently writing a book on 'idea validation' & looking forward to engage with the IH community.

    Currently doing as much research as possible for my book, if you have interesting validation stories, let me know.

    Happy Wednesday.

  164. 1

    I'm thotz, a web developer and I'm here to learn from this this community to learn new things.

  165. 1

    Hello, I'm Godswill from Lagos, Nigeria.
    I dived into software Development last year and I need a community of like minds to work on projects with and learn alongside. Thank you for letting me be part of this great community.

  166. 1

    I'm Kristina. I'm business reps of software development company Integrio Systems (https://integrio.net/) We help ambitious startups, Fortune 500 companies and SMEs achieve their business goals by providing them with high-quality software development.
    I'm keen on technologies, innovations, marketing, and business development.

    Looking forward to hearing from the community!

  167. 1

    Hello, guys!!! My name is Lisa. I am glad to be here with you!

  168. 1

    Hi, I'm Luke. I am a Product Manager @ Scanye. We deliver a platform for accountants to collaborate with their customers. We are already profitable.

    I am here to learn (mostly about product management) and maybe start a side project to develop my skills.

  169. 1

    Hi I'm Sindre. I'm CTO & Founder of Clustered Cloud (www.clustered.com), a new DevOps platform we've recently launched.

    I'm also a developer and loves to build stuff. At Clustered I get to work with cool technologies such as Kubernetes, containers, Go and Vue.js.

    Looking forward to engaging with the community!

    1. 1

      I have had to put up with many fake hackers who had done so many damage to my report and bank account, not until my friend told me about Hacker PAUL MIKE...Within 14 days of telling him all i had been through I could hardly believe the magic done on my report. All my negativity has been removed and my report looks so good. He boosted my score to 820 and now I can apply for loans. Reach him on (720-663-0651) e-mail [email protected].

  170. 1

    Je suis ADIA, ma mission consiste à mettre en place des stratégies facilement applicables pour les entreprises en démarrage. mon site web est www.ewgroupe.xyz

  171. 1

    Hello mates,
    Myself Sahaj Banthia, founder-director at Job Museum recruitment consultancy, need some effective advice on, how to generate B2B leads contact- 9898466461, email: [email protected]

    1. 1

      Salut, peux tu menvoyer le lien de ton website pour que je puisse en savoir plus

  172. 1

    I'm Federico, Developer & Data Scientist specialized in Emotionally Intelligence AI.
    I'm Co-founder of Deary, a mobile app that uses AI to rediscover meaningful chat conversations.
    In the thousands of messages from our personal chats, there are memories that risk being lost, forgotten.
    Automatically, the most significant moments are suggested, and the more we save important messages, the more we help Deary to learn what is relevant to us.

    The ultimate Goal is to create a platform, that takes care of ALL our digital interactions: image to be able to review the highlights of our most beautiful video calls.

    Checkout: https://deary.page.link/ai

    Looking forward to being part of the community.

  173. 1

    My name is Jeffin Jonny, I am currently working as Android developer in an IT firms .I would like to start a company.But
    doesn't know how to start and from where? .Hopee i
    will get some support from here!

  174. 1

    Hi, I'm John and I'm quite optimistic about this place. Frontend is my thing and I'm looking for people to work with on some cool projects ^^

  175. 1

    Hi! I am Connor and I am building a SaaS Company with a partner.

    I am here to LEARN from the community and add value to anyone who needs it.

    Our goal is to be the number one option for SMS Marketing Software.

  176. 1

    Hi all!

    I’m Luke, a software development student in South Australia. Getting towards the business end of my studies - long term I hope to establish my own SaaS business(es), always working on new service/product concepts after binning the old 😅

    Here to learn, connect, help and to explore the indie path, it was a major reason I moved towards learning development after leaving my position in recruitment industry - long time fan of the podcast, I figure this is the place to be! Looking forward to chatting further with you all 👍

  177. 1

    Hi! I'm an indie podcaster and newsletter creator who only recently got plugged into the indie hacker world through Courtland's podcast. Anxious to learn more and to contribute where I can.


  178. 1

    Hi, I´m a curious old person that is in pursuit of new knowledge every day. I hope to learn how to implement a solution for my projects.

  179. 1

    I'm Caruso from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm head of the community in a corporate accelerator only for 3 yrs but I'm always learning to be after working for many yrs as a big corp employee. I hope to get many tips and improve how to make a collaborative space. Pls look over any mistake here! It´s good to be here!👋

  180. 1

    Hey I’m Tevin Jerry, in the process of starting an online eCommerce business and looking for other like minded and professional people who have actually done it, so that I can learn and earn as well as share knowledge as well, once I start achieving financial success! Plus I heard about this site thru Tik Tok so I want to see what this “place” is all about !

  181. 1

    Hi! I'm Sylvia, going to build my first own iOS app. For this goal, I have to learn both UX, Swift, and even some knowledge of the product. So it will be a long time before I finish it. By the way, I graduated last year with an EE degree.

  182. 1

    Hi there!

    I’m Austin, founder of Feisty Ocelot (feistyocelot.com — still working on it). I’m making tools to build interactive, mostly computer generated art, starting with photo effects and computer generated illustrations.

    Once these tools are ready, I’ll be taking commissions for custom pieces. My goal is to complete such a piece, with money in the bank, by the end of the year.

    Can’t wait to start chatting and collaborating with the community here! 😁

  183. 1

    Hi, I'm Eryb. I am a passionate Go Developer, I like to build things that are fast and are fun to use.

  184. 1

    Hi All,
    I own a RIA (investment company) and want to get into fintech. My company has amazing benefits to beat competition. Just need to develop app, market and execute with some workflow organization. Definitely would love any help offered.

  185. 1

    Hey! I'm Keegan. I am a wordpress agency owner. I mostly focus on front end design and project management, but I'm always looking to challenge myself.

    I'm am attempting to learn more direct Wordpress integrations to ease the dependence on plugins.

  186. 1

    Hey everyone 🤙

    My name is Zach Williamson. I do a lot of stuff on social media. Currently, I own a network of 4M followers including the pages @culturecrave, @thronesfacts, and @filmeastereggs on twitter. I manage social for some brands as well. I also recently launched a newsletter that gives insights into movies and tips to build your social presence: culturecrave.substack.com

    Looking forward to learning from you all 🤝

  187. 1

    Hey i'm Jack! I produce music under the name ONELOVE. Currently trying to learn everything I can about building a successful brand and fan base!

  188. 1

    Hi, My name is Peter. I'm the CEO and co-founder of Bananacode (bananacode.co), we are a small Agency Builder based in San José, Costa Rica. We transform ideas into startups while we develop software to our clients. Our goal is to create a profitable model with the Startup Studio department and continue growing our ninja dev team for the Development Software department.

    Looking forward to meet people and talk about startups!

  189. 1

    My name is Rico and I have been dealing with computers since 1990. Besides coding I can do pretty much everything, especially art-wise. Professionally I'm an industrial designer. Second strong point what's actually hard to include into my CV is my idea generation skill. It drives me mad that all the great ideas I have do have to fade into nothing because I'm unable to code. So I'm here to partner up with somebody to make some of my ideas a reality and to startup a game-changing company.

  190. 1

    Hey Everyone,
    I'm Jordan, IndieHacker for about 8 years now but just "labeled" it when I discover this kind of business approach has a name a few years ago haha.

    I'm the cofounder of https://sponseasy.com but also 2 coworking spaces in the stunning island of Guadeloupe (Google it 🏖). I also launch a lot of small side projects all year long.

    I'm looking forward to learn from your experience and maybe also share you mine.

    If you are interested in using tech for good or maybe how does it looks like to develop an ecosystem in the carribbean, I'd be glad to exchange 😃.



  191. 1


    I’m Mike G. A good friend and co-founder and myself are working on our first start up in the tech space. It’s been over a month and a half and we’ve made great progress, for the time spent at least. Looking forward to seeing what we can learn from this community as we grow the product!


  192. 1

    You are a beautiful soul Rosie! ;-)

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Ali Shah and I'm the solo Founder of TapeReal (https://www.tapereal.com). On TapeReal, you can record your thoughts and conversations as social memories (sort of like documenting your authentic life). We refer to our network as #SocialReality because everything is raw, uncut, and built around meaningful and real social interactions. There are no ads, filters, or AR, and our business model is subscription based.

    Oh, TapeReal also happens to be a super fast way to record and publish audio/video content for the web in near real-time.

    I'm here to learn, connect, and grow with other Indies! :)

    These days, I'm looking for a CTO/co-Founder with streaming tech experience to help continue building and growing TapeReal.com. The plan is ambitious and the vision is grand. If you're looking to partner up and want to help take this to the moon, I'd love to connect with you!

    I've self-funded and bootstrapped this project to date. I'm pitching and keeping a number of investors in the loop on our progress. I also got accepted to Jason Calacanis' Founder.University event just now, which I'm really excited about!

    Anyway, just wanted to post a quick intro and say HI!


  193. 1

    Hi, I am Anwar. I'm glad to be apart of this amazing community.

  194. 1

    Hi all, I'm Bart and I'm looking to build on or more side hustles that generate a basic income so I can afford to take the loss on my current business if I can't turn it around soon. I want to run each side business remote, so I am able to travel the world for a year. Time doesn't stop for anyone and I've been stuck for a few years now, time to make some hard choices. Hopefully I can find some inspiration here and speed things up.

  195. 1


    Noah here. Current business student, and someone with tons of startup ideas that always seem to require the technical background which I seem to lack.

    I am looking to meet and engage with you all. If you have a technical background and are looking for someone who has started a profitable business before and want to help me bring some ideas to life, reach out. If you need help with steps going forward in your launch phase, reach out.

    I look forward to us all exceeding our goals here together.

    • Noah
  196. 1

    I'm Gunny from Canada. Currently working on marketplace app. 15+ background in software development. 0 business knowhow and 0 (business people) connections. So that's why I'm here.

  197. 1

    Hello Rosie Sherry, thanks for the helpful welcome

  198. 1

    Hi! I'm Stevie and I'm just beginning to build my femtech startup. My goal is to spend the COVID days learning everything I need to have a successful start-up experience.

  199. 1

    Hello, friends! I am Vishnu. Among other things, I am a writer and a digital marketer. Currently, I am working full-time at a tech company and working on a digital magazine as a side-gig. With you all, I am looking forward to learning more in the field of digital marketing and growth. And of course, share what I am good at!

  200. 1

    Thanks for starting this thread, Rosie!

    I'm Ross Kaffenberger, building stuff for the web since the early 2000s. Over the past several months, I've been working (slowly) to develop expertise and a following around a focused topic (frontend performance for Ruby on Rails developers) through my blog at https://rossta.net and (eventually) as a paid educational offering (ebook + video course + workshop).

    Looking forward to participating in this community!

  201. 1

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Vance. I am the founder of Uncle Bud's Garden. My primary business is in the e-com/dropshipping space, though I am looking to expand into consulting and media. My goal is to connect with like-minded individuals, get a mentor, and find synergies with others' products/services. Thanks for the warm welcome. Add me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/vancelstinson

  202. 1


    I'm David. I'm building Courio (courio.com -- I know the landing page is bad, working on it!) with my partner Matt. Happy to be here!

  203. 1

    Hello! My name is Kate and I'm working at Utor (https://u-tor.com/). We help establish the software testing process in companies. You can also hire us if you created an app, website, or program and you don't have QA department. Our team will be happy to test and fix bugs!
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    P.S. Wash your hands and take care ;)

  204. 1

    Hi, I am Bhaskar. I am a Product Manager with a background in Fintech, Startups, and Consulting. Based out of Toronto. Looking to start a few side-projects and learn from the community here.

  205. 1

    Mmm... hi... Trying to turn my PhD into a media consultancy for diversity and anti-racism. I call it Critical Solidarity. Hope to produce relevant vids and shorts (and conferences!) I do graphic design and photography and teach advertising along the way...

  206. 1

    Hi there, my name is Marco and I’m a photographer from Las Vegas! Just started selling my prints online and I’ll love to master this game

  207. 1

    Hi there 👋!
    I'm Artur from Poland. Having done many different projects professionally - mainly in IT, today, I'm enthusiastic and encouraged to build my own unique tech and ML-powered projects. Desperately looking for a like-minded business partner.
    What can I offer to the community? 🙌
    I'm focused on Data Science and Machine Learning 🤖. Any kind of advice, consultation&assistance you may need in your projects, feel free to reach me out.
    My goals? 🎯
    Networking, learning from people's experience, bootstrapping my own startup project.

  208. 1

    Hello Rosie, I am here to interact, meet new people and find usefull information.

  209. 1

    Hello everyone, my name is Pablo. I am a startup founder that is dedicated to programming geospatial solutions (maps, analysis of satellite images with machine learning, etc.) for different companies cartometrics.com. We are in Malaga, Spain.

    I'm here because I want to stop developing services and I want to develop a product. Is difficult to have and implement a good methodology to develop and test is my product idea is good or not.

    1. 1

      Nice to meet you!
      I've just joined IH too.
      Let's connect ;)

  210. 1

    Hi there!

    My name is Sava. I've been doing digital marketing for more than 2 years now and currently helping out building an analytical ASO platform Checkaso (https://checkaso.io/). I want to share my experience and learn more about growth from others.

    Looking forward to becoming a better specialist with your community!

  211. 1

    Hi. I'm Shaun.

    I've just finished Lambda School (full-stack web development) and am considering what to do next. I'd like to build a few apps to practice my skills so if you're a developer looking to pair with someone to build your next app or if you've got an app idea and need someone to build the MVP let's have a chat and see if it's something we can do together!

    Looking forward to seeing where this takes me!

  212. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm a marketing student down in Texas and would love to partner up with some of y'all to launch the products and services being worked on here. I work with digital content software like SparkAr for example, to drive engagement.

  213. 1

    I'm Kristof and together with lexor90 we are building LinkIn.Page (https://linkin.page/), an app created for creators, influencers and brands to manage their Instagram bio link.
    Looking forward to being part of the community!

  214. 1

    Hi, my name is Antoine and I am the SEO Lead @Liligo, a metasearch engine for flight & train tickets, car rentals, and accommodations.

    I just launched my website and want, in the long-term, to create other streams of income, which is one of the reasons I joined this community.

    I am very looking forward to engaging with this awesome community.

    1. 1

      puis je connaitre le lien de votre site web

  215. 1

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Antonio, and I'm the Co-Founder of growthroadmap.io. A go-to-market agency helping launch and grow early-stage businesses. Within Growth Roadmap, we are building Growth Academy, which is a collection of business strategies and tactics to help founders build, launch, and grow their MVPs.

    I was previously head of growth marketing at Vaynermedia/The Sasha Group and helped pre/post-product-market fit companies in various verticals.

    Looking forward to connecting!

    1. 1

      Cool! Let's connect.

  216. 1

    Howdy - I'm Gavin. I Co-founded a creative agency 11 years ago. We're now building our first mobile app for ourselves. The idea is loosely centered around helping small teams be more creative as a group. We don't really know what we're doing, but that's part of the excitement for me. Hoping to connect and learn as much as possible.

  217. 1

    Hey everybodayyy! 🤸🏽‍♂️

    (I've actually been a member here a while, but never got around to posting!)

    Simon here. I'm a serial entrepreneur currently working full-time as CEO of a 3yr-old fintech startup in South Africa. I've got a few fun things going on the side, because I love startups and writing.

    The ultimate goal is creating a 'Startup Shop' which helps first-time entrepreneurs build their first business. My "how to start a business" newsletter - The Signal (https://simonblogs.com/signal) - is the first step on that journey, which I'm loving doing.

    Good to be hear, chat soon!

  218. 1

    Hi my name is John,
    I like to make things that improve the world.
    I have been working 4 years in sales, marketing, trucking, logistics in the B2B industry.
    I am building a web app for exporters and importers to mange and track their shipments. Sort of like doordash or grab or uber eats where u buy from a restaurant, well in B2B companies buy from companies stuff and they are doing it via email and it sucks. So solving that problem.

    I am looking for a CTO, to help build the app with to go to Y-Combinator
    I can do all business dev, sales, marketing, ui ux, create issues in github, write tech specs for features.

    I hope to launch the app, get users and recruit engineers.
    fyi based in Bangkok, Thailand

    Check out our Facebook or Instagram Page:
    Instagram weekly.order (https://www.instagram.com/weekly.order/)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weeklyorderapp/

  219. 1

    Hi! I'm Sam,

    I am currently building SyncifyApp.com to let users listen to podcasts with their friends at the same time or easily catchup and share playlists and insights.

    Would love any help with the idea or potential test users 🙏

    Background - I've ran a few businesses in the past and host GrowthMindsetPodcast.com

    I studied evolutionary psychology and have given tedx on mental health and technology.

    I'm also into adventure and have visited North Korea, hitchhiked across Kazakhstan and when not working am usually on my bike.

    1. 1

      This is such an interesting concept, I would love to help by being a test user and give my feedback! I have a background in marketing if you would like my thoughts on the looks/feel of the app as well as the functionality in itself.


      1. 1

        Thanks @Gretchen_Rose 🙃

        You're very welcome to get involved. Please can you shoot me an email using sam at sycnifyapp.com ?

        (Not sure how to send messages inside this app...)

        1. 1

          Hi Sam,

          For some reason the email bounced, maybe try contacting me through Gretchen@abi-lab.com!

  220. 1

    Hi rosie sherry
    I am new to this community
    Wanna learn coding

    1. 1

      Hi! I can help you with that! :)

  221. 1

    Hi, Martin here. I am an Automation engineer, with a few years of experience in the DevOps field. I have a consistent interest in SaaS platforms and automation. And of course the community. I want to find and build a B2B SaaS platform in the hosting and security category in the following two years and be able to make some money off it. Thanks to the managers of this site for making it easy for us to have concentrated content available on this platform.

  222. 1

    I'm Fiodor. UX designer & wayfinding specialist. I looking for a way to create my own B2C startup in wayfinding & customer support.

  223. 1

    Hi everyone!

    I'm actually trying to learn web development but I lost motivation in few days. I find coding more fun when I stop following the course. So I have decided to make an online ticketing platform to push myself to learn. I had python basics and hope to complete this project using django. I am complete noob when it comes to web development so guidance on how I should approach this project would be appreciated.

    Some initial features/functionality the ticketing platform must have:

    • Users can login via google account and post the ticket with its image and price,description.
    • Users can login via google account and buy ticket. Upon buying (ticket invoice + ticket) will be generated and emailed to the gmail.

    Suggestions on the features are welcome. Thanks!

    1. 1

      I am web developer with 10 years experience. I can offer you a free mentorship. We can chat some days and I can help you to build a path forward and answer questions you struggling to answer yourself.

      1. 1

        That's so kind you to offer mentorship. Thank you! It
        would be really helpful.

        1. 1

          You can drop me a message on twitter ;)

  224. 1

    Hi....We Help The Company’s Founders, CXO, and Product Owners To Achieve Their Goals By Providing Mobile And Web Development Services

  225. 1

    Hi everyone. I’m an industrial designer by training, with 12 years of design engineering (mechanical, some electrical and systems) behind me. I’m currently head of new product innovation for a large FMCG company. Outside engineering I am particularly passionate about business mechanics and translating ideas into compelling user experiences/value propositions. I love problem solving in all its forms. Long term I’m hunting for the right idea to start up with and/or an exciting co-founder or community to build with. I look forward to contributing, hearing about everyone’s challenges and offering helpful advice if I am able!
    All the best

  226. 1

    Hi I’m Casey with Blogging Guide! I run a number of Substack and Medium publications (15+) and several Google news approved sites.

    I am a lifelong entrepreneur, investor, and in the past few years, fascinated with blogging.


    Check out my site and be sure to ask me any relevant questions!

  227. 1

    Hey I am a student. Thanks for your site/ I am here looking for some info.

  228. 1

    HI 👋🏽 how are you?
    My name is Carlos, like almost everybody I lost my job because the COVID-19. Motivated and looking to create a passive income I created 3 websites. I have some traffic but no sales, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm here to learn more about e-commerce and the best way to promote my websites. If somebody want to check my websites here are the links:

    Looking forward to engaging with the community!

  229. 1

    Hi Im Derin. Just checking this community out. A Big Fan of the WaaS and Services as a Product movement. Learning to Program. Just here to learn.

    1. 1

      Can help you with programming. Just drop me a message.

  230. 1

    I'm a student who's looking to launch sth on my own, and make a career out of it. I'm here for networks, connections, inspirations and helps of course.. Great to be here, and nice to see you everyone.

  231. 1

    Hey, I’m Ricardo from DR

  232. 1

    Hi, I am Viral (actual name). I am hobby programmer building apps for friends and family. My daily work is totally different from programming, I am really inspired by all the interviews here to just jump full time into developing something.
    The community feels welcoming and refreshing looking forward to be a part of it.

    1. 1

      Hi Viral! Nice to virtually meet you. I'm Layana, an eco-preneur from Brazil living in Australia. I have a startup around circular fashion. My idea has been tested and validated. The next step is finding a co-founder with Full Stack skills to join this venture and help me to build the MVP. Hit me up if you are interested.

  233. 1

    Im TJ. I am currently a Moderator at Grailed, which is the largest marketplace to buy & sell mens clothing. We also have a marketplace for womens which is called Heroine. My goal is to find inspiration for side hustles and possibly a long term business!

  234. 1

    👋🏾 What's poppin' y'all

    My name is Glenn Parham, and I'm a recent UC Berkeley graduate in Data Science and am working at a political tech startup.

    Over the past few weeks, I was using my own "productivity command line" for day-to-day work. A friend saw it and asked if she could use it as well, so I decided to publish the website!

    Check out Pundit: Productivity Command Line (www.punditassistant.com). Get Stuff Done. Execute tasks in <3 seconds.

    Really looking to grow the product and leverage the developer community! Stay healthy y'all.

    1. 2

      Nice to meet you!
      I've just joined IH too.
      Let's connect ;)

  235. 1


    I’m Govinda, I am starting an e-commerce fitness store with apparel I’m building my store now and will hope to start making landing pages. I’m a fitness and martial arts enthusiast. I hope to connect and get as much help as I can

  236. 1

    Hi, I'm Yuji. I'm buillding a sortable chat app, Dendoron (www.dendoron.com). I recently made it possible to charge from the app with stripe, which means I finally start my own business! Although, I don 't know how to promote such kind of product.
    I'm looking forward to commit this community and make my indie project grown.

    1. 1

      Hey Yuji
      I clicked on your website on my phone and it seems that it’s not optimized for mobile use. That will take away a lot of customers these days. 🤗

      1. 1

        Thanks for the comment.
        I'm currently updating my LP design. I'll fix it soon later.

  237. 1

    I'm tom kingsley,USA.It's been a while since I've
    written to thank Dr OHIKHOBO who helped me in my
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  238. 1

    Hi! my name is Jacob and I'm from sweden. I working on car copmany called volvo. I look for help and inspiration to start my own side businesses and work my way to be my own boss. I hope to get as much help as possible here!

  239. 1

    Hi I’m soki. I currently work as a creative director at the Firstcam Creative ad agency.

    I found indie hackers while doing research for the SaaS I’m building and I think it’s great to be able to share ideas and learn while you grow. What a time to be alive.

    Looking forward to learning and contributing to the community.

  240. 1

    Hello everyone,

    I am a freelancer software engineer.
    I joined this community to learn more about building products, and get more about growth strategies, marketing and communication, to build SaaS (Software as a service) products.
    Due to coronavirus, I quit my job, As I discovered that is no longer what I wanted to with my life.

    Thank you.

  241. 1

    Hello, This is Khalid. I am the co-founder at FigPii. I love experimentation, testing new marketing ideas, and interviewing customers. I have run close to 15k AB tests so I might know a thing or two about split testing.

  242. 1

    Hello everyone ! I'm Marin, and I really want to become independant. I have been trying to create a few things, the latest being a tree-like todo list, which I ended up not finding that useful so I dropped it. I am trying to blog here and there, but with a newborn at home, it is getting quite hard to do that before or after work.

    I want to become independent so that I can have the freedom to be with my wife and my child, be here for my family.

    I have tried to create, but I have not really been passionate about one topic in particular, and have not gained a lot of traction in anything. I will probably try to use this "lack" of passion to my advantage by trying to find cross-domain application of skills.

    Anyway, I guess the first step (after a few other thousands) will be to get started !

    See you around !

  243. 1

    Hi. My name is Hassan. My cofounders and I are building a sales process (opportunity management) + buyer enablement platform to help sellers run their opportunities with structure. We also allow them to directly collaborate on the opportunity with their buyers instead of using Email. Along with beautiful engagement analytics and AI for opportunity health, we're planning on integrate the most popular tools typically used in tech sales.

    Will be launching in July so we're definitely looking for people to sign up for our beta! We love feedback and want to make sure we build a great product that is loved by our customers.

    Solo founders and smaller tech startups is a segment of the market that we want to interview. If you're a solo founder or have a small founding team and want to help increase your sales, especially for B2B, reach out! We'd love to talk.

    Oh, and our landing page: https://processlogic.io

  244. 1

    Hey y'all. I'm Nick. I work full time at a tech company and moonlight as a consultant in the evenings. I've ideated and grown other's products enough times that I want to start something of my own so I'm super looking forward to sharing with, and learning from, everyone here!

    1. 1

      Hi! Are you good in marketing? :)

  245. 1

    Thank you Rosie for those kind words. I am Manav Dutta and I am just looking for opportunities and skill development
    I am good with communication and I am good with getting work done.

  246. 1

    Hey friends, so glad to be here - my name is Conrad, and I'm a creator that's endlessly passionate about finding innovative ways to tackle everyday challenges. I've been working on an exciting, huge side project called #theGamificationProject, where myself and hundreds of my community members have successfully powered up our motivation by turning our lives into a RPG; turning tedious tasks into fun and engaging quests that build up our skill tree and essentially hack our minds to enjoy everything that we do. Currently, its a comprehensive Notion template that can integrate with any task database or daily habit tracker, and enables you to hold friendly competitions with family, friends, and community on personal development amongst many other exciting features.

    If you're keen to find new ways to be more productive and accountable on your growth journey, feel free to check out the project over at https://notion.conradlin.com/makeworkfun

  247. 1

    Hey! I'm Adrian. I work as a software engineer for like 3 years now and this year I finish my master degree in CS. I've started 2 startups till now, one in partnership with Romania National library in Bucharest and the other one with a fintech project along side BRD Romania. Unfortunately bouth of them failed eventually due to lack of founding. Right now I'm looking forward to new oportunities and I hope to find a good idea to start new bussiness.

    Looking forward to being part of the community!

  248. 1

    Hi there! Tonga-Xhosa from Johannesburg, founder of Clausematics (www.clausematics.com). Goal is to boostrap to $25k MRR.

    1. 1

      Hi, Tonga-Xhosa! I visited your website to learn more about Clausematics, but the explainer video wasn't working and there was no description of the product on your homepage. Can you tell me more about what you do?

      1. 1

        Sure - sorry, the product is still a bit buggy. it's a tool to assist lawyers with complex contract interpretation.

        1. 1

          Right on. Congrats on the launch!

  249. 1

    Hi @rosiesherry, just stumbled across this seemingly amazing community today! I'm looking forward to exploring the site :)

    I have a bit of an eclectic background across the business world, tech and finance. I got a bit burnt out a year and a half ago and traveled around many parts of the world. Settled down in another country and have been trying out various projects for the last 8 months. It's been fun but a lot of struggles and learnings along the way.

    Nice to meet you all, cheers!

  250. 1

    hey, my name is ahammed ....I am an aspiring blockchain developer..came here to look for people with similar interests.

  251. 1

    Hi, all! I'm Anthony, founder of Wayfinder (www.wayfinderclinic.com), a virtual healthcare clinic for children with disabilities and their families. We've done some initial product validation, and our current goal is to formally launch our product and generate revenue with our first customers. I'm here to connect with other founders, share knowledge, and celebrate victories! Looking forward to joining the community!

    1. 1

      Hey Anthony. Awesome work with Wayfinder. It appears to be primarily a product focused on surfaces for care but do you have an EHR in the works too?

      1. 1

        Hey, @nickmaxwell! Appreciate the comment. We're planning on using a white-label EHR software to launch as quickly as possible, but it's on our roadmap to develop our own in the medium-term.

  252. 1

    I am Omar. An International Business and Finance student in the UK. I am on my final year in uni, would appreciate some advice and tips on how to kick start my career as soon as I finish.

    Looking forward to learn and engage with the community.

  253. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm a co-founder of InfoScaling (www.infoscaling.com) - currently, an advertising agency specialized in selling digital products, with an ambition to become a publishing company and an educational center for everyone who sells the information online.

    Looking forward to connecting with other entrepreneurs from the industry!

  254. 1

    M name is Juan and yes, I am a walking stereotype of your typical Mexican 21 year old. I founded The Strangers Almanac (https://strangersalmanac.substack.com/welcome) as a way for people to share their stories and struggles for other people who might be in similar positions. The goal is to spread positivity in these crazy times and inspire others! Looking forward to meeting everyone and learning something new every day!

  255. 1

    Hello, I am here to explore what the internet consists of!!

  256. 1

    Hi all,

    I am Ranvir. I am here just to check how it works.

  257. 1

    I'm here because Rosie Sherry is so smart, beautiful, and kind (in no particular order).

  258. 1

    Hi there!

    My name is Leonid, and I'm currently Head of Engineering at one of the IT companies.

    Been following this and another bootstrapping community for ages, but never really participated. I even tried to bootstrap at least two businesses in the past (spoiler: I failed).

    My problem is that I can't really stop thinking about it.

    So here are my new attempt: GoReplay https://www.indiehackers.com/product/goreplay
    Essentially it is an OSS product aimed at the QA market.

    I've been building this product for the last 7 years, alone, and it never reached the state it deserves.

    By being here I want to build everything in public, and which hopefully encourages and supports me.

    Recently I made the decision to re-invest all the sales to the project development and bring new people to the project.

    Exciting times for me (but also I'm a bit scary)!

  259. 1

    Hi, i am harshal. we are building nextgen technology, we are working on this more than 5 years.looking forward to being part of the community.

  260. 1

    Hi! I am Leon and I am working full time in a big car company in Beijing. As a side project I am working currently on a Django based app to build up a tech community in Beijing. I hope I can find some inspiration here. If someone wants me to check how accessible their website is in China I'm glad to help out.

  261. 1

    Hey there 👋 Stewart Hillhouse checking in. I'm new to the marketing game, but have been learning a ton through interviewing top marketers and creatives on my podcast Top of Mind (https://pod.link/topofmind).
    I'm currently working on building an email list and growing my network in the industry.
    Pumped to be part of this community.

  262. 1

    I am Christopher from Philippines. I'm a full-stack developer.
    Currently have a web app targeting SME in water refilling business.
    Looking forward to meet the community.

  263. 1

    Hi, I’m Guillermo.
    I’m not a professional in the area, but a enthusiast hobbyists

    I am always looking forward to learn.

  264. 1

    👋 Hi

    I'm Mike, I'm working on a couple of ideas ! One around slack and another around investments !

    Looking forward to speak to everyone !

  265. 1

    Hi all,
    Vali here. I'm currently working on a SaaS project that should come out in the coming weeks. I've been reading IH for a pretty long time now without contributing, but this is about to change 😉 Great community.

  266. 1

    I am Rachelle, I started a community of mothers where I help with simple and practical healthy food recipes for their kids. I started with trying to build an audience on social media first to see the need before I come up with any product. So I am at a point of coming up with my MVP based on the feedback I have gotten from my audience and also validate it.

  267. 1

    Hi there!

    I'm Nishit. I currently working on a project called YouTube Fiesta (https://youtubefiesta.com/) that allows you to watch YouTube with friends. We have lauched this product and are looking for some feedback and ideas to market the same.
    Looking forward to engage with the community!

  268. 1

    Hi everybody, my name is Ailef.

    Me and my partner are currently building a Wordpress plugin which helps writers seamlessly create videos from their posts. We have already started development and we are working very hard, hoping to release a first version in the next couple of weeks.

    Looking forward to engage with other fellow hackers!

  269. 1

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm Umut, I'm working as a software developer. I'm working currently on warehouse management system at logistic sector.
    Looking forward to being part of the community as the other friends :)

  270. 1

    Hi all. My name is Simba. I’m co owner of a company called SVOSVA. SVOSVA is your stop between contemporary and luxury ready-to-wear clothing based in the UK.

    We have great designs and high demand for our clothing but currently we don’t deliver, which means we don’t create consistency.

    I believe our company is on the cusp of becoming a very profitable business but we have made a few mistakes, mostly working with the wrong manufacturers.

    My goal here would be to understand how to take our company to the next level. Do we need to invest more, or concentrate on growing our audience just a few examples.

    I look forward to talking to you all.


  271. 1

    Hi All,
    I'm Piyush Mayank. My co-founder and me are building Apne (www.apne.app), which is offline community platform. We are in the development phase right now. Looking forward to contributing and learning from the community.

  272. 1

    Hi All,

    I'm Ed. We are trying to build an easy to use search engine which is 10x faster and easy to use than elastic search (kalasearch.cn). We focus on developing areas and CJK speaking countries (China, Japanese and Korean). I'm working on this in my spare time and hopefully will take it somewhere.

    Really glad to join this community to find inspirations from all of you!

  273. 1

    Greetings! I am a long-time developer who has been lurking here for ages and thought it was time to finally join the community. I look forward to getting to know everyone!

  274. 1

    Hi, I'm an Architect. I quit my agency work 4 months back to focus 100% on building an online business. I've huge following on IG and Pinterest and I sell ebooks on both platforms theough my blog.

    I started building my Twitter business in August 2019. I've gone from 22 followers to 11k+ followers in 8 months.

    My goal for 2020 is to hit $100k/year income from Twitter.

    I'm good at growing social media accounts. Feel free to reach out if you've any questions.

    I'm learning Copywriting & marketing. I'm here to get better at those skills.

    Looking forward to merting some amazing people.

    I'm @hustlenconquer on Twitter


  275. 1

    I'm Ted. We are developing a college base social network service called fantom, and we are in preparing beta version with MVP this summer. This is my first startup experience, so I would like to learn how to go through the startup journey: firming a business, funding, finding lawyers. Looking forward to being in community.

  276. 1

    My name is Febrilian, I'm currently a medical student and just started learning entrepreneurship. Decided to learn and test ideas out first before actually getting all in to my business. Looking forward to learn and hopefully share my journey with the community!

  277. 1

    Hey, I'm Rebecca!
    I am currently starting up apparel attached to my design business, Rebecca Romeo Design. I have an online store using Squarespace and am fulfilling orders and learning slowly about manufacturing, buying, marketing and everything in between. I like to learn as I go and so far I'm loving the process of working in easy-to-wear street fashion for people aged 17-25! My tag line is 'we're for the wacky'; wanting to unite those people who never quite felt like they fit in through my designs and clothing.

    Looking forward to learning some stuff!

  278. 1

    Hey I'm Michael, I'm a freelance mobile consultant based in Melbourne, Australia, and have been creating apps since 2015. Long time lurker since a client of mine I Know The Pilot was featured on here way back!

    I'm in the middle of creating a productivity & habit tracking utility app that leans on the Pomodoro Technique but with the flexibility to suit how you operate productively, with an analysis on how you've been tracking and whether you're creating a sustainable productivity habit.

  279. 1

    Hi all!
    Michael here.
    im a developer i have done, frontend, backend and desktop development.
    been a contractor for many years, i like choosing on what projects i get involved.
    i came to this community because, i'm building my team, with people i know and trust, to reach for larger projects and turn it into a business.

    i came here because i think i can learn to create my indie business from people actually making it and make some friends and allies if possible on the way.

  280. 1

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m Jayden :) In 2020 I’m looking to take my life experiences and those of many others to help people use the negative experiences in life as a catalyst for personal growth.

    My mission is to one day create a community of people that are sharing/collaborating together to help people that are struggling with their mental health. This being built from a newsletter with practical advice and tidbits from mental health practitioners & people who have used adversity in there life for the better.

  281. 1

    Hi everyone! Excited to be here and contribute to the community.

    I actually come right away with an exciting challenge. We recently launched a nonprofit called HelpBerkeley.org (in 2 months we grew to 400 members) in which we aim at providing free home delivery of affordable meals for seniors at risk of COVID-19.

    The challenge: Make service registration and navigation easy for seniors, some are offline and most are low-tech.

    I'm looking for a PM mentor to guide me on the best ways to crack this problem.

    Thanks a lot and looking forward to provide input for your challenges as well!

  282. 1

    Hey everyone! My name is Matt Schlenker, and I am currently a software engineer at a big tech company. I am currently enrolled in a computer science master's program, and I've built a site around my course notes called OMSCSNotes (www.omscs-notes.com).

    Looking forward to learning from everyone here!

  283. 1

    Hi guys, I'm Giovanni, a software developer. I'm working in a 3D printed prosthetic project and I'd love to incorporate robotics on it.

  284. 1

    Hi! I'm Nellie and I'm building a bra company devoted to the ample chested called Gravitatas (www.gravitatas.com). I'm pleased to join Indie Hackers as I'm bootstrapping my way to launch. Excited to be with y'all.

  285. 1

    Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm an artist and full-time educator. I have aspirations to become an entrepreneur and achieve financial freedom. I am here to learn!

  286. 1

    Nice to meet you all. -Jon

  287. 1

    Hi friends,
    I am Sarah and building https://femstreet.substack.com/, which is a hand-curated weekly resource for must-read content by female startup founders, operators and investors. We also have a premium membership + community. I am here to learn about growth hacking tactics, community building, writing and would love to share my learnings.

    Looking forward to connecting with all of you!

  288. 1

    Hey! I'm Aayush. I'm building lipoker.io with a team of 3 others, a videochat poker site without signup or download. Our goal is to get this in the hands of everyone who plays poker -- we know it's the best out there.

    Looking forward to building more projects and helping this community :)

  289. 1

    Hi 👋

    I'm Vitalii, a sole founder of www.vhinny.com. Vhinny is an investment research platform. Its goal is to enable individual investors to create Machine Learning models to help select good stocks to buy. We provide data and share research.

    Because I've built Vhinny myself, it is the cheapest, ad-free product in the financial services community.

    I'm here to share more about Vhinny with those who are interested and help the community however I can.

    1. 1

      Nice to meet you!
      I've just joined IH too.
      Let's connect ;)

  290. 1

    Hi! I'm Étienne from Montreal. I've been low-key working on a weather app called Metaeo that aims to present data from multiple sources in order to let the user choose who to trust. I know weather apps are all over the place but I can't say I care very much! This is mostly a pretext to see if I can run a full project like this by myself. I'm here to find more ideas and meet some cool people!

  291. 1

    HI All!
    Im Ray, and ive founded an instagram growth tool. Currently i work with clients with an iterative approach where i build features that matter most to them. Vision is to be a leader in the instagram growth hack space!

    Looking forward to engaging with the community!

  292. 1

    Hi, I'm Kamlesh - I work full time at a BPO company in Mohali, India. I have wanted to start a side hustle for a very long time so I've decided to take the jump and start making something that can really make some sort of value.

  293. 1

    Hi, i'm Mike - i work full time at an ecommerce agency in Birmingham, UK. I have wanted to start a side hustle for a very long time so I've decided to take the jump and start making something that myself and prospective clients would like to use.

    Big goal is to get MVP live for my saas product and begin generating recurring monthlies within the next 3 months.

  294. 1

    Short Story
    Hi, I'm Wilfredo, co-creator of www.jobdirecto.com a simple job site for Hispanic immigrants in NYC. We have spent $0 on ads and have 5k weekly visitors and have $600 monthly revenue. Hundreds of immigrants have found jobs using it. It's two of us and we are immigrants ourselves.

    The bad stuff

    1. We have gone through no incubator, have no investors and we have not incorporated.
    2. We are trying to grow in cities outside NYC, but it's harder than we thought.
    3. My partner has little time and I have little money. He is in Colombia and I'm in Germany.

    But we are still optimists! I hope to find inspiration in your stories and inspire you with mine. I realize just now that I am an indie hacker too!

  295. 1


    I'm working on a few side-projects and am here to look around and learn!

  296. 1

    Hello! Looking to expand my business in marketing, web, and design services and treat my blog more like a startup. My focus is small to mid-size companies, healthcare marketing, and innovation. www.mazzistudios.com

    I look forward to engaging and learning from this community. :)

  297. 1

    Hey all, I'm Eldad, I'm a front end developer (with some backend experience) from Tel Aviv. I'm here to get inspired and find partners for the journey. I have worked on countless failing projects and am always looking for the next interesting thing 🚀

  298. 1

    Hi Everyone, I'm Leo Lima, developer and entrepreneur from Brazil! I work full-time for a huge bank as a developer and part-time on my e-commerce platform project, Komercialize, bringing for small and medium business a way to sell online. Please help me improve Komercialize and i'm available to help others

  299. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Peter. I'm working on my first side project of building Culturesy (www.culturesy.com), a resource hub for remote workers. It will have reviews on many different aspects to support remote working for a company as well as career tools and insights from industry recruiters. The goal is to make this the something profitable and valuable for the remote community.

    I'm definitely looking forward to sharing my journey as well to learn as much as possible from this community!

  300. 1

    I am getting negative vibes, yesterday I was so Motivated but today not feeling myself

  301. 1

    Hey my name is bhavesh

  302. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Matthew. I'm currently in the process of launching my SaaS (https://commenze.com). Looking to improve upon my app and learn new things.

  303. 1

    Hey fellow IH's! I'm Senyo, I work as a machine learning engineer, mainly in computer vision. I'm here to just gather some inspiration and looking at starting a side hustle in the near future - hopefully related to something in music.

    1. 1

      Nice to meet you!
      I've just joined IH too. I also work in DS&ML, and I'm also passionate about music, signals processing and cv.
      Let's connect ;)

  304. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Bilal Tosun and Front End developer in Turkey. I'm looking for ideas, products and tips. I like sharing, community culture and new ideas this is why im here.

  305. 1

    Hello, I'm Varun Kancherla, looking for no code and growth tips. share insights and learn from other founders

  306. 1

    Hi, my name is Alex. I'm working on the sport mobile app Venrok(https://venrok.com). It's a community-driven training app. Make workouts and share them with a community. Train together to reach incredible results.

  307. 1

    Hi Rosie, I'm currently managing IT for international organization. I'm looking for service or product that I can contribute to and be part of.

  308. 1

    Hey, I'm Ash, looking to share insights and learn from other founders

  309. 1

    Hello, I'm Mike, indie game developer. Just wanted to see how people deal with stress and level up

  310. 1

    Heya! I'm Zac, a UX designer from Australia. I'm looking for inspiration and support starting an online teaching side-hustle this year. I also can't wait to see what everyone else is working on!

  311. 1

    Hey Rosie,
    This in Leo, I'm looking for cool ideas to boost my creative side and enhance my personal projects.
    Hope to learn and share with the community.

  312. 1

    HI Rosie, nice to meet you. Thanks for offering a helping hand on a brand new website. Its nice knowing that if I get lost in the sauce I can reach out.

  313. 1

    What do I need help with? Well I need more experience for people to really take me serious. I want a portfolio. This can be done by working for free or through this app. Please help me find clients for my budding business!

  314. 1

    My idea in 10 words or less: Real Estate Marketing Agency based on social media efforts!

  315. 1

    Cole Correia. As a 25 year old I have finally found my niche market. I would like to open a digital marketing agency dedicated to real estate and property management. I am here to receive tips, advice and recommendations on how I can find my first clients! I have experience in real estate and I know that this is the industry I would like to work in! This is a true side hustle that I would like to grow into a business. I know it’s all a process and I am prepared to put the necessary work in to achieve! So please reach out to me. I have knowledge of real estate but I also have so many hobbies. I enjoy reading, growing plants, and learning Spanish! Let’s chat!

  316. 1

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  317. 1

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  318. 1

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  319. 1

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  320. 2

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  321. 1

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