October 25, 2020

Welcome, introduce yourself! (Week of Oct 25th)

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Rosie here -- the Indie Hackers community manager. Welcome! 👋

This short guide is meant to help you get the most out of Indie Hackers.

First, introduce yourself!

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Dive into learning.

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    Hello Indie Hackers! Im Cunningz, a new here. Im an assistant neurologist and working full time at the rehabilitation clinic right now. I am willing to create a solution for patients who are isolated from their relatives and friends for a long time of rehabilitation because of pandemic or location differences and obviously enhance it from simple telephone- or video call.
    By joining Indie Hackers, I hope to find "where to start" place and some advises and share my progression if some will come. o7

    1. 1

      Sounds awesome, I've always wondered about rehabilitation clinics and physical therapies!

      Just followed you! Sounds like a cool journey ahead of you :D

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    whatup! … 🤜💥🤛

    I've been building info products since 2004. I'm a frontend web developer, but I also do product design and direct sales too. I've created several businesses. I live in Oregon, but grew up in the Bay Area, then ~12 years in LA. I'm awesome at audio editing. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to turn that into a course or a product, or something. Also writing a new book. I've written 3. One of them has grossed over $1M.

    I used to run a digital marketing agency, but I don't really try to get clients anymore. I want to promote my own stuff. Plus marketing kind of bugs me as a discipline. I think it is difficult and underpaid; and there's so much low-grade "content" out there pushed by self-described "inbound marketers." Barf. I think programming and design is easier than marketing, and more fun. I still love doing PPC though. AdWords is awesome.

    Ever curious. I'm always forking and examining repos on github to see how other people do things. I mostly work by myself. Happy to be here and join the community. :)

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      Wow you have great long story. I love to read your story. I am curious to learn new things. Nice to meet you .

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    Howdy all - I am a Program Director at Nike with past tenures at Blackberry, Apple, Google. I am on a learning quest with no-code and buildinpublic. I also write a newsletter sharing my experiences on managing tech programs from my days at Apple and Google. Excited to amongst you all.

    1. 1

      I am just getting into the low-code/no-code arena as well and so far I am finding that tools like bubble.io and others are making it quite easy to get an MVP out the door.

      Where is your newsletter? It sounds like one I'd like to read!

      1. 1

        I am taking the bubble bootcamp right now. It’s insanely good.

        My newsletter is here https://buildingromes.substack.com/ - hope you enjoy reading it as much as I stress about writing it hahaha

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      If you are into low code / no code then have a look at the new google products Appsheet and Tables. They can act like a backend for a lot of frontend app-builder products.

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    Hi and glad to join the community! I've been following Indie Hackers for a while and decided to finally sign up. I'm running a side project focused on music discoveries: it's mainly a blog, but we're also hosting events. It's called Do You Like That Song? (DYLTS is the short version).
    By joining Indie Hackers, I hope to find inspiration for this project, talk with other Indie Hackers, and share my experience.

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    Hey all,

    I am Abrar Author of 50+ books on Amazon ...looking to grow my business to $20,000 per month

    1. 1

      50+ books is impressive! What topics do you write on?

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    Hello Everyone! 😃
    My name is Sihle and currently a student who's learning and I know this place will be a huge help now and in future.

    I'm passionate about what I do and would like to create products and services that are helpful or have a positive effect on their lives.

    Hope to get the most out of indieHackers

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    Hello Hackers,
    Hope everybody's doing well. I am Dharmik , Joined this platform recently, By profession a developer, hoping to meet some like minded people here.

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    Hi Indie Hackers, Julian here.
    I am a full time marketer with a love for SEO and especially technical optimization, as well as link building. My love for SEO is related to my interest in technology and innovation. I love diving into the super nerdy stuff and understanding how the engine behind search engines like Goolge works.

    I hope Indie Hackers can help me become wiser about how an innovative approach to SEO can be done and hopefully inspire me to see things from other angles.


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    Hey Hackers! Kweyamba here, currently working on medical sales. Going to build a saas to manage all our business processes. We constantly having to jump from different accounting, payroll and inventory apps that use but i now want to have all of these in just one application.
    By joining i hope to learn how others have started and managed to build similar apps. Know a little flutter but will definitely need more help going forward.

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    Hello! I've just signed up to this platform. I'm a recent graduate of Mechatronics Engineering. Now I'm learning web development for freelancing. I hope to make helpful connections here.

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    AnyDesk is a great screen sharing lightweight alternative for TeamViewer. I know Skype and Hangouts has screen sharing as well, but it's quite clunky, with the additional requirement of you having to share your contact with a stranger.


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    Howdy there. I'm a data/developer person from the Netherlands. I work for a really cool company but I also have some side-projects. I'm looking to learn more about marketing tricks but also eager to see what folks are making.

    Here's some of the things I've been making;

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    Hi everybody !

    Just joined the Indie Hacker community with enthusiasm to learn and create solutions that impact and help people to live a better life.

    I have worked as a full stack javascript developer with an overall experience of 3+ years and still learning and developing applications. I never thought I could find a community like this where people share their experience and help each other. I hope to learn a lot. Glad to be here!

  14. 2

    With the new tech and innovation, I've been noticing how much we've started to take for granted and how overlooked smaller scale developing countries are. The markets are too small for anyone to focus on. I started building Cartooli (means Georgian, in Georgian) - a community for Georgians, where the idea is to surface all the products (shop.cartooli.com) and talent (work.cartooli.com) and make it available and accessible to the Western audience. Would love your thoughts.

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    Hello Indie Hackers!

    My name is Jesse and I'm an aspiring medical professional who is trying to change up my path to med school. After graduating undergrad with pre-med credits and an education major I found for: helping others succeed, coaching people, mental health and nutrition/fitness. I believe these are paramount, especially during these times of pandemic.

    I'm looking to expand to a remote gig where I can help others organize themselves, strive and succeed and hope to find a place to grow with this awesome community :).

    In the hope of a non-traditional route to fund my path to med school, I am seeking to provide health coaching and online classes and grow alongside those I work with and own our goals.

    You can learn more about those here:

    If you'd like free coaching, accountability, nutrition and fitness goal setting services you can always get my help for free through SMS by messaging: (205) 931-6625.

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    Hi and glad to join the community!

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    I'm Nakul Yadav pursuing my bachelor's from IIT Mandi and trying to create accountability in OOH Industry by building a venture. Indie hacker is place where I can be introduced to my fellow mates who have keen interest in entrepreneurship.

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    Hello Folks! This is Mukesh from India, 3 years back I started my venture called LensHood, we were building airbnb for photography equipments in India then, 12 months into it, realised it's not working in terms of unit economics & market size.

    Since then I have worked in the following spaces & learnt a lot.

    1. Foodtech
    2. B2B SAAS
    3. Social for Esports & Gaming

    What I'm building currently is in creator economy space.
    I'm in search for a tech founder who can share my vision in creator economy space. If you are someone who have built products & is looking to startup again. I would love to catch up. Pls comment!

    1. 1

      Hi Mukesh, would like to know more about your LensHood venture and the market back then, as compared to where it is now. I'd like to know more about the creator economy product you talk about.

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    Hey folks. 👋 I'm Grant, a Senior Backend Engineer at Zapier, and I'm building Postpone: https://www.postpone.app. It just hit $500 MRR!

    Postpone is a Reddit post scheduler and manager for content creators. It helps people get noticed by posting to the right subreddits at the right times, and provides analytics to see how your posts are performing.

    I'm here at Indie Hackers to learn more from other devs who are working on their own bootstrapped projects. I look forward to meeting you all!

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    Hi everyone! I've recently quit my job due to burnout and decided to go all in on my dream to start up my own digital entertainment company producing games, comics and other media. I made my first $0.32USD a few days ago by selling a sticker on RedBubble. I would love to attract some contributors as I'm currently a one man show, but at this point any feedback and even just articulating my thoughts to an audience helps. I currently have a webcomic with a small audience that I'm trying to grow and some game and software projects - one of which is a key part of my dev workflow. Looking forward to figuring this platform out and learning with you kind people :)

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    Hey everybody !

    Just joined the Indie Hacker community. I'm a young engineer with plenty of ideas to try (and fail !) and this is the perfect website to learn from others.

    I never thought I could find a community like this where people share their experience and help each other. I hope to learn a lot. Glad to be here!

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    Hey everybody !
    Just joined the Indie Hacker community. I'm a young engineer with plenty of ideas to try (and fail !) and this is the perfect website to learn from others.
    Here we can all share our progressions and our visions together !

  23. 2

    Hey Indie Hackers, I'm Mike, full-stack developer in Calgary, Canada. Stumbled upon this site a month ago and am impressed by the level of community and nuanced advice offered. Looking forward to contributing here.
    Still in the idea discovery phase but I plan on shipping some sort of micro-saas project out before 2022!
    Genuinely interested in connecting with everybody. Feel free to message me through Twitter or email on my profile. :)

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    Hi Indie Hackers, my name is Daniel. I'm a journalist and content marketer. I'm currently the content lead at a boutique PR agency providing media and content marketing services.

    I join Indie Hacker to be inspired and motivated by and learn from other successful creators.

    This year (and over the next two years), I want to learn data science, programming, and product and growth marketing.

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    Hi All, I'm Rob – been passively consuming content on here for quite some time, but now also want to contribute more actively. I've been in marketing for 10+ years, but let's say 2020 has not been easy. I've recently launched my first side project and keen to now promote this to get the first customers in – will post a topic about it soon :) In the end I'm mainly here to learn and be inspired though. Cheers!

    1. 1

      hey Rob, nice to meet you man, as someone who's been a marketer for about 10 years too, I thought I'd pop in and say hello.

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    Hi Indie hackers! I'm Owusu, an obvious newbie here and a software developer. I never thought I could find a community like this where people share their experience and help each other. I hope to learn a lot. Glad to be here!

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    Accomplished finance professional with over twenty years of combined valuation, risk management and project management experience with complex financial instruments, including derivatives, structured credit and other debt and equity investments. Experienced in managing cross-functional relationships across many departments and disciplines. Strive to lead by example; maintaining integrity through transparent communication, teambuilding and education. And a dad to two of the greatest kids ever.

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    Hello great everyone!!
    I'm Kijima, Web developer in Tokyo. I found this site by my favorite blog introducing it. After click link, I eagar to read. Indie Hacker is too cool, providing too useful information!! I awakened. I definitely wanted to participate.

    2020 my goal(near the end) is publish 1 side project(puzzle app)!

    1. 1

      Hey man ! How is the puzzle app going ? Any staging link where we can try it ? :-)

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    Hello everyone, I'm a bit late to the party but I'm happy to be here. My names Jordan and I'm an entrepreneur running a digital consulting agency that specializes in design and development. I'm joining Indie Hackers to meet some likeminded people and find other entrepreneurs like myself to work with and learn from.

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    Hi everyone ! Hope you people are fine, even through these weird times... I am a software engineer from France. I usually have all kinds of ideas and usually struggle organising them and analysing which could be interesting to release. However, I am currently working on a git platform for and from the African continent. I have no monetisation plan for now, but it should come later when I validate that African developers need and like the platform. So as 2020 touches to its end, I'll give my goal for 2021 : 1000 daily-active users on the platform by the end of the year. I'd be glad to meet people, just talk or work together :-)

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    Hey there! I'm Tristan, I'm currently building and launching https://majorfeat.net , a store and app for designing unique custom map posters for outdoor adventure souvenirs. Previously I was leading product at different ventures.
    I'm joining IH to get inspired by experienced builders and tap into this great community.
    Happy to be here :)

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    Hi everyone, I've been to a couple of local (virtual) meetups but thought it was time to join you all here :D

    I started my project - https://trainspotter.co - one year ago to scratch my own itch of making it easier to find alternatives to flying all round the world in pursuit of fun holidays.

    Whilst building it though, I have found so many aspects enjoyable from pitching my idea to friends and strangers, keeping in contact with old friends, making investments in others and of course joining new communities.

    Hope to see you around!

  33. 1

    Hi rosie , thanks for the introduction and Im really looking forward to learning and sharing my experiences with the community

  34. 1

    Hello all,
    I am the CTO at a startup and love to build. I have experience with AI and machine learning and want to leverage the AWS ecosystem to build something end to end.

  35. 1

    Hey everyone! I'm a High School senior that's super into programming and talking about programming. On that note, I'm trying to both write consistently for my blog, siddcodes.com, and upload consistently for my YouTube channel where I explain Competitive Programming, Machine Learning, and general programming topics. I'm currently trying to grow my newsletter which covers all the cool things I see on the programming communities I'm in every week which you can sign up for here: https://www.siddcodes.com/. At some point, I also want to launch my own product, but that'll come after I finish my college applications! I'd love to talk to people about growing a personal brand or just ideas for cool products.

  36. 1

    Hi there! I am a computer engineer who is trying to build a SaaS biz. Hoping to benefit cumulative experience and good vibes here as well as feedbacks on my upcoming product kobikit. Happy to be part of this family!

  37. 1

    Helo everyone! I am glad to sign up and learn from this resource of ideas and solutions. My name is Asabi, I am a creative content developer and aspiring entrepreneur. In this part of the world, a lot of people often lose their phones or phones gets damaged and are not able to afford a new one immediately. I am thinking a TempCall machine that makes you use your SIMS to make calls and send messages for a a very low charge. What do you guys think?

  38. 1

    Hi, I also visit this site daily; this webpage is truly pleasant & users are openly sharing fastidious thoughts.https://www.voipbusiness.com/

  39. 1

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  40. 1


    I'm Rob. I'm building a platform to help people structure their career plan; giving suggestions on what roles might suit them, then building a plan and working out what people and resources they need to achieve their goals.

    It's my third project and this time I'm focusing more on making the solution more closely aligned to people's needs (as opposed to scratching my own itch). And focusing more on the business side in finding a balance between building something useful at a free tier with enough compelling features to generate paid subscriptions.

  41. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm a master student in AI, I almost finish, so I have a lot of free time to bring up my ideas. I launch a small business to create web apps for small businesses. So far, I have had three clients. On the side, I've been working on a web app (smart business card) for almost three months, and I hope to launch my MVP next month.
    Joining Indie Hackers is a way for me to learn from the experiences of others.

  42. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers! I'm Achyuth sai. I'm a student at SRM UNIVERSITY,INDIA. I started learning programming from the last 6 months, thanks to covid-19 I have time to learn a lot in this time. I like to explore in the programming world and learn new things here.
    I learnt Python, HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, C and learning some other programming languages. Hope I can learn new things here and I appreciate to get helped😝

  43. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Blake and I'm developer building a tool to interactively teach piano called realkeys.co.

    I graduated in Computer Science/Maths in 2016 then worked in a venture tracked startup for 4 years. I quit this year when I got frustrated by our focus on fundraising as opposed to building a profitable business, and more importantly, I had the savings to avoid employment for a while 😅

    My goal in the next year is to reach 1k MRR so I can be ramen profitable with geographic arbitrage. By joining indie hackers I hope to find a community/support network of like minded people - people to keep me honest, bounce ideas off, and commiserate and celebrate with 😊

  44. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers, I joined this community hoping to find a partner to build a project with.

  45. 1

    Hi everyone! I am Vincent, a software engineer who took the deep dive into web frontend more than 5 years ago.
    My day job is great (director of engineering in a media company), but what I really want is to create a product that is used and paid for by enough people so I can quit and have the digital nomad live for a few years. Definitely daydreaming on this but hey you gotta set the bar somewhere. For the first time I enough faith on one of my side projects and see some potential in it. I hope I can share more about it soon.

  46. 1

    Hi, I'm Jeev. I work at FB. I plan on quitting soon to spend a year learning things.

  47. 1

    Hi, great to meet you all! My name is Richard, but you can just call me Rich. No, I do not have much money, despite the implications of my name. Although, I intend for all of that to change. I don't need to be a rich man, I just want to have enough money to do the things that I love.

    Surfing. I love surfing.

    In this past year, which has led many of us to reevaluate our dreams, I've dedicated myself to finding a career in writing. With my writing, I wish to make a difference to businesses by helping to grow their online traffic.

    I would also like to grow my own blog. In order to do this, I still need to decide what I have to offer, value-wise.

    Looking very much forward to learning more from this community.

    All the best to you all!

  48. 1

    Howdy howdy everyone!

    I recently came to terms that I’m ready to take a risk and start my own business.
    I’ve had this idea for along time to create a new social platform for artist for all kind and their fans! The Idea itself is bigger than just a website and a bit ambitious but i have it planned out in phases. I’m scared to just get started but i feel like it’s ready to execute.

    I have knowledge of front end coding (HTML, Java, CSS) but at the moment trying to learn backend code and figure out which is better to learn. But i realized that i can’t do it all and need help to form a team.

    I’m just a regular person who has big dreams and want to try to bring this dream into reality.
    Can’t wait to talk to member here on indiehacker!

  49. 1

    Hey All! I'm Jon. I've a software engineer by trade and have been flirting with micro PE and newsletters. Happy to finally sign up!

  50. 1

    Hey Hey. Been lurking here for a while but finally got around to signing up. During the day, I work as a software engineer in the 3D space (VR, MR). As much as I love my job, I have always had the desire to build things, with full creative control. I would love to eventually work full time for myself, and have the freedom to quit the daily 9-5 grind. The pandemic has given me a lot of extra time to learn and experiment with new technologies, and I hope to share what I've been working on soon!

  51. 1

    Hi! I'm Arsh, and I work with an e learning startup called Intergalactic Education. Our mission is to educate the world about space and technology. 60% of future jobs have not been created, and many of them will be in the space economy. We want to inspire and train the next generation for careers in space.

    I'm sure you've been in a situation where a student is not understanding or retaining material no matter how hard parents try to help them and teachers try to innovate. We've just launched STEM video games to engage students and simplify grading, reducing overwhelm for parents and teachers!

    I myself am very passionate about education. My degree in Computer Science was not without struggle, and it frustrates me to see other students struggling and feeling like they can't "get it". As a tutor, I feel fulfilled to create and see transformation in the students I work with.

    I'm also very passionate about photography and am working to build a headshot/portrait business.

    I'm here to spread the word about our games and network with the talent here :)

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    Hi Hackers, I'm Amogh, a complete newbie to tech, coding, etc. I am interested in creating an app and building a community interested in using consciousness techniques for letting go of emotional issues, behavioural addictions.

    I started a fledgling newsletter at https://examinedlife.substack.com/ to share the inner work and study that has benefitted me in my own battles.

    I've been a photographer and filmmaker for over a decade but this year the work has sort of gone for a toss :) I'm forty now, and keen to make some changes and fresh starts.
    Joining Indie Hackers to learn and be inspired, and to find the right way to start.

    1. 1

      Hey man ! You're a newbie at coding at the age of 40. That's the spirit man ! Keep it up, you're doing tech for good !

  53. 1

    Hello Indie Hackerinoz, Rohit here. I work as Data Scientist by day and generalist coder by night getting my social music discovery app humit off the ground. I am crazy about music and building products. I'm basically here to get inspiration. There's a lot of times when I feel low, worthless and directionless when I hit hurdles while building my product. I hope to get the inspiration and motivation to overcome these emotions. Also super curious about growth hacking too.

  54. 1

    Hi, I am Andras and have been freelancings as a data scientist for the last two years or so.

    Currently, I am exploring business forms and ideas and this community seems to be a greate place to do that.

    I am in research mode, so haven't built anything substantial just dipped my toes into a few things:

    • Last year I looked into blockchain analytics: bcdataanalytics.com
    • Recently, I started to post short 'data science snippets' ever day at andrasnovoszath.com
    • I also just joined the Gumroad challenge where I will write a short tutorial ebook for InfluxDB, a time series database.

    As for the near future, I am going to build products to generate a stable income stream.

  55. 1

    Hi, I'm Muavia. A full stack generalist with 6+ years of experience in engineering and design. I have worked so far on almost half a dozen products, some of which succeeded, and some failed. These days I'm itching to get my hands dirty building a fun product where I can team up with someone from non tech or business background with completely different perspectives than mine. As far as choice for collaboration goes, I'm more interested in people that have a good understanding of their market and their idea's value proposition. I'm not too picky about the industry.
    You can view my portfolio @ muaviausmani.com

  56. 1

    Hola, I'm Alan. Full stack dev with a past life in old-school consumer marketing and advertising. Currently working on a SaaS survey platform focused on lead gen and sales enablement. Always looking to learn new things and more than happy to share the scraps of knowledge I've picked up along the way.

  57. 1

    Hello folks! 👋 I'm Etiene, and I'm making a game that helps you express yourself in another language.

    I'm a Software Engineer from Brazil, who studied Electronic Engineering in France, did my final year project in Germany, went to the UK for work and now am moving to Spain! I have learned many languages throughout this journey and I love doing that just for fun as well. I'm learning Greek and just finished a research masters in CS/NLP/Computational Linguistics.

    I started developing Polygloss because of my own frustrations learning German, frustrations with the materials and market solutions I have tried, and just over how generally hard it is to overcome the intermediate level plateau in any language. It's a vast market but with lots of snake oil being sold at the moment, so I went ahead, started deeply researching the topic, and came up with a solution that has really shown results.

    I am really excited! The game has been played in over 40 languages on Android, with a 4.8 app rating, and the beta test for iOS has just openend last week (https://polygloss.app/posts/ios-beta-public-roadmap/). There are over 1000 players registered on Android, and since I started the beta iOS announcement, over 900 people more signed up for the waiting list!

    Despite the success and lovely feedback I am getting so far, sadly I have yet to make any financial gains from this project. Currently, there are a couple premium subscribers in the Android version, which is a good validation that I offer something of value, but I now need to worry about iterating the product towards real monetization. I have joined this community to learn more about this, and I'm super stoked to get to know y'all.

  58. 1

    Hi, I am progammer-like engineer :) I started online marketing since this April, and am still seeking for more opportunities (including of any chance to learning!)

    I hope I can also contribute this community with my experience and knowledge. I send kind greeting from South Korea.

  59. 1

    Hey awesome IH community! I am a serial entrepreneur and love creating useful online services and products

  60. 1

    Hello IH! My name is Aakash Goel. I've been lurking around IH for a long time now; but finally decided to signup as well. I'm working on https://emailapi.io and https://inloopwith.xyz as a couple of side projects.

    In loop with was in fact launched just a few days back to solve my own itch and I keep seeing great feedback from folks from the tech community. Check it out!

  61. 1

    Hi everyone ! I'm Oscar, a data scientist and all around nerd. I love applying mathematics and statistics to solve interesting problems. I have several ideas for projects that I would like to work on, but I would like to validate their need with others before I spend time on them. I'm looking forward to everyone's feedback!

  62. 1

    Hey 👋
    I'm Aashir Aamir Khan, aka Ash. I'm a front-end web developer and content creator.

    I'm in the space for almost 2-3 years but I had a big shot of Imposter Syndrome. I was not able to show my work, and put it online.

    I failed in freelancing, because of lots of competition in the basic from of skill I had (HTML/CSS)

    I gave up in Jan 2019 from freelancing and started working on my skills. I talked to few people to get confidence, had some coding sessions and joined twitter (https://twitter.com/justaashir), which led me to see the bigger picture of the community. It's too lovely and welcoming (#100daysofCode, CodeNewbeis)

    I stronged up my JavaScript a bit, and was just tinkering around. I was thinking about blogging, after gaining confidence from twitter.

    I was thinking about tech stack, and came up to know about DEV.to, it's a content discovery platform, so I don't have to distribute my posts myself. I gave it a try and write my first post (same day) and pressed the publish button. It got me 20,000 views, 100+ reactions and a internship offer.

    Now I got, 45 posts published on https://dev.to/justaashir, and I got 16000+ followers.
    You can read my life story there too.

    I accepted that Internship, from Singapore. I learned almost everything there, handled the complete front-end of SaaS after learning VueJs on the job for 4 months.

    I also made a few YouTube videos, and other stuff. I want to have a consistent groove in content creation, I'm not actively doing anything online.

    Currently I'm working as a lead front-end web developer at a Brazil startup (Kiwify). Where front-end tech stack is (Nuxt + TailwindCSS + TailwindUI)

    Aashir (https://justaashir.com)

  63. 1

    Hello Indie hackers! I'm a full time blogger and fiction writer, I'm looking for ideas to expand my blog, for noncompetitive niches!

  64. 1

    Hey Hackers!

    I've been a lurker for some time but that needs to change if I'm going to get the stuff I'm working on into more hands.

    My name is Ryan and I'm a full stack developer and product designer. I've always had intentions on starting my own thing but haven't found something I'm truly passionate about yet. I've built products that have reached a few thousand DAU but not anything worth working full time on.

    Much of my success has come from an exuberant amount of effort spent in my youth, but now I'm working full time in a laid-back company, which is great and all but I know I can do more.

    So here’s to that!

  65. 1

    Iam an entrepreneur and a passionate technocrat with expertise in marketing, product management, product research and growth hacking. Currently in the mission of developing a saas platform for managing multi channel contents with collaboration, workflow and audience engagement, planning to launch by next summer.

  66. 1

    Hi All,

    We work mostly with individuals/companies in the US/India.
    We are looking for someone to handle sales + marketing operations. We mainly work on multiple projects, bringing customers ideas to life (we can work on some of yours too). All ideas have the potential to apply to a broader market & grow into something big.

    "We are looking for a rockstar marketing and sales expert , who has connection with companies and can get long term technical projects, which we will deliver."

    Our team has experience working at Unicorn startups, and consists of:

    Python Engineer
    Frontend Engineer
    Digital Marketing - SEO/SMO

    We are looking for someone:

    Experience in Sales & Marketing with proven expertise of getting long term projects
    Based in USA.

    We can offer:

    Equity + Profit from sales / project growth.
    Salary (if no equity in the projects).

    Please share your email address and/or googlemeet invite to schedule a call.

  67. 1

    Hi Rosie :D, It's nice to be here!

  68. 1

    I need to know how to reset the PS for sub stack. The [email protected] does not seem to be a valid email address and when I asked them to send the request to reset the PW to my email address, nada. Did this many times. One of your members sent a terrific piece concerning said site. Any info would be great. I know this is an odd message but I always ask from people who know far more than I. TIA. I will tell my "wonderful" soon.

  69. 1

    Hey, I am alberto... there's so much to learn hahah no time now... hugs!

  70. 1

    Hey IH! Ryan Haber, here. I'm a technical product manager at a government contractor where we're building a no-code platform to digitize and automate enterprise processes. I'm not an engineer, but I kinda play one on TV. I code and have built my own little API service, hack together lots of integrations, and am dabbling in neural networks. I'm here because I have an idea for a problem and maaaaaaybe for a solution and am looking to meet and discuss with likeminded folks.

  71. 1

    Hi everybody! 👋

    Blendor here, trying to learn more about building products and hopefully do so in the near future. I've been lurking for some time, now I've finally registered an account.

    Hope you're all doing well!

  72. 1

    Hey guys, My name is Artur and I'm looking forward to growing and developing myself as a person and as a worker. Who knows, maybe on Indie hackers I will find a lot of useful information for me to know

  73. 1

    Hi! Indie Hackers! I’m a self-taught designer and occasional developer. I like to explore and experiment with technology, software, UCD and build digital products.

  74. 1

    Hi Rosie! Thank you, it is very fun to be here! I am an indie podcaster and long-time tech nerd. My real indie goals include the art, music and creative productions with my spouse.

  75. 1

    Hello! Im happy to be here. Non technical founder learning tech. My background is in design, merchandising and real estate. Im currently working on a solution for the rental community. I am interested in learning, connecting and building here. I look forward to meeting you.

  76. 1

    Hello from Montana USA,

    I just launched www.guidehatch.com as my first independent 'product' - it started as an exercise to learn webflow, zapier, memberstack, airtable but I decided to refine & launch it!

    You can view my portfolio at www.mtjack.com!

    Excited to find this community!

  77. 1

    Hey guys, I have many side projects that I'm working on and 1 of them is putting together no-code tutorial videos. I am committing that my tutorial videos will be completed by the end of 2020.

  78. 1

    Hi All,

    We work mostly with individuals/companies in the US/India.
    We are looking for someone to handle sales + marketing operations. We mainly work on multiple projects, bringing customers ideas to life (we can work on some of yours too). All ideas have the potential to apply to a broader market & grow into something big.

    "We are looking for a rockstar marketing and sales expert , who has connection with companies and can get long term technical projects, which we will deliver."

    Our team has experience working at Unicorn startups, and consists of:

    Python Engineer
    Frontend Engineer
    Digital Marketing - SEO/SMO

    We are looking for someone:

    Experience in Sales & Marketing with proven expertise of getting long term projects
    Based in USA.

    We can offer:

    Equity + Profit from sales / project growth.
    Salary (if no equity in the projects).

    Please share your email address and/or googlemeet invite to schedule a call.

  79. 1

    Hi iH,
    my name is James and I have a UK Design Agency which I am pivoting from services to products, specifically iOS Apps and games.
    Like many here, I am attracted to the creative control over personal projects, which is often a compromised when creating for clients. Compromise is not all bad, of course, we adapt even our own products in line with feedback from our endusers and analytics, but some clients will override a good creative decision with a mediocre one. We will continue with marketing services that align with supporting our own products, i.e. focus our branding/marketing services on the startups/Apps/Games market. Services work will provide daily bread and butter whereas products is a long game; why many are creating own products as a side hustle or in tandem with other work.
    In 2011 I was in an earthquake and pretty much lost everything in one fell swoop; so I am more risk averse than many entrepreneurs and prefer bootstrapping to seeking investment for rapid growth.
    Immediate goal is to get an MVP in the AppStore by the end of 2020. It is a Habit Tracking App with a difference, which will work well for New Year's Resolutions.
    We are currently on track.
    DMs are wide open.

  80. 1

    Hi everyone. I'm rajarozali, a new guy here. I'm a project manager,solution architect and technical writer blend into one person. By joining Indie Hackers, I hope to learn new things and pass some of my knowledge along the way. Thanks.

  81. 1

    Hi everyone! My name is Veli. I'm a growth marketer and helping companies to grow their business in the fastest and most profitable way by making the right analysis and put the whole strategy on an analytical basis.

    I'm here because there are always ways, thoughts and tools helping us to analyse customer needs and manage the resources to ensure to meet these needs. We can share this ways, thoughts, tools and help us each other first.

    Btw, I believe the most important thing in our era is being a good 'Googler'. If you start asking the right questions then you will get the right answers.

    My motto is “I never lose. I either win or learn.”

  82. 1

    Just exploring the site.

  83. 1

    Hey hey,
    I'm Anat and I've been developing products since 2007.

    I used to be passionate about scale problems and have spent the first few years of my career on that field, but in the last few years have also found the beauty and challenge in frontend development.
    6 years ago my partner @sheba and I started consulting to tech (mainly startup) companies. The time we spent consulting was wonderful and got us to a unique position of watching a large number of companies transform from no-users-single-table-office to having > 10M ARR.
    We saw a lot of unmet needs during this time, and a year ago we've decided it was time to start solving one ourselves.

    We founded SendMan - a developer-first push notification management platform.
    Creating it was a blast and it looks like the next few years are going to be challenging as hell and this makes me happy :-)

    I've joined the community because the number of interesting products and posts here is remarkable. Happy to be here.

  84. 1

    Hello everyone - I somehow am smiling as I write this as I think I might have found my tribe and community at last.

    I'm a growth consultant for startups, digital brands and non-profits, and want to build a life that is 100% on my terms and value system. 10 years ago, I started my own e-commerce store, pivoted to providing consulting for start-ups in the region. 10 years on and in 2020, I'm done with working for others who have intrinsically different values from me, and want the freedom to change the world my way.

    I cannot wait to meet new people here, and build even better, bigger things together + learn from everyone else.

  85. 1

    Hey there, I'm a technical guy, self-employed. Glad to join the community, I'm looking for advices on how to check my business ideas before I start implementing them.

  86. 1

    Hello Indiehackers
    I m Rohit dani from technodani blog.
    And my blog is about tech guide ,tips and tricks and reviews...
    My website link : https://technodani.Com/

  87. 1

    Hello! I am a designer and developer, i manage a micro agency called https://paz.agency/ . I have ~10 years of experience and i have worked with FMCG brands, law firms, marketing agencies, broadcast media and film makers. I love everything that includes technology and trees.

  88. 1

    Hello every one.

    Jawwad Farid here. On my 5th book and experimenting with digital distribution seriously as an author.

    I run a risk consulting practice by day and moonlight as a mentor and trainer by night.

    Book #5 is on numbers (finance) for founders, by founders.

    Numbers and money matters shouldn't be a nightmare for technology founders but they often are. Just like we own our technology and product stacks, we need to own the math behind the magic in our businesses. Ideally without getting a PhD or MBA in finance.

    I have taught graduate and undergraduate student as an adjunct for 25 years. Some of my best work was driven by intriguing questions asked by my students that I didn't have an answer for.

    Always on the look out for the right questions to answer. Happy to be here.

  89. 1

    Started two ecommerce companies, now we acquire small businesses. Looking to learn from other entrepreneurs on here!

  90. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers, Dale here. Glad to join the community!

  91. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I am Oleg, a web programmer working full time, and I want to build my own business. I was build one, https://inouttimer.com/, but it has no customers now. By joining Indie Hackers, I hope to improve my site or build a new one, more successful.

  92. 1

    Hello all! I am happy to have found this community. My background is in aerospace and in-flight entertainment where I held field engineering and systems engineering titles. Due to business impact caused by COVID-19, I was recently laid off. I am looking to transition into product management and hope to gain valuable product knowledge, explore side projects and entrepreneurship, and collaborate with creators in this community.

    I look forward to learning and connecting with you all!


  93. 1

    Hola mundo! 🌍🌎🌏

    Hey this is Hector founder from TrendLab.io, based in London but originaly from the east cost of Spain. Joining th IH to learn, meet people alike and share my experiences.

    See you out there!

  94. 1

    Hey there! I am Marta, I am a full-time backend developer with 10 years of experience. I also enjoy graphic design, which I am in the process of teaching myself. I really love coding, my favourite thing about writing code is creating new tools from scratch. You just need to have an idea and through programming that idea can become a reality. It is a great feeling :)

    In my free time, I also enjoy creating courses and growing my humble blog about programming so I get to share some of my programming experience and help beginners to get started programming.

    Joining Indie Hackers, I hope to share some of my experience, find inspiration for new projects and hopefully contribute with other's projects :)

  95. 1

    Hi all! I'm Weiee, a product designer who sometimes hacks streets with urban interventions! Recently, I've been looking much into no-code development with amazing integrations and am here to continue growing with the community.

    Currently building my indie marketplace and look forward to showcase soon!

  96. 1

    Hi it's Rohit studying ayurveda. And with same wish to share rich prospect of Ayurveda to everyone. With same idea created vaidyanamah.com

  97. 1

    Hey Indie Hackers, Nice to meet you all. I am 2x entrepreneur, lead product at FAANG companies. Just left FB to start a new company. I am ready to hustle. Looking forward to connecting and helping the community. Ask me anything about product, bootstraping. growth. I will tell how not do things. :)

    1. 1

      Would love to connect and hear about your experiences and how you got into the product space!

  98. 1

    I have site https://iphony.net is catalog for ios applications . I want some tips for improving the project.

  99. 1

    Hello Indie hackers! My name is Cornelius. I'm a law school graduate turned software engineer and founder of Rumble Capital. The idea behind my company is to rapidly build app solutions to problems I see in the news. For example, I built an app to track Murder Hornets which is available on Google Play (Im still polishing it so dont judge me too hard). My aim is to build a suite of projects that inspire and garner some type of base. I hope to solicit enough users between my projects to solicit vc.

    I'm signing up here, because I feel like I belong here. I am also launching a handful of projects soon and wanted to share here. I also look forward to seeing other cool ideas :)

    What else should I be doing on this platform?

  100. 1

    Hey y'all - My name is Jack. I am excited to join this community and become an IndieHacker.

    I have worked a lot for 3 startups now giving my time and "brain power" to them. I love the environment and style of work, but it's time I start brining that energy to my own projects!

    I don't have a concrete goal of $XXXX.XX, but instead I want to be able to build projects and ideas that come to mind and share them with people!

  101. 1

    Hi there UX consultant here - heading a big team at the moment for a global agency. Happy yo meet you all.

  102. 1

    great to be here.
    I'm Daniel Sisson.
    I'm building a business. I've got a little savings, and my wife has a good job, so I have a little breathing room to just dive in and make this work.
    My thoughts are to write, research, and explore technologies most interesting to me, build an audience, then start a niche software startup based around a gap I see based on my research and exploration.
    I'm an ok coder, taught myself html and css years and years ago, and more recently taught myself python. I can make little games and small programs.

  103. 1

    Hello everybody! My name is Vitor, I´m a brazilian poker player learning how to code. My long-term goal is to build a business and that is why I´m here. Excited to meet new people and hopefully learn and add value to the community!

  104. 1

    Hi, Indie Hackers! Insurtech/fintech/martech startup product person here. Hoping to get some good input and contribute my two cents.

  105. 1

    Hey hackers! Rishabh here.

    I'm working full time on PeopleWho.Build (India's first No-Code School) leading growth & marketing efforts.

    I've previously worked freelance in marketing (since i was 15), dev and design (~2years now).

    Hoping to learn about growth & marketing + discovering awesome products on IH!

  106. 1

    good to meet you!!

  107. 1

    Hi everyone,

    my name is Karim a.k.a ChiefHustler (aspirational nickname, I'm not currently chief of anything).

    I'm not currently building anything but hopefully that'll change soon.

    I am however exploring ideas around the creator space and so-called "passion economy". Always happy to chat about.

    Currently in an incubator program called EntrepreneurFirst and working with a potential co-founder.

    My background is in data science & machine learning.

    My twitter handle is @chiefhustlr. Feel free to connect. I post about startups, entrepreneurship and success-oriented mindset.

    Cheers, and good luck to all!

  108. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers!

    I'm a conversion copywriter and content strategist. Discovered this forum recently when researching newsletters. Love the positive vibe here and look forward to great discussions.


  109. 1

    Hello! I have stumbled across IH numerous times throughout the web ages and I felt it time to join. The last few days I have easily spent a few hours reading all the great content the community has shared. I do have a couple of different side hustles that I am working on but none that will take me where I am wanting to go - at least not yet.

    I am a designer by trade and have worked in both the private and public sectors. Currently, I am titled "Sr. Web Admin and Creative Director" for my role but I wear many hats. I manage our web space, social media, branding and occasionally I get to work on fun design projects. I have 20+ years of experience in web and graphic design. I do freelance on the side to help small businesses with their online presence but I want to grow into a full team of designers, developers and innovators instead of a one man shop.

    If anyone ever needs any web or graphic related design assistance, I'd be glad to help!

  110. 1

    Hi everyone. I am just the beginner for coding.My current job is not related to coding . I don't have any computer science degree. I am trying to be a self-taught developer. Nice to meet you all

  111. 1

    Hi there, I'm David a self-taught Front-End Developer which is trying to make his way into the freelance world after he lost his job.

  112. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm a serial entrepreneur with a huge technical background.

    How I'm starting a new project: sharing economy based maritime containers freight project to help millions of small businesses around the world to get easy access to freight market and reduce their logistic costs helping to consolidate their volumes for efficient usage of containers capacity.

    By joining IH I hope to find an awesome network here and maybe co-founder or member of the team!

    Thank you for your community!

  113. 1

    Hi, i am cto of my startup and thinking of making something useful for us.

  114. 1

    Hello there! 🙌 I recently discovered Indie Hackers, and it looks like the members here have incredibly diverse & amazing backgrounds.

    I've been doing iOS development & running Rogomi, a boutique mobile & web development agency in the Philippines, since 2009. On a personal level, I'll be launching a side project of mine within the next few days called Veeda. It's basically a pocket health monitor that lets you keep track of key health metrics of people under your care.

    Looking forward to engage with members of this community 😊

  115. 1

    Hello ya'll! I've been lurking indie hackers and other indie hacking related communities for quite a while now and now is the time for me to join the party!

    I'm a backend developer (C#, .NET, ASPNET) with 7 years of experience. For now I've been working with larger and small companies and currently work for a small Finnish startup.

    As everyone knows, 2020 has been quite a challenge so I though why not make it even more challenging and try to start a few side projects while at it.

    So here I am, trying some indie hacking stuff. First up is some idea validation, lets get going!

    Ps. Feel free to follow me on twitter if you like, it's entirely up to you :) My twitter is http://twitter.com/zengouu.

    Happy hacking !

  116. 1

    Hi everyone, I’m Rash, based in the UK and just joined the community. I’ve been building software and enterprise solutions working for corps of all sizes for over 20 years. I’ve worked as a software engineer, Solutions architect, project/programme manager, scrum/agile lead, business architect, data scientist and many more. The roles I’ve worked in are diverse because I’ve always seen myself as an intrapreneur, and I’ve now taken the leap to full entrepreneurship.

    I’ve started my own consultancy providing advice to startups to pay the bills but ultimately I want to launch my own software products from the list of many ideas I’ve had over the years.

    Looking forward to helping wherever I can and drawing on the wealth of experience you all have while we go on this journey together!!!

  117. 1

    Hi Guys, I'm John..

    And I'm a direct response marketer. I came across this community through one of my friends on Twitter. And to be honest, I look forward to Amazing stories to learn from businesses and brands and also to meet new people...

    Peace ❤️

  118. 1

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Justine, and my background is in software engineering and product management. I'm launching a marketplace for small production wineries (https://sipwines.com), and I'm looking for feedback on the site and advice from the indiehacker community to help get the business off the ground!

    Glad to be here!

  119. 1

    What's up community! I'm a 19 year old that's currently halfway through Lambda School learning how to code. Interested in startups and entreprenuership and am energized about the future!

    1. 1

      Wow!! That’s amazing, looking forward to hearing how your getting on.

  120. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers. I'm glad to join the community. I am an electrical engineer in the automotive industry looking for a side hustle. By joining Indie Hackers, I hope to meet like minded individuals.

  121. 1

    Hi everyone, super excited to be here! I’ve just heard about Indie Hackers recently from a very good colleague of mine who is a UX designer.
    I work as a customer experience manager at a large global bank in London and I’ve got an idea, but not much more than that. It’s basically a digital servicing solution that would need a lot of thinking about quite a few things, but especially around logistics and pricing strategy.
    I’m super new to this, so I would like to connect with likeminded individuals, entrepreneurs and specialists who could help assess and make the idea come alive if there is a demand. A bit of coaching and to learn how to get started really. Anyone interested to hear more I would love to connect with you.

    1. 1

      Hi @Kingski88, sounds awesome, would be happy to help anyway I can. I’ve used a whole bunch of methods such as ideation/design thinking and customer discovery, problem/solution discovery and value proposition design. Let me know what your struggling with and in the first instance can probably point you at quite a few resources that might help. Best of luck!!

  122. 1

    Hi! I'm Geof.

    I'm working on simplifying air quality with my iOS app Air Lookout.

    I hope to learn how to better launch product updates and help clarify complex data.

  123. 1

    Hi Hackers! I'm Aura, marketing and events manager from London. What a clever community in here, I hope the entrepreneurial spirit is contagious. I have an incipient idea for a virtual events platform, and I'm hoping to get inspired and meet many of you, indie hackers!

  124. 1

    Hi all, I am James. I am an e-commerce entrepreneur who dreams of one day creating a successful SaaS application. Figured this would be a good place to start. Wishing you all the best of luck with your startup adventures.

  125. 1

    Glad to join the community!

  126. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I do community work for an SaaS company. Writer by training and tragically under-educated in most hacking matters, so I'm mostly here to learn.

  127. 1

    Hello Hackers! I'm a systems administrator by profession but I have written various small applications and scripts to help with automating certain tasks over the years. My goals here are to learn, grow, and eventually, start multiple side projects that can generate enough revenue for me to quit my day job and focus on coding full time. I know this won't be easy but I'm ready to take on the challenge.

  128. 1

    Hi..hi.. hi.. how's it going ? Take a while and think how's it going and I am hemanth doing my final year MBBS in india.
    I'm in search of wealth so I'll have my freedom to do what i want. basically i love stocks, books and business just came here so i could develop some skills that'll be useful

  129. 1

    Hi. I'm a professor right developing a basic math course. I'm doing it in spanish, my mother tonge. My idea is selling it to the spanish speakers in USA.

  130. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers!
    I'm new here, and currently an undergrad studying math/cs who is passionate about building SaaS products that help people. On the technical side, I enjoy learning and working on data infra and distributed systems.
    I'm looking for inspiration from my fellow Indie Hackers, and I hope to one day release a project of my own on here!

  131. 1

    Sup hackers! (did I sound cool :P ). I am just another indie lurker wanting to become an indie hacker one day. With just 2 years (& ongoing) of software developement experience and a useless bachelor's degree, I am on a mission to become independent. 2021 is my year, I can fell it! Cheers!

  132. 1

    A new dev learning about tech and business to collaborate on something inspiring and amazing.
    Helping communities and NGOs, businesses with goals beyond money are motivating to me.

  133. 1

    Hello friends! I am Shivam, a computer science major sophomore. I am willing to learn coding languages, make projects, do internships, learn about enterprise and how things work, and be a active part of this community :)

  134. 1

    I've tried most of these hackers in the comments section but no one comes close to Godeyeviewhacker AT hotmail DOt Com. You'll thank me later

  135. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers,

    I'm learning to code, i'm here to improve myself, meet indie hackers, and launch several ideas !

    I have create this account to share my first side projet, Hackinteam : community platform when you can learn to code by create web products in team

    Sounds interesting ? check https://hackinteamproject.web.app/ to get early access

  136. 1

    Hi everyone, I am Satyam working as an analyst in KPMG

  137. 1

    Hello people!
    It's Val from optemization.com .
    Couldn't sign in with my old account @a2svior after changing the email, so had to sign up a new one.
    I'm already active for some time, but just wanted to say again that IH is great and I love it. Cheers!

  138. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I have worked as a developer for ~8 years now. Most recently at FANG for over half a decade. Few weeks ago I have quit to start building something of my own. Over the last 5+ years I have focused on building backend services primarily using Java and AWS. Currently learning how to use React Native to unlock ability to do front end for both mobile and web.

  139. 1

    Hi Hackers!! I am working a side hustling merging machine learning and eCommerce. I am a non techie venturing into the unknown and actively looking for a co founder. By joining indie hackers I am looking to learn, collaborate and meet amazing people :)

  140. 1

    Hello Indie Community! There's a fire inside me to become more than what I am now. I'm in a 9 to 5 where I feel undervalued. I know I can be and do more. I've set up entities I feel would liberate me to financial freedom. My problem is the lack of tools, knowledge and systems to activate these structures into working for me. I'm hear to learn and grow. To be a sponge. Excited to be here!

  141. 1

    Thanks for picking out the time to discuss this. It is extremely helpful for me. Thanks for such a valuable help again.

  142. 1

    Hello, my name is Nuno and I'm from Portugal. I am 51 years old and at 49 I was unemployed. I have a master's degree in agronomy and have worked in this area for 25 years. Right now I'm trying to change my professional area and do something that I really enjoy. I love illustration and infoproducts.

  143. 1

    hello indie hacker! glad to see you.. I'm berto, a new here. i'm an instrument engineer in some company in indonesian. i willing to learn about data security and policy and also data analysist. i think it will be importan for next trend off tecnology, cause everything would be in automatic system. it's mean demand for data server and analysist data would be increas. i would not like to troughout a chance and opportunities.
    by joining indie hackers, i hope it's a exelent decision to do.

  144. 1

    Hi to all the community, Jacopo here.
    I'm a full time marketer looking for something new while I'm looking for something new while I'm taking care to don't sink in the loop.

    Looking forward to practice my thoughts rearrangement skills (quite poor so far) with all of you!

  145. 1

    Hi all! I'm Max. I'm a part of a team building a more effective way for physician groups to handle their patient instructions at high volume. Procedure prep can often be confusing, so we've built a tool to supplement the paper instructions patients typically receive on consultation. We can be found over at symbi - happy to finally join Indie Hackers, I've been a reader for sometime!

  146. 1

    Hi Everyone, Olivier here.
    First of all Im really impressed with quality of the content of both the website and the podcast, which I discovered recently. Im 36 and have been flying as a professional pilot for the last 16 years. Always had an interest in starting a side business which I did 5 years ago.
    I started selling phone holders through Amazon FBA and managed to do really well building a brand for approx. 3 years, getting consistent sales and ranking #1 in it's category for most European Amazon websites. After a home-run first product, I tried to replicate that success with several other products but the next products didn't work out that well, so I decided to stop the business once I was getting close to breaking even, after about 3 years into it.
    I worked extremely hard on that business for those years (apart from my "day" job) and I think I burnt out a bit on it.
    Now I've let it rest for year of two, in the mean time delving into Computer Science taking courses at the local university as well as online.
    I`m slowly looking into new business ideas. My goal is to build a '"lifestyle" business that still allows me spare time, and that makes me about 5K/month net income from it.
    Looking forward to meet like minded people on here!

  147. 1

    Hi all! I'm Henry..I'm excited to join the community. I have for the last few years run a successful business in manufacturing and online retail.

    My hope is to meet great hard working people who love to build things. I am working on a SaaS project and need some help! Feel free to message me.

  148. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers! I'm Kelly and I'm a personal trainer currently developing a fitness app.

  149. 1

    Hi Rosie, my name is Moritz and I am 21 years old. I'm currently building a travel-tech startup and besides that I am studying😊 I am really looking forward to be part of the Indie hacker Community!🚀

  150. 1

    Name: Walé
    Handle: @kopasetik
    Skills: Full stack Javascript, Online marketing, Voiceover
    Passions: Music, Illustration, Narrative audio, Animation, Comics, Community
    Biz interests: Using tech to accelerate creation of creative content (music, stories, etc), Creating tools for small businesses
    Tech interests: Generative Adversarial Networks, Webhooks, Web performance optimization, Content Management Systems
    User Experience interests: Accessibility, Voice-based apps, Chatbots, Design ops, Design systems

    Glad to be here! And howdy!

  151. 1

    Hello Indie Hackers! Longtime follower of the Indie Hackers podcast. I have an engineering background, spent the last 10ish years working as an engineer/EM in the bay area. Left my full time job this summer to take a break and figure out what's next.

    Most of my current interest involve location/geospatial/GIS related problems and solutions. I've started by building out geocoding APIs which I will need in order to build further products, but I've opened them up for the public to use as well. There's a generous free plan, so I'd be very appreciative if others can give it a try/provide any feedback!

    • Site can be found here: Geobit

    Next up I plan to spent some time learning more about SEO, writing blog posts, and working on making it easier to integrate with the APIs from various platforms.

  152. 1

    Hello Everyone, I am Skillfil but also go as fil. I belive i have a lot to learn still and am going on a path of becoming and accomplish what i always dreamed of. i hope by the next here i willl have a side business up and running and possibly be more indepentent than what i am now.
    I love Philosofy in every aspect of it and i dig very much music and the visual arts.
    Cool to see you bye 👋 🤗

  153. 1

    Hello everybody! 👋 I'm a marketer and copywriter which has recently started a project with two more partners.

    This project is called identid.me and it consists of a platform with which you can create your own website quickly and easily in order to promote your professional personal brand. 🚀

    It's a new way to show the world your professional side. 😍

    I'm joining Indie Hackers in order to find inspiration, committing myself to my goals, find help when I need it and help others with their projects. 🤗

  154. 1

    Hi! Happy to be part of the community. I have been lurking around here for some time while working hard on my project. It's time for me now to be part of this great community.

  155. 1

    Hey everyone! My name is Brian Cedeno, and I'm the Marketing/Growth/Design guy behind Zinvest Financial (hence the Z-edeno). We're building an algo-driven, decision-making investing platform for Asian-American day traders and investors. Sitting at 40k trading app users, we're looking to launch our new investing strategy in the US and Greater Asia to yield double-digit, market-beating growth for our customers.

    My mission is to help investors reach their goals quicker using our "hedge-fund-like" strategy to get them there, whether it be retirement, home buying, or other objectives. I hope IH can educate me about growth marketing, empathy strategies, and how to remove the stigmas behind Chinese companies.

    All the best,

  156. 1

    Hello! My name is Jairam and I am a software engineer. I've built several side projects in the past, many of which were built to solve problems for either myself, a family member, or a friend. I look forward to connecting and engaging with this community that shares a passion for building and solving problems. My goal is to create products for people that solve a real problem they have. I think that goal also includes revenue of some kind but my primary goal is to build something that creates value.

  157. 1

    Hope everyone is healthy. I am Darpan, I am Back End Software Developer/ML enthusiast. Hoping to become a better at React JS. 😄

  158. 1

    Hello there, my name is Jesús.

    I'm a 29 years old Systems Engineer from Venezuela, currently living in Bogotá working as Full Stack developer. In 2016, I started to work remotely with the company I'm currently at, 6 months later they offer me to come to Bogota. When I first started with them, I was just developing API Endpoints with Laravel, administration websites in Angular 2 and a few changes to an app built with React Native.

    Now, I've learned a lot through the way building more complex projects and using different stacks and technologies (Django, Spring Boot, Loopback, Electron JS, PostgreSQL, Mongo, MySql, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, IBM Cloud, etc).

    I'm work from 8am to 6pm, but now I would like to start taking freelance projects for a side income, or maybe start a project on my own. That's why I ended up here, to find guidance and motivation.

  159. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers 👋

    My name is Jonas, and I am looking forward to loads of sharing and learning here on IH.

    If anyone would like some help with how to get and work with user feedback, don't hesitate to reach out, happy to do a review with you.

    I'm building pliik.dev for customer driven product teams.

    Thanks @rosiesherry for helping with the biggest part of this new journey - starting.

  160. 1

    Hi All! I am getting ready to launch an MVP I have been working on for the last year and a half. My platform makes it possible for anybody to create passive monthly income with almost any level of investment in real estate income properties.

    I am hoping to add my MVP here soon to get some feed. I love working with other founders and people who have great experience they can share!

  161. 1

    Hi Rosie, im very excited about joining this community and taking part of discussions!

  162. 1

    👋 Hi fellow makers! I'm a full stack maker exploring ways of use technology to help people have more mental and philosophical wellness so they can live their best lives. I'm very interested in humane design patterns that put people first and contribute to their wellness.

  163. 1

    Hi all! I am a non technical startup founder. I’m building out a project at the moment and looking for someone who could spend some time developing an MVP for me. The product is in the area of business leadership, behaviour and feedback. Please connect if you’d like to learn more 😊

  164. 1

    Hello there, I am working on developing an app for task management for education. The other task management apps like Monday, Asana and Trello are great for business but the education business needs a more bespoke task management system and I'm attempting to provide a solution. I'm here to get some insight on how to manage and develop a startup company and also find some fellow educators who are also indie hackers to share experiences on the beast that is the education business. I look forward to the experience.

    1. 1

      Hi all! I'm a therapist and beginner developer. I'm so happy to be a part of your community

  165. 1

    This comment was deleted a month ago.

  166. 1

    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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