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    Hi, I'm Mika, software developer amongst many others things. Looking to finally turn one of my dozens of pet projects into a profitable side business. Very excited to have found this community - so much that resonates with what I've been thinking about.

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    Hi All,

    I'm Chris; a Product Manager by day and wannabe indie hacker by night.

    I'm currently working on a side project to make it easier for people to track their food intake....

    I'm looking forward to being part of the indie hacker community and connecting with people in the same boat, facing the same challenges.

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      Hi Chris. Working on a similar thing from Ghana. Can we possibly bounce off some ideas?

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    Hi! Jamie here. I’m working on Goodnote.org and fulfilling a goal to perform 1 million acts of kindness. Only getting started!

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    Hi Rosie and All,

    I am Eric from Edinburgh in Scotland. Experienced Marketing, Operations, Sales, Strategy... and worked for a number of Bluechips and Startups over decades.

    Stumbled in here while searching for a Technical Cofounder for each of my startups.

    I have the Business side, the idea and the Investors, I have minimal technical skills. I looked at outsourcing and things like Fiver. But I reached the conclusion that I am better looking for a CoFounder.

    I am committed full-time to the project, I plan to have the company lauunched and profitable in the very near future.

    Good luck to everyone and nice to know you.

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    Hi everyone, My name is Tristan - I am the founder of StowShare

    I have a background in digital marketing, sales, and website design.
    I made everything you see all by myself - check it out if you want!
    Based in Florida, and hoping to relocate to my hometown, Austin, TX

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    Hi all,

    I'm Ben. By night I've been working on a piece of software that simplifies the representation of complex statistical models like Discounted Cash Flow valuations. I've found spreadsheets to be pretty unwieldy and hard to maintain, so I'm working on a solution that will hopefully remove the need for spreadsheets entirely.

    1. 1

      Wow!! That's gotta be a paradigm shift if you make it happen.

      1. 1

        Maybe yeah. It's kinda like the polar opposite use case of a product like AirTable.
        In AirTable, speadsheet operations must always apply to entire columns of data since AirTable is fundamentally a database abstraction. It's good at modeling record-based data, but if you want to create a 'discrete' model like the ones in DCF valuations, you're outta luck.

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    Hi all!

    I'm Heval, a Python developer who has a strong background in creative industries for 15 years as a film producer and director, then moved to a second career three years ago.

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    Good morning all,

    I'm Cameron and I live in SF. I'm currently working on a few different small projects and I look forward to interacting with the IH community to find inspiration and collaboration.

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    Hi, just found this amazing community!

    I am a full stack web developer and I work as a freelancer on the side.
    I am looking for advice how to scale up this business (with limited amount of time unfortunately) and how to win more clients.

    Also I have a good idea and a properly researched plan for a Wordpress plugin, which I am planning to work on in the future and which I need advice for as well.

    1. 1

      Hi @Wagon001,
      I'm also at the same boat, looking to develop some WP plugins and working as a freelancer, let me know if you want to chat

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    Hi All, I'm Nabeel and i am the founder of Pageh - https://pageh.com/

    I love to code and have been doing it for about 10 years now. Having worked on so many web projects in the past, i always wanted to build a tool myself which would ease the web development process.

    I know there are tons of no-code tools out there but non of them gave me the speed and ease I was looking for with which i could build and deploy websites faster, so i challenged myself and took on the liberty to build one myself and still actively developing it.

    I'm looking forward to being part of this community and hopefully connect with like minded people :)

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    Hello All,

    I'm AJ.

    I have a degree in engineering / computer science but it all went awry when I left to work in the music industry as the early manager for the Roots (many, many moons ago).

    I programmed for 5 yrs. .... also played professional poker for 10+ yrs ....

    Currently working as a Health/Phys Ed teacher in Philly (virtually) ... have my music production site as a side project but want to find my way back to coding ....

    Looking to learn from, interact with, and not lose my sanity by talking to like minded entrepreneurs

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    Hi, I'm Pawel, a software developer based in London. I want to make myself accountable by sharing the progress of my side project on Indie Hackers.

    The general idea is to be able to annotated your source code with diagrams and images (scratching my own itch there).

    So far I have this landing page (https://sweetcheddar.com/) with clips demoing what the app is going to do.

    gif of adding an image comment

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    I’m Mike. I am setting up a coaching/training platform and affiliate marketing for some of the resources I use

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    Thanks for creating and curating this space... I can tell already there is a lot of good mojo going here

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    Olá, sou o Guto Castro, sou empreendedor, ten experiência em marketing digital e design de sites. Buscando inspiração e energia para por meus projetos em prática.

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    Hi All,
    I'm Andi, during the day I'm working as a Senior Security Architect.
    Many years ago, as a side project at university, I created a point of sale software for the local market. Many years, regulations and extensions later it is still being sold locally with some improvements being applied over time.
    As a 'crisis project' I created a webshop platform targeted at restaurants and other food shops, currently trying to get a few local customers.
    Looking forward to being part of this community

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    Hi all,
    I'm Omar, a Senior WordPress developer working as a freelancing currently while building some paid plugins for passive income.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know more people that are in the same path to help each others and maybe partner up

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    Hey I’m alfie don’t know if my last post went through but you have been doing freelance in design. Branding and illustration for about 5 years glad to be here

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    Hey I’m alfie I’ve been doing freelance for about 5 years now it’s been an up and down wonderful struggle that’s been very profitable ridiculous amazing and I have a lot to learn and I have a lot to give concerning knowledge happy to be here

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    Hello, my name is Yaser, I am a veteran software engineer with long years of experience, I hope it is not too late to join the entrepreneur's community! I am interested in Deep Learning. I have a specific interest in Medical Imaging and the DL applications in medicine.

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    Hey People of the Internet. My name is Denis, I am 18 years old and since the age of 13 I love to program. Over the years I got inspired to follow some entrepreneurial pathways and this page is one that led me to this. One day I want to create my own online business.

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    Hi guys, I'm Time from Bangkok, Thailand. I was just graduated for 2 years and worked in business strategy for a startup. I'm happy that i found this community. Lets make our side project become a blast !

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    Hi, Stas is here. I am a DevOps engineer with strong software development background. Had a number of side projects in the past with no success. Still have a strong passion to build a product. My goal for this year is to find an idea that I can implement in 2021. I am here to read about success of others that will motivate me in the future. Nice to meet you!

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    Hello, very new to this , I'll need to lean on someone to get me going....I'm not a "hacker" but I've been hacked to many times now ,not to learn it. Thanks.

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    Hi I'm Erez, a business and techie at the same time. Looking for ideas, partners and everything in between.

  26. 1

    Hi Rosie,

    I’m a software engineer who is interested in investment and building side businesses in order to achieve financial independence. I love to make things, physical and digital, and I am very interested in AI.

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    Hi everyone! My name is Kamille and I occasionally make apps for Airtable like Scheduler.

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    Hi everyone, I'm Hiroki. I'm a UX designer based in California with a background in architecture, graphic design and industrial design. Who needs UX design help? I'm looking for a portfolio project. Let's talk!

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    Hi I am a software engineer and looking to build/create something of value which helps me grow as well.

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    Hey there! My name is Pieter and I learned to code after moving from the Netherlands to New York. I had a lot of time on my hands and really enjoy building things.

    My background is in marketing & sales and I am looking forward to jumping into the community to both learn and share!

  31. 1

    I'm Frank, I design buildings (🏠) and also build things in your browser. When covid started I picked up javascript and have been working on bringing shared 3d presence to the virtual world. I'm based in NYC (moved in June) - if you're in a similar space or in the area, let me know!

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    Hey guys my name in Mathan i am from India i here to improve my knowledge and get some useful ideas for my business !!

  33. 1

    Hi! I'm Anna. I'm a software engineer. I really like making things that are useful or fun for people. I'm currently working on https://align.link.

    1. 1

      Hi Anna,

      Interesting front end :) It looked like a joke at first, until the words all fell down.

      I'd love to know more about your plans to GTM

  34. 1

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    Hi All,
    agafoor here from Boston, US. Enterprise IT architect with vast experience with old and new technologies. Trying to get some side projects bootstrapped now...

    Looking forward to learn, contribute and collaborate with the community!!!!

  36. 1


    I am anyfactor.

    I work as a freelance python developer particularly working with automation, data and API. I LOVE to do social media management, community management and digital marketing gigs to fill in the time.

    I wouldn't say I am an expert in web dev but I dabble with Vuejs.

    I am trying to work on two ventures - One relating to binge watching ; Another is a "reasonably automated" but non-spammy social media service as I don't believe in digital marketing should have "x" amount goals.

  37. 1

    Hello! I'm Caroline - Head of UX & Design at Amiqus, WWC Belfast Evangelist, mother of cats, digital inventor...

    I'm very good at coming up with ideas but I lack execution. I usually get distracted with a bunch of new ideas. I'm joining Indie Hackers to connect more with other makers and to give myself a it more accountability.

  38. 1

    Hi All, i am Steven, Sr Product Manager @ Drapcode.

    Excited to be part of this community and looking to share and learn with each others experience.

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    Hi I'm Jen, freelance creative/production manager from LA, based in Bangkok. I'm developing my new media art practice alongside freelance work and show occassionally. Working on a couple different side projects including a VR game and looking to meeting people who have experience in tech coops. Would love to learn more about how that goes.

    Looking forward to meeting y'all

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    Hi everyone,

    I am Bryan. I am an ex-founder, project manager, and developer from Singapore!

    I am currently working on multiple side projects and am looking to turn any of them into a full-time income.

    Looking forward to being a part of a community to talk with and support each other, most in my direct circle here in Singapore don't really have this same interest.

    1. 1

      Hi Bryan,

      Let's chat.

      1. 1

        Sure. Saw your introduction, what are you working on?

  41. 1

    Hi All, this is Narayan - looking forward to join a startups and help bring Indie Hackers communities' ideas into a life.

  42. 1

    Hello, I'm Sandro heading Enable Security (https://www.enablesecurity.com). Our day to day is penetration testing (i.e. security testing / hacker simulation attacks). We also develop (offensive) security testing tools - focused on the real-time communications technology (e.g. VoIP and WebRTC) - and looking at how to build that part into a sustainable business too. I'm referring to https://www.sipvicious.pro / https://support.sipvicious.pro. Oh, and we're funded through our own business (self-funded).

    I was reading a book called "Zero to Sold" that kept mentioning this community so I thought of checking it out. I'm here to learn more about business models that might fit for us. And, perhaps to bounce ideas, connect with interested individuals and learn what works and what doesn't for others in similar situations.

  43. 1

    hey all! i'm alex - i'm working on a company building the universal gym membership. it's a membership that allows unlimited access into all boutique gyms, studios & athletic facilities in our network.

    i love to run (former t&f @ UK), sushi is my weakness & love love love neature. new to the bay area so hmu if you wanna go for a hike!

    p.s. check out our new website


    1. 1

      hello Alex, the universal gym membership sounds really cool since my dad runs fitness centers in Mandalay, Myanmar. I love running as well and mochi ice-cream is my weakness lol.. I'm currently in San Jose, CA, US studying aviation management

  44. 1

    Hi Rosie,
    Thanks for the introduction. I'm a data scientist in the humanitarian system looking to start a side hustle in consumer data protection. Happy to be a part of a community of brilliant thinkers and problem solvers who have the courage to build a more inclusive and sustainable future. I'm here to learn, unlearn, relearn, and connect with individuals who want to join me in the fight.

  45. 1

    Hello, I'm Mohamed freelancer web developer I'm currently working on a project. I find that indie hackers is a good place to share ideas with other developers and find inspirations

  46. 1

    Hi Everybody,
    I'm mike, a web developer who wants change something around.

    I'm currently focused on making a micro saas product that can make 500 bucks per month.

    I found indie hackers as a great place that can help me and other developers to become future entrepreneurs...

  47. 1

    Hi, I'm Joren, a web developer who recently quit his job to start out as a freelancer.

    I'm also working on a no bullshit minimal website where people can store their recipes. I got sick of all the bloated websites that are currently out there.

    It's time to stop working in the dark :)

  48. 1

    Hi, I'm Joren, a web developer who recently quit his job to start out as a freelancer.

    I'm also working on a no bullshit minimal website where people can store their recipes. I got sick of all the bloated websites that are currently out there.

    It's time to stop working in the dark :)

  49. 1

    Welcome to our beautiful world of jewelry. With ORCAR, now you can choose the best pieces that elevate your style. ORCAR is a young Earring Jewelry online retailer with the mission to provide our trusted customers with the best quality products in the most convenient ways. We aim to grow from scratches to be the best earrings and jewelry online retailer in the US. And only with your support and trust, we can make it happen. Young and passionate as we are, we are building a state of trust and integrity among our customers’ community.

    Website : https://orcarjewelry.com

  50. 1

    Hola soy Treska, quiero entrar al mundo de las ventas ya que perdí mi empleo en abril, yo diseño camisas para poder sostenerme es duro el comienzo pero tengo las ganas.

  51. 1

    Hi folks!

    I'm a software developer and have been working on a side project called DistantFinds for the past few years. It is a website for honest product reviews and discussions from customers of Chinese shopping sites.

    Looking forward to connecting and learning from people here.

  52. 1

    Hi Rosie, it's a pleasure to E-meet you. My name is Dmitry, I am 33, doing sales in E-commerce.
    Thank you for this introduction to this world )

  53. 1

    hi @rosiesherry
    i am a educator by day and a dev learner by night i just heard that living in between intelligent minds make u intelligent so that's why i am here and already over welmed.

  54. 1


    I'm Daniel from Germany. My friend Vladik gave me the hint for this site and I'm glad he did.
    the reason why I'm here is that i want to lose the feeling to not know the basics about bootstrapping and to give a place to go to get feedback.

    until now i have only my honest opinion to offer.

    kölle alaaf

  55. 1

    Hi there, just stumbled upon this site and it seems like a cool community. I am tech entrepreneur working mainly in the music business space for last 10+ years. This year gave me the opportunity to get into more ideas

    1. 1

      Hey NMFOLIO seems like we have common interests! Check this out https://www.clef.app/ a fintech for music lovers

  56. 1

    I'm Ray and have been working on https://reading.email for about 7 years. This is the third attempt after two that would not scale. The is a newsletter reading app. The goal of Reading.email is to get more people to read more newsletters more often. Newsletters are hidden gems of the internet.

    If you write a newsletter, we maybe able to help promote each others' products.

    A special version for Covid information is available at https://readingemail.app

    I code with Svelte, JavaScript, CSS and Firebase.

    My involvement is promoting software authors started in the Radio Shack TRS-80 days with Acorn Software and The Program Store.

  57. 1

    Hi, I'm Jo and work as a graphic designer. I'm currently working on a women's football (soccer) side-project. Mainly focussed on online content at the moment, but have ideas to expand into various products down the line.

    Looking forward to connecting with people who have different skills and perspectives on here!

  58. 1

    Hi all,
    Im Arjun, I run a small kids apps studio.We make creativity apps in iOS,Android and Mac for kids that let them learn 3d modeling, animation,world building etc.We've been around for about 4 years and you can check out the website @ www.appymonkeys.com >Nice to find such a supportive community!

  59. 1

    Good day to all.

    I'm Alhassan Kiwamdeen. Full stack developer and founder of Blog4Developers: blog4dev.com were I share my knowledge on freelancing and softwear development.

    My goal is to network with fellow developers and be able to cofound a SAAS startup geard towards affiliate marketing or remote working.

    It is a great pleasure to be apart of indie hacker community.

  60. 1

    Hi👋🏽 I'm Victoria and I'm from Honduras also a Ruby Full Stack Jr Developer. I decided to start a newcareer in the world of technology because I really feel passionate about the innovative and creative products. I'm also very passionate about the things that I love and code has become a part of that.

    I'm looking forward to learn more and be part of the indie hacker community, and look for new and interesting insights and connect with more people like me.

  61. 1

    Hey hi, it’s nice being here, thanks for being a great manager Rosie and I hope we can connect more as the days go ahead.

  62. 1

    Hello, Am cynthia. Am building a product for farmers and users. We are creating an app for users to track the source and safety of their food

  63. 1

    Hey everyone - Longtime listener (podcast), first time caller (joining the forum).

    I've always been an indie hacker at heart and finally decided to join the club to start learning from others in the community.

    My goal is to do a Sam Parr, I'd like learn from others similar to his experiences and curb the learning curve and create a successful online business through a blogging, newsletter, and/or online media business. I'm excited to be a part of IndieHackers and I'm open to feedback and listening to others opinions.

    My super-power is to seek the truth
    My weakness is distraction (i.e. noise)

    2020 Goals:

    • Finding my writing style for capturing audience attention (on my blog)
    • Create a process of writing & consistency
    • Generate some organic traffic
    • Analyze the process and continuously improve (CI)
    • Write regularly

    2021 Goals:

    • Continue to refine my process through CI
    • Lock down my writing voice, start writing regularly
    • Generate tons of traffic
    • Monetize that traffic in whatever rev model works
  64. 1

    Hi, I am Patrick, the creator of Donut Dog App (https://donutdog.club/). The cutest productivity time tracking app for iOS and Android. I developed the app during my time at university and since than I support it in my free time as much as I can. Currently I am working on getMage.io with some other Indie Hackers ;) More information are coming soon, so stay tuned!

  65. 1

    Hi All,

    I'm Paolo, a software developer, and with my team we are looking to sell and get feedback about our SAS Satiurn, all in one tool for freelancing where you will be able to track your work through tasks and timers and organize your accounting with proposals, incomes and expenses.

  66. 1

    Hi, ASAPStorm here. I'm a coder. My goal for 2020 is to start an profitable side project with my coding skills.

  67. 1

    Olá, me chamo rafael tenho 25 anos, moro em lisboa portugal é minha intenção e criar um app de comunicação como "tinder" entre outros apps..

  68. 1

    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Caro, I'm a designer, marketeer, event planner and wannabe Indie Hacker, so that I can afford my MBA next spring!

  69. 1

    Hello All,

    I'm Amol Chavan, founder of Side Hustle Blog Growthfunda.com. By profession I'm a Software developer but by passion I'm Blogger and marketer. I love to hang up and try diffferent different Side Hustle. Now I live, breathe, eat Side Hustle at here https://www.growthfunda.com/

  70. 1

    Hi, I'm Akash. I'm a full-stack developer and self-taught hardware tinkerer. I've built some stuff which I documented on my blog.

  71. 1

    Hi All,

    I am Manish. I am working on a side project that makes SSH Public Key Management easier by eliminating use of authorized_keys file for each user and on each server.

    I am looking forward to be part of the community and learn from other's experience. Also, hope that what I build is useful for others.

  72. 1

    I'm Mike, I am full time SRE
    I decided to build WP hosting and tools using all the new technologies
    Hope to talk to u soon

  73. 1


    I am Md Salehin Khan from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am new to the community. Currently Working as a remote system admin at a Canadian Company. At Jan 2020 I have incorporated My company Called Inoryum Ltd in UK. Now working on some projects to kick-start my startup. Wish me luck.


  74. 1

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Adeleke; I'm an HR Professional (specializing in talent management), looking to build different digital products (i.e. newsletter, podcast, small-scale HR SaaS) off my experience and expertise in HR over the past decade. It's great connecting with everyone, and looking forward to learn and connect with the great folks in this community.

  75. 1

    Hi everyone, I'm Divin a software Developer. I will become a millionaire. Actually I have SaaS application ideas that will lead me to that point. I'm sure I will have many others. Software development and business are games for me, I love that. I hope Indie Hackers community will help me.
    I'm sure I will learn from others experiences. I and will also share my experience with others.

  76. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm a Product Manager by day and podcaster by night.

    I just launched a podcast focused on social impact entrepreneurs, exploring their journeys and what it's like to bring a social impact venture to life (non for profits, social enterprise).

    Here's a link to the podcast: https://djmgrowth.com/ecpodcast

  77. 1

    hi everyone, i have been wanting to start a hustle and i feel like after a long time, i have truly foound something

  78. 1


    I'm Joel, I'm a student looking to build profitable & socially beneficial products. I've lurked for a while and built skills gradually over the past few years, and I'm ready to accelerate.

  79. 1

    Hey Hackers! I'm Cheung from Bellingham, WA. I've been a graphic/web designer/developer for nearly 20 years now and just started creating digital products to create a more passive income revenue. I'm looking for some feedback on my new product launch and website! So happy to find this place and be here!

  80. 1

    I'm Brian Nelson. I'm a freelance writer. My business Arctic Llama was doing decent before I was diagnosed with cancer. I'm rebuilding it now, but the goal is to create enough sites with enough traffic to live off the ongoing income.

  81. 1

    Hey guys,

    I'm George, part of a small team at Aceworks, a startup based in Cardiff, UK.

    We are building a mobile and web app that enables small businesses to take card payments from their customers and run their entire business operation.

    It's great to be part of the community. Feel free to reach out and I will add you to our Beta - or go to aceworks.com.

    All the best,

  82. 1

    Hi there Indie Hackers!
    I'm Jake, and I'm working on a startup idea to make email marketing easier for D2C Entrepreneurs.
    I can't wait to share progress and updates with the community here.

  83. 1

    Hi everyone, I am Reza 31 years old and I live in Richmond Texas. I am here to get information about the upcoming meetups nearby or the remote ones, to be able to find answers I have in mind in the online-startups field and also to learn from the other founders' challenges and experiences.

  84. 1

    Hi Rosie Sherry, I'm grateful to be in this great family indiehackers.

    I'm Wisdom Udo, computer scientist, frontend developer and content creator.

    Here to learn new techniques in tech, and and get connected with like-minded people.

    Once again, I'm so grateful to be here.

  85. 1

    Hello All!

    I'm Sasha, I'm a graduate Media Engineer, content creator and UX Designer.

    I'm passionate about start-ups and digital businesses, especially those with an ethical and social involvement.
    I've always had some ideas but never got serius. For starter I'd like to look around in the community to get inspiration on getting started in working out my projects!

  86. 1

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a new grad from Canada working for a local startup. In my spare time, I'm working on a replacement app for Google Play which is being deprecated in the coming months. Hoping to learn from the indie hacker community and launch a beta product very soon!

  87. 1

    Hello, I'm Guy and I live in London, England. I run a biotech software startup and also represent a software VC fund.

  88. 1

    Hello Everyone, I am Hachem; COO of evolum : Meditation and self-development app.

    I am currently learning and expanding my knowledge in Operations, Marketing, Growth Hacking and every business related subject.

    I joined this community because it is awesome as I can already see, to learn, share, helpbe helped and grow as a person and as a founder.

    My kind regards,

  89. 1

    Hi I'm Rasheedat, love building websites and I love coding too. I'm currently making arrangements to help kids learn coding with Arduino. Im writing some free ebooks named CodeAnAppPerDay Series. Happy to be here

  90. 1

    Hello everyone,

    I'm Helder Burato Berto a Front-end Developer from Brazil with over 10+ years experience building digital products.

    I'm currently working at Cheesecake Labs a software house from Florianopolis/SC - Brazil.

    I have joined this community by a invite of a friend and I really enjoy to stay connected with more people from business to tech.


  91. 1

    I'm Mark, I'm in England and my day job is advising social ventures (for profit and not-for-profit), many of which are tech and online businesses. I'm interested to learn and share ideas... for my "day job" and potentially for future side gigs.

  92. 1

    Hi everyone! I am a Digital Marketeer with plans to build a lot of products and startups throughout the years to come. I am happy to be part of this community and hope to learn and share a lot with you!

  93. 1

    Hi everyone,
    Honored to be part of the IndieHacker community. My name is Mike Wang from China and I'm an entrepreneur and former investor.

  94. 1

    Hi, I'm Ömer, working at a mid-size company as a lead machine learning engineer(mostly computer vision) . I'm here to build great things, meet great people and make some extra cash along the way.

  95. 1

    Hi there,
    I’m Seb. After many years of management consulting in large corps, I am dedicating my time to thinking of useful business ideas and building them on my own or with a tiny team.
    This feels like a lonely pursuit and I am glad this community exists so that I can learn, swap thoughts and find inspiration.

  96. 1

    Hi there, I'm Marissa.

    By day, I work as the Head of Product and Operations at a software consulting company. On the side, I founded Remote Work Prep, a company helping businesses successfully transition to remote work.

    We typically do a lot of consulting around setting up virtual event, creating a great onboarding experience, and first-time remote manager training. We're currently looking to expand out into our first product offering.

    You can most often find me spending too much time on Twitter. I'm excited to join Indie Hackers and commiserate with other fellow bootstrappers!

  97. 1

    Hi everyone
    Rhodesjack here, I am a software developer.


  98. 1

    Hi All,

    I am Redz, a Marketing Stragegist currently working on a side project.
    I hope to share my progress and connect with the IH community.

  99. 1

    I'm Cynthia. I'm doing a career change into UX design after 10 years in fashion. I'm looking for UX projects to work on to add to my portfolio.

  100. 1

    Hey All,

    I'm a Marketer looking to help you find, learn, and connect to your audience.

    I have a super broad background in marketing and sales for traditional companies but I've gotten a little bored with that. Now, I'm looking to build cool things with cool people.

    If you want someone to bounce ideas off of, tag me in a post or comment @mmtz and give me a follow.

  101. 1

    Hi, I'm Mike. I am a software developer building a platform to make AI accessible to 'the rest of us'

  102. 1


    I am Hide. I am running a property management software called Beaver.

    A friend of mine suggested that I should join indie hackers and I love it already!

    I hope I can contribute something to this community.

  103. 1

    Hi, my name is Alex and I'm CTO and co-founder of Dessert Pay - app to accept card payments on your phone without any dongles.

    As most of us I dream of becoming a 🦄 but now I just need your support on ProductHunt https://www.producthunt.com/posts/dessert-pay

    Would be happy answer your questions

  104. 1

    Hey hey!

    I'm Daren, a career creative who is venturing into creating online products and courses!

    I really dove in this year when I got furloughed over the summer from my job as a producer on a TV show. It was a blessing in disguise as it gave me the time I needed to be able to really make some progress on my online course platform Craftsman Creative (craftsmancreative.co) and a new app for creatives called Benchmark.

    Excited to be here and to connect with everyone! Hit me up here or at [email protected]!

  105. 1

    Hi, we are Lara Health and we are building an automation tool for medical practices.

  106. 1

    Hi Indie Hackers,

    I am Aastikta, a software engineer by profession and writer by heart.

    I am currently working on my technical newsletter https://aastikta.substack.com/ that includes diving deep into core architectural components and learning newer technical stuff together!

    Super excited to be a part of Indie Hackers community and looking forward to connecting with technical enthusiasts.

  107. 1

    Hi all,

    I'm new here. I'm building a new SaaS platform called revnt.io and a friend who's active on here suggested I post that I'm looking for a cofounder.

    Here's the one-line pitch: revnt is an aggregated hub for professional events that dramatically increases audience engagement through ongoing and continuous conversations, community, and content access. Conceptually, think Netflix Meets LinkedIn Meets Slack for professional events.

    In terms of traction, I have an in-depth static prototype built, I already have three B2B customer preorders (with hopefully 3 more on the way) in the last week, and I have investors (though seeking more) for our pre-seed/seed round. If interested, please email me at: [email protected]. Thanks!

  108. 1

    Hello all,
    I'm Benbadis, developer from France (Lyon to be exact) during the day and trying to achieve side projects and turn them into profitable products (been into game design too).
    Passionate about cinema, good tv series, video games and hiking.
    Hope to discover and learn from this community and meet great people.
    My objectives are mostly to learn from developing my projects and make them public, and see what happens. Maybe some of them will meet success ;)
    Excited to interact with you all :)

  109. 1

    Hello! I'm Curtis, a software engineer in Seattle, WA and former CTO of a small startup that was acquihired by Google. I stumbled across Indie Hackers and I'd love to connect with other startup founders. Cheers!

  110. 1

    Hello Indie gang,

    To begin with. Hope all are well and safe from the current situation that were all facing. I’m Akther from the UK. Been in the consumer & electronics industry the likes of Google; Microsoft; PlayStation to name a few. Always been intrigued with app designing so hence creating and fully functional builds but not done the back end. I have a very important one that will need to make it back to the App Store. If your a iOS developer and keen to connect and discover what this app is all about. Message back.

  111. 1

    Hi there! My name is Dima. I'm a product manager. I'm trying to develop my company's product Standuply.com. And I'm looking for new ideas on how to do it. While searching, I stumbled upon your site by accident, and it seems that I stick here because I like your community and your kindness. I'm happy to see you all here and I hope that our communication on this site will be fun and productive. Peace ✌🏼

  112. 1

    Hi all, Dean here. I'm currently working on my first product for Shopify/ReCharge shops, it's almost ready to go live: https://www.viadog.com/subscriptions

    I'm looking forward to exploring the India Hackers community.

  113. 1

    Hi, I'm Chris, day job working in data and analytics, have been in the software/data/engineering space for many years, side hustle currently launching a new project in the same space, QueryStash.com.

    Very much looking for to being more involved in the community.


  114. 1

    I'm Cyril, I am from France, I try to launch my new company of game development, first on mobile and latter to PC / Console if everything goes well. My goal before the end of the year is to move full time indie and SoftLaunch our first puzzle game on Android. And hopefully in 2021 we will be able to grow.

  115. 1

    ah I forgot to introduce myself: I'm Sam, one of the builders of timz.flowers. We are currently in open beta and are preparing the launch by networking. We are super happy to get every support possible as we have worked so hard for building our product - it's not finished and we have such a nice plan, where we want to go, but of course we need people who help us: users, developers, advisors, evangelists, bloggers - I'm doing this for the first time, so please be patient :-)

  116. 1

    Hi Rosie, thanks for the nice introduction - that's really helpful to be in touch with a real person. Feels good. Thanks for your passion

  117. 1

    Hi, thanks to this place.
    I have been an Internet entrepreneur since 2005. Recently, I have been educating entrepreneurs, helping them to achieve sustainable profits.

    I am looking for specialists for joint activities and profit sharing. If you are able to go all the way - I will help. Write to me with a short story about what you can do and what you want to do. I always have several schemes and a strategy.

  118. 1

    Hey, I'm Alessandro.

    I love tech and food. I started a storytelling app called 20lines, managed a large network of creatives called Zooppa and recently opened Avocaderia, the world's first Avocado Bar based in NYC.

    I look forward to learning about new cool projects and share some of the latests things I've been doing.

  119. 1


    My name is JJ and i'm a full stack web developer based in Adelaide. Currently working on building a MVP (https://www.quickflip.com.au/). Looking forward to collaborating with you all :)

  120. 1

    Hi Rosie!

    I am building adacraft, a creative tools for citizen programmers. Its mainly a Scratch (from MIT) fork with new extensions to open up new cretive possibilities.

    I plan to create more and more extensions that will be useful for upcoming users.

  121. 1


    My name is R, and I'm from Norway. Currently studying CS and doing some IM on the side. I came to this forum to learn more and eventually find potential partners for my future ventures. If anyone want to connect to discuss ideas and plans, feel free to do so :)

  122. 1

    Hi, my name is Shin (Xín) and I am from Brazil. Currently I'm a Chemical Engineering student. I came to IH to learn more and inspiring myself with others exemples

    I have a idea but I need to verify if it is possible.


  123. 1

    My name is Daisuke from Japan!

    I feel anxiety of the future of Japan.
    Japan will be declining as a past leading country in the world.

    I made my first post for my first project in a few minutes ago.
    If you would like to, please check my post and give me a quick response for it.

    Thank you!

  124. 1


    My name is Marika, and I am a business management and accounting student in Australia. I am currently undertaking a foundations course in Entrepreneurship and am required to join an online community to build lasting connections with like-minded people. Would be great to hear from recent graduates or people working in the accounting field about your journey, entrepreneurial or not. :)

  125. 1

    Hi all, Alexandre, software and data eng, working on automation & scraping workflows platform

  126. 1

    Hi everyone. Im Tabby and Im doing a survey on what frustrations, aspirations, wants and fears entrepreneurs have or are experiencing this year. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks😊

  127. 1

    1000 $100 billion so I wont

  128. 1

    Hello All,
    I'm TC and I'm happy to be here!

  129. 1

    I'm Doug. I'm currently working on an aviation iOS app with a team of developers. But, I want to learn how to code swift. If anyone is interested in helping me out with with learning or with the app let me know!

  130. 1

    Hi everyone,
    I'm Corina and I'm 29. I'm learning web development. I don't have any side projects. I am just starting my web development journey. Well... not really. I've been learning web development off and on for awhile and I just need to stick with it.

  131. 1

    Hello my name is Hicham (hesham), to be honest have an issue with laziness, I hope i can fin the motivation I need in the community .

  132. 1


    I am Rahul, a student at University of Toronto. Soon to be MLH Fellow
    Currently building a Open source Web Assembly Based Video transcoder at (https://videotranscode.space/)
    I am hoping to get more involved with the Open Source community, learn a lot and make some friends!

    1. 1

      Hello! If you are looking for a website to download free ringtones for your phone. Get access now: https://sonnerieportable.com/

  133. 1

    Hi All,
    I'm Ankur Tyagi. I develop web apps in my 9-5.
    Currently working on my personal website.
    Working on my statup, as part of "Talktoyourmentor".
    I'm hoping to meet and collaborate with you all.

  134. 1

    Hi everybody! My name is Eric - I'm a copywriter that likes to write about all different kinds of tech. I also build websites with my buddy Trevor through our team moniker, Infinite Craft (https://infinitecraft.xyz).

    I'm excited to meet other people in the indie hacker/creator community, see what people here are building, and hopefully have some fun meta-conversations about how we talk about tech.

  135. 1

    Hi All,
    I'm Ben. I develop products targeted at gamers playing PVP games.
    I'm hoping to meet and collaborate with other gamers who have dev skills.

  136. 1

    I'm Iago and I like to build useful things that can impact people and trying to turn this useful things in SaaS/small products, I'm here to connect with people, change experiences and learn.

  137. 1

    Hi, I’m Slawek. Together with a few people we’ve built https://coresender.com – an email sending API and SMTP service. SaaS businesses is our main target group, as we all want to send transactional emails and we all wont them to hit inbox in the shortest time possible.

    I’ve joined IH after finding out that there’s a lot of valuable discussion here regarding marketing to SaaS companies, especially to tech-savvy decision-makers. That’s who we’re after :)

  138. 1

    Hello everyone. My name is Jeffrey and I just released Minimalist Password Manager for iOS and macOS (https://minipass.app). It's had VERY limited success so far and to be honest I'm struggling to stay positive and motivated. I'd love to connect with others who have experience releasing iOS apps.

    1. 1

      Hi Jeffrey, what u did is in fact really interesting to me, as if the new era of a smart master key is out in front, seems like it can be used to manage other things as well not just passwords; though i don't have any experience releasing iOS. If u want to blow out your stressful neurons, feel free to reach me bro! You just motivated me with a whole new possibility, so please don't lose faith.

  139. 1

    Hi I’m Rudi, I like to build niche products. If you have a problem that needs solving and is not the next Snapchat or tiktok, let’s have a chat.

  140. 1

    Hi, I'm James, a software developer. I talk about my current open-source project here: https://jamesadam.me/2020/09/08/my-lock-down-project-a-data-management-thing/

  141. 1

    Hey guys, i'm Mat. i'm a product designer and iOS developer. i recently released my first app to the appstore this year http://syntaxriot.io/whatshunt/, (Appstore: https://tinyurl.com/y3t6hk8l). i'm also hoping to release my second product this year as well, this ones a bit more work and i'm defenitly looking for help as i navigate these start up waters.

  142. 1

    I'm Michael. I'm a developer (mostly full-stack web). I found out about this site from Alex Hillman's Twitch stream. I just started getting back into 30x500 recently, and I plan to use it to start making extra income and see where that leads.

  143. 1

    I'm Jai. I like coffee, programming, and making useful things. I've just released PrestoKast (https://prestokast.com), a podcast platform where you can do everything you'd ever want with podcasts. Podcast fan or not, you should know about PrestoKast. I'm currently seeking investment from serious persons.

  144. 1

    Hello. I'm Mike a Java Developer. I learned about this site from a podcast. I'd like to get some inspiration from here and maybe launch my startup someday.

  145. 1

    what a pleasant coincidence! I was only recently looking for an answer to this question, but I got to this forum quite by accident. thank! now look at my service https://essaywriter.org/

  146. 1

    Hi I'm Danilo. I work with GeoData in computer science, from publishing online to get data, to process data. I guess i know well all the steps, now i want to create a business for myself. I'm looking for partners and advices.

  147. 1

    Hi! I'm Laura, a NYC Native working as a CSM at a startup helping to bring success to aspiring entrepreneurs. I'm learning about UX and User Research, so a goal for 2020 is to become more experienced in these fields. Looking forward to connecting and collaborating!

  148. 1

    HI I'm Tunde. I'm a budding software dev. I build websites with wordpress a lot and I'm currently learning wordpress development.

  149. 1

    Hey IH! I'm Pablo, from Spain. I work as a growth analyst for a startup in the experience economy and I've also set a goal of building 12 products in 12 months, with code & no-code, in public.

    You can ask me about facebook ads, no code tools, business & product metrics and resources to learn code as a beginner.


  150. 1

    Hi, I'm Sobhan Khan. I'm currently working on Babefinancial.com prelaunch campaign. And I'm here to just help you guys build your things.

  151. 1

    Hi! I am a product manager from Boston. I am also a startup enthusiast. Heard good things about this site. Hoping to have fun here !

  152. 1

    Hi great to become a part of this tribe. I am also having a concept in my mind where I can get it into work. I am a passionate designer and frontend dev.

    Hack on it guys !

  153. 1

    Happy to be here. Hope to find like-minded and out-of-the-box guys in this community. I'm a marketing manager at https://slidepeak.com. We are headache-free presentation service, which helps you to create everything from pitch decks to marketing proposals faster than a traditional agency and more dedicated than freelancers.
    So, if you want to boost your presentation or look it more professional - welcome!

  154. 1

    Hey guys, I'm Ivan from Singapore. I'm currently working on brainstorming an idea for a small SaaS to earn some money on the side. All the best of luck to everyone!

  155. 1

    Hi, I'm Mihailo from Serbia. I'm 20 and currently working on bootstrapping my second SaaS project (the first one failed epically lol). Wish the best of luck to everyone here!

  156. 1

    Hello! I'm from Spain. I'm interested in political analysis of twitter data.

  157. 1

    Hi everyone! I am a Freelancer and for now I'm working on my personal brand gonzalog.net , but with many projects in mind and open to join others. I am eager to discover what I can learn in this community.

  158. 1

    Hiya, based in South Wales UK, looking to meet new people to chat about our ideas together. I've started two businesses this year one in Technology and one in Leisure. I have experience in both.

  159. 1

    Hi IH,

    Finally - The Indie journey begins.


  160. 1

    G'day. Just a lurker here but heard good things. Hope I can tag along.

  161. 1

    Thanks for sharing this blog. It is very useful for us. I really like this post very much. I am curious about some of them. I hope you will give more information on this topic in your next article. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. https://techguments.com/entergy-com-login/

  162. 1

    Hey guys, nice to meet you all! I'm passionate about entrepreneurship and investing, happy to connect with you and excited to join this community!

  163. 1

    Hi all!

    I’m working on creating two tech startups. One
    Is focused on spatial analytics and the other is on renewable energy.

    Please reach out if you have any resources.

  164. 1

    Hi! I’m Kai, I’m a teen indie hacker working on a number of pipe dreams. My pronouns are they/them. I love to make and brainstorm crazy ideas, can’t wait to start hanging out here

  165. 1

    Hello everyone,
    It's Kashish batra
    Presuing company secretary and also a small entrepreneur , I just want to gain confidence in me and gain more and more experience and might be will get some ideas for my business.
    Happy to connect with you all and exited to join the community

  166. 1

    Hi everyone! I lead the software team at a battery startup. I'm passionate about building products, and have joined Indie Hackers to find like-minded people who are interested in building amazing products.

    Happy to connect, and excited to join the community!

  167. 1

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Denis, currently working as a web developer.
    In my free time, I develop an application for team communication
    and collaboration.
    Happy to join the community.

  168. 1

    Hi guys! My name is Hassan. I'm originally from Egypt, and moved to Canada at the age of 18 on my own following the Arab Spring. I went to law school, did well, and worked at big corporate law firms both in Toronto and then in Silicon Valley.

    Despite all that, I couldn't stop the bug buzzing in my ear to leave everything that I'm doing behind and to focus my time and energy on building a business around my passion: creating video content. So I did, and I'm now working on building Not in the Cards Media.

    I'm terrified and frustrated and confused, but mostly PUMPED, so I'm excited to make this work.

    I'm joining this community in the hopes of finding peers who are going through similar feelings and experiences and rise up together.


  169. 1

    Hi Rosie,

    I am new here and am just poking around. I'm sure I will find my foot and start contributing soon.


  170. 1

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Boris, I'm the founder of RemoteMore.

    We help developers with finding a great remote job.
    We also help companies with finding great remote developers.

    You can learn more here:

  171. 1

    I am a software developer with 20 years of experience, most recently focusing almost exclusively on Vue.js and writing books about it.

    1. 1

      Hi, I am a full stack web developer (6 years of experience) and I am learning Vue.js as well at the moment. Do you have any good recommendations for online learning resources?
      Also I am looking to fo a small project with Vue, but have no idea what to build exactly (want to publish it on Github), do you have any recommendations maybe?

  172. 1

    Hi everyone! I'm currently a product manager at a software startup, but I'm in the (very) early stages of building my own product. I know the fundamentals of programming and have completed a handful of simple projects in a few different languages. BUT I certainly wouldn't consider myself a developer, so this hands-on project is my way of learning. Is that too ambitious?

  173. 1

    Hello everyone! My name is Andrey and I am a freshly graduated Software Engineer, I am creating a Tournament management app specifically made for Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions.

  174. 1

    Hi , I am sandip. Working for TomTom - map making company. I like want to solve real life problems with innovations. Platform - for learning from great innovators , guidance and collaborate.

  175. 1

    i am starting to learn to setup a website to sell short courses on

  176. 1

    Hi there! I'm an experienced developer/founder/cto. I like the idea to build something that is not necessary a high growth startup, but of course creates a steady income at some point.

    I'm still in the idea phase and will post my thoughts and progress here. Hope to find like-minded ppl here and to both learn and contribute.

    My first goal is to decide on a rough idea for a project to build and test out.


  177. 1

    Hello all, I'm Tarun. I'm a fullstack software developer. Currently working on https://ordbot.io. Looking for feedback and get initial users.

  178. 1

    Hello, I'm Minnie. I'm super excited to join the community. I'm currently director, marketing and strategic communications at a private jet charter company in Canada.

  179. 1

    Hi there ! Thrilled to joined Indiehackers. I am the founder of monthlybillz.com, a web app that helps Startup founders to tightly manage their overall spending on various software subscriptions that fuels their business.
    I know, we can always use spreadsheets to track all those domain purchases, development tools etc.. But, it does not give the control and visibility needed to avoid wasteful spending. That's where a cool tool like MonthlyBillz becomes really useful. Looking forward to this community for their feedback, in my product journey.

    1. 1

      Hi! I'm new Indie too. Great tool

  180. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

  181. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

  182. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

  183. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

  184. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

  185. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

  186. 1

    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

  187. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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