Welcome to Georgia Indie Hackers!

Welcome to GA Indiehackers group!

Introduce yourself below:

  1. where are you from/what metro are you targeting
  2. what you are working on
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    I’m the founder of Augusta-based Email Industries — we sell B2B SaaS to email vendors and email senders.

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    Hi 👋

    Chris here. I live just outside of Atlanta, but work in downtown Atlanta. By day, I am Director of Systems Development for a cannabis company. By night, I am a husband, father, and IndieHacker of multiple side projects.

    The only project I currently have in production is https://FilmFed.com, a social platform for movie fans. I am also currently working on https://RequestIt.io (not yet launched), a feedback collection platform.

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      Hi Chris and welcome. That is a neat movie app you have there. I worked with TMDb when I was doing Udacity's Android program so it is interesting to see what you have done with the data.

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    I will start,

    1. Augusta GA, I've been here 10+ years
    2. I work on a software company Mobile First where we build indie apps, mainly for mobile and web platforms
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