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  1. 8

    Hi 🤟, my name is Dmitry. I am a JavaScript programmer (Frontend / Backend), I have extensive experience in developing SPA and sites with server-side rendering for a high load. Every year I try to start my project, but I lack the support of like-minded people. I came here to find friends and share my experience in commercial development and find financial freedom together with you)

    1. 2

      Hey mate, nice to meet you. I just joined but think this will be a good place to meet people with complementary skills.

    2. 1

      Hi..I am a software architect with strong skills in cloud computing, if you are interested we can team up to explore on an interesting idea.

      1. 1

        Hi, I am front end developer. I am interested in building new project. if you are interested we can work togther.

        1. 1

          Hi, I am willing to connect. My website is www.pricehunt.com

        2. 1

          Hi Skiha..Nice to hear from you...Let's connect then!

          1. 1


            I can't see your email id in your profile. Can you please share email id.

            1. 1

              you can reach me on [email protected] or skype me on manvekar

    3. 1

      Hey brother. I admire your experience, I'm self-taught and just starting to build more complex projects on my own, still dealing with some basics. But I have life experience and wisdom and determination and purpose to counterbalance my relative lack of tech skills.

      I just joined also but glad to connect, I have many ideas lined up to work on.

      1. 2

        Hi @mountaindad, I am always open for communication or advice!

  2. 7

    I'm an entrepreneur at heart!

    I'm a full-time digital marketer who has been itching to start and grow multiple income streams. Today, I have one income stream ... but tomorrow, I'd like many!

    Specifically, I'd like to find a viable niche to target who has a legit business problem, and leverage existing SaaS tools to solve for it.

    This article is a big inspiration behind this approach: https://thefoundation.com/blog/the-saas-cheat-code

    1. 2

      Hey, I just joined also. The Foundation approach was also a big inspiration to me, I even joined their program three years ago - but it was the wrong time in my life (overwhelmed with some serious problems), so I dropped out.

      But I've continued from that time with my One Thing, which I've chosen to be app development, and I'm confident in my progress. Hoping to find a real sense of community here.

      1. 1

        We sound like kindred spirits, man! 🙂 Let me know if you want/need any help with marketing your apps in the future

    2. 1

      Greetings! as a newcomer to this site, i was immediately drawn into your post at your mention of being a Digital Marketer. It is actually something i've been trying to study, with the same hopes of starting and growing Multiple income streams via Businesses. I just wanted to wish you much luck and success. Also thank you for sharing the link to 'The Foundation'. I've never heard of it, but i'm about to read up on it right now.

    3. 1

      Hi Dave, nice to meet you! I would like to discuss more about this approach.

  3. 4

    Ahoy! I'm Chris Enitan, I got into writing code because it was unbelievably cool and today I'm looking for ways to make sure having a job doesn't take that fun away from me. Got a few ideas I've worked on and a few more to go including working with Tessel controller boards and transport services. Looking forward to helping people with these skills.

    1. 2

      That sounds awesome man. Hope you find something interesting on here to work on.

    2. 2

      Good stuff brother.

  4. 4

    Belgian based idea-generator. I tend to get bored after I build my MVP's and I could learn a lot about promotion, marketing, and getting paying users.

    1. 1


      Be sure to check out our Growth group.

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    Hello my name is Kiarra Charlemagne, I am pretty young, my goal is to one day have a successful business My passion is coding.

    1. 1

      I get inspired by young indie hackers, it's great to see people starting so young. I wish I had started earlier!

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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          This comment was deleted a year ago.

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            This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

  6. 3

    Hi, my name is acqui, a nickname. I am in 40's and a father of two boys, residing Tokyo Japan. I am currently hired at this food photography production, and in charge of new business development. I am interested in creating e-learning contents to teach how to create e-learning content. My backgrounds are in marketing, branding, and business development in creative industries. My main strength is in "produce," that I manage and develop new business ideas, launch and keep the business going. I am now learning how to shoot video for e-learning. So in the 1 or 2 years, I am trying to have my side project to teach video creation and e-learning creations!

    1. 1

      Hey @acqui420, that's a nice ambition, good luck in your journey!

    2. 1

      Hey there acqui, I'm Ricky and I live in Tokyo too. Good to meet you.

      1. 1

        Hi Ricky. I find the message before, but didn't know how to reply. It is quite hard to find my message and reply. Anyways, cool to know you are living in Tokyo, too! What is it you are doing here in Tokyo, if you don't mind me asking.

  7. 3

    Hi, I'm glad I found you all. I'm a full-stack developer (https://github.com/theo4u) and looking forward to collaborating with others on projects, and gain inspiration.

    1. 1

      hi ,i'm a fuul-stack developer too. And i hope to be your collabrator. Hope to be contacted: [email protected]

    2. 1

      Hi theo4u, lets connect. Willing to collaborate.

      1. 1

        cool, we can. Here's my twitter handle: https://twitter.com/theo4me

  8. 3

    Hi everybody, I am Maxim and pleased to meet you all! In the first place, I am here to engage with the community. I am looking incredibly excited at all the groups and projects and articles available on IH that you can dig in, not to mention all the great people to learn from. Feel free to follow me, and I will make sure to check out your stuff!

    I develop software for companies as a freelancer. In the past few years, I've increasingly specialized in building web and mobile apps with React.js.

    Of course, as the indie hacker that I am, I also create side-projects. The most recent one is GoodTendency, which is a simple habit-building app, that makes you radically accountable and rewards success financially. It is available for iOS and Android (and currently in private beta testing).

    1. 2

      Hey, cool project Maxim! I'm brand new here also but already getting stoked at the energy and action. I checked out your landing page and hey, Svelte! I'm also building with Svelte/Sapper, loving it! Would you sign me up for the beta testing?

      By the way, sad to say your idea is not unique; I saw a habit app with this monetary feature in the past 2-3 years at least. Not sure if they're still running or growing, but it was a solid app at the time. As far as I can see, the financial premise was the same.

      My current project is a little game, super-tic-tac-toe.netlify.com (currently only designed well for desktop, working on responsive design). It's pretty simple, lots more features in the pipeline.

      I'm not sure if there's a direct messaging feature on here, couldn't find it, so I'm just continuing the chat here.

      1. 1

        Hey Mike, thank you so much for your message! Yes, this spirit of impending change is so great, isn't it! I'd love to have you onboard for beta testing, thanks for taking part! I'll reach out to you by email (the one I'm seeing on your homepage) for this, if that's okay.

        I like your tic-tac-toe game. There's one thing right now that bothers me, which is that I have to press a button manually to calculate scores, instead of those scores updating live when the field changes.

        But it's still a great idea and an amazing personal project to pursue. I can imagine if you want to extend further on this idea, it can be topped with a lot of cool features - e.g. playing live against other real people, time limits (where the game ends or blocks are just randomly repositioned), or random blocking squares inside the field!

  9. 3

    My Name is Benjamin Findon Im a High School dropout working on ai projects, robots, neuralink and I've got my hustle on. CONNECT WITH ME :D

    1. 3

      I lack any kind of formal qualifications too, don't let that stop you making a good life!

    2. 1

      Hi BenjiRevo, what kind of AI projects are you working on? I have recently done advanced AI and Machine Learning course. Please guide where to start from? Will wait for your input.

    3. 1

      Looking forward to see what you are building after the dropshipping phase

  10. 3

    Hi! My name is Claudio Aliaga, i'm a software engineer (backend) I came here to find inspiration and start making my own projects..tired of being working under same rigid structures, i want to try something on my own.

    1. 1

      Do you already have an idea on what you want to do?

      1. 1

        Well not yet, I{m trying to come up with one....looking for some inspiration. Some kind of Saas basically, but not sure on what subject. For now brainstorming

        1. 1

          All the best. Also try to think outside the space of Internet services itself. I always feel like there's a lot more in other industries that tech could help with.

    2. 1

      Yeah! Thats the one.

  11. 3

    Hi, I am Harshit and I am looking for inspiration here, My goal is to launch a successful SaaS product.

  12. 2

    Hi everyone 🤙, my name is Chris. I have been a member here for a while but hate to admit that I have been a lurker. This year I am committing to becoming more active in my business ideas and this community! I have a strong background in programming both frontend and backend and am excited to share my experience as well as learn more about marketing and sales. Hoping we can all help each other make some cool stuff!

    1. 1

      Ditto to that, Chris. Good luck! ~former Bostonian

  13. 2

    Hey guys! My name is Daniel and I'm currently a product and project manager and I'm excited to dive deeper into the community! I want to be more involved, gain knowledge and have other opportunities to see where can I grow.

    I'm driven and motivated to help create apps that can help humanity, individuals, and the environment. I love space exploration, personal development, the tech industry and I would be glad to connect and share my experience.

    Stay positive!

    1. 1

      Hi Daniel! Well-picked targets, and I imagine they often go hand-in-hand. Best wishes!

  14. 2

    HI there, I'm Wikus and I'm new.

    Having failed to get my own 2 or 3 projects off the ground for the past 7 years, I think it's time to maybe change my approach. I'm an experienced developer mainly working with Magento and doing some devops at work. Love building data integrations and learning new tech.

    My main goal is to get out of the 8 to 5 and on to the beach, fishing. I don't see why we have to slave away, surely we can automate this? It's 2020 after all.

    If you want to chat about ideas, I love brainstorming too, lets connect. Being a shy loner, I'll just be here in the corner watching everyone till I have something profound to say that rocks the boat. #imbatman

    Have a great day!

    1. 1

      That's roughly my record and timeline as well, but I've got a feeling about this 2020 fella. Good luck this year. Save Gotham.

  15. 2

    Hi everyone, my name is Emily and I'm originally from San Diego, California. My background is in venture capital, investing in tech startups. I've looked at a wide range of startups - lettuce farming robots, AI software for mastering music, smart toilet cleaner devices, and Muslim dating apps. I've also done about 4 hackathons, where I did more of a PM role (built a laundry tracking app, an IoT pill rack, food bank locator web app, machinery analytics dashboard) Over time, I've realized that I enjoyed the scrappiness of hackathons and analytic mindset of VC, so looking for like-minded people to hopefully collaborate on cool projects and turn it into a startup :)

  16. 2

    Hi All. Organizer of the Startup Conference here in Mountain View. Can't believe I never created an account on IndieHackers before. It's about time!

    1. 1

      It is about time. just kidding. I just created an account 6 hours later than you.

  17. 2

    Hello 🖖, I'm working on a passion project called worldmarketcaps.com, that lists countries, companies and commodities all together. I was curious about where wealth accumulates. It's an easy way to start to understand valuations and compare the size of these behemoths. Looking for ways to grow the site.

  18. 2

    Hi everyone! Im an entrepeneur, I work in the accelerator Google Campus for Startups in Madrid. Im just start learning to code on Java and JavaScript. Gotta love React.
    I'm passionate about solving Biz software problems with simple, clean and updated software.
    Right now im launching a logistics SaaS B2B, developed in Java. But i have so many ideas id like to test, without much effort.
    Here to learn and share.
    Keep it up!

  19. 2

    Hey 👋!
    I'm a doctor of medicine that also has worked as a full-stack JavaScript dev for the past 3 years.
    I'd love to meet people interested in connecting health and tech together to create products that bring real value to other people!

  20. 2

    Hi there!
    I'm Emelie, a 30 year old startup founder from Stockholm. Me and my partner are running a stock video platform for curated drone footage. We've accomplished the main development and launch already and are now going to market. I'm really hoping to get some good insights on this platform from people who have done a similar journey, and am of course happy to share any insights I have on others topics.

  21. 2

    Hi, my name is Zikani Nyirenda. I am a Software Engineer from Malawi and I am trying my hand at starting an online business in my free time via my startup, NNDI.

    Currently, I'm working on an online printing services marketplace for Malawian businesses and consumers which will launch towards end of Q1.

    My startup also does USSD application development, seeing as how there are still lots of feature phones in and around Africa.

    Excited to be here on IH and can't wait to learn from you all.

  22. 2

    Hey guys, Nick here. Bit of a mixed background. Grew up living all over (South Africa, Austria and Germany). I just finished a coding bootcamp in London studying Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and React. Full-stack is where I want to be. Looking to meet like-minded people. I ran my own life-coaching business for about 3 years but at some point I realized I wanted to make a change. Ideally, I would like to travel the world, help serve people through businesses that I create or help co-create and connect with as many people as possible. I look forward to meeting you.

  23. 2

    I'm NK.
    I'm Full time Software Engineer and Part time Software Engineer also. I have years of experience in building and running high scale application like billions of events/tasks per days. I am mostly self-taught.
    On Side I usually work of my own side projects or help friends in their. No money generated from them yet. That's Why I am here.

    1. 1

      Hey NK, having just done a coding bootcamp that's really impressive that you are self-taught. Coding is challenging at times. Kudos for pushing through with it.

  24. 2

    Hi, my name is Nikita, I'm 26 years of age, currently based in Moscow.

    I'm a full-stack developer (mainly JS), work for pretty cool foodtech startup. Originally I went into coding so that I could create my own platform and realise my ideas, it's been a while and as time went past, those ideas I had in mind turned out to be quite hard to realise in reality (e.g. decentralised delivery 📦) about which, I can tell you more about it if you are interested in the future, but for now I'm focusing on something else.

    Something else, came up pretty randomly, couple weeks ago I began learning how to design UX, UI and general app design (Figma provides real nice free course, with lots of reading material to expand your knowledge with certain depth). As a began, I was searching where to buy plants for my apartments, so without further do, decided to design an app for plants store, where once you buy a baby plant, you get digital version of it in the app, to keep track of how's it doing (e.g its age, repotting periods, nothing fancy as I had no knowledge of IOT and hardware) and provide you some basic recommendations (e.g sun and water preferences).

    As designs came up to life, I realised significant problem, that I have zero knowledge of growing plants, their categorisations, preferences, etc. So to mitigate it, I came up with an idea to outsource it to sellers, who have more knowledge of what they are selling, from here simple store turned into a platform of local growers.


    So now I have a local sellers app, something like in-between Letgo or craiglist and etsy, with initial focus on plant category, that's where I'm currently at, ohh and forgot to mention, since I kinda liked the idea, I decided to actually bring it to life, right now I'm in the process of coding it :)

    P.S. for monetisation I'm thinking to make it free for buyers and small one time sellers, but if you others you would have to pay small subscription fee (maybe different packages types for number of listings), this way I want prevent turning into advertising agency where app would promote those who buy, hence giving them unfair advantage against those who don't.

    One significant roadblock I have right now, is I that cannot come up with a name for it, but I think intro got a bit out of hand, apologies for it, will add my current progress, not sure where yet, anyhow nice to meet you guys.

    Nikita K

  25. 2

    Hey all, my name is Minh Ly and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently in the process of starting up an online job matching platform and am open to learning and sharing.

  26. 2

    I'm a web developer who wants to make it out in the IT industry. I work as a teacher full time but want to major right in programming and having my startup been pitch.

  27. 2

    Hi Everyone, i just clicked on a random YouTube suggested video by @aaronjack, this was 10 minutes ago, now i'm here on this platform which will definately be a life changer in the course of my life. I know this because i belive in the side project i'm working on, ... I learned coding from late 2017 on freecodecamp, of which i'm now using to effect change in the trajectory of my future and that of my family, community and country.

    I don't give up easily, and love to learn from others, ... Thank you indiehackers for this platform. 😎

  28. 2

    Hi folks!

    My name is Filip, I'm a Swedish 27 y/o living in Sicily, Italy. I got tired of my lifestyle in Stockholm, quit my job, broke up with girlfriend and moved to Sicily where I'd never been before. From here now, I'm trying to create a business estimating house prices, a bit like Zillow does, but I let people filter only on undervalued houses. I just got the first version of the website up, www.houseanalytica.com, but I came here to get inspiration and learn about next steps I can take (I'm totally lost after launch a month ago and not sure what to do). How to get users, how I can develop it further so people actually want to pay for it etc. Many questions...

    I started to learn how to code less than a year ago by myself, because I was studying business and economics at uni. I was mostly focused on Python and building statistical models and such. However, in order to learn proper web development, I enrolled to a distance CS program this Fall, and it's with much of this knowledge I've managed to build the website.

    Hope to interact with as many of you as possible. Have a great day/night!

    1. 1

      The content you propose is definitely the type of product I'd pay for easily (there are almost none...). Because of one thing : when you are sure that you can earn money with a product, I think you really think differently

      1. 1

        Glad to hear that! I will create a login system asap so I better can measure traction. Then, if many are using it, perhaps it would make sense to start charging for it?

        1. 1

          What's your business plan?

          Do you plan to propose monthly fees?

          If so, it means you don't target people that look for one unique acquisition? (Or maybe you consider people may use your application for a certain period of time, to do one long term decision? You may want data about it? Maybe you target real estate agencies?

          I intuitively thought it was directed towards private indiciduals who were looking for the greatest deal for them, and that, for you it was all about taking a cut of the acquisition, if a client buys the house ( Which would of course mean huge revenue per client)

          But if so, it would mean you need to protect yourself from the client going past you, and directly to the house?

          What's your target in general, and how do you see your app (or service) being used?

          1. 1

            I've had many ideas about this in my head, so I'm happy you asked these questions! It reminded me of why it doesn't make sense to make it subscription-based (as you said, it's not an everyday problem for individuals). I'm not going to target agencies, at least not for now.

            Instead, I was thinking about targeting individuals and help them with the whole purchase process, and ultimately also rent it out for them - plus take care of maintenance (will outsource that). I want it to be a comfortable investment for people that shouldn't require much work.

            So, I will calculate the yield for every object, plus make a risk calculation (considering risk premium; a two room apartment in central Rome vs. a large villa in the middle of nowhere).

            Today I have one non-paying client I'm doing some work for. He has specified in detail what he's looking for and wants me to find 3-5 apartments he then can choose among.

            I'm using him as a reference case in order to learn and get feedback, and also to see if I ultimately can give him any value. The goal is obviously to go all the way and purchase an apartment, and along the way I'll learn and absorb as much as I can. Later, I should maybe take 1-2 more demo customers before building and finalizing the software.

            1. 1


              So if I understood,

              After you engage with clients through the use of your application ,
              you want to retain them by proposing different other services afterwards.

              Do you think about taking a cut on the savings done?

              Because, like I said, if I thinks as a custommer, I don't think I would see a problem with a software taking a small commission on the price I'll pay for a house, if it allowed me to make significant savings.

              If I was a buyer, I'd also question the algorythm used to determin the value of a property, and would want to know what datas are taken into consideration to determine it (to know if I'm actually saving money)

              1. 1

                Do you have an email I can reach you at? Would like to tell you more there!

  29. 2

    Hi, my name is Chris Whitehouse. I'm based on Bristol, UK. I'm exploring Product Management as a career option, and want to go through the process of launching a simple web application, to learn what it takes to be a Product Manager for real.

    1. 1

      Hellow fellow Bristolian! Good luck with your exploration of Product Management :)

    2. 1

      That's a great way to get a feel for what the job may entail. 👍

  30. 2

    Hi, I'm Tucker. I'm a front-end web developer looking to connect with smart people, build projects, and contribute and gain inspiration.

  31. 2

    My name is Daniel Moxon and I'm a Software engineer with a passion for conceptualizing business ideas and creating things. You can check out my GitHub projects @ https://github.com/dcmox which include development of a heat mapping tool, ORM, templating engine, string compression tools, machine learning algorithms, and more!

    1. 1

      Hi, I am a small business owner trying to find someone to help me transition my ideas from a book to a software. I am need of guidance. I continue to do my research and hopefully, I find someone interested in my business venture.

      1. 1

        I wouldn't mind helping out. What is your book about?

  32. 2

    Hi. I'm glad I found you all. I'm interested in learning how to bring my ideas out into the real world. I've been coding for others for a long time and I'd like to do it for myself.

  33. 2

    Hello Everyone! Joining IH finally. Great to be here.
    I'm currently learning #nocode tools - to be able to build quickly MVPs.
    That's the goal for upcoming weeks


    1. 2

      Be sure to check out our No-Code group.

    2. 1

      Interested in no-code as well. What tools are you learning?

      1. 1

        Webflow, bubble, zapier, air table for now... Classics 😉 what about you?

        1. 1

          Zapier and planning to start webflow. I find glide.io better for building simple web apps than Bubble

  34. 2

    Thank you, Rosie. I was told this is the place to be.

  35. 2

    My name is Erin Walker. For over a decade Startups have been my passion. Besides running a large family owned CO I have a few side projects including the following:
    Planeforplane.co, Launchround.com and a Podcast called Plane Religion. My dream is for a Indie Project that I can pursue full time in 2020. Thanks for reading.

  36. 2

    Just found out about #nocode a week ago(Jan 14) on integromat and I had a mental orgasm😱😱. IH was also listed as a support forum with an awesome community and i have seen that cant wait to connect with you all. Can't wait to start building, Stoked ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Building 3 projects this year so help me God.🙇

    1. 1

      Ah nice! And welcome!

      I'm curious to know where is was mentioned, is it in a private space?

  37. 2

    Hi guys,
    This is ChiaBoon from Malaysia. I was a startup accelerator program manager and I am now working on my idea full time with other solo founders. Meantime, I am offering on-demand project management supports to SMEs owners who want to develop their new business venture / solution ideas.

    My goal is to validate & build a future of work platform (or network) for alternative workforce with decentralized management model in this year.
    I believe that building innovation capability is the key to entrepreneurship.
    Feel free to reach out.

  38. 2

    Hey! My name is Arne and I am a designer but currently travelling through New Zealand. I am looking forward to challenge myself in 2020 when I am back home and hope to get some inspiration here!

  39. 2

    Hi Everyone,
    I am Momen, designer and sometimes doing some development projects, I work on my personal projects besides my full-time jobs, always I do.

    My goal is to start earning money through freelance projects to get free off the full-time jobs, so I can do all the creative work I want.

  40. 2

    Hello, I am Joan from Barcelona. I am a web dev who likes to code beautiful and high performance sites to generate traffic.

    I had left my previous job this last year to start with my own projects. Currently, I am working on my React portfolio and an affiliate ecommerce to start to win some money.

    You can check some stuff I did here : www.joandrago.com

    I hope to hear from you soon.


  41. 1

    Hi! My name is Alam. I have a strong tech background (originally computer engineering) but have since taken up a lot of nodejs full stack, and have an business background added to that focusing in finance & entrepreneurship. I'm horrible with customer acquisition and marketing though so I hope to learn more from you all.
    I came here to be a part of a community, learn from you all, and hopefully contribute as much as I can.
    I'm working on a "side hustle" right now but hope to convert it to my full time gig soon!

  42. 1

    Hi, I'm glad I found you all. I'm a full-stack developer(for 12 years) and looking forward to get a full-time remote work. [email protected]

  43. 1

    Hello everyone, my name is Ahmad and I am from Palestine. I am an entrepreneur and full stack developer. I started couple of companies that failed. I am working now as CTO of a startup and building the product for them. I always wanted to be an indie hacker to build something for me and enjoy the financial freedom. I am here for inspiration and to learn from others.

  44. 1

    Hi IH's!

    Jordan here. I hope to collaborate with like-minded (goal oriented) individuals who will further compliment my weaknesses in tech. I'm an entrepreneurial growth marketer and prodigious 'idea hamster' with an expertise in discretion, contracts and promotional sales. I am thrilled to have found this community and aspire to be a valued personal resource for occasional forum contributions, as well as a source for growth collaborations resulting in shared greater streams of revenue.

    • Skills: SEO, Lead Generation (email, +), Web/Graphic Design, UI/UX Prototyping, Landing Pages/Websites, Product Design, Website Security Services (Antivirus, Malware Removal and Firewall), Scraping, Project Management, Marketing (SaaS +), Customer Service/PR, Photography, Audio Engineering, Writing, Film Editing, Proposals, Contracts.

    • I'm a resource for maximizing sales (esp. SaaS) and most growth marketing needs.

    • I'm a growth marketer, not hacker. I do not specialize in code - my interest is to collaborate with those who do.

    • Any endeavor partnership (inc. POI) with me receives my upmost attention and the full use of my skills as needed. (My growth game is 🔥🔥🔥 and my leads list is extensive. I utilize many pricey SaaS tools that others don't or simply can't.)

  45. 1

    Hello 👋, my name is Jon. I am a UX Unicorn🦄, I do research , design, and development. I have a background in working with large companies to small startups. My development skills are mostly frontend with JS but I recently picked up RoR with my current job. I'm here to explore ideas, collaborate, and see what new ventures await.

  46. 1

    Hi everybody. My name is Nick. I am a product manager. Started my career in design. Australian but live in The Netherlands. Seeking financial independence. Love building great software. Minimalist. Today I start my IH adventure!

  47. 1

    Greetings! my name is Dominic. I discovered this site on accident, and i must say, from what i've seen so far, i'm excited to see what great adventures await.
    I'm an Entrepreneurial minded individual, who has always wanted to start my own Businesses, however, i've never had the resources or complete knowledge to do so. From App ideas (but no knowledge of coding) to Website ideas and struggling to figure out where to begin.

    I have recently discovered an interest in Digital Marketing, and have been on a mission to study and learn more about it, in addition to how to be successful and eventually start my own company.

    I am just looking to connect with some like minded individuals, or even bounce around some ideas with others that may be interested.

  48. 1

    Hello, my name is Daniel. I'm an entrepreneur at heart and I want to connect with people who share the same passion as I do and strive to achieve things that the cities need. I came here to find friends and share my experience in business development over a cup of coffee (in real life of virtually)

  49. 1

    Hi, I'm Dave! I'm a startup generalist who has had experience in marketing, sales, product strategy, pretty much everything but code. I previously created a product inside of a larger company that I grew to $30k in MRR with a limited team and funding. I'm looking to start my next project and have opted for the bootstrapping route. I started building a product (with a technical cofounder) that makes it easier for startups to build dashboards to track and improve their KPI's. I've worked a lot in the BI space and think I have a recipe to make the process much simpler. I'm super excited to start engaging with the indie hacker community and already love/been devouring the podcasts!

    1. 1

      Hey Dave. Welcome. I just joined the community myself yesterday - this is my first 'reply'. :) The podcasts are indeed great! Well most of them ;)

  50. 1

    Hi there,

    My name is Abdul and I am Tech-Founder. Currently, I am working on a side project to which is related to HRTech.

    My past experience includes, running a AI/Machine learning consultancy and software company. In total, I had 14 years of software development experience and a PhD in Machine Learning.

    I am firm believer in sharing and growing the community and have been actively involved in arranging local meetups/conferences.

    Feel free to reach out to me if you like to know more my startup or have any tech related questions. I love to network with people and explore business opportunities.

    I am looking for a Co-Founder with Marketing/Sales/Growth Hacking skills, let me know if you or someone that you know would be interested to have a chat.

  51. 1

    Hey guys. I'm Niall McQuay. @niallmcquay on twitter. I have an idea for an application I will be marketing to real estate investors, and I'm looking to start today. My goal, like many of you, is to build a company from scratch and eventually create enough revenue to quit my day job.

    I just bought the domain for my project, 6thsouth.com, so keep an eye there in the future to see what I'm up to.

    I'm excited to be a part of this community! I've been getting the newsletters and listening to @csallen's podcast for a while now. Thanks!

  52. 1

    Welcome to the world)

  53. 1

    HI I'm Ryan. I work as Lead Technician building equipment for Data Centers for a major integrator. My passion is in Solar Power where I've been a Lead Installation Technician and I'm currently a Adjunct Professor teaching a Photo-Voltaics class for the last 5 years focusing on workforce development. I own a few solar domain names and websites and I've got a few businesses I want to create and a lot of ideas so I'm thrilled to discover this site.

  54. 1

    Hey there,

    Happy to be here, have been meaning to join for a while now. As a founder I have failed about 21341 times but enjoyed every single one of those.

    Nowe, as the Head of Growth for a project I'm very excited about I can use these failures and all the great stuff I've learned and help others discover and use what I believe is a total game changer for sales reps.

  55. 1

    Hi. I'm kinda young (college student) and I love programming and want to have a successful business one day. I want to learn as much as I can on here

  56. 1

    Hi everyone, my name is Francisco and I'm looking forward to meeting and learning from you all. I'm currently loving and closely following the #nocode community and am excited about the power of #nocode.


  57. 1

    Hi, my name is Ali and i am a software eng student. I have my Idea and I am making that with react native. however because of my starter experience the progress is to slow.

  58. 1

    Sydney based full-stack developer, previously helped built startups in SE Asia from the ground up. I'm here to find like-minded Aussies. I want to start another software company, but i really have no idea what it would be about yet, so would be great to get to know a few people and exchange ideas.

  59. 1

    Hello guys,

    I have 10+ years of experience in app development and the last few years working on flutter mobile app development. Recently I started on an opensource project call GetFlutter.

    It's a flutter open source UI library with tons of widget like Bootstrap so all the development can directly use in any flutter app development.

    I have written one blog How you can reduce min 30% of your app development time using this UI library.


    Please share your honest feedback about this and welcome to contribute to this library.


  60. 1

    Hi! I'm Nikhil from Bangalore, India. I'm the founder of a company which is trying to bridge offline stores & online consumers. I'm an MBA from one of India's premium colleges (IIM Shillong) & have skills in marketing, strategy & product design. I'm here to find technical talent to join me in my adventure!

  61. 1

    Hey, Aaron here. Looking forward to network with other like minded people in the SaaS industry. Cofounder of two SaaS and launching a new platform to help other founders gain traction onboarding early adopters. Let's do this! )

  62. 1

    Hi all. My name is Leon. I am a software developer and IT consultant. I left my job as a regular employee developer in the corporate world last year to invest my time fully into my businesses. I now help businesses around the Caribbean to utilize technology through my company Kingpin Apps. I heard about Indie Hackers on a YouTube video from Code Drip. This seems like the kind of place for me.

    1. 1

      Glad to hear you're free for your own business. Good luck!

  63. 1

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Sterling. I'm a computer science dropout turned novice developer. I studied business before this and always had a passion for creating something that would have a net-positive impact on society. I've been building a social fitness diary that lets you make, track, and share health and fitness progress with friends and family. For free. Follow a diet plan with your partner. Maybe share your workout routine with a friend. Track your weight targets as a team. Teach your parents some yoga moves. Anything goes. It's been over a year of saving up funds, designing, and building the prototype but I'm almost ready to launch the beta. I found this community and thought it would be a great place to share experiences and meet friends and likeminded individuals who might even want to work with me on this project.

  64. 1

    Hey. my name is Nabil.
    The last couple of weeks I have been searching after, on how I can become a Full-Stack Developer, since I'm a newbie into this field so I'm looking forward to see, if I will be able to find a list (with links) over crucial things that I should learn before I will be able to take the next step into this huge world.

  65. 1

    Hi, my name is Alex I am an IT Support Engineer, my experience is with system administration (Windows Servers and Cisco). I'm here to learn and share and find friends. Currently, I'm working on a project to get some extra income and in a future get financial freedom.

  66. 1

    Hey Guys... I'm Tiago... I'm looking for inspiration about what I could develop as a side project... I have some experience with PHP/MySQL, and ideally I would love to work on a SaaS during my spare time... :-)

  67. 1


    Zack here. I’ve had multiple online businesses. Not all amazing. Self taught seo exec, digital marketer, I have a course on Udemy and now I am an apprentice junior back end and mobile developer in the fintech space!

  68. 1

    Hello everyone, I am Michael. I am a doctor by day and graphic designer/startup founder by night. I decided to join IH to meet people and get feedback on my startup, pixzapp.com. I am always looking to learn from people and share my experiences in business and life.

  69. 1

    I've been teaching myself software development for the past year while remodeling / managing my first rental property. I started learning software development with the goal of starting my own companies & the longterm goal of making an impact on the world for the better. I have hope that through technology everyone can realize this better future.

    I have an extensive background in emergency medicine later transitioning to sales and business development. I'm interested in real estate, indie / creative projects, fitness, and personal development.

    Right now I'm paying bills with consulting and web development work while I build a more robust development skillset. In the next 5-6 months, I'd like to bootstrap my first startup, find product-market fit, and release a killer MVP.

    In the meantime I workout and code every.single.day.

  70. 1

    Howdy, I am an old-school graphic artist (BFA in 1967). I am at IH to find a developer that is willing to partner with me to CHANGE THE WORLD. My goal is to encourage, even challenge people to care and connect more with the people around them. I know it sounds outrageous, but I think I have a protocol (way of doing it) that could work, could make a difference.

  71. 1

    Hey everyone,

    I am very happy to be given the chance to introduce myself to this great community.

    My name is Jean and I spent about 10 years in Asia - Japan and South Korea.

    Finally back home in Canada.

    I worked in a few Korean Startups - initially I was only doing front-end but after lots of learning and doing and failing I find myself, in 2020, able to do a lot more.

    I have been working on my own project for a while now.

    Looking forward to productive conversations, and for opportunities to learn and share.


  72. 1

    Hi, I'm Gina! 🐱‍👤. I work as a product designer, but I'm kinda tired of being a salary woman. For many years now I have wanted to execute one of my ideas, but I have lacked the discipline to execute.... until now 😊👍

    My developer BF and I are working on making a saas we hope has potential. We are making a personal skill tree you can use to visualize what you know, and help plan what you want to learn. However I have realized that starting stuff is complex, and I am hoping to engage with the community to not only take advice, but also to share what I'm good at. 💕

  73. 1

    Hello! I am web developer, work as Tech lead of software development department in Encata (Belarusian based company, but they have offices around the world), now I live in the UK, working remotely, our core specialization is hardware development, prototyping and consulting, also we have several in-house startups (both hardware and software).

    I am passionate about startups, build something new, own projects, data science and machine learning.

    Let’s stay in touch and feel free to ask me some about backend development, blockchain, startups life or others

  74. 1

    Hi everyone, my name is Emmanuel and I am a software developers looking to start a profitable online business. While I do have the technical skills, there are still so much to learn and I am very happy to have found a community like IH where we are all looking to do the same while supporting each other. Hard and intelligent work everyone.

  75. 1

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Joe and I am trying to build financial freedom to escape the golden handcuffs. I graduated in May 19' with a double major in finance and entrepreneurship and quickly realized after started my job a month later that working for other people wasn't for me.

    I started my own website with wordpress and then found out I could build it far more customized if I did it myself.

    I am now looking for like minded people who are interested in building cool stuff and also becoming a self taught coder and front end developer. Here's to 2020!

  76. 1

    Hi, my name is Josh. I have a background in development, product marketing, solution architecture, and account management. I'm new to the IH community but looking to join in. I have a project that I'm in 2020 and looking forward to learning and growing.

  77. 1

    Hey all! I'm Dan Ryland, a product designer running a digital agency based in London, UK.

    My goal for 2020 is to build digital products to achieve £1k MRR.

    I'm currently on my first product - a directory of speakers with black heritage to help organisers diversify the expertise, experiences and opinions expressed from the stage. I believe conferences and events still lack racial diversity and I want to contribute to changing that.

    I've joined IH to learn and be inspired by others. I'm also wanted to document my journey for accountability but also to inspire others to execute on their ideas too.

  78. 1

    Hi @here,
    My name is Madalin, currently a Cloud Engineer, with background on Frontend and Backend developement, network and systems engineering. I'm here to connect and interact with people I've found to be similar on goals. Still working in a medium sized corporation, on the first steps of my personal project with hopes to transform it in a real startup that would bring me the work freedom I dream for.

  79. 1

    Hi my name is Ajani. I'm a relatively new software developer (~1 year). Before that all of my programming was for scientific research purposes. I've been working on tools for student entrepreneurs and people who use their services for about a year with some friends, mainly building in JS for frontend (React, React Native) and backend (Node.js). I've enjoyed the process a ton and definitely want to keep working on other projects like this in the future, so I came here to meet and learn from everyone here. I just joined but this community is super energizing and inspiring and I look forward to contributing whatever I can!🚀

  80. 1

    Hi My Name is Benoit...I am here to find developers to build a product (digital bank) together. I have the idea, concept and strategy clearly laid out but lack the coding skills to build it. I can raise money for the project once I have the prototype out if you’re a good dedicated developer with experience in Fin-tech and willing to put in sweat equity reach to me please...let’s get to work

  81. 1

    Hi. My name is Hammad. I am currently working as an Account Executive and want to pivot towards growth hacking in the future. I want to find ideas and inspiration to start my own business with my job. Hope I can learn from you guys and become better every day!

  82. 1

    Hello everyone, my name is Peeyush. To date, I have played the role of a technical founder, in 4 different companies. I can work with multiple technologies and can build systems that can scale.
    I am here to explore the community, the ideas, the makers, understand what people are working on and why, finally be able to start my own side-project, and grow it with the help of the community here.

  83. 1

    Hi I am Durim. I have worked for almost 10 years in Product Management/Product Delivery in London/Paris (Telecoms/Secure Infrastructure). I am good at talking about different personal project ideas but bad at executing any of them hence why I am here. I want to start a start-up in 2020 and am hoping the communicate can support me in that. Thanks, Merci.

  84. 1

    Hey all. I'm Nick. Originally from Argentina and now living in London, looking out for new chances of growth and innovation. I've been working as a DevOps Engineer/Platform Engineer for a few years now, always with a strong focus on good quality code, and scalable and resilient infrastructures.
    For a while now I've been looking forward to building something of my own - something I could be really proud of, all the while being a financial income. But coming up with a solid idea has proved to be no easy task...
    Hope to team up with some like-minded folks and to be of assistance for anyone who needs a hand :D

  85. 1

    Hi I'm Vanessa, back end developer looking to dive into technical writing and content curation . I'm hoping to connect with others are who are on this path too

  86. 1

    Hi there, my name is Benjamin Appiah-Brobbey from Accra, Ghana. Full Stack Web Application Developer(ReactJS/NodeJS/Golang, ...). I recently started my journey into becoming a full-time freelance developer. I came here to find inspiration and guidance on how people on this track succeeded.

  87. 1

    Hey Indiehackers. My name is Aodhan and I'm trying to start a side project with co-code to enrich the lives of others and my own. I am a para-athlete and I'd like to fund others in a similar situation to myself.

  88. 1

    Hi there! 🙋‍♂️ I'm Senal and I'm JavaScript developer. I mainly work with React and Node and I've recently been getting into GraphQL - I find it very interesting and would am looking forward to using it in a side project.
    I'm currently work a full time job at a local company but in 2020 I want to build and launch something of my own. I came here for the community and hope to meet some people who think alike :)

  89. 1

    What's up everyone!
    My name is Roshan (sounds like ocean with a R). I am a third year medical student and I am born and raised in Vancouver.
    I came to IndieHackers to learn about starting an online business. Currently I want to start a side hustle to get some passive income while in school.
    #nocode :P

    1. 2

      This comment was deleted a year ago.

      1. 1

        Nice! I hope you're enjoying the change :)
        Ya its gonna be tough to manage both, but you never know what the future holds

  90. 1

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Adam and I found this site a few days ago. I'm currently obtaining a master's in product innovation and design. I have been developing for the web and doing digital marketing for 16 plus years. I'm currently working on a startup idea and looking to develop a platform to support it while I work through validation and idea development and partnerships.

    I currently do email design for a large financial corporation. I'm an expert in Google Analytics and an okay web developer currently learning react.

  91. 1

    Hello my name's dave. Founder of a site called dzhaven.com. Looking for help in getting this thing to take off.

  92. 1

    Hi, I dream of creating the one and only go-to publishing SaaS platform for publishers, content marketeers and advertisers. I have no technical skills but I’ve been working as an Editorial Product Manager for over a decade, mixing publishing strategy with content marketing, product management with digital marketing, advertising with branding.

  93. 1

    Hey hackers, I am Ali. I am a software engineer mostly working with JavaScript.
    I do enjoy working on product ideas that I find interesting.
    I hope I can get better at actually finishing and polishing these products while getting more (early) feedback.

    Besides, I occasionally write blog posts about programming related topics on Medium: https://medium.com/@ali.dev

  94. 1

    Hello everyone, my name is Ameer, and at 54, I have a lot of business experience and wisdom to share, and I'm here to help you. I'm a true believer in the motto "givers gain", where a person can realize a lot of business benefits when they give and help others.
    I've had multiple careers, so let me know if any of these meet your needs;

    • I write business, health and other news articles and short adds in English.
    • I've got an MBA, and I ran a small retail business for 7 years in North Carolina.
    • I worked in the Oil and Gas industry in the Middle East for 8 years as a Marketing Manager.
    • I worked in pharmaceutical clinical research for 4 years.
    • I worked in Clinical Hospital Laboratories for 6 years (All Departments).
    • I have 2 bachelor degrees, Cell Molecular Biology, and Medical Technology.
    • I speak 3 languages fluently: English, Arabic, and Turkish.

    How can I help you today!
    Ameer Saib

  95. 1

    Hi, I'm a full time senior Python/Javascript developer who can't stop building things on the side, but is less good at actually making money out of them. My goal this year is to finally learn how to grow these creations as products, and to give myself an additional stream of income on the side of my main job

  96. 1

    Hi I am Nabin Singh, full stack engineer from Sydney. Currently I am working on a check in check out app called Inlyout. I have had many ideas in past and started them but never completed them. Hope this one will be different.

  97. 1

    Hello Hello! Happy to be here!

    My name is Bert Järv. I am from tiny little country next to Finland called ESTONIA.
    By profession I am a Salesman. Have been selling since I was 14. Have been building my skills from bottom. Have growd my sales from 0 to 500%.

    Currently selling in B2B world. I am helping business people to save time with carwash. We come wherever they are and wash the car the same time they do other things.

    After workhours I come home and diving deep into my biggest hobby....That is Technology. Have been learning the craft from 2018 december.

    Favorite languages are Python and Javascript.

    My biggest advantages are my skills. I am a fast learner. I know how to get things done and I know how to always keep going nonstop. I can achieve anything that I put my mind into.

    I am excited to meet all the amazing people here who are going all in to become successful in hacking their businesses to the sky!


  98. 1

    Hey guys! I'm Jake. I just quit Amazon after a 4.5 year career as a Product Manager. I've been taking some time off to learn how to code, and figure out what I want to do next. I probably will end up taking a new job soon, but I've become really interested in the idea of building independent projects, so I think I'll keep going with my learning, and mess around with some projects on the side.

    If anyone is interested in partnering on a project, feel free to reach out!

  99. 1

    Hi hackers!

    My name is Chandu. I have 5+ years experience in programming, system design, data science. From now on, I'm a full-time indie-maker. Just got my head into free flow of ideas, looking forward to working in Enterprise CRM, Sales, Project Management space. Still in early phase of delivering anything. Looking forward to meeting awesome people, to have thoughtful conversations, to seek help, to share, get guidance and lots of Gyan.

    Have a good one. Cheers :)

  100. 1

    Hi, my name is Mihai. I am a full stack developer mostly focused around .net development and angular.
    I came here to get some inspiration, start working on some milestones and learn about what are the next steps to take.
    The applications that I have worked on vary from financial services, to movie theater planning as well as a kindergarten application.

  101. 1

    Hey hackers! My name is Michael. I'm a graphic designer. I've spent the last year and a half building up a 5-figure business selling a logo exporting extension for Adobe Illustrator. I'm hoping to make valuable connections here, help out whenever I can, and share my journey with you all.

  102. 1

    Hi, My name is Pulkit, I am a backend developer from India and have worked extensively in RoR, Node.js, and Golang. Currently, I am working on a side-project, where the end goal for me is to create a complete product, this means I need to do not just the backend work, but deal with design/frontend/legal/payments/company registration and all the things that I am far less familiar from. Of course, the end-goal is to generate some income on the side from it.

    In terms of professional experience, I have worked at Gitlab and BrowserStack, right now I am working for an e-commerce company in India.

    Please connect with me if you are interested in knowing more about the project I am working on it. I'll let you know about websites that I consider as my main competitors: hackerrank.com, codeforces.com, triplebyte.com, codility.com and such. To be honest, I am not sure whether I want to disclose all the details here or not.

  103. 1

    Hi, I'm Frank. I work in the healthcare data warehousing, finance, analysis and reporting space. What I enjoy doing most is building teams, then taking on hard problems to solve them in short order. My goal is to connect with curious minds, learn together, and help create value by solving consumer and business challenges.

  104. 1

    Hello everyone! My name is Vishal, I'm an advertising professional based out of NYC. I've started my first venture to try and address the pitfalls of social networking and bring people together. I'm excited to be a part of this community and hope to learn, grow and succeed with you all!

  105. 1

    Hi! I'm Rob. For the past two months or so, I've left my big fancy corporate job and have started working on an idea to provide small businesses with some business Analytics. Why should all the big companies benefit from all the great technologies out there? Seems to me you fuss around in excel as you try to manage your services business or spend a fortune on big tools. Been re-learning a lot of coding skills that I haven't used in ages, while at the same time have been slapping together my business plan and idea. Looking for a community to share in this exercise as it's a bit lonely sitting at home alone all day. Also looking for potential partners, and validation of the idea. Look forward to interfacing with you all!

  106. 1

    Hi there,
    My name is Donovan. 28, Computer scientist, very into Data architecture and Data Science. I've build a mediation platform similar to what digitalroute.com propose for an entreprise year ago. Pretty much my biggest achievement 'til now.
    For now I'm just an average programmer working on the next big idea I can deploy.
    My goal is to become financially independant by any reasonable mean (business, investment,...) as soon as possible , before I get too old.
    I came here to meet people, to get inspired and build something... or just to talk with new people :)

  107. 1

    Olá (Hello), my name is Miguel Ângelo, born and raised in Portugal but currently based in Zurich, Switzerland and planning to move to Finland soon.
    I'm a Frontend Developer with more than 100 ideas, most of them outside tech, ready to meet new people to take them out of the paper.
    Let's talk/meet to chat about our projects 😄

  108. 1

    I'm good with writing; love to read, write, edit.

  109. 1

    Hi, my name is faheem iam from india looking for people to help me in development of my project. I have just joined Indie hackers hope to connect with interested people.

  110. 1

    Hello, I´m a newbie to programming, but very interested in Python coding.

  111. 1

    I just exit my first startup (1 month left), now looking for inspiration, find what is next for me. Maybe build an other one, with the help of IH !

  112. 1

    Hello I-H, my name is Amine from Paris, I'm a Growth Hacker with business skills. I want to share my experience with Indie's community and learn :D

  113. 1

    Hello everyone.., my name is Herman. I'm self-taught programmer. I know some basics stuff and started to work as freelancer in software development 6 months ago. Glad to see you and hopefully I could learn many things from you.

  114. 1

    Hi, i'm Jay, a coding enthusiast, co-founder of a small language training and edtech startup in Beijing, China. Currently learning Python for web development. Would love to use AI in our post class activities in the nearest future.

  115. 1

    Hello to the Indie Community!🙌 I am a Growth Marketer currently working on a start-up in India. We just launched our new Prospecting tool which helps you get company and contact intelligence when you visit prospect's website. If you are a B2B marketer or sales professional. Hit me up! I can get you a free access for the same! I would also love to collaborate for Product Partnerships, Link Building, Podcasts, Webinars and more.

    Excited to be a part of this community and grow together in our respective journeys!😍

  116. 1

    Hi Rosie, I am Julia, working as an app developer, Its nice to join indiehackers community.

  117. 1

    Hi, my name is Arefin. Right now I'm learning python and C. I am thinking of dropping out of college and fully devote myself towards coding. Wish me luck. I hope I will be able to expand my skills with the help of this community.

  118. 1

    Hi, I am a coach for individuals needing to sharpen their social "soft" skills while working, and for gaining advantage while interviewing for a new position. Inside secret about myself: I am horrible when it comes to taking my own advice even though I witness so many others succeed from it. If anyone would like to chat sometime feel free to contact me.

  119. 1

    Hi ,
    I am having more than 10+ years of experience in teaching and coding in python ,JavaScript
    handled many project individual in web design and Data analytics.I think Indiehackers is the best place to meet the people with good skills and to improve the product .

  120. 1

    Hey all 🤙🏽

    My name is Prescott. Software + Product person based in LA. Joining Indie Hackers to learn about growing a product I built that has strong user validation. Looking forward to meeting everybody!

  121. 1

    Hi my name Sathish. I am Full Stack Developer using Java and Javascript frameworks. Also mentor Robotic team..

  122. 1

    Hey there. Searching for a new path. Exploring and trying to find inspiration in others.

  123. 1

    Hey everyone :) I'm here to fund my bachelor and master's degree with an inspiring online business.
    If anyone needs help with data science or predictive analytics, please reach out! I can apply some advanced methods to help you make really clever decisions and even turn your data into more products

  124. 1

    Hi everyone. I'm Peter, a developer, hoping to start my own business. I do a full stack in Dart language (web, server-side, mobile ) , I'm halfway to an MVP but I need to learn marketing before I continue working on it so I can validate my idea, so I'm here to absorb some knowledge. I'm working as a freelance developer and planning to offer some services or team up .

  125. 1

    Hi all, I'm Thais. I've been following the Indie Hackers podcasts for a few months now and finally decided to join the community! My background is in fullstack product development, using React/React Native, Node.js, and GraphQL mainly. I'm fortunate enough to be able to take a gap year between jobs so I'm using this time to re-evaluate my goals in life and try new things.

    I am also recovering from burnout! I've realized that all of my previous career goals were tied to things that aren't long-term sources of motivation for me: money beyond basic living costs, or a lofty progressive mission at VC-funded startup with competing sets of values.

    Recently, while attending a coding retreat at The Recurse Center (https://www.recurse.com/), I thought a lot about what felt intrinsically motivating to me. For now, I've settled on: curiosity + learning, artistic expression, and community engagement. I also got really into graphics programming, interactions and animations, and creative coding (stuff using WebGL, Three.js, web-based motion-tracking). I'm interested in making more code art as well as tools and educational content in this space! The dream is to convert something into a revenue stream that covers my basic living costs so I can keep learning and making fun stuff :)

  126. 1

    Hello !! Just joined. I work as a developer and I love it . The goal is to start a tech company .

    I have 8 years of experience into product development using various tech stacks. Primarily a backend / cloud developer. I have always wanted to build cool stuff and must have tried a hundred times , but I always get stuck with the frontend or mobile app. I love design though not very good at making them. Would love to find a co founder or help someone with thier idea. Please feel free to reach out !!
    Cheers !!

  127. 1

    Hi - I've created a simple email plugin to turn a group of attachments into a trackable microsite.

    The goal is to help people (specially in sales) to avoid sending the typical long email crowded with links and attachments.

  128. 1

    Hi, I'm Thomas
    I'm a full-stack developer and I love building tools.

    I'm launching an innovative and well designed cloud-based writing app and hope to get more feedback to make it super great.

    You can try the Beta here : http://colofon.io

  129. 1

    Hi, I am Ronak. I am a full-time Software Engineer (5+ years) and Machine Learning Enthusiast (3+ years). I came here to get more exposure to my ML skills and start using them for consultation.

  130. 1

    Hey Indiehackers, I am a full stack developer who has postponed one too many projects. I am looking to partner up and break ground on a project

  131. 1

    Hello, I'm Moe. I just launched my new startup https://myjam.store/which is a marketplace for exotic grocery. We're starting In London.

  132. 1

    Hey guys, my name is Enoch and I am a full stack javascript developer who likes building side projects and passionate about entrepreneurship. I am here to learn and just have fun with all of you.

  133. 1

    Hi, i'm Sam from Casablanca
    interested in IT field in general.
    i'd like to discover Indie Hackers

  134. 1

    Hi everyone!
    I just joined IH. I've been an entrepreneur of a few failed projects. I started a blog that had, at its peak, about 20.000 readers. Then I shut it down, and few months ago I created its graveyard: tweaknology.org
    Two years ago I founded a startup in the blockchain business, with a nice up-front investment, but we could not manage to be profitable, so I left my position as a partner.
    Now I work as a community relations manager, and few months ago I started my personal website, jaack.me
    I understand that it's in Italian and it's not focused, but it lets me experiment with coding in a safe zone: it's a static, blazing fast website built on Jekyll with few SASS, and I'm so proud of it.

  135. 1

    Hey guys. Aditya here from Bangalore(India). I've built a few products in the past but lack of my technical skills couldn't scale up. Have a few ideas that I'm looking to collaborate with a techie and bring it to life.

  136. 1

    Hi everyone my name is Haider, I'm a second year student at University of South Florida active in my schools Sales club and competing intercollegiate. I am an aspiring sales person post grad and want to launch a startup while I'm in college.

    Currently learning Bubble.io and UX/UI through Figma and pursuing an idea to make applying to sales jobs more transparent...

    Glad to find this community and am planning to be active and meet new people!

  137. 1

    I am currently employed as a Software Architect, Looking to team up with like minded people to collectively explore an interesting idea which can then lead to building a startup.

  138. 1

    hello, just joined I am the Chief People Officer of Obrela Security Industries a cyber Security company www.obrela.com . I am looking worldwide for top talent Lets talk...Currently in need of a Team Lead - Senior .Net Developer to run

  139. 1

    Hi, I'm Yunus. I love JS and I'm working as full stack web/software developer based in Turkey. My goal is to become digital nomad, visit and work every continent.

  140. 1

    Hi all!
    I'm a physics student living in Boston. I'm leaving school soon and I'm excited by the opportunities entrepreneurship presents. I wanted to join this community as a way to encounter new ideas, share and hear about the struggles of starting a company, and potentially find collaborators.

    My goal is to start my first company in 2020!

  141. 1

    Ahlan! 👋

    I'm Omar, I'm a software engineer with the main focus on iOS development. I've been building and shipping products for about 5 years now, working in different fields like social networks, FinTech, live streaming, and food delivery.

    This year I'm planning to create a small saas product that can pay the expenses of my car 🙈, I think it would be a good motivation to relate it to something visible to remember.

    Indieehacker has always been an inspiration for me and I hope by joining the community it will be reflected in great products :)

  142. 1

    About me, I have 12 + years of working experience with rich knowledge in MVC framework as its best. I can offer services like Advanced Customization, Building Extensions/Plugins, UI/UX Design, PHP as backend with Codeigniter, Zend, Opencart, Shopify, Laravel, OctoberCMS, Wix, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Concrete, Shopware and other opensource.

    Also handle database like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and databases.

    I'm strongly skilled in HTML, CSS (& LESS / SASS), JavaScript, jQuery, Version Control Systems, Bootstrap, Materialize, Plugins to name a few.

  143. 1

    Hello, full time employed but thinking about a side project which I never seem to be able to get started on.
    Hoping to get motivation and a better understanding of how to get started.

  144. 1

    My goal is to get better at Machine Leaning applications. I am looking for inspiration, help and other insightful things within the community. I come from a non-technical background and have experience with Marketing and Finance. I happily share some of my knowledge here.

  145. 1

    Hallo! My name is Cristian
    I consider myself as an entrepreneur, I'm constantly in the search of new projects and finding the way to make a simple or complex project to something even better (Quality, Service or even the product itself), I love to collaborate with other mates and I think that's pretty much It.
    I Hope for this 2k20 to improve some projects that I have in mind and understanding the process that this products entails.

  146. 1

    Hi Rosy and All,
    i am 66 years old now.
    i enjoy reading and doing new things.
    love challenges.
    problem solver.
    been in good position with the federal govt of India.
    been personal and commercial banker in Canada.
    working on buying and selling items online.
    creating work life balance all these years.
    would like to enhance sources of income to live life full.
    Great article and privilege to know and meet you all sound cum solid professionals on this plate form.

  147. 1

    I'm building a startup that enables previously unavailable spaces in the city and connect them with creative professionals who are looking to film, photo shoot, have events or any other purpose.

    New on indiehackers and would love to get feedback on our product https://chupspace.com

  148. 1

    I'm a software engineer who is looking to progressively start his own business. i hope will find some ideas and inspirations in the indiehackers community

  149. 1

    I just discovered and joined the community tonight. I've been dabbling in WP sites for a couple years but I've decided that 2020 is the year to really dive in and build something. I just completed my Free Code Camp Javascript data structures and algorithms certificate today and I plan to keep on working on my Full Stack developer certification. I don't have my "big idea" right now but plan to keep building WP sites for local businesses in the meantime. This is actually my second act. I started building sites in 1994, the week Netscape went public! Did pretty well, enjoyed the dot com boom and then survived the subsequent bust, burnt out, became a carpenter and horse trainer..... I guess now I'm back! Looking forward to learning a lot and hopefully sharing what I can

  150. 1

    Hello everybody, I have been working on my side-project for a while now, and after a good year of testing out some ideas and half-baked prototypes, I finally have a great long-term design in mind which I would like to release in smaller stages. My goal is to bang out an MVP and see if this project is even something people would find useful, so I am excited to finally join this lovely community and make some progress towards that end.

    The project is essentially a personal task manager, with what I hope are some innovative ideas that will allow people to manage competing interests and priorities. It's really me scratching my own itch - I've used a lot of productivity software out there, and some of the features work great in isolation, but I have had a difficult time finding something that would help me manage my varied interests, analyze how I spend my time and work on what matters most to me at any given moment.

    As I mentioned before, I have a long term design that I've been working on which is fairly ambitious, but I think I am at a point of being ready and willing to narrow all of that down into something smaller that I can release, and which I can iterate on in the future.

    I am open to any advice along this road. Although I am a developer and have decent technical skills, I lack much in terms of business knowledge and I hope to learn a lot by opening up and bouncing my ideas off of of the Indie Hackers community.

  151. 1

    Hi, my name is Travis. I'm a banker by day and a budding small business owner by night. My one passion and labor of love is my company called Goombay Labs.

    Through our aromatherapy candle brand, and our developping skincare brands, I'm hoping to promote positive wellbeing, general happiness, and daily self care through aromatherapy and natural skin care.

    Due to circumstances I'm bootstrapping my venture so I'm eager to learn some savvy tactics to locate my niche audience, build my brands and audience, and tips on how to transition the business from part time hustle to full time venture.

    I'm a huge fan of open source software and my business runs on many. I'm excited to share and learn.

  152. 1

    Hey indiehackers!

    This is my first post on here :) I've actually been a member for about 3 months, reading posts and simply hiding in the shadows. But I finally decided to step out for a change because everyone here is so inspiring!

    I'm a full stack web developer that has been working for small companies for a few years now but can never shake off that entrepreneur animal inside me lol. So here are my goals:

    1. Launch my first MVP in 1 month
    2. Become a real member of indiehackers, and start providing helpful feedback to my fellow peeps on here :)

    Wish me luck!

    1. 1

      It's great that you reached out! Good luck!

  153. 1

    I'm an audio engineer, podcaster, and entrepreneur. I'm looking for a technical cofounder to help me develop Phase Invaders, a niche educational game to help live sound engineers learn to read the phase graph of their audio analyzer. It's all about making data visualization and interpretation, fun. http://fight.phaseinvaders.com/

  154. 1

    Hi there! My name is Dima and I'm kinda tired of being a "hired developer". I've been working as a C/C++ developer for almost 10 years already. Programming is still my passion. I enjoy writing code, I like technologies, crazy about studying something new. So, despite the fact that I'm a system-level programmer, it has never been a problem for me to write NodeJS-based backend, to extend it with a native C++ add-on, to add React front to everything and so on. However, couple of years ago I realized that staying at the same company at the same office is not something I dream about. At that time I understood that "programming as a passion" was slowly turning into "programming as a routine". I left my job and became a freelancer. I was very happy with my decision. Freelance gave me a feeling of being independent. I could plan my day as I like, could organize my office as I like, could work on projects I like. I have 3 stable customers with high rates by now which are happy with my work. However, now I realize that I'm in a trap. There is no way to grow for me. I can't physically add more customers already because there are only 24 hours a day. Moreover I've realized that I eventually turned my initial office job into 3 office jobs with flexible hours and without office building. So nothing has changed eventually. Just amount of work increased drastically:) But now I'm ready to change my life completely. I want to bring back that "programming as a passion" feeling. The feeling I have while working on my own projects. All I need is a project which can make a profit and which will be useful for other people. I really hope IH community will help me believe in myself and my ideas! Hence my final goal, obviously, is to become an indie hacker:)

  155. 1

    Hello, IH! My name is Fausto. I'm a full-time graphic designer with 7+ years of experience on logo and branding design for different industries. These days, I'm working on an app for e-commerce sellers and other digital projects as well. I like to work on different things, so if you need a designer with branding and marketing experience, let me know.
    I'm here to learn from all of you and to discover new opportunities.

  156. 1


    My name is Nick, and my day job is iOS Development. Been lurking on IH for a while, but I figured it is finally time to participate!

    My goal this year is to release my first ever side project. A journaling and meditation game for your mental health. I'm hoping to eventually turn it into a viable income stream, but at this point even just releasing an app and making $1+ from someone who isn't my mom/friend and learning a ton in the process is a goal in and of itself.

    I've already done all the paperwork to set up a business, but now it is time to actually make the app!

  157. 1

    Trying to turn myself into a competent developer and I feel like surrounding myself with like minded people is the best way to do it. Born, raised and living in the Caribbean.

  158. 1

    Excited to be here on IH!

    I'm David and quite focused on keeping knowledge workers from drowning from information overload.

    Currently building www.theunblocker.com.

    Unblocker connects to all your communication tools, so you can see and act on your missed tasks and follow ups, from a unified queue.

    Looking forward to many great discussions!

  159. 1

    Hello! I'm Doug Safreno. I'm a co-founder of Pragli (pragli.com), a virtual office for remote teams. We're currently bootstrapped and free while in beta.

    I joined Indie Hackers to learn tips and tricks from other company builders. Excited to learn more!

    My Twitter: https://twitter.com/dougsafreno
    My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dsafreno/
    Pragli: https://pragli.com

  160. 1

    Hi Rosie! My name is Vuk, i'm 18 years old and i live in Serbia. I study economics and i'm prepared to learn from this site and this community for my plans to make my first business. I am thinking of doing a e-commence. I'm sure i will learn a lot from more experienced people than me.

  161. 1

    Greetings Everyone,

    My name is Chris and I've been working on corporate web sites in different capacities for the past 20 years (analytics, testing, advertising, coding, strategy ,etc.). Now, I'm hoping to take one of my side-projects and build it into a small business.

    In the past, I've been a head down, do it alone kind of side-project developer. It's taken me a while but I'm trying to not do everything myself in hopes that this time I can find my way to launching a successful project. This community looks like a great place to start.

    I look forward to learning, sharing, and working with all of you.

  162. 1

    👋 My name is Michael Aubry (https://www.instagram.com/michaelaubry/) (https://twitter.com/michaelaubry) I live in San Diego, California. I would love to connect.

    I'm building a video editor tailored for digital marketers and agencies.

    I've built a data analytics software from scratch that is doing over $2,000,000 ARR during my time in San Francisco.

    Currently, for cash flow, I am working with an influencer couple who has 800,000 subscribers on Youtube and 500,000 on Instagram. I help them build software for their audience. We just launched a meal planning tool at the beginning of the month. So far we have hit $30,000 MRR.

    My goal is to get my product to that point in MRR. If anyone wants to chat, I'd love to share. I love listening to folks and learning how I can help them with creating social media content. If you have a product you're working on and want to be consistent with sharing, lets talk.

  163. 1

    Aspiring software engineer here. I've spent ALOT of time learning everything I can for the past few years and I'm finally ready to do something meaningful.
    Currently I'm working with Ruby/Rails/Posgresql for the backend/api and basic custom html/sass/javascript for my frontend but I'm learning Vue.js as well.
    My goal is to find a person/team to contribute too and feed off of. Excited to be here!

  164. 1

    Hi hackers,

    I am a product manager from Belarus. My core specialization is mobile apps development.
    I have a wife who dreams to travel the world just as me. So my aim for 2020 is to create my own startup which can be maintained remotely. Mobile apps are perfect for that.
    I have a 2 year experience as a BA and 2 year as a Product Manager. Not that much, but it is really my passion. I bet I can tell you something you don't know about mobile apps marketing.

    I believe that the real founder is not the guy who just came up with the idea. It is the one who grow it up and lead to success. So I can feel passion to other else's ideas just as to my own.
    Don't hesitate to contact me if you have one, or just want to code somethigh promising.

  165. 1

    Hi, I'm Brett! I've been looking for some cofounders to hack with. While waiting I've been doing market research, and research into learning science for a possible benefit corporation idea.

    If you are interested in languages, international cultures, having a positive impact, and/or the vision of increasing civil dialogue and may be interested in starting a company please DM me and I can share some market, technology, and learning science research I've pulled together as a starting point.

  166. 1

    Hi I’m Jesse Tomchak,

    And I am tired of the enterprise grind. Some call it the cube farm, the big ‘open office’ where everyone herds and checks emails all day, goes to a pile of unproductive meetings, and at the end of the week doesn’t much to show for it but a calendar of ‘follow-ups’ for the following week. I’ve worked at a couple startups between giants and really miss the direct line to the customer, being able to really feel the impact that my work has.

    I am sure a lot of people here have the same emotion, I want to build something that I’m proud of, that people use and enjoy, that gives me a personal sense of accomplishment.


    Current project : https://postit.blog

    1. 1

      @Jessetomchak you potentially be interested in starting a benefit corporation focusing on languages, international cultures, having a positive impact, and the vision of increasing civil dialogue?

  167. 1

    Hi, I am Abinash. I am a full-time Javascript developer. Side projects have always fascinated me; every month, I start one, but I could never ship it. So I am joining the awesome community of Indie Hackers, hoping that this vibrant community could help me in finally completing something.

    1. 1

      shipping something is barrier I’ve come up against time and time again. I haven’t conquered it either. I’m hoping the community here will inspire me to see it across the finish line too.

  168. 1

    Hi there!
    I joined Indie Hackers a couple of years ago, but I haven't really done much since joining. A couple of weeks ago I talked to someone in my area who I am planning to partner with on some projects.

    My goal for the next few months is to sell a spreadsheet that I am going to create to validate an idea we have for an app for students. If anyone at all buys the spreadsheet, that will probably be a good indicator that the idea has some legs. We're planning to do as much validation as we can on our way to creating our first product.

  169. 1

    Hi there, my name is Ed and I'm a digital entrepreneur!

    Co-founded and launched a self-funded project - https://vreel.co just over a year ago. Starting to see some traction and planning to turn this "side project" into a full-fledged business in the coming 18 - 24 months.

    Grateful to have found the Indie Hacker community and looking to learn as much as possible from this amazing resource and also give back whenever I can.

  170. 1

    Hi everyone, my name is Alberto and I'm a web developer in New York City. Looking forward to working on new ideas and interesting projects, as well as gain a couple of new skills and friends along the way!

  171. 1

    Hi, my name is VICTOR. I am a Startup founder, I have extensive experience in Product Designer and web development. Our startup is really lacking technical and financial support of like-minded people since it just consists of me and a few friends. I came here to find friends, meet new people and share my experience and hopefully find financial freedom together with you. Thank you..

  172. 1

    Hey all!

    I'm a full-time Android developer who's been itching to launch something of my own. I've had a few side projects like I'm sure most here have, but never get to something ready for launch. Thought I'd finally get something done for 2020 and stumbled upon Indie Hackers!

    Currently working on a mobile app to help medical professionals manage outcome based measures digitally, and I have a small pre-alpha product to help automate invoice generation for time tracked through Toggl (and other time-tracking services).

    Hoping to engage more with other devs and non-devs!

  173. 1

    HI,I go by PierreChile a young mind.
    Here to learn a lot and exchange ideas... Just started learning python programming, am building up some skill.
    I wish by the end of the year to have good experience in programming and at most start work online.

  174. 1

    I'm Emmanuel, UK based wannabe polymath!

    I come from an Engineering background (I say come, but I'm just about to graduate from a Masters programme in a few months) and I like to focus my attention on things that are at the intersection of Business and Technology. I like to maintain a fair balance of critical analysis and freewheeling creativity. My interests vary widely, so I always strive to become very good, very quickly at any new things I try; although I'm still building simple Java apps since starting my coding journey two years ago.

    Today, at this moment, I've been thinking about the combination of Timesheets and Task Management and Invoicing and Word Processing, and why there aren't many 'simple' one-stop-shops that are ideal for freelancers or self proprietors or micro businesses (or maybe there are and I haven't looked hard enough?)

    So, that's how I'm focusing my IndieHacker journey, through the prism of 'how does all the great knowledge on this platform help me build this Work Productivity suite?' Looking forward to learning a lot in the coming time period!

  175. 1

    Hi there!

    I'm an engineer that decided to take the bootstrapped build-your-own-business path after graduating recently. With luck, good partners, and a ridiculous amount of hard work, I was able to finance my company enough such that I didn't need to find a job like all my friends. That said, there are numerous challenges that I'm getting acquainted with like uncertainty about product market fit, tough clients, lack of human resources, and working long hours. I'm hoping to learn a lot from this community and I'm already happy to see that I'm not alone on this journey!

  176. 1

    Hey, I'm a full-time software developer and entrepreneur by heart. I aim to build a product that people would love and I've actually tried few times, though with not much success, but every try is new learning so keep going

  177. 1

    Hi, my name is Novern. I'm a full stack programmer. My goal for 2020 is to kickstart a project that will be a second income. I've got some ideas, my biggest challenge is to get the product out there without trying to make it perfect and time. If that works I would like to start my own business.

  178. 1

    Hi guys.

    Am avid developer trying to jump-start a dead engine while been chased by a beast called time. Am based in Zimbabwe. Start a online business is hard, try starting it in a third world country its gets more hard but as entrepreneur, i have no choice but follow my dreams.

    My goal this is grow my online marketplace www.zimexapp.co.zw and get it to be a household app for shopping in Zimbabwe. Currently got 700 vendor accounts and plan to get it to 5000 by end of year. I also plan to develop side apps that will bring more traffic to zimexapp and even establish advertising network through my apps.

    Wish me luck!

  179. 1

    👋Hey, IHers! I'm Partical.

    I'm a full-time Front-end Engineer. I'm working on a Fin-Tech Startup. I

    Also, I'm preparing a new activity about People Interactive. I am going to hold an activity it's like long-term hackathon (1 or 2 months). Make different will co-working with more people. The interesting thing is, our system will shuffle team members each cycle.

    Before that, I built a small system - https://PersonalCard.Design for it. Hope people interactive will be more high quality and be offline.

    I am glad to here!! And really want to know more about every Indie Hackers!!

  180. 1

    I'm an entrepreneur with a technical background. I want to grow my first product Testbone and launch new side projects.

  181. 1

    I'm a college student looking to learn as much as I can. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and would like to continue to foster it.

  182. 1

    Hey there,

    My name is Jeromy and I'm a marketer and entrepreneur. I run a small marketing agency where I've gotten to do cool stuff like help take a client to #1 Global Viral on Spotify and work with some pretty large DTC brands particularly in the fashion space.

    These days branching out into ad tech with a product called Reverb Media where folks can buy podcast ads, Spotify ads, digital radio etc. On a self serve platform like they would Facebook or Google ads.

    Excited to both contribute and learn with the community.

  183. 1

    Im a Software engineer looking for inspiration to start projects of my own.

  184. 1

    Like many others here, I build things. Mostly software, and mostly on the web (backend, frontend, browser extensions, non-native mobile applications, etc..). I have spent 4 years working as a web developer in different startups, and around 10 on different personal projects to improve my technical skills.

    I would like to start a profitable side project to work on. My goal is not to make millions, but to generate several steady streams of smaller revenues (at least one? lol). And doing so through a technical product that can live with a minimum maintenance. I don't know if it's possible, but I am here hoping it is and to learn how to do it.

    More broadly, I am kind of bilingual (french-english). I practice martial arts. I am learning how to draw. I read a lot of fiction. I listen to a lot of podcasts and interviews about science, economy and politics.

    Nice to meet you!

  185. 1

    Hi! I'm Karan Veer! I heard about this site from a few creators of YouTube Channels. I had to finally check it out and see what IndieHackers is all about first hand. I'm a small-time Game Developer, who works on contracts and freelances. Also now aspiring to enter and try to share my little decade of XP and hopefully spark their interest in Coding, luring them via Games.
    First Language(s): C and C++ : 2010
    Current Language: Evolved to C# : 2016 - 2020(till date, actually, till death)...

    MY SUPER POWER: I will try to spark this generation's interest into coding leveraging the power of making from Hyper Casual to AAA game mechanics...let's be honest, if single guy went AAA he'd need 25 lifetimes...so let's just stick to mechanics and the cores...
    My Work to begin with: PUBG mechanics: Shooting () ..https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq4_HSVjuryeYGCbI2b3QTQ

    MY WEAK POINT: Although I understand the idea and structure behind non gaming apps, I've not had much XP in the non gaming programming world..I tried, but it didn't spark my interest to keep going. Infact the first thing that I ever did after I got some handle on the structures and OOP Concepts, I opened my TurboC and tried to build FarmVille mechanics(it was the thing at that time [2010]). I never looked back.

    Anyhow, Looking forward to meeting you all and learning from your experiences as well, especially the guy/girl/they reading this, and care to comment on it so I can know! GG!

  186. 1

    Hi I'm Scott. I'm a software engineer and I have 3 products I'm currently working on where I have identified problems with current software/websites that could be solved with new applications to provide a better experience for people using them.

  187. 1

    Hi all,

    I just joined IH and I already love all the interviews and the resources available here. I'm on a mission to fully replace my job with income from internet businesses. I've been grinding for three years now, and I am as committed as ever. I had several failures but each time I'm learning and making advances and getting faster.

    I look forward to contribute to this tribe & feel at home with you guys.

  188. 1

    Hey all. I'm a 35yo Renaissance Man with expertise in almost all dimensions of business without my own business at the moment.

    I organized three communities:

    – 1st ever Facebook group about bitcoin
    – Slack for Russian-speaking creatives
    – air taxi infrastructure entrepreneurs

    I advise & help startups and businesses a lot, currently an advisor to a few.

    And I do almost everything at Upwork at the moment:
    research, writing, branding, design & development, community building, marketing, etc.

    I invested in a few startups and almost a hundred Kickstarter projects to understand their way of success or fail.

    Also, I failed with a few own startups and made a couple of art/fun projects.
    And I'm continuously generating business ideas.

    Now my goal is to create a successful product with a steady income.

    1. 2

      having the first group about bitcoin is something.

  189. 1

    Hello everyone. I’m a software developer who originally graduated as a designer. I'm currently working with Flutter and I’m here to look for inspiration for my next app.

  190. 1

    I've been a solopreneur long enough to realize that it takes small groups of very smart people to reach the highest echelons of accomplishment. A nonconformist by nature, there is nothing more I love than grassroots startups and creatively intelligent people making their own way in life. I'm here for community support, networking and to absorb as much information as I can.

    1. 1

      well then, you came to the right place...Hi there!

      1. 1

        I'm loving this place! Thank you. = )

  191. 1

    Hi there,

    I just joined because I'm literally starting my business adventure this week and I want to learn as much as possible to get going.

    I have a co-founder and we're researching our target industry. But we're finding it hard not to feel daunting and scary....but it's also a lot of fun..

  192. 1

    Hi, I'm Kevin. I joined Indie Hackers to learn more about launching a product and talk with others about the whole process. Currently working on a product.

  193. 1

    Hi, my name is Adrian, front-end developer working mostly with React. This year I want to build my own portfolio website and build a few projects on the side.

    I came here to connect with other like minded people, find inspiration and try to start something on my own because I am feeling a bit stuck at the moment.

  194. 1

    Entrepreneur at heart since 2004, when I dropped college to pursue the wrong thing. Been developing myself, my ideas and skills since. Decided in 2013 to pursue web development. Went through a hellish period of bad marriage and health issues. Now a single father, and making great progress in app development. I believe 100% in my ideas (realistically, at least 10 of my top 100 ideas should be viably profitable), as I've been writing them down, developing them, and observing them against the real world for about 15 years now.

    Currently working on a relatively simple game app. This will go out free (when it's ready) as a PWA. I will likely learn Flutter to make proper mobile versions. It's biggest role for me is still as a learning project. I will likely use it to learn about in-app purchases and the app economy, but more so I think I may re-write it from scratch and make a web development/app development course from it.

    Working in JS, Svelte/Sapper, also fond of Vue/Gridsome, and Python 3.

  195. 1

    Hey there,

    I'm Zach. I've been building my company, rcmmd, for the past 2 years. The goal is to go full time in 2020!

  196. 1

    Hi IH! I’m Censored (nickname) from The Netherlands. I’m a digital developer (frontend/backend/linux/arduino) working on a shift from project/based client work to scalable services/products. I’m already working on some things though balancing it all kicks me in the face from time to time 🙈
    I’ve just discovered IH and am wondering if this might be the box of pandora i was looking for :)
    Thanks for reading this and have a nice day!

  197. 1

    Hi, my name is Simon. I work as the head of product for a software company and interested in creative projects that generate revenue. Right now my project is a small agile measurement tool.

  198. 1

    Hi everyone, Panashe here, was involved with a Crypto exchange in Zimbabwe as the growth manager, was responsible for user acquistion. Learning to be a Software Developer, build my company from there on. Nice e-meeting everyone.

  199. 1

    Hi, my name is Alistair. I'm a full stack web developer working for a medical company and ready to start a few projects of my own.

    I'm not sure yet what product or service I want to build but most likely some kind of niche CRM offered as a service. I work for a web design company on the side and a recent project got me thinking about it.

  200. 1

    Hi, my name is bvgo, a nickname, I run a startup still in its idea stage and I want to connect with tech developer experienced with AWS

  201. 1

    Hi, I'm Sourav from India. I am working in a. Data entry related company. I'm working here from last two years. I am also enrolled in Y combinator SUS2020, and then I will launch my start-up or side project

  202. 1

    One year ago I was fat, about to be married with the woman I was dating for 9 years and making a decent amount of money at an extremely unsatisfying Corporate Finance job. My ex canceled the wedding and left me so I had a life with no responsibilities in front of me. I decided to make some additional changes in my life. Went to the gym, lost 10kg, quit my job and enrolled in a Data Analytics Bootcamp where I learned to program in Python and other data-related stuff.

    By the way I'm Jorge, 30, from Spain.

    Although I consider myself a total ignorant in terms of digital economy, I started to see how powerful it can be.

    I don't know what will I do to, but I am sure I want to be financially independent and stop wearing a suit and a tie, attending boring meetings, being at the office >12h daily, etc. I want to be my own boss, solve my own challenges and feel free. Let's see if I get inspired, but I am sure I will.

  203. 1

    Hello everyone - I'm a dad and software engineer from Bristol UK. Long time podcast listener with plenty of ideas but nothing doing as yet. Looking for something that aligns with my interests and values.

  204. 1

    Hey 👋🏼 I am Sergiy, 25 year old developer from Toronto, Canada. Working at Shopify for the past 9 months as a web developer. I was a startup co-founder working on a project for ~4 years prior to this, and now I am looking to get inspired to get back into hacking on stuff in my spare time. No hard goals as of right now, just looking for things I am curious about and hopefully by the end of 2020 have a project I am passionate about building, thanks! ❤️

  205. 1

    I'm a teen obsessed with technology.

  206. 1

    Hi, I am Naya 👋🏾!

    My background is in IT. I run a few projects, none profitable, yet 😉. As of now much of my work runs on donations. This year I am committing to making $2.5k/mmr or >.

  207. 1

    Hey there! My name is Spencer. I'm a father to two little girls, and a full stack web developer and development manager by profession. I really enjoy developing projects on the side, and I'm looking to learn how to build a profitable business that might support my family one day.

    It's easy for me to code but I struggle to talk to potential customers and do sales. Looking to connect with other folks at a similar point in their journey, and learn from others who have different strengths. I'm also learning to be more transparent about my journey and talk about what I'm doing!

    Glad to join the IH community :)

  208. 1

    I'm a Node React developer looking to start my own thing.

  209. 1

    Hi! My name is Nico, I'm a Product Manager from Berlin with a long list of ideas. I'm looking for technical partners to team up with and develop awesome products.

  210. 1

    Hey! My name is Graham Bewley, I'm a web developer (mostly front-end) living in Michigan. Over the last few years, I've found myself "day-dreaming" about different potential business ideas, fleshing them out in my head, and working on developing my own web skills. Until I started listing to the IH podcast about 6 months ago, I considered starting a business to be a bit of a pipe-dream. I'm here now to make that dream a reality. I've got a few small ideas that I'd like to turn into big ideas.

  211. 1

    Hi everyone! My name is Chee Ping and now I'm a student in university. I came here to learn and try building my own side projects.

    Currently, I'm building this project called Presend. Do check it out at pre-send.com

  212. 1

    Hi Guys 👋🏽 My name is Umar Alli

    I'm a software engineer (full stack) I came here to find interesting products/project to collaborate on. I also have a lot ideas I would love to build.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

  213. 1

    I'm Ben, based in Edinburgh in the UK. I've been a wantrepreneur for a few years, but the itch to quit my full time job is growing more and more everyday! I'm building holfolio.com to track all your investments in one place and create a public feed of what you are doing with your money.

  214. 1

    Hi all! I am Mohit Khare from India. Currently working as a product engineer at Gojek. I joined IH to get more insights and experiences from other folks. Have few ideas, researching about them currently.

    Looking to build something cool and useful in the next 2 months.

    Reach me out at twitter (@mkfeuhrer)

  215. 1

    Helloooo!!! I'm David Alagoa, a learner by trade but my cover job role is that of a UI/UX designer! I came here to get all the help I need in learning Front End Development. I would love to build my portfolio and I set a deadline of 30th March for myself to launch this mini project. I've already learnt a bit of HTML and CSS, currently learning JavaScript so any tips on how I would meet this goal will be greatly appreciated... :)

  216. 1

    Good morning Indies. I am new to this platform and i joined with the interest of doing side hustle with my computer programming skills. I work with website and desktop application development. I never rolled anything out to the world yet. In this forum and i looking for morale to be able to be inspired by you guys. Thanks!

  217. 1

    Hello! I'm Nicholas Brown and am putting together a real estate software subscription service in my free time. I work in the consulting industry and would like to connect with tech talent to figure out my path forward to build an MVP. Located around Washington DC.

    1. 1

      Nice to meet you, Nicholas! Can you tell more about what you want to build? I just finished building www.houseanalytica.com, which finds undervalued houses in Italy. Maybe we can exchange some thoughts and ideas? :)

      1. 1

        Hey Filip! Thanks for sharing your work! Would love to connect with you. Could you share an email?

        1. 1

          Wonderful! Just added one to my profile page!

  218. 1

    Hi All! My name is Zachary Kearns. I am a full time software engineer from Canada. While I love my job, I want the lifestyle flexibility that running a software based business can provide. My goal is to learn from others on IH how to research a profitable software niche and quickly build an MVP. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

  219. 1

    Hi! My name is Tomas Fernandez. I am a Data Scientist and I joined the community for inspiration, tips, and advice on how to turn my personal side projects into sustainable and scalable businesses.

  220. 1

    Hi, I'm Leandro, I'd like to start working from home as a front end developer asap, because of health reasons, I have anxiety. I'm building a portfolio website. I also have been thinking about starting some new projects on my own

    1. 1

      I hope the working from home helps you with your anxiety, I know I wouldn't and couldn't work any other way.

  221. 1

    Hey everyone! My name is Mitchell, I'm in the oil and gas industry where I make drilling tools. IndieHackers piqued my interest because I know myself and in order to succeed I need a reliable community with experience, knowledge, and support.

    In 2020, I would like to create an application that serves the oil and gas industry an ai powered lead gen software!

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  222. 1

    My name is Mikey Famous, I am the inventor of Sound Activated Sunglasses called Rhythm Vizion. My next big goal is meeting distributors around the world and simply meeting like minded people on my next trip. Currently working on new features for the IOT Glasses and started building a video chat project at twambit.com.... My Greatest Failures have L.E.D me to my greatest achievements and glad I discovered this site.... looking forward to meeting indie hackers around the world

  223. 1

    Hi, my name is Przemek. I'm .NET Software Engineer with 9+ years of experience. Want to some indie stuff starting now :)

  224. 1

    Hi All!

    I'm Bouke, a freelance software developer and aspiring entrepreneur. Many of my ideas fail because they are too big, too fantastic or too new.

    This time I have another one :-)

    Anagon AI - The Open Source AI that respects your privacy. A free customizable alternative to Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri.

    The goal for 2020 is getting one hundred developers onboard to help build the AI's basic capabilities.

    Hope you'll follow along!

    -- Bouke

    1. 1

      too big, too fantastic or too new ...

      interesting ...
      show us those ideas :)

      1. 1

        Haha, ok, good one! My last project was creating a platform for crowdsourcing tabular data, backed by a version controlled database system, similar to how Github works. Actually, my focus was on the database system which fascinated me, but got stuck trying to figure out good use-cases for it and selling the idea.

  225. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  226. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  227. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  228. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  229. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  230. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  231. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  232. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  233. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  234. 3

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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