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    I started my project because I wanted a better, safer way to share baby photos with my extended family. Eventually that grew into "Let's build a whole new social network with end-to-end encryption!"

    I'm a security & privacy research guy trying out entrepreneurship and software engineering for the first time. So far it's been a lot of fun.

    The app is https://kombuchaprivacy.com/circles/ . It's in beta now, aiming for general availability on the iOS App Store by the end of summer.

    It will be open source, too, just as soon as I can get it cleaned up enough so that it's not too embarassing.


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    hi am new here
    great community but please add spam report button on replies

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    Hellow my self MNSRAO. I am web developer and SEO specialist. I am working on internet and doing master.
    this is my website link

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    Hello IH, I hope all is well.
    I'm a mobile developer for the fintech ecosystem. I'm over 12 years of experience in developing software and managing large scale IT projects.

    My life motto "build once, many sells."

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    Hello everyone, Its a great community with like minded people who are trying to make it big in their businesses. I look forward to learn from others and share my own knowledge here.

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    Hi i am indeed happy to be part of this like minded community. I have extensive experience in IT Magaed services, productivity, cost optimisation, service transformstion, people related, coaching and mentoring. Infact i have many startup ideas which can be made available to people who are interested to take it forward. Pls ping me. I will be focusing now on 1 or 2 product dev and offer as SaaS model.

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    Want to thanks the author of this amazing article! Thank you, really. I have been looking for that information for a couple of hours already and finally found it here. Thanks one more time!


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    Hey everyone, Matt from Racket here! Thought I already had one ... and perhaps did, and managed to lose it to time 👋

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    Dear All,

    This is really a nice community to know each other and solving issues.

    I am from India, a startup founder and My space is Digital Astrology ( Fortune Telling ) Market place. This particular space has started taking Silicon V investments as well.

    My Project has started traction , growth rate is really good.

    I am looking for more investors to join hands in this journey to see the scale.

    If any of the user here will be interested to invest in this space can please msg me. We do have long term & wider horizon for becoming a global market place.

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    I love this community I am eager to learn from everyone.

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    I am a serial entrepreneur/software developer and am just finishing one project but have another idea that I am looking for others to participate in. If you are IOT chip-level design capable (not just Arduino ) please feel free to reach out to me.

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    hi, I'm amine and I wanna learn affiliate marketing

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    hi i am new at this forum i hope i will find friend

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    Hi I Ahamed Sajeeth i am a Software Engineer

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    An aswesome community! Please add report button on replies to prevent bullying.

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    Nice to meet everyone here

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    Time to lead and show how it should be done. Doesn't mean we hve sure shot at success but we surely have the process sorted.
    Excited to be here, will keep sharing and learning.

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    Hello Guys
    I hope U and Ur Family is safe in COVID Situationss.. Take Care https://www.instagram.com/divyarananumber

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    hello, I hope to make very good friends and partners here I am new.

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    Hey everyone!

    My name is Keenan and I created a digital product for video editors to help streamline their editing process and save them time. I also built the website completely by myself without any prior web design knowledge or experience.

    Here is the website! https://dropcuts.co

    It unfortunately didn't do as well as I had hoped to (issues with the marketing team, product analysis etc..), but I learnt a tonne in the process about starting a company and creating something new.

    I am here to hear about other stories, success or failures, and learn as much as I can about building a business/start-up before I go on and try my hand at another.

    Great to meet you all.

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    HI I am Looking for a Tech-Cofounder with Me

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      Hi mack, Can I be your co-founder.

      1. 1

        Here is my email, please ping me
        [email protected]

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          Hi Sharma,

          Thanks for your interest. My Id is [email protected] Please send me your profile across. Will love to discuss the opportunity with you.

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    Hey, Community My name is Angelo.

    Somewhere along the way, someone told me I was special, and I believed it. One day life asked me to come down from the clouds and claim my seat in "the way things have always been".

    Within moments of sitting, I realized that I had been tricked, and for a while, I would be indefinitely confined to "the way things have always been."

    While there, I met a great many people who had never glimpsed into the clouds before. I would tell them its stories. Stories about how in the clouds one could truly be free. Few believed me, but most scoffed and decided they much rather sit in "the way things have always been."

    Time passed until one day, I began meeting people who had seen the clouds like me and, too, were afraid of going back to "the way things have always been."

    Word then arrived to us that there were these games. Games that, if successfully mastered and played with the right combination of people, could take us to live in the clouds forever, and we'd never have to go back to "the way things have always been."

    As I began to play, it became apparent that I was good at the part of the game where players have to grow things and make them better than they were before.

    For this reason, I help leaders take a peek into the cloud of possibility for their brands, products, and services and extract actionable strategies to: Attract More Customers, Increase Sales, Improve Brand Impact, Develop Successful Products, and Open Uncontested Market Space.


    Like many of you, I too never want to go back to "the way things have always been" and wish I had a dollar for every time a teacher told me to take my head out of the clouds. I later discovered that this was my greatest strength and that every advancement in business history has come from big thinkers that could stick their heads in the clouds for a bit, imagine the possibilities, and then bring that vision down to the real world.

    More than raw creativity, I've amalgamated what I believe to be my "Secret Sauce" from an unrelenting journey exploring over 300+ books and dozens of training with the top 1% in the fields of direct response marketing, advertising, user design, consumer psychology, product development, branding, copywriting, sales and more.


    In my experience, I've realized four critical problems hold teams back from implementing strategies that capture mass adoption by the market:

    1.) We struggle to consider our own biases about consumer needs.

    2.) We struggle to prioritize value and build possible benefits/experiences that serve the customer instead of giving into stakeholders' competing motivations.

    3.) We struggle to achieve project expectations because "earliest to market syndrome" gets in the way of sound judgment.

    4.) We struggle to cope with the fear of doing something that has never been done before.


    WHY I'M HERE on Indie Hackers:

    I've joined this community for 2 reasons:

    1.) To contribute tips, processes, secrets, blueprints, and strategies to entrepreneurs that are doing something special.

    2.) To leverage my "Secret Sauce" of processes, blueprints, and strategies towards creating wildly profitable projects/ventures with Entrepreneurs on Indie Hackers that want to team up.

    I've had a few conversations already with members on IH and it's been all love.

    If you want to talk, I'm always down for a quick chat. You can either

    A. ) Go to my profile and right-click the email link (copy the address into your browser). Set a time and let's talk.


    B.) Go to www. angelovagas .com


    P.S. "The clouds" are the spirit of abundance and freedom. The child-like ambition that makes us limitless creators.

    "The way things always have been" is the criticism of doubters and existences of mediocrity which are reinforced by the status-quo of society and our industries.

    "The games" are the act of entrepreneurship and creating highly valuable businesses, brands, products, services and organizations.

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    Nice to meet everybody here :)

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    Hi everyone! I'm here to validate a new idea for SASS builders:

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    a bit nervous to get started but maybe this will help not feeling so alone as an entrepreneur

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    Oiê sou nova aqui. 😁

  31. 1

    Hi, my name is Christoffer and I'm new to this forum. I look forward to lots of interesting reading and to be inspired!

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    ola eu sou novo aqui estou animado pelos projetos que viram

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    Hi, I have just launched a podcast and am wanting to set up a membership helping solo entrepreneurs who are struggling at this time.
    Kind of a mental wellness and online business for the future, project.
    I realised I don't really have anyone to get feedback from and came across indiehackers.

    Thank you for the welcome and if I can help anyone out, let me know.

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    Hey Channing,
    I decided to join this site to help encourage others that almost anyone can become finically independent by creating web-based sites, apps, and video content.
    My area of expertise is video content and I'd like to share tips on how to make your videos more engaging.

  38. 1

    Hi, im zulfadhli

    Thank you..

  39. 1

    Hey there!

    I'm Prashik, so excited to be here as a part of this amazing Indie Hackers community :)

    Currently working on my side project and the goal is to build a platform for independent writers where they get exposure to show their work.

    I'm very excited for upcoming days of sharing ideas, learnings, thoughts and to engage with community.

  40. 1

    Hi Channing,
    thanks a lot for starting Indie Hackers! I hope this is the section to post my goal.

    My goal is to build a website that people really use and that solves a problem.
    In 2014 I developed a search engine / aggregator for hackathons over the weekend. The site was poorly programmed and barely worked except for the core value of finding hackathons near you. Even so, some people used the site regularly and told their friends about it. I've done a lot of things over the years (raised venture capital, enterprise sales for big companies, learned to program), but somehow I've never been as happy as when a few people used the website that I programmed.

    Now I want to build a website again and it's kind of like stack overflow for no-coders. I'm not sure what the site looks like yet, but I want to build it publicly.

    Here, I find the community super exciting. There are people here who want to build things to solve problems and not just people who want to get rich quick. I want to give back as much as I can and also help. Therefore, if anyone has a question about No-Code / Bubble or anything related to Internet startup, I'm always happy to help.

    Best from Berlin,

  41. 1

    Hi All,

    We are glad we found this community!

    • We are looking to get talent to help us in the launching of our project

    If you have experience in Solidy and Web 3.0 to build DeFi applications

    Ping us if you want to know more!

    Thank you

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  43. 1

    Thanks for the intro, Channing!

  44. 1

    Thank you
    I am glad I joined

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    keep up the good work.

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    This comment was deleted 24 days ago.

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