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    Love the podcast for a long time - just joined :) Hello everyone.

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    Hi all, I'm really happy to be a part of this community. I look forward to sharing my ideas and helping others.

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    Hi all,
    It's great to be a part of this community. Happy to help and learn from everyone here.

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    I'm a Dev with many years of experience and I want to start creating my own thing...
    I have few project ideas that I've collected through the years
    I'm evaluating which one to work on first
    I'm looking forward to learn and participate in this community

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    Hello all,I am a second year med school student who wants to work to conflate business and medicine.glad to discover this for platform hoping to find like minded people and if possible even collaborate with them for giving medical entrepreneurship new dimensions.

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    Hi. I am knew and I want to know how indie hackers works please. Like I go in it ad then what?

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    Love the podcast for a long time

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    Hello everyone, Alex here! I’m here to have fun before everything and while doing that I expect to learn something new from you guys and eventually to share some of my experience. I am student and Running a Apk blog you can see here https://livehealth.store

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    Hi indiehackers. I'm a long-time podcast listener and a spare-time indiehacker developing a little side project called Veghacker - https://veghacker.app

    I have a full-time day job and my goal is to earn a passive side income so that I can go part-time at work and spend more time travelling with my partner. Looking forward to getting more involved in the indiehacker community.

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    Hi, this is Serhat. I was following this community for a while, glad to be part of it.

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    Hi all,
    Backend developer from India, Looking to learn and collaborate.


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    Hey am very happy to be part of this community

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    Hi, great to be a part of community.
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    This community is a great help for me. I learned so many stuff here! This is a great work.

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    Hello everyone! Looking forward to learning a lot from this platform!

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    I am joining this platform as i am looking to build my own service based startup.
    I here looking for customers who want to build web/mobile apps. Looking for AI or computer vision softwares.

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    I just want to say thank you to this community! As a long-time lurker, I've learned a lot and now I've decided it's time to actually become a part of the community.

    I am Rashad Gover, and I'm the founder of Wavi Labs LLC, a software development company based out of Los Angeles, CA. If anyone is interested in collaborating, checkout at the Wavi Labs website at: https://www.wavi-labs.com/

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    Great! Thanks for the opportunity.
    I am Rajamanickam Rajan, director of a web development company. The reason I joined Indihackers is I wanted to join other startup founders and get insights from them on running and growing a strup.

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    Happy to be a part of great community

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    Hi, it's Annagaudia, I have this idea and the urge to create a business out of it.

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    I have the privilege and option to spend a couple of months trying to figure this out before I have to look for another job.

    The hardest part is to believe that I am enough to make it happen so I'm here for encouragement, the community of like-minded people, learning resources, and advice.

    Hello, world! ;)

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    Hello everyone 👋 Shubham Here from India.
    Feeling amazing to be a part of great community which help each other to grow.
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    Hi 👋 from BackupSheep

  36. 1

    Hello from Mexico, happy to be part!

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    am glad to be a part

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    Thanks, glad to be here!

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    Thanks! Happy to be part!

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    Fascinated by this community.

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    Hi everyone, hope it will be a good new start for me..

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    excellent work great job thanks a lot

  49. 1

    So glad I discovered this place (shout-out to @jayclouse for mention in his newsletter)!

  50. 1

    it's seem interesting, i will try my best to contribute!

  51. 1

    Hi, Saurabh from India, a software engineer and currently working in the same profession. Ready to help and learn from you as well.

  52. 1

    Hello everyone, my name is Roman and I am an inspiring Entrepreneur, exited to come on board , to see if I can partner up with other people to make a difference, to provide services that are helpful and make us better in what we do and believe in . I currently work with GIS ,absolutely love this technology and honestly believe its usefulness in so many industries. (GIS is everywhere , everywhere is GIS)

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