Welcome to Indie Hackers! (Week of Oct 17th)

Channing here from Indie Hackers. Welcome! 👋

Here's how to get the most out your time here.

Make the community a better place

Indie Hackers is for connecting with like-minded people who want to build profitable online businesses.

To get the most out of the community, try helping to make it a better place. You can do that by starting and participating in interesting discussions.

If you start by giving, the community is designed to reward you in return.

How to start discussions

Head over to the home page and click the "New Post" button.

If there's something on your mind that you think will get people talking, simply type it out. The shorter the better. It helps if you ask a clear question in the title, or if you express your opinion.

Alternatively, if you read something elsewhere on the internet, you can start a discussion around that, too. Try submitting it as a link post. Indie hackers love discovering interesting new articles.

Good luck!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you need help submitting your first link post or starting your first discussion, let me know in the comments below.

Otherwise, I'm excited to see you the forum! Feel free to introduce yourself to everyone below. 🤗

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    I'm happy to be on IndieHackers. I have been reading a lot on here but never felt that I had something to share. But it seems that time has come... stay tuned :)

    Thank you @sasidharan for the invite.

    1. 1

      Hey, Welcome to the community.

  2. 2

    Hey guys, excited to be on here. I used to be a guy that keeps things silent. After I helped 2 products launch this month, I liked to be part of a community with like-minded makers, designers, product managers. I am a growth designer by the way. I will share my experiences about growth, product design, mostly landing pages. Looking forward to learning from you all :)

  3. 2

    I heard lot about indie hackers community and today I am here to be part of it... Excited to see more..
    Great platform to get like minded people together.

  4. 1

    Thanks a lot and Good Luck) Let's try to make this place better.

  5. 1

    I'm so excited to get started on IndieHackers

  6. 1

    Hi all. I'm very glad to be a part of the Indie Hackers community! Thank you Channing for this opportunity.

  7. 1

    Excited to join the indie hackers community !

  8. 1

    Excited to contribute to and learn from the IH community! We're about to shake things up for the traditional industries that are beauty, hair and barbering with iluk.

    We launched right before COVID so it's been a wild ride. It's daunting to share a bumpy journey to a large community filled with brilliant people like IH but I'm up for the challenge of getting out of my comfort zone. ✌️

  9. 1

    I am glad to join indiehackers ;) Hi All ✌️

  10. 1

    Thrilled to be in here and excited to help the community however I can.
    h/t to @bbourque for sneaking me in.

  11. 1

    I am glad to be here. Thanks, @bbourque for the invite. I will use this platform for growth and can't wait to get off track.

  12. 1

    Hey guys am new here

  13. 1

    Excited to be on here as I’ve heard great things

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    Thanks for the welcome! My name's Reena and I'm a first time solo founder. I recently launched my app Twig - https://www.twighq.com and it's been fun getting to where I am, but I also know I have a long journey ahead.

    With that said, I've been going through IH posts and I'm excited to be a part of the community. I look forward to learning from everyone and sharing and giving back to the community however I can.

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    Hello Channing, Atul here from India.
    I heard about IH few months back. I didn't give much focus to it.
    But after spending 2 days on website. It definitely looks great community.

    Btw it's great that IH have invite feature. It takes me whole 1 day to get code. It's finally worth it. Hope so I will give some value to community..
    Thanks. :)

  16. 0

    Hey, it is great to be on IndieHackers, thank you @sethking! My friend on Twitter managed to get me an invite.

    I wanted to join because of the work I have been doing on Bakup.io with my co-founder, secure data backups B2B, letting other founders focus on their product, not to worry about data loss. I look forward to doing more on IH! 😄

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