Ruby on Rails July 10, 2020

Welcome to the Ruby on Rails group!

Yehuda Brickman @yehuda

To start off I thought it would be nice if you replied to this comment with how long you've been using Rails for and what your favorite thing about it is.

In addition, if anyone has any ideas for where to take this group. Questions about Ruby on Rails, or suggestions in general I'd love to hear them.

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    Hey @yehuda !

    Thanks for starting this group.

    So I've been using Ruby/Rails for roughly 11 years? I started when Rails 3 just got released :) Since then I've been focusing on data management/processing platforms in Rails.

    I've been working mainly in the startup world. I exited my first startup. My current startup helps dev teams streamline their development workflow through better reporting and automation ( in case anyone is curious)

    What I'd love to see on this group beyond usual Q/A is:

    • sharing useful gems for Rails
    • sharing patterns around Rails development (Which API? Which platform? Serverless or not? What background jobs? Full Rails vs API only?)
    • general Rails tips that are not advertised enough (e.g. two things that come to mind immediately: Redis is not pooled by default / Use create_or_find rather than find_or_create)

    I might start soon with a guide related to Rails on GCP :)

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    Over a decade. My business has moved up all the versions and it's been quite the ride.

    My favorite thing about Rails is how the batteries-included approach (and pragmatic philosophy in general) mean I can get more features done per unit time. The popular React approach is more time-consuming and (IMO) the better UI doesn't justify the programming expense.

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      I hear you!

      Plus, if you ever need it, you can always throw react into your rails application. Check out inertia.js if you do ever see the need for React and want an awesome way to integrate it into your Rails app.

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    Hi everyone, I use Rails since version 3. But, I use it on and off. I was juggling with PHP (Symfony), Node.js (Express), Python (mostly for data analysis), or Golang. Then, still, I love Rails and Ruby in general. In my opinion, others can't beat the Rails productivity.

    Three years ago, I began to use Rails exclusively for all my client's web development projects including my own SaaS. What I love about Rails is:

    • Convention over configuration
    • Battery included
    • The community is solid
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    About 8 years now. Absolutely convention over configuration is the number one reason to like it,and of course using Ruby is great. I was writing a lot of Java and PHP before and Ruby is life changing if you've never used anything like it.

    Maybe someone could start a thread of Ruby gems that are great for IndieHacker projects.

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    I've been married to Ruby for 6 years now❤️

    Currently I've creating 2 in-depth Ruby on Rails courses:
    *📗Video course - Build a SaaS app with Rails 6
    *📗Udemy Course - Learn 25 gems and build a Udemy clone

    💰I've also created a RoR SaaS boilerplate

    ✍️And here's my Ruby on Rails blog, if you're interested :)

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    Great idea starting this group! I've been doing Rails for about 7 years now, give or take.

    I blog a bit on, too.

    If anyone wants help getting set up or has questions I'd be happy to help!

    I specialize in:

    • rspec
    • Turbolinks
    • Stimulus
    • Heroku
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      Nice looking blog! However only 2 articles on RoR :(

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        Thanks! Huh, I never realized I've written so little about Rails! Expect some rspec posts soon :)

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    Hi Yehuda! Thank you for starting this group!

    Next Monday I shall begin the Rails Tutorial in earnest.

    Earlier this year, I started going through the tutorial series called Learn Enough to Be Dangerous, which was designed as a prequel by the author of the Rails Tutorial.

    My favorite things so far are:

    1. the readability of Ruby code
    2. how welcoming the Rails community seems to be
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      Welcome, excited to have a new member as part of the group.
      Good luck with the tutorial, I haven't ever gone through it but I only hear amazing things!

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    I've been using Rails for over 6 years now. Great to see a group of like-minded people here :D

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      Wow that’s a really long time to be using a framework, you must be an expert! Hopefully you’ll be able to help out newcomers with questions and guides to getting started.

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    Nice! I love Ruby on Rails.

    I used Rails in my first job after university. When I moved to Germany I changed to Java but I'm relearning it again.

    I love its simplicity, convention over configuration, and the fact that it's Ruby ❤️.

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      That's awesome, welcome to the group!

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