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We're Democratizing Software Education...Does that make sense?

Greetings Indie Hackers,

I wanted to ask the community about something I've been struggling with for the past few months.

I'm trying to compress the following idea into a hero title:

"We are building open products and publishing what we learn along the way so everyone on the internet has the option for more authentic, up-to-date, and scalable software education."

I use the word democratizing because to me it means global access and a level playing field.

However, I've run into many instances where people have trouble understanding what democratizing software education means.

I would love to get your opinion via a vote on the poll or a comment discussing my options.

Thank you!

Is the idea of "Democratizing software education" clear?
  1. Yes, it was quickly clear to me
  2. I got it, but I had to read your post and think
  3. I understand it, but suggest wording it differently
  4. I still don't understand it
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