We're Hiring an Account Manager

Hey everyone, business is scaling up quickly and we're looking to bring on a full-time, 100% remote Account Manager that can work US timezones.

$55k-$80k USD

Feel free to reach out to the email in my profile with some times that work to jump on a zoom call or grab a time on my calendar here https://calendly.com/afwheeler/demo and just put "account manager" in the description!

About Care Connection:


We are the simplest Remote Patient Monitoring platform. We license our software to physicians to remotely monitor their patients’ blood pressure, weight, glucose, etc. We’re a small team working fully remote, and scaling up quickly. We believe in value added as opposed to raw time spent working. We truly believe that as long as the work is getting done you should have the flexibility to do the things you love outside of work whether that’s surfing, mountain biking, or simply taking the time to unwind.

As an Account Manager, your typical day includes the following:

  • Training physicians’ teams on the Care Connection platform over Zoom.

  • Working with accounts throughout the month to help them scale up their remote monitoring programs and answer questions as they come up.

  • Identify up-selling opportunities

  • Delegating support questions to the relevant internal team at Care Connection. E.g. How do I use feature X? What is the status of order Y?

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